Why is the rear wall of the refrigerator Virpool intent

What to do if the ice is intent on the back of the refrigerator

Frequent refrigerator malfunction is the appearance of ice on the back wall. Products located in such an environment will also quickly be covered with ice, and after defrosting they will be tasteless. It is important to find the reason why the ice intends on the back of the refrigerator, and get rid of it.

Sometimes the appearance of ice is not associated with the breakdown of the refrigerator, other reasons are possible.

Incorrect operation

Often the formation of ice on the walls is associated with improper use of the refrigerator.

To avoid this, do not put hot dishes and drinks in it. Because of them, a lot of moisture appears in the chamber, and ice forms.

Non.Compliance with the temperature regime

The problem is usually due to the fact that cooling is included in the maximum during the heat. You should not do it: the temperature inside the cameras does not depend on how hot it is indoors.

Important! You should not include the supermur function for a long time: in this case, the engine works at full power, which can lead to its rapid wear.

No sealing

If the refrigerator door opens too often or does not fully fit the body, a loss of sealing is possible.

When air often gets inside the chamber, this leads to a violation. Also you can not leave the door of the device for a long time open.

Ice can intend if the gum on the door does not fully fit the body

The concept of a reverse tube in the refrigerator

The return tube goes from the compressor into the refrigerator. This is part of the cooling system, it is connected to the motor pipe. In regularly working refrigeration equipment, a slight freezing of this part is allowed. However, the freezing section should not be more than 10 cm. Starting from the exit from the refrigerator.

The role of the reverse tube in the aggregate

The return tube plays the role of the control device in refrigerator equipment. It allows you to close the integral system of the unit consisting of:

If it is covered with hoarfrost. This means that in the debugged operation of the system there was a failure.

Stages of diagnosis and repair of technology

It will not be easy to eliminate problems yourself. Cleaning the drainage system, diagnosing the state of the compressor, measuring the level of freon is possible only using professional equipment. Particular attention should be paid to situations when moisture accumulates in the freezer. This may indicate damage to the valve or, in general, a decrease in the efficiency of equipment.

  • Checking possible small faults. The master will check whether the seal is tightly adjacent to the landing place, are there no breaks.
  • The detection of technical reasons why condensate can be collected inside the refrigerator.
  • Drainage system inspection. Typically, in such situations, the drainage system is cleaned to guarantee its effectiveness.
  • Diagnosis of functional equipment. Problems can occur due to low levels of freon, loss of oil properties.
  • Refrigerator repair in accordance with the problems found. The cost depends on the features of the discovered problems.

Condensate rarely demonstrates serious and expensive in eliminating problems. It is worth urgently called the master if moisture accumulates outside. Also, in the case of severe condensate, you should carefully treat the issue of diagnosis. This may be a sign of violations in the system of circulation of the freon. The refrigerant does not pass through the entire system and ineffectively distributes the cold. Over time, a lot of heted and ice can intend, which will lead to a complete loss of efficiency of technology.

Why the ice intends

With a drip principle of defrosting, the appearance of an ice and hoarfrost layer in the freezer and on the back of the refrigerator compartment is the norm. In equipment with the No Frost unit, the evaporator is located outside the working tanks of the equipment, for cooling the air supply with a fan is used. If ice in the freezer intensifies in such refrigerators, then the symptom indicates a violation of the rules of operation or damage to structural elements. A small layer of hoarfront is allowed by the manufacturer, an electric heater is used to remove plaque.

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The reasons for the formation of ice in refrigerator equipment:

  • Damage or skewing of a rubber seal located on the doors. The element has an elastic structure, when locking the sash does not pass warm air from the room.
  • Clogging with garbage or fragments of ice of a special drainage canal designed to drain water from the internal cavities. The defect occurs with prolonged absence of electricity and frequent unlocking the front door for a long time. The problem is found in the two.Chamber Samsung refrigerators with the lower location of the freezer compartment.
  • Damage to the electric heating element responsible for removing ice.

Malfunctions requiring repair

When you have to defrost the refrigerator for too often, while the seal is intact, all operating rules are observed, and the regime is correctly set, you should think about whether the unit itself is working. Since ice is a consequence of the failure of one of its mechanisms.

This table shows the most common breakdowns.

This breakdown is characteristic of refrigerated cabinets with the simplest device.

In the devices of the know.How, with a drip defrust (Free Frost), the water begins to accumulate in the middle or under a refrigerator.

You need to clean the drainage with your own hand or invite a specialist.

A change in damaged units of the thawing system is required.

It is necessary to eliminate the leak and season the unit with a refrigerant. If leaks are in the evaporator. You need to replace it.

You need to clean the pipeline and season with a freon technique.

You need to change the electromagnetic valve.

If a problem is detected, you should first defrost the refrigerator. In the case when the ice on the back wall of the device intensifies again, this confirms its malfunction. If, after an independent check, ice reappears again, then the help of a specialist is required. He will conduct diagnostics, find the reason for the failure in the system and conduct high.Quality repair.

The rear wall of the refrigerator intensifies. The reasons for the formation of ice and snow

If we are talking about old refrigerators, which were produced for another 30 years, then the intention of ice is a completely common phenomenon for such devices. Remember how much time you were wasting to defrost the unit?

But time does not stand still and manufacturers of modern household appliances always improve their inventions. There are no exceptions to the refrigerators. New models with modern “chips” that allow their owners to pay more attention to other things arise every time.

For example, if we are talking about devices with the No Frost (No Frost) system, then such a phenomenon as intending, the formation of snow, ice or hoarfly should not be subject to its proper operation. And if you saw such symptoms, then you should turn to the specialists or experience to understand this dilemma without the help of others.

Violations in thermal insulation. Can be the cause of the “snowy fur coat” on the back of the refrigerator

Signs: uneven formations of snow cover, ice on the back wall of the refrigerator (often are localized in one place). It will be necessary to replace the crumpled part of the thermal insulation in order to remove the malfunction.

Electromagnetic valve does not work as usual

It is intended for cooling alternately freezer and refrigerating chamber in the option that one compressor is used in the device. Signs of incorrectly working valve: the refrigerator is frozen, and in the freezer. Warmly. The most valid option for a solution to the valve will be replaced.

If after defrosting the snow layer again occurs in your refrigerator, then we recommend that you seek advice to the specialists.

You can apply for a refrigerator repair on our website at this link.

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Keep the products correctly

Ready dishes in open dishes. Source of moisture and heat. Because of them, snow and ice are formed on the wall of the refrigerator. The principle of icing is this:

  • Moisture evaporates from the surface of warm products;
  • It condenses in the form of drops on the rear wall of the camera;
  • To quickly cool the warm food, the compressor of the refrigerator begins to work faster;
  • Evaporator and back wall are cooled below 0 ° C;
  • Drops of water turn into snow and ice.

To avoid the formation of snow and ice in the refrigerator chamber, follow the two simple rules:

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Storage of heated products can lead to detrimental consequences. About this we wrote a separate useful article. We recommend reading it: “Why you can not put hot in the refrigerator”.

Possible reasons for the intention of ice during breakdown

To understand why ice on the back wall intensifies in the refrigerator, you need to contact the design of the device. There are 2 systems of defrosting chambers: drip with cyclic processes of freezing, air-no frost (no frost), which eliminates the formation of ice crust. In both cases, the effect of ice on the back wall can be observed inside the refrigerator, which indicates a malfunction of the device or incorrect handling with it. The reasons for the surface to grow with ice, snow should be detected, eliminated in time. Reasons to assume the breakdown as follows.

The insulation froze

Когда в холодильнике намерзает лед на задней стенке, что делать в таком случае, можно определить по виду нароста. The concentration of ice in one place indicates the problem area: here thermal insulation was wet from condensate and froze, lost its property to maintain the temperature inside the chamber.

Probable causes of excess moisture. Frequent opening of the door, wear of the gasket. Replacement of thermal insulation on the area where ice is formed, you can perform yourself.

Examination of the seal

The compaction of the door of the refrigeration chamber eventually loses its elasticity. Check the elastic band with pressing for the detection of cracks. Other reasons to assume a malfunction of the seal:

  • The ice crust grows evenly;
  • Ice can accumulate on the back and side walls;
  • The refrigerator motor compressor is rarely turned off.

Warm air from the outside enters the chamber, forcing the ice generator to work in continuous mode, which leads to premature wear of the unit. Replacing the sealing elastic band new. The repair is simple, but sometimes you can clean the previous sealant, glue, grease it with silicone ointment.

The blockage of the capillary pipeline

In the Freon circulation system, a blood clot can form in the form of a clot of machine oil formed when the parts are heated: the lubricant is in contact with the refrigerant. Blockage in capillary tubes violates the heat.Expenditure process. Signs of a malfunction:

  • The refrigeration unit motor does not turn off, it works without breaks, the compressor is very hot;
  • The side panels from the outside become very warm;
  • The back wall is covered with ice.

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You need to clean the system, replace the freon in it with a new. You will have to check the oil, and if necessary, pour fresh. Repair is complex, it will be made by a service specialist.

Freon leak

The refrigerant from the circulation system flows through defects in the tubes: the surface weakened by corrosion, the place of low-quality soldering at the manufacturer. Leakage is possible as a result of a blockage. Damage can occur in the evaporator. Diagnose a malfunction for the following indicators:

  • Continuous operation of the motor-compressor;
  • An uneven increase in ice in the refrigerator: most in the corners;
  • Cessation of cold generation after defrosting and re.Starting the motor.

Before refueling the refrigerator by freon, you need to replace defective tubes, remove the leaks of the joints. If the leak is in the evaporator, it is replaced by a new.

The defrosting sensor is faulty

Symptoms: ice in the cell is formed constantly, and there are a lot of it.

Everything is obvious here: the sensor transmits incorrect data. The management fee makes incorrect decisions and does not turn on thawing on time. The sensor needs to be changed, and this is only work for a specialist.

Defect of the thawing system

Symptoms: a thick layer of ice on the back wall, in the chamber elevated temperature, the compressor works continuously, the red singal of warnings on the electronic scoreboard can migrate.

If the rewinding does not work, as the ice increases, it is increasingly difficult to cool it, it makes even more effort, and all this can end very badly. The compressor will break and break. You need to urgently call the master, because it is impossible to find a malfunction yourself and it is impossible to cope with it.

Jammed the valve between the cameras

Symptoms: the refrigerator is rewinds, its back wall froze, while in the freezer there is too warm.

In the two-chamber refrigerators between the cameras there is a special valve that regulates the cells alternate cooling: if it broke or jammed in one position, the freon will only enter the refrigerator and the ice is formed due to hypothermia. The problem with the valve can diagnose and solve, of course, only a qualified specialist.

Unstable work of the compressor

Symptoms: noisy intensive work of the compressor almost without pauses.

If something broke or worn out in the compressor, it will not cope with cooling and begins to work without interruptions: as a result, the temperature in the chamber rises and the frost and ice appear. If you notice that the compressor works too intensively. Immediately call the master, since the replacement of the finally broken compressor is too expensive.

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Damage to the thermostat

In refrigerators with electronic control, the temperature control device is called an air thermal attewer. It measures the cold inside the chamber. In models with electromechanical switching, the thermostat controls the temperature in the evaporator. Voltage drops in the mains are reduced to breakdowns of the device. Damage consequences:

  • The signal about the insufficient temperature makes the motor often turn on, which explains why the products freeze inside the refrigerator, as in the freezer;
  • Distorted information about achieving the desired level of cold provokes the shutdown of the motor-compressor when the set temperature is not achieved;
  • In the cooling chamber, ice evenly intentions on the back of the refrigerator.

If signs of breakdown are found, the household device is disconnected from the network, the masters are called. Failure to replace measures to replace the sensor lead to an accident of the motor-compressor.


The intention of a fur coat is not only a problem for users, but also the ability to determine and eliminate a serious breakdown in time.

Malfunctions, a sign of which is the ice inside the refrigerator: wear of the seal, blockage of the capillary pipeline, freon leakage, a thermostat breakdown, freezing of insulation, magnetic valve breakdown.

Examination of the seal

This problem has already been mentioned as one of the possible causes of sealing violations. The seal is an elastic band on the door of the refrigerator, which prevents the penetration of warm air inside it.

With the continuous operation of the compressor, icing of the rear wall appears. When feeling a faulty seal, cracks, dents and gaps are noticeable.

The process of replacing the elastic band is not composed. It is enough to purchase a new part in the store or restore the old one and install it in the same place.

The old seal is soaked in boiling water, treated with sealant and glued cracks so that it becomes good again.

The blockage of the capillary pipeline

Snow frost on the back of the refrigerator may result in a blockage of a capillary pipeline. Cubbles of machine oil, in this case, interfere with normal circulation of freon.

Signs of such a violation are ice formations on the walls, uninterrupted operation of the motor and strong heating of the outer walls.

Repair of the breakdown involves cleaning the system and replacing freon. To solve this problem, it is recommended to call the master.

Freon leak

Freon is a substance that forms the basis of the refrigerator. Its leaks leads serious disorders of the device.

Possible causes of breakdown: violation of the integrity of the tubes of the capillary system, corrosion of the system parts or clogging.

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When a freon leak, intention occurs in one place of the refrigerator. Most often in the corners. After complete loss of matter, the device will completely stop cooling.

A possible way to combat breakdown is to eliminate the leakage site and refueling with a new refrigerant. This process is quite laborious and requires special skills.

Damage to the thermostat

Thermostat is a device that measures the temperature inside the refrigerator chambers. It is needed so that the sensors stop the cooling process in time.

The reasons for the thermostat breakdown are electricity changes or production marriage. Like other details, he is also characterized by wear from time.

Signs of breakdowns are manifested not only in the formation of a snowy fur coat on the walls, but also to grounding products, which are also covered with ice.

Eliminated by the breakdown of the replacement of the thermostat. A new detail is purchased in specialized stores.

The insulation has frozen

The thick layer of ice on one section of the wall indicates freezing isolation.

This breakdown is also a consequence of a violation of the temperature regime of the refrigerator due to damage to the seal or inattention of the owners.

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Magnetic valve breakdown

The magnetic valve is responsible for the distribution of temperature over the chambers.

If the temperature in the freezer rises, and in boxes for vegetables, frost is noticeable. The malfunction is definitely in the magnetic valve.

For repair, you need to replace the part. The intention of ice on the wall of the refrigerator may be the result of many reasons. Most of them are able to diagnose only an experienced master.

Before contacting the service, you should try to defrost the refrigerator and make sure that its operation is correct. Perhaps the problem will disappear by itself.

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