Why is a split system when you turn on

Where does the noise come from in the split system

Many at home have air conditioners who most often relate to split systems. But after some time, certain problems may arise, for example, the device begins to publish a strange and non.Natural noise, whistle or hissing. Timely repair and elimination of the reason for the appearance of extraneous sounds helps to prevent a fairly serious breakdown. The air conditioner rustles for various reasons, but one should remember one thing: solving all issues is worth without delay.

When acquiring a new technique, a person should not underestimate the noise level that emits such devices. Sound pressure and vibration, when it exceeds the norm, can bring certain inconvenience and adversely affect the state of human health. There are certain sanitary standards that set the level, which can penetrate the premises:

Not everyone has the opportunity to measure the level of extraneous sound using the device. To navigate approximately, it is worth recalling the sound of a ticking watch. It is approximately 30 dBA. And the usual conversation or noise of the wind is approximately 40 db.

If the sounds made by the air conditioner exceed these indicators, then it is certainly worth taking measures.

Causes of air conditioning noise in the compressor

In some cases, an intensive buzz can also produce an external unit of split systems. In most cases, the source of noise is the compressor. He begins to work differently as planned, for the following reasons:

  • In the compressor catheter, the oil ended;
  • The vibration.Insulating coatings have deteriorated. This phenomenon can be caused by both drying out of time and external factors;
  • The windings have worn out and began to provide a lower resistance level.

The first of the problems described above is solved by the addition of oil inside the refrigerator circuit of the device. This process is carried out using a special injector, which is pushed through the hole for refueling. It is very important to remember that the oil that will be added inside the circuit must correspond to the freon, which already circulates inside the split system. If you do not know what kind of material it is better to give preference. It is better to use the services of specialists, or at least get a qualified advice on this issue.

The second of the problems described above can be solved very easily and very quickly. Vibrationizolators change without problems on any type of split systems presented at https: // golden-split.Ru. In any case, this will contribute to a significant decrease in the noise level published by the external block.

The third of the problems described above is the most serious. The thing is that it is hardly possible to correct the situation and return the resistance to the previous level. Nevertheless, the user can make a completely successful attempt to suspend this process. The thing is that the resistance is reduced due to the destruction of the vibration isolation layer, which in turn occurs due to the presence of a large amount of moisture in the air. Water damages the paintwork, and triggers the process of destruction. Before proceeding to any action, you must make sure that the problem is really in this. The ideal option of identification is an acidity test. It is very simple to conduct it. It is enough to add a special substance to the oil, and track the fact of a change in color. If the test showed a high level of acidity, it can be eliminated by setting additives by the number of Freon system circulating inside the system.

In addition, the cause of the external engine of the split system may be the fan engine. Methods of eliminating this problem practically do not differ from those that have been described earlier. First you need to try to lubricate the bearings. If this did not help, the bearings are completely changing. If the engine has a solid case, it must be replaced in its entirety.

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In any case, all the above work is better to trust competent specialists, and not try to do it yourself. Otherwise, there is a risk of damaging the device even more.

The reasons for the loud buzz

Pollution of the external unit

Insects, dirt and pollen fall into the body of the outer block, polluting it in just one summer season, and become the most common cause of an outsider when working a split system. This is not surprising, because the outer block needs the same regular cleaning as the internal.

And if there is no internal problems, then the cleaning of the outer unit is often associated with difficulties and even a health hazard. If the block is installed in an apartment building and not on the ground floor, it is worth calling a specialist from the service center.

Well, if you can get to the outdoor unit without danger, you can save a little and clean it yourself. About how to do this, we have previously talked in the article below.

Problems with the fan

The fan is located inside the outer unit. Its blades are made of plastic, which, unfortunately, cannot boast of an endless service life. The blades are cracking, their edges are broken off, which is why at high speeds there is a sound of cod or hum. In this case, you need to replace the fan, but this task should be entrusted to an experienced specialist.

Also, the problem can be hidden in the fan bearing. If everything is in order with the blades, it is necessary to replace the bearing, after removing the plastic part of the fan. The bearing is selected strictly identical size.

Temperature problems

Buzzing can occur due to ice formed on the outer block when working in heating mode. Often, ice is formed with contamination of the radiator, malfunctions on the highway or lack of freon. If you have direct access to the outer block (for example, you live on the ground floor), turn off the device and wait for complete thawing. Then clean the block from the dirt.

If cleaning has not helped get rid of the problem and you can not do without air conditioning, reduce the heating temperature by several degrees and wait for the master from the service center.

Also, a buzz can occur with a large difference between the temperature in the room and on the street. In this case, we also recommend lowering the temperature, or put the so.Called winter kit. Its installation is engaged in the service that maintains air conditioning systems. You can also save a little and instead of a winter kit, just insulate the outer unit, but this is not the most effective method.

No rubber gaskets

To mount the outer block on the wall, brackets are used. The device is screwed into the brackets using bolts. There must be a rubber gasket between the bracket and the bolt, it extinguishes vibration. The gasket can be expired with time, or the masters can forget about it even at the installation stage. Soon, the vibration will begin to be transmitted directly to metal brackets, which is why you will hear a characteristic buzz.

The average service life of cheap gaskets is no more than 1 year. In order not to change them every year, put high.Quality. We recommend entering this task to the master from the service center. Especially if it is installed at an altitude of more than 2 meters.

Also, pay attention, perhaps the rumble publishes the details of the block, which are located too close to each other. In this case, you need to put the thermal insulation material or rubber gaskets to get rid of the rumble.

Poorly assembly of the block

Economic segment devices are often collected in cheap production from poor-quality materials, which is why they can make a rumble on their own. It doesn’t matter which operating mode is chosen. The buzz may appear spontaneously or be a constant offender of your peace. In any case, if everything is in order with the system, then the rumble comes from the block due to its poor-quality assembly at the factory.

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However, this problem can be partially fixed. Firstly, you need to twist all the bolts well. They could disperse due to vibration during work. Secondly, you can put rubber gaskets between the case and the compressor to extinguish excessive vibration. Such gaskets can be made independently by cutting them out of ordinary rubber. The recommended gasket thickness should be at least 5 mm.

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Extraneous sounds can make other components of the system, for example, copper tubes. If the manufacturer decided to save money and did not thermal insulated them, do it yourself or trust the master. Thermal insulation can be bought in the public domain. It also recommends isolate any components that can become source of vibration.

Other reasons

Inside the compressor there is an engine that needs regular oil change. If it is of poor quality or ends at all, the compressor will vibrate excessively, thereby making a buzz. Only a specialist can replace the oil.

He will also conduct additional diagnostics to determine whether the compressor is working and will replace the rubber gaskets between the compressor and the mounts. These works cannot be performed independently.

If the air conditioner is turned off, most likely they come from the inner block. What is the cause of extraneous sounds and what to do with them read in a separate article below.

When the air conditioner is turned on, a rumble appears

Air conditioning hum when turning on is one of the varieties of noise as a result of vibration. Most often, it occurs when polluting the fan blades of the external unit, especially if the dust and dirt settled unevenly during prolonged downtime and violated its centering. The mounting of the nodes inside the unit will weaken (as well as the mounting of the block itself), and the rumble will only intensify.

If service was carried out regularly, and the air conditioner underwent planned cleaning and preventive work, then the reason may be a fault of the compressor or fan engine.

Ways to solve problems

There are only two options for solving the problems of the appearance of uncharacteristic noise during the operation of climate technology:

  • On one’s own. Cheap, but at your own peril and risk.
  • Calling a specialist to diagnose and eliminate problems. Quite expensive, but with a guarantee of the quality of work.

Expert Council: You can independently replace and clean the filters of the split system, as well as wash the heat exchanger. You can eliminate gurgling by slightly bent a drainage hose or by installing a siphon for draining condensate into the sewer system. All other work on the diagnosis of climatic technology and eliminate the causes of uncharacteristic sounds is best entrusted to professionals.

Ways to eliminate noise in ventilation

In order to understand how to eliminate the noise in ventilation, you must first try to determine its source, and based on this, choose methods of combating it.

Accordingly, one can distinguish the main directions of elimination of noise in ventilation:

  • Check the ventilation installation, if necessary, lubricate or replace the bearing, pull or replace the belt (if any). Check and, if necessary, replace the missile defense systems. Stretch the bolts connecting the structural elements of the ventilation unit and the frame on which it is installed.
  • Check the integrity of flexible inserts. If necessary, replace them, sometimes you can simply rewind.
  • Check Shipyards and anemostats. It is often enough to adjust the degree of their opening or closing.
  • Check sound insulation. It should be attached with special washers, but often it is attached by wrapping with cheap tape, which over time leaves. Especially in places of joints of air ducts. To eliminate this reason, it is enough to pinch problem areas.
  • Check the integrity of the ducts and their cleanliness inside. Sometimes it happens that for various reasons there are extraneous objects for various reasons. For example, construction garbage or animals. By the way, very often birds, cats and small rodents (rats and mice) fall into the air ducts, this happens mainly in winter, when it is cold outside, and there are no lattices and protective nets on air intakes. Often, animals ended up in ventilation become not only the cause of extraneous noise in the air ducts, but also the cause of the unpleasant odor in the room, since they cannot always get out of the air ducts independently and often die there, starting to decompose there, starting.
split, system, turn

You also need to go through the junction of the air ducts and stretch the joints. Video diagnostics (video examination) of ventilation systems will help to determine such reasons for the noise and condition of the duct.

split, system, turn

Unfortunately, there are frequent cases when it is possible to eliminate the cause of noise in ventilation systems only by completely dismantling this system and collecting a new one, having previously developed a ventilation project.

Noise standards for climate technique

The consequences of the noise that air conditioners can create, because vibration and sound pressure can create serious inconvenience not only to the owner of the equipment, but also his neighbors. In general, the noise level is normalized by existing sanitary standards. Based on SN 2.2.4/2.One.Eight.562-96, permissible penetrating noise level into residential premises is:

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Not everyone has a device with which you can measure the level of sound that makes your climatic technique. To understand how many 30 dB is allowed by the norms, you should imagine a ticking of watches. The level of sound made by the work of mechanical watches is approximately 30 dB. The usual conversation of a person in the room creates sound pressure equivalent to the noise of 40 dB. If you understand that the noise level of the air conditioner exceeds these indicators, then it is urgent to take measures.

split, system, turn

Why the split system whistles

If the device whistles only six months or a year after the purchase, most likely the reason lies in the ventilation drum. None of the other components can make a sound similar to a whistle after such a short service life. Only a ventilation drum located in the inner block of the split system remains.

In rare cases, the cause of the whistle can be hidden in the work of other components of the split system. Only an experienced master can determine the exact reason using invaluable experience and professional tools. Do not save on diagnosis. After all, air conditioning is a kind of living organism consisting of many details. It is important to correctly identify which of the parts works incorrectly or failed. The success of repair work depends on this.

Most users contact the service center with complaints about an unpleasant noise coming from the air conditioner. Monotonous or, conversely, sudden dumpness annoys the owners of air conditioners. And certainly does not contribute to comfortable operation. If your device is very noisy, contact the service center that you trust annually. Only a specialist with experience will be able to find the true cause of unpleasant loud plate.

Do not carry out repairs yourself if you do not want to reduce the service life of the air conditioner. The only thing you can do with your own hands is to clean the inner block. This is completely easy! But it is necessary to stock up on a couple of hours of free time, high.Quality detergent and a stable aspiration. You can also try to remove dirt from an external air conditioner unit if you have access to it. But we do not recommend performing these works at home, it is better to call the service center.

If you have previously encountered a similar problem, tell us about your experience in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below. It will be very useful for both masters and users. Share your secrets of repair and maintenance of split systems. Check out other useful materials on our website and do not forget to share your favorite articles on your social networks. Good luck!

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