Why the clipper is shearing badly

Why the hair clipper does not work

To cut a man’s hair at home, without a barber, but you need a machine. This article will prompt how to make repairs hair clippers with their own hands. The main malfunctions of hair clippers. Finding the reasons why the device badly cuts, chews hair or does not work at all. How to make repairs with their own hands at home.

Only malfunctions that do not require special equipment and the appropriate qualifications can be repaired in the home environment. Replace the power cord or plug, replace the battery pack. But there are other malfunctions, which can be repaired by yourself.


If the motor shaft or eccentric is clogged, the machine does not turn on, although the indicators show the opposite. The machine begins to hum, the case heats up. In this case it is recommended to open the cover of the machine, clean the roller (rotor) and the eccentric from accumulated dirt, using such tools and means so as not to damage the working surfaces. After reassembly, you should check the operation, preassembling it in its original form.

The same problem may be caused by careless handling, accidental dropping of the machine. If dropped, wires supplying power to the motor may break. At opening it is necessary to pay attention to the integrity of the soldering at the connection wires. As the need arises. to restore on their own or in a specialized workshop.

In some cases, the indicators do not light up, the machine does not start. If so, you need to thoroughly check the power cord, plug. If necessary, replace or repair a broken connection. If battery-powered. not only the battery, but also the charging cord should be inspected. If you suspect an inter-turn short circuit or breakage of the winding the best option is to have the repair done by professionals.


Two springs installed near the pendulum help the blades move smoothly. If one of them fails, the cutting part doesn’t go the whole “route”, i.e. only to half of it. A simple opening shows at a glance which spring is broken. Replacing it on your own is not very difficult. You must buy an identical one at a specialized store and replace the defective one.

In the video presented here is an example of disassembly of the vibrating hair clipper machine and the technique of replacing the springs.

Sometimes the vibrating hair clipper strongly hums because of the voltage drop in the city network. Well-known brands have a special regulating device that allows you to adjust the device depending on the voltage level.

Often, the additional noise of the working device is caused by the loosening of the fasteners of the coil to the housing. It could also be due to a dropped tool or a loose factory attachment. In this case, a simple tightening of the threaded screws after opening the cover that covers the coil will help. Work should be carried out with some caution, since the thread on the place of attachment may turn and will not hold the attached element.

Once upon a time I bought a shearing machine for 60 UAH, but over time it started to shear badly. Opened, looked at.

Christina The concept of “bad”. is not an argument. You need to be specific, so it’s clear what the product. poor quality. On this basis you can ask the seller for a replacement or to rescind the purchase contract. If the seller refuses, then demand a. at the seller’s expense, expertise.

Hair clipper malfunctions that you can fix yourself

Some breakdowns can be easily eliminated by the consumer himself, without experience or special knowledge:

Even the most reliable and functional equipment over time breaks down or begins to not work to its full potential. It is common to take your hair clipper to a hairdresser repair shop in case of a malfunction, but some problems can be solved at home. But first you need to determine what type of machine you have.

Why the hair clipper does not cut well

It can happen that your hair clipper stops cutting hair all of a sudden. The machine turns on properly, the blades are moving properly, but not only do not cut, and do not even pinch the hair. What is the cause and whether the defect can be corrected independently?

The modern market has a wide variety of models, but they are all divided into two categories:

Rotary machines. represent devices of a rather expensive segment in the modern sphere of tools for the hairdresser. These models are found in two versions:

Among the main advantages of the presented units can be distinguished a long service life, reliability and high power.

The main driving part of such devices is the electric motor, the rotor of which is an eccentric. At the moment of rotation, it acts on the movable knife, thereby moving it sideways. In addition, this unit also has a knife block, which consists of static and active parts.

WARNING! In the clipper, which operates in stand-alone mode, the battery and the control board are located in the housing.

Vibrating models belong to the budget category. In the device, the motor is replaced by a coil, and there is a pendulum with a magnet in front of it. As current flows through the coil, the magnetic field in its core begins to change polarity at 50 Hz. In view of the above, the magnet changes location on a permanent basis, and thus moves the movable knife. There is also an activation key on this model.

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Professional machines Philips, Moser, Babyliss, Remington, Scarlett, Vitek and others

The rotary machine can run on direct current and alternating current, which drives the motor. On the shaft of the motor is an eccentric (an intermediary between the motor and the knives), which provides the movement of the knives.

The principle of operation of the vibrating device is similar, only the current passes through a coil to the vibrating head, which drives the blades.

On the body of the device (usually on the head) there is a button. Auxiliary inscriptions on/off will help to understand what state the unit is in.

On the case is also information about the manufacturer, the number and year of manufacture of the product, as well as its voltage and power. On the head of the device there are a pair of pins with slots on which the blades are mounted.

It is good if the charging jack is made waterproof

clipper, shearing, badly

When you plug the cord into the socket, the hair clipper gets access to electricity, and is therefore ready to work.

A craftsman’s business is afraid, or all the secrets of cutting with a machine

The adjustment of the hair clipper blades begins with the lubrication of the parts (1. places where oil is applied, 2. parts that do not require treatment, 3. the part that must always stay clean and dry)

If you are already the happy owner of the device, we hasten to tell you how to use the machine for clipping hair.

Before setting up a hair clipper, as surprising as it may sound, you will have to perform a procedure that the Russian soul is not to their taste. read the manual.

That’s right, this is the first step to a beautiful and dramatic haircut.

  • Lubricate the blade assembly with a few drops of special oil before operating it directly.
  • To adjust the cutting length, slide down the adjustment lever lock. Use the side lever to select the length of cut from the fixed positions. Please note that when you move the ratchet upwards, the specified adjustment is released and the hair clipper is set to the previous length position (about 0.1 mm).
  • Slide the selected accessory onto the blade assembly until a slight “click” is heard.

So, the hair clipper adjustment is done, let’s create our hairdressing masterpiece.

The clipper does not cut. Adjusting/positioning/adjusting the knives.

Regardless of the chosen hairstyle, cut the hair on clean hair

clipper, shearing, badly

Ergonomics and functionality

Functionality and ergonomics are important both for professionals and for beginners

  • The accuracy and quality of the cut depends on the material that was used to make the blades. In most cases you have to deal with steel, less often you can find additionally applied ceramic or titanium coating.
  • If you are going to buy an individual machine that will work on the hair of only a few people, immediately determine what attachments you will need to create your hairdressing masterpieces. If your hair clipper is intended for mass use, opt for a universal device with one adjustable headband.

If you are the owner of a beard and plan to use the device for this purpose, the instruction manual to the machine should contain information on the possibility of its use not only for cutting hair

  • Not the last selection criterion is the noise level, which creates a machine at work. The latest models of the rotary type are practically noiseless, what cannot be said about the vibratory type.
  • A good machine is multifunctional, it is suitable not only for hair on the head, but also for the beard, will successfully cope with non-aesthetic hairs in the nose and ears.
  • The weight of the tool is an important criterion. The ideal weight refers to the concepts of the individual nature, but still professionals recommend not to go beyond the range of 170 to 250 grams.

Top leaders

Philips QT-4015. battery-operated hair clipper (price. from 2800 )

clipper, shearing, badly

If you have decided that the machine for hair cutting must appear among home appliances, we propose to get acquainted with the best representatives of the family.

A few words about the type of power

Moiser. German quality and precision in hairdressing

The possibility of battery operation divided the machines into three categories:

The cordless models are worth considering for those who travel a lot, but always prefer to look well-groomed. Corded machines are most often found in salons and hairdressing salons with high client traffic and no time for recharging.

Please take care of it! If you choose a cord clipper, get a model with a rotating cord, it will save you from an excruciatingly long unraveling the cord.


I don’t think you can do it yourself, take it to a mechanic. It’s more likely that the blades are blunt. They can be replaced. But this is not a fact, until you consult with the master is not worth spending money to buy these new nozzles-blades. Also depends on how often you use it, they may indeed blunted if you use it very often, and some people and pets these machines mow.

Of course it is very unpleasant, and also painful, when the machine stops cutting. We’ve had that. and the thing is, at first the machine was pulling my hair a little, but it cut it, and then it stopped cutting. At first glance, everything seems fine. But still the blades move and the machine doesn’t cut the hair. I’ve tried to grease and ask the experts, but they said that with time almost all machines stop cutting. But I kept looking and then we got a new machine. But I was trying to compare the old with the new and find the cause. And I think I found it. And the thing is that the gap between the blades has increased and actually iudah and got hair when the machine starts pulling them. so if you fix it, you’ll be fine. But it’s easier to replace the blades if it’s possible, because different machines have different possibilities to get the parts.

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And there could be several reasons. For example, the knives are just blunt. In that case you need to sharpen them. But there is one disadvantage: it is very difficult to do it at home, because the machine knives for haircutting, it’s not just blades, which can be sharpened with a bar, there should be special equipment.

clipper, shearing, badly

Next, you should try to adjust the blades, maybe they go somewhere. Also, try to take the body apart and clean the rotor and the eccentric. Hair and other impurities can get in there. In this case it is possible that the blades slip through.

But it is better not to try to repair it yourself. It’s a complicated machine, after all. And if it’s also of Chinese origin, then it’s better not to get into it by yourself. You just end up throwing the machine away.

One more thing: every set comes with a silicone oil bottle. Try to grease the place where the blades are inserted. This procedure should be done from time to time, because the oil evaporates and it can be difficult to use the machine. I have to clean and lubricate the accessory compartment.

In the past I have written about typical problems with clippers, but today I want to go over them again, because complaints of different kinds from users and sharpeners are still coming in.

On the market of professional hair clippers the niche is occupied by machines from Moser, Oster, Jaguar, Philips. Moser machines are the most popular among hairdressers. As usually happens, what is in great demand is often counterfeited. In my practice I often come across fake Moser. Usually barbers shift any sins on the master sharpener. And masters sharpeners also often do not understand after sharpening, why the machine does not cut as it should. That’s why I shift my suspicions to the sharpening equipment.

I will tell such a case. An acquaintance of a sharpener with little experience complains that after sharpening knives on the machine, sometimes they cut normally and sometimes they don’t. One day he came to me with another problem after sharpening. Man brought a Moser machine that he used to use to cut dogs. A friend sharpened the blades and is testing. it won’t cut. Trying to resharpen, adjust, but nothing works. It cuts hair fine, but it does not take wool. I checked the knives, they are normally sharpened. Further I check the settings, I am interested in the construction of the machine and the knife block, suddenly I find the cause. And it is in the construction of the machine (in the picture). Cutting animals (wool) is more problematic. hair. This is mainly due to the thickness. The thinner the structure of the mowing material, the higher the quality requirements for the blade system. You need a good quality clipper for cutting animals. And what does it mean?? When working the machine upper blade(small) should go tightly on the big one. That’s why in addition to the pressure spring there must be a guide groove on the small blade (see picture), so that it doesn’t dangle and runs in a straight line back and forth on the big blade. Of course, it is necessary to check the necessary and sufficient tension of the spring to ensure free movement of the small blade without vibration on the surface of the large blade. Only under this condition, properly sharpened blades will not only cut hair, but also wool.

In our machine this groove was not present (in the picture above). And during operation, the small knife was bouncing on the big one and worked poorly, so this machine may be suitable (with a strain!) for hair cutting, but not for wool. This design (small knife without a guide) does not exist in branded machines, so we can conclude that the sharpener I know is dealing with a counterfeit. Inexperienced sharpeners often find it difficult to find the cause of the improper operation of the machine, which is not only in the wrong grinding of blades, but also in the setting, as well as in the design of the machine. In my training course on sharpening, such problems are discussed in detail.

Universal sharpening machine ShM-36 Supermaster

For high-quality sharpening knives hair clipper in domestic conditions master sufficiently armed with the theoretical knowledge of the design and functional operation of the machine, but you must have a professional horizontal grinding machine type Sh-36 or ShM-36, which provide the most qualitative sharpening knives hair clippers, knives meat grinders, coffee grinders and other tools in the home conditions. On such a machine the knives are sharpened with a special serrated tapered aluminum faceplate which ensures proper contact of the knife pair.

At the bottom of the video, see how not to make a mistake when sharpening blades of hair clippers

The sharpening problems are dealt with in more detail in the A course on sharpening. Sharp with new technology.

It happens that the hair clipper suddenly stops cutting. The machine works correctly, the knives move correctly, but not only do they not cut, they do not even pluck the hair. What is the reason and can you fix it yourself??

Cutter malfunctions that you can fix yourself

Some breakdowns can be easily fixed by the consumer himself, without any experience or special knowledge:

  • The indicators of the rotary clipper are out and can not be started. This cause is caused by a clogged rotor or eccentric. To fix it, you should disassemble the housing, remove contaminants, and then check the device for proper operation again. It may also be caused by dropping the device. In such cases there is a high probability that the internal power wires are disconnected. To fix it you should open the housing, and if the wires are disconnected, solder them back.
  • The rotary autonomous machine does not start. Most likely the reason lies in a faulty power unit, which simply does not charge the battery. To fix the breakage it is necessary to disassemble it and inspect the coil for breaks. If so, you will need to replace the coil or simply purchase a new power station.
  • Unusual noises during operation of the vibrating machine. In this situation, open the housing and check the position of the coil. Sometimes the screws that hold this element can unscrew spontaneously and as a result, the machine is very noisy while working. In that case just screw these bolts back in and enjoy the performance of your hairdressing equipment again.
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Most of modern hair clippers resemble Soviet razors in the way they work. They are indispensable equipment for professional hairdressers. Many consumers buy such devices for home use. But, as with any technique hair clippers can break, requiring urgent repairs. What may be the causes of malfunction of the device and whether you can fix them yourself at home?

Why the clipper does not cut

Depending on the used hair clipper machine will differ and the nature of faults. So, the following breakdowns are possible in rotary models that are powered by electricity:

  • problems with the mains connection cable (burned out, frayed, etc.). д.);
  • The activation key is broken;
  • eccentric is triggered;
  • The problems are related to the head of the shearing blade assembly;
  • The electric motor is broken.

Standalone models of rotary devices can upset consumers with such problems as:

  • Battery failure or loss of charge;
  • the charging station is broken;
  • the recharging station cord is frayed;
  • The control board is burned out.

Vibrating models also are not the most reliable equipment and very often upset the customers with a variety of malfunctions. The main breakdowns include:

  • Problems with the power cord;
  • The activation button is broken;
  • The winding of the coil broke;
  • Unusual noises appear during operation.

CAUTION! To prolong the life of the machine and prevent the occurrence of some failures, it is necessary to regularly lubricate the device with special oil.

In addition to the indicated failures can be identified and a number of common breakdowns for each type of hair clipper. These include: the device has stopped cutting or is missing pieces of hair, pulling or “jamming” them.

Why the clipper does not cut hair

Hear how the quality of Mark Shmidt hair clippers comes first at all Modern supermarketsSmooth and clean cut: High-alloy steel is the best material for cutting elements of hairdressing machines.

Our knives are superbly durable and sharpened to retain their cutting qualities for a long time, and our high-quality hand-grinding guarantees a smooth and clean cut. Fast-charging and long-lasting: The Li-Pol battery is the most advanced battery available today. It stores more energy, charges quickly, has no memory effect and has an extremely low self-discharge rate. Able to work for up to 120 minutes on a single charge and with a 90- to 120-minute charge time., And with a battery charger and docking station in between customers, your machine is always ready for use. Durable and carefree: If you try to squeeze the working blades with your fingers, you won’t succeed. Of course, you should not do this, but it is a clear demonstration that inside each machine there is a powerful rotary motor with an extended service life, which easily overcomes even such resistance, and the removable blades with one movement make machine maintenance quick and easy.

Always in control: Each grinder has an information display showing the battery level so you can check how much battery life you have left in the grinder. Ready to go anywhere: All machines are cordless or cordless combination power. Work in the salon or take it on the road and it’s ready to go wherever you want! Comfort and convenience: The TERMITE and SPADA models have SOFT TOUCH coating, which not only prevents the machine from slipping out of your hands, but also makes working with the tool more pleasant. Additional functions when conventional methods don’t work: Our motors run at 6500 rpm as standard. But if that’s not enough. TERMITE has a special TURBO mode. Use it when you need ultra-fast speed. Ideal for bartenders: If you work in a barbershop and do your shaped edging every day, the TERMITE grass trimmer with a set of interchangeable blades of different widths will be your faithful friend and companion for a long time to come. Everything you need at hand: Each package includes charger stand, power cord for cordless operation, nozzle set, replacement blade set (TERMITE only), oil and cleaning brush. You purchase the tool together with everything you need. Perfect for kids’ creative haircuts: If you prefer to trim your child yourself and like to make beautiful edging patterns, the TERMITE grass trimmer is definitely your choice. It has a lightweight compact housing so that even a small female hand can hold it comfortably. which, combined with the interchangeable blade set, makes it the ideal tool for children’s detailed trimming.

Yesterday I bought a TERMITE grass trimmer. It’s super, I didn’t even expect it. Rounds are fast, clean, and easy to use. Interchangeable drawing knife. like drawing with a pencil. CLASS.

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