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The rating of the best dishes for the induction stove in 2021

The popularity of induction hobs is rapidly increasing every year. This is not surprising, because electric and gas stoves cannot demonstrate such safety, efficiency and ease of maintenance as induction. But she has one significant drawback. Incompatibility with some materials. That is why, the dishes for these panels should be chosen with special care. We will teach you to do this in our ranking and talk about the best brands and the top 12 models of dishes for the induction stove in 2021!

When choosing a worthy model, you should pay attention to its characteristics, the availability of positive reviews and the brand. Products from well.Known manufacturers inspire trust, as they are of high quality, environmental friendliness and impeccable design. We suggest you familiarize yourself with firms that produce excellent utensils for induction hobs.

  • Woll. This German brand specializes in the production of elite dishes of the highest quality. The combination of manual casting and innovative anti.Stick coating, which is resistant to abrasion and formation of scratches, made the products of this brand perfect, so they are worldwide popular. Any model perfectly conducts heat, and in the process of cooking you can configure the minimum degree of heating. Woll is the best choice in its class.
  • Staub. The French company produces ceramic and cast.Iron utensils, which is not only ideal for cooking, but also looks attractive on a daily or festive table. A distinctive feature is a strong enameled coating that retains the nutritional value and aroma of each product.
  • Zwilling J.A. Henckels. This German company has been producing high.Quality dishes and cutlery for more than three centuries. Knives are a business card of the brand. The company also patented several alloys of high.Carbon steel, which is used in the production of professional utensils for cooking or serving. The purchase of such products is the investment in practical and durable products.
  • WMF. German manufacturer of dishes, which is characterized by a unique design and professional performance. The brand uses a special durable alloy of steel, which does not deteriorate, does not oxidize, is not subject to deformation and mechanical damage, and also does not change over time.
  • Nadoba. The company produces high.Quality dishes and kitchen accessories. The unique alloy of stainless steel with the addition of nickel and chromium makes the products immune to corrosion, strong and resistant to deformation. The thoughtfulness of each detail, attention to the little things and high functionality. The key features of the dishes of this brand.
  • GIPFEL. The main direction of the company is the production of stainless steel utensils, which is characterized by high operational characteristics and is as resistant as possible to mechanical influences. The German brand is one of the most popular and authoritative in the Russian market.
  • Rondell. The company is engaged in the release of premium dishes and kitchen techniques, which embodies a combination of bright style and high reliability. The company seeks to create impeccable assistants for any kitchen tasks. Each product before entering the sale passes hard quality control. All pots, pans, stews and buckets are safe for health thanks to modern technologies that are used in production.
  • Vympo-suction. The products of this brand are made of high.Quality stainless steel and have a thickened bottom. This reduces cooking time and guarantees impeccable taste of the dish. Strict and concise design is another distinctive feature of the models of this manufacturer. Preference to one of these brands, you purchase dishes that will serve you faithfully for many years and turn cooking into an amazing kitchen trip.


Today quite often modern apartments are already equipped with induction plates. Their uniqueness lies in the fact that they quickly and evenly heat the products. Therefore, the pancake pan for induction plates should have certain characteristics. When choosing such a pan, it is worth taking into account its ferromagnetic properties, the number of layers, a variety of material, bottom thickness, strength and other features.

The pancake that will be used on an induction type plate should first have magnetic properties. Such dishes must necessarily have a ferromagnetic bottom, as well as include several layers. They are responsible for uniform heating of the pan.

If we consider dishes made of glass, brass, copper or aluminum, while not having a special layer, it is forbidden to use its categorical for induction plates. Today, manufacturers make a special note, which means that dishes are suitable for a stove with magnetic induction. It is presented in the form of a spiral.

Pancakes intended for induction type plates have several thin layers, which ensures uniform heating of pancakes that are even and thin. Such a frying pan is perfect not only for making thin pancakes, but also for frying Oladia and eggs.

Differences of the pans for induction plates from the rest

To make the right choice, you need to understand what it means. Induction pan? What is the difference between dishes for induction heating devices? When buying it is easy to do it. A horizontal spiral will be depicted on such plates designed for such plates, and the word inducation is written under it. The manufacturer can limit himself to one inscription.

A horizontal spiral will be depicted on such plates designed for such plates, and the word inducation is written under it.

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However, if you do not want to purchase a new pan, you can check which of the old ones will heat up on the new hob. How to find out?

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How to choose?

The choice of pans for the induction stove is affected not only by the compatibility of the model with a specific type of stove. Of great importance are parameters such as ergonomic, convenience and ease of use, functionality and reliability of the product. Even the best pan will not provide uniform heating of the bottom if it is too large for the selected burner. And a rapidly abrasion coating will quickly reduce all the advantages of anti.Stick function to zero.

When choosing a pan for an induction stove, you should pay attention to several criteria.

  • Production material. Durable cast iron or copper, characterized by good thermal conductivity, is considered optimal. Stainless or enameled steel is quite thin, requires an additional external coating. Aluminum provides the pan of maximum lightness.
  • Type of coating. Among anti.Stick technologies today, the option based on diamond dust is the leader. Extremely durable, not inclined to the formation of the effect of point heating. But it greatly increases the cost of the product. A more budgetary solution will be titanium or ceramic coating. It also prevents food to handle food, helps prevent the smells of odors into the walls of the dishes.
  • Diameter. Sleeps for induction plates are usually produced with a diameter of 25-30 cm. This is enough for cooking for 2-4 people. But it is worth focusing on the contours of the induction reckeon. They should be filled by more than 70%.
  • The height of the sides. For frying and extinguishing the dishes, stewpan or pans with high (7-10 cm) sides are selected. Pancake models have low walls 1-2 cm. Similar options are selected for cooking cutlets and pancakes.
  • Features of the bottom. It should be multi.Layer, thick (better than about 1 cm), flat. In the right pan, the products will not burn, they will warm up evenly.
  • Type of the handle. They can be stationary. Fixed on an ongoing basis, removable. The second is more convenient to wash and storage. The optimal material is bakelite remaining cold even when the walls of the dishes are heated.

All these points should be taken into account when choosing and buying pans for induction stove.

About how to choose a pan for an induction stove, watch in the next video.

Why is a special pan needed

The induction type hob is operating due to heating dishes with vortex currents. They arise due to the action of an electromagnetic field of a certain frequency transformed from current with coils under the panel.

A pan or pan is placed on the stove, the unit is turned on, after which heating begins. In this case, the area adjacent to the burner remains cool, only the dishes are heated.

The stove is “friends” only with the utensils made of certain materials. The main condition is the reaction to electromagnetic waves, otherwise the plate will work out, a pan, a stewpan or a pan will not heat up.

Simply put, the bottom should be magnemed. For it, alloys with ferromagnetic additives are used. If cast.Iron or steel pans are used on the farm, then most likely they are suitable for cooking on induction. Ordinary ceramics, heat.Resistant glass, aluminum products will have to be resigned. For induction they are not suitable.

For those who like to cook in such a bowl, we recommend that you look at models with a special ferromagnetic bottom. It is enough for the utensils to find mutual understanding with the hob, and the cooking process was launched according to all the rules.

To help customers, manufacturers put icons (icons) from the outside at the bottom of the containers, indicating the suitability of products for induction.

On a note! Typically, at the bottom, the dishwashers place several icons-fringers indicating suitability of pans for use on gas, glass ceramics, electric, halogen slabs.

Criteria for choosing dishes

Before buying a frying pan for the induction stove, it is necessary to determine the main criteria on which the correctness of your choice will depend. Consider several factors indicating the quality and reliability of a suitable pan:

  • Maximum bottom thickness of the vessel. 0.8 cm. This criterion affects the speed of heating the pan.
  • The outer surface of the bottom should be without roughness, absolutely smooth, in order to closely in contact with the stove.
  • The diameter of the pan should be at least 12 centimeters.

Additional Information! If you are not ready to purchase new induction dishes, disassemble the old one and determine whether it is suitable for such a hob. It is enough to attach a small magnet to the bottom of the dishes: if it is attracted, then you can safely and without fear use such kitchen utensils for induction.

Types of dishes. Types and materials

As mentioned earlier, for an induction stove, cast iron and stainless steel pans are used. Which one is better to choose? Consider their advantages and disadvantages more details:

  • Cast iron. Products from such material are highly durable, wear.Resistant and excellent indicator of thermal conductivity. In addition, the cost of cast.Iron pans is acceptable, which means that it is available to every buyer.
  • Stainless steel. Dishes made of this raw material, is in no way inferior to cast.Iron in stability. However, two undeniable advantages can be distinguished here: there is no susceptibility to oxidative reactions and there is the possibility of storing prepared dishes without shifting into a separate dish.

As for the types of such products, the most popular and in demand are the skeleton-grille induction and pancake. The first can be both standard round form and square. It all depends on the manufacturer and designers. A frying pan for pancakes, regardless of the company, is fulfilled according to the standard. Not deep, with a straight bottom and a perfectly flat surface. Standard models are great for cooking dishes of various complexities from fried meat and ending with a simple ovary. In any case, the prepared food will not be buried and will not stick, since modern specimens are created taking into account consumer preferences.

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Popular manufacturers of a pan for induction plates

The market presents a lot of various models of a pan from well.Known manufacturers. All differ in size, form and design execution. Consider several leading companies for the production of such products:

  • The German company Fissler presents customers with a huge assortment of pots, stewpan, pans and other utensils of different price categories.
  • The French brand Tefal offers consumers a wide range of kitchen goods at affordable prices. The budget of manufactured products does not affect its reliability and functionality.
  • The German company Hackman is engaged in the production of cast.Iron and steel dishes intended exclusively for induction. Due to the limited sphere of production, the creators make a lot of efforts and means to make a truly reliable and high.Quality dishes for the kitchen.

In addition to the above brands, in stores you can find a lot of analogues that are not inferior in quality. We examined the world.Famous companies that have long earned the confidence of the consumer. Despite this, there are many little.Known companies producing safe products. These include not only foreign, but also domestic manufacturers.

Dishes unsuitable for induction stove

Having placed the unsuitable bowl on the tile with induction, you will not get any result. She simply will not heat up, because she is devoid of magnetic properties. Which kitchen utensils are categorically not suitable for operation on such tiles? Consider several options:

  • All ceramic models regardless of purpose.
  • Glass products without a specially designed bottom.
  • Tara with a thin bottom and a small diameter (less than 12 cm).
  • Utensils with a tuberous surface.

Which Pan Is Right For You?

Before applying the available dishes in induction, consider these requirements. If possible, buy new cooking devices so as not to spoil the hob.

The nuances of the choice

Before making a purchase, you need to figure out which pots are suitable for cooking on induction plates, and which should be set aside. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to completely replace the kitchen utensils, since, most likely, in the cabinets in the kitchen there is a pair or three dishwashers suitable for glass ceramics with induction.


Advanced housewives assure that only stainless steel dishes are suitable for induction panels. Argued by the fact that the containers are magnetized. This is not entirely true, since stainless steel, depending on the percentage of the components in it, may not attract the magnet.

It is better to say this: for induction, any models whose alloy contains ferromagnets is suitable, but preferable:

Steel products value for corrosion resistance, excellent appearance, durability, strength, ease of operation. “Minus”. Burning food when cooking, but this is easy to avoid, strictly observing the temperature regime.

Cast iron pots (subject to proper operation and care). “eternal”, harmless to health, warm up evenly. The dishes prepared in them are delicious, with a unique aroma, which makes the dishes an unconditional favorite.

Disadvantages: fragility, large weight. One careless movement. And the surface of the plate can be damaged.

The widespread opinion that aluminum, glass or ceramics are not suitable for induction is only partly true. If special components are added to the bottom of such products, there is a marking “Induction” or an icon with the image of spi elements, then feel free to buy a glass or ceramic set you like.

Do not discount the sets of iron enameled pots already available to you. They cook perfectly on induction panels, but on one condition. If there is an evenly thickened day.

Utensils with recesses in the bottom (and such often occur in dishes with enamel coated) on the panel cannot

A pan for an induction stove should have a thick base.

Parameters. From 0.6 cm, and better if 1 cm or more. The condition is prerequisite precisely for the bottom, since it comes into contact with the hob. The walls of the case of the dishes can be thinner.

With a smaller thickness, heating occurs unevenly, placed on the plate of a pan, a stewpan or bucket begins to make noise and buzz. This not only slows down the cooking process, but also leads to deformation of the lower part of the containers.

Another important condition is a perfectly smooth and even bottom, tightly adjacent to the glossy surface of the plate. If irregularities are found in the saucepan, it is not suitable for induction, even if he magnetizes.

So carefully check the kitchen utensils. Both new and old. It happens that a long.Purchased set of pots and pans in terms of its technical parameters approaches sophisticated tiles, and with a supermined, but with a concave ceramics, a resignation will have to be “resigned”.


When using any plate, and induction is especially important, uniform heating of the dishes when cooking is important. It is provided due to the properly selected dishes. The diameter of the containers should be at least 12 cm so that the bottom takes about 70 or more percent of the area of ​​the burner.

In a number of hobs, a diameter requirement is at least 8 cm. Accurate data depends on the model.

Now the panels are distributed with the function of automatic determination of the diameter of the containers, which is very convenient.

Experts advise acquiring wide, but low pots. Due to more effective and uniform heating, dishes are prepared faster due to more effective and uniform heating.

Adapter disk

If there are many different types of dishes in the farm, but not a single set is suitable for a hob with induction, then it makes sense to purchase a special disk (adapter). Its task is to combine kitchen utensils with a hob. The disk successfully copes with this function.

When choosing an adapter, take into account the following:

The use of the disk allows you to cook on the panel in the dish that is not suitable for induction (due to material or diameter).

Disadvantages: cooking time increases, since the adapter is first warming up, and only then the dishes. The disk is a temporary option, it is still better to purchase suitable pots and pans.

Rating of the best f and a grill pan for induction stove

Gril frying pans are distinguished by a special ribbed surface, which allows a striped crust when frying. They heat up evenly and retain heat for a long time. You can use a minimum amount of oil with them, so people who follow proper nutrition prefer to such models. Steaks and pieces of vegetables are perfectly obtained in a frying pan-grille.

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Biol 1026 s. 26 cm

Cast iron frying pan-Gril Biol 1026C 26 cm with an induction confrores and can be an excellent assistant in the kitchen. With her corrugated bottom you will get pieces with a beautiful crust.

Dishes are equipped with a thick bottom 7.2 mm, which provides uniform heating and does not allow handling products. The diameter of the bottom is 22 cm, thickness 4 mm. The walls have a height of 4.5 cm. For convenient drain of oil in the structure, a small gutter is provided.

Despite the lack of a special coating, with proper care, you can avoid handling, because cast iron has a natural anti.Stick property. Among other things, this material is very reliable and designed for a long service.

Removable wooden handle makes dishes even more convenient in storage and universal. The pan can be used for baking in the oven. There is a glass cover in the kit, so you do not have to purchase it additionally.

Material cast iron
Bottom diameter, cm 20.5
Bottom thickness, mm 4.2
Wall thickness, mm 3.6
Peculiarities Removable handle, use in the oven
Price, 1079
Find in the store Yandex.Market

Rondell Escurion RDA-869-28×28 cm

The Rondell Escurion RDA-869 pan has a modern two-layer anti-stick spraying Xylan Plus, which will provide comfortable removal of products from the surface, easily washed, does not absorb odors. The case is made of aluminum.

A feature of the model is a designer external coating resembling the skin of reptiles. The bottom with a diameter of 19 cm 5 mm thick is optimal for high.Quality and fast heating. Removable bakelite handle does not heat up during frying, so you may not be afraid to burn yourself. Also, dishes can be used in the oven and washed in a dishwasher. For convenient oil drainage, a groove is provided.

The warranty from the manufacturer is 1 year, the promised service life is 3 years.

Material aluminum
Bottom diameter, cm nineteen
Bottom thickness, mm 5
Wall thickness, mm 2.3
Peculiarities washing in a dishwasher, a removable handle, use in the oven, a non.Heating handle
Price, 2390
Find in the store Yandex.Market
  • High.Quality coating;
  • Induction compatibility;
  • Removable non.Heating handle;
  • Thick bottom;
  • The ability to wash in a dishwasher.


Redmond RFP-A2803I-double-sided multi-wisdom with rich functionality, consisting of two halves and closing on a magnetic latch. The mounts are disconnected, so if you wish, you can use parts of the structure as two independent pans.

Silicone seal provides the perfect fit of the wings and prevents the appearance of spray from oil. You don’t even have to resort to the help of the shoulder blades to fry products from the other side. Just turn the pan over. The balance of moisture and temperature is achieved using a hole for the reduction of excess steam. Thick walls provide uniform heating.

The case is made of cast aluminum. The pan has a marble anti.Stick coating, which is resistant to mechanical damage. The bakelite handle has a collapsible structure and remains cold even when the dishes are heated. Multicurler can be used in the oven as a baking dish.

This unusual model definitely costs attention and is perfect for those who appreciate rich functionality. At the price of one pan, you get a universal device that can be used to fry ordinary dishes, grill and baking.

Material aluminum
Price, 2590
Find in the store Yandex.Market
  • Rich functionality;
  • Induction compatibility;
  • The ability to use in the oven;
  • Non-stick coating;
  • A non.Heating pen.

Features and requirements

Anyone who knows how and loves to cook, increasingly prefers the pans of cast iron precisely. During cooking, products from this metal evenly distribute heat over the entire surface, so that the dish is especially tasty. In addition, this is a completely safe and environmentally friendly material that does not distinguish any harmful substances during cooking and does not affect the taste of products.

If the cast.Iron frying pan ensures proper care, then it will last for many years, without losing its qualities and its presentable appearance.

Given all these positive qualities, many prefer the dishes from cast iron.

The owners of induction plates have probably heard more than once that cast.Iron dishes are categorically not suitable for cooking on such a stove and that special pans are needed for induction, otherwise the device will not work.

Actually this is not true. On a plate of this type, it is quite possible to prepare in a cast.Iron pan. The only thing you need to choose the right product that will meet all the requirements. To date, many manufacturers produce special cast.Iron dishes, which is great for induction plates.

The bottom of such dishes must be thick. On average, the thickness of the bottom of such a pan for induction should be from 0.5 to 1 cm. As a rule, the bottom of such a pan consists of several layers, so that it will evenly heat up on the induction stove. If you choose a pan without a special layer, then it will be impossible to cook on it.

Cast iron product for induction must comply with other requirements. The diameter of such a pan should be at least 12-14 cm. This will provide uniform heating and high.Quality cooking.

Remember that dishes for such a stove should occupy more than 70% of the total area of ​​the burner. Everyone knows that the dishes that are suitable for cooking on such a plate should be well magnifying. That is why many consumers take a magnet with them to check the pan in place. They need to check the bottom of the product. The walls of the pan should not magnetize.

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