Which heated towel rail to choose in a private house

Which heated towel rail is better: electric or water?

Without a dryer, the bathroom will lose part of the comfort. In dank weather it is much more pleasant to wipe yourself with a warm towel. And if there is no heating in the room, then you can’t do without this device at all. It remains only to decide which heated towel rail is better for the room. Online store “Practice” implements heated towel rails from imported and domestic manufacturers. We will always help with the choice!

Without a dryer, the bathroom will lose part of the comfort. In dank weather it is much more pleasant to wipe yourself with a warm towel. And if there is no heating in the room, then you can’t do without this device at all. It remains only to decide which heated towel rail is better for the room. We will talk about the features of water and electrical options, we will help you choose a durable product.

All about choosing a water towel rail

Devices are made in the form of a curved pipe. Their main difference in the method of heating. Water is heated by an arrived hot coolant inward. Most often it is water from a heating system or hot water supply. Both connection options are used. The second is chosen more often, since the equipment remains efficient after the batteries are turned off.

Water towel Terminus Vega

Such seasonality in work is the main minus of water devices. A combined device is considered an alternative that works with the coolant and electricity. It is desirable that the heated towel rail is equipped with a crane of Maevsky. It normalizes the circulation of fluid and frees the pipe from air plugs.

Chermet, stainless steel or non.Ferrous metals: what material to prefer?

It is better to purchase a stainless steel radiator in apartments with centralized water supply. Stainless steel. The material is not cheap, but it has good heat transfer and high corrosion resistance. For additional protection against damp and hot steam, a sparkling chrome coating is applied to the coil body, which looks very elegant and contributes to the visual expansion of the bathroom space. However, the label of the chrome surfaces should be carefully careful, otherwise the product will fade and covered with scratches.

With a stable supply of hot water, all.Welded stainless steel coils can withstand high pressure and pressure fluctuations in the network. Carefully inspect the seams. Reliable sealing of the joints extends the life of the device. A guarantee for at least 5 years should be provided for the premium towel rails with a premium towels; for medium.Quality radiators. At least 3 years. Looking for a steel heated towel rail, make sure that the coating has no defects. Enamel and chrome are well performed by a protective function only if the coating is applied with an uniform layer, without tears and bubbles.

A spectacular drying dryer made of copper and brass will cost more than an ordinary steel coil, but at the same time cheaper than the best stainless steel radiators. Copper water heated towel rail is an ideal solution for centralized DHW networks: copper is not afraid of corrosion, excess pressure and hydraulic cores, intensively gives heat and, unlike iron alloys, does not react with impurities contained in water and generally more durable in water. On the walls of copper pipes, scale and mineral deposits are not besieged, so blockages are very rare. Brass can also boast of pronounced anti.Corrosion properties and does not form a sediment, but does not take high pressure. Brass towels are often purchased for cottages and townhouses with an autonomous water supply and heating.

The buyer is not quite free when choosing a material for a dryer. The installation technique of water radiators requires that the coil is made of the same metal or alloy as the main pipeline.

Features and options for choosing an electric model

A significant disadvantage of water devices is that their work depends on the correct functioning of heating systems or hot water supply. Electric devices are deprived of this drawback. They are able to work all year round, since the heat source in them is an electric cable or heating.

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The floor heated towel rail can be used not only in the bathroom, but also in other rooms, moving it around the apartment in the right direction

Advantages of electric type devices:

  • Variability of the lineup.
  • Simplicity of installation. You can install the device yourself without resorting to the help of specialists.
  • The ability to adjust the heating level. The devices can be turned on and off as needed.

A significant drawback of electric heated towel rails is high energy consumption rates. Therefore, when purchasing such a device, be prepared for the fact that your bills for electricity will increase slightly.

Starting the choice of a heating electrical device, you should know that the market today presents two types of equipment, which varies among themselves internal filling and the principle of operation. Distinguish devices of “wet” and “dry” type.

A characteristic feature of the variations of a “wet” type is that inside the case circulates antifreeze or oil, which is heated to the desired temperature by the heater.

What are Heated Towel Racks?

The design of the electric heated towel rails of the “dry” type resembles the design of the “warm floor” system. Heating cables are enclosed in the device housing, accumulating heat.

Please note: devices of liquid, “wet” type can only be placed vertically, due to the fact that the heating elements are located at the bottom of the structure. Such features have imposed certain restrictions on the design of products, their model range is not wide.

High heat transfer is characterized by devices in which there are a large number of horizontal (transverse) tubes. They can be located in 1 or 2 rows

We will conduct a comparative analysis of dry and liquid devices, comparing the key characteristics:

How To Install A Heated Towel Rail. Bunnings Warehouse

  • Cable devices are cheaper than Tennaya analogues.
  • Dry.Type devices are quickly warmed up and also cool quickly, consuming a small amount of electricity. Tennovic devices are less economical in terms of energy consumption. Unlike budget cable brothers, they heat up for a long time and also give heat for a long time, warming up the room.
  • It is quite difficult to mount a tane heated towel rail, while you can deal with the installation of a cable device literally within a few minutes, having a minimum of tools at hand.

Powerful liquid.Type equipment is rationally used when the bathroom needs heating. If you need a heated towel rail only to dry the towels and linen, it can be limited to a budget economical option selected from a wide range of cable devices.

Nuance #1. Place of installation of a heated towel rail

The electric device can be mounted on the wall or installed on the floor. For bathrooms of small.Sized apartments, wall variations that do not take up much space will be an excellent solution. Drinking drummers are mounted on the wall using fasteners, which are included in the kit.

The wall towel heated heated up quickly, heated the room, takes up the minimum of space even in a cramped bathroom, has a convenient execution for use

Wall devices are not mobile, while floor towels can be moved in the room from place to place.

Nuance #2. Shape and power of the device

The shape of the floor heated towel rails can be different. They can be made in the form of a geometric figure. In some cases, their outlines repeat the images of the representatives of the fauna. If you are not too prone to creative ideas, and the main criterion for choosing is functionality, we recommend that you dwell on the floor models of “La item”.

On the transverse horizontal tubes of the device, you can dry linen and towel. The more tubes, the higher the heat transfer indicator. The room will begin to warm up from the moment the heated towel rail is connected to the network.

The power of the device is another important indicator to which you need to pay attention. The higher the power, the more you will have to pay for electricity. It is possible to prevent the overrun for electricity by correctly determining the power indicator for a specific room.

We brought detailed recommendations for choosing an electric heated towel rail in the next article.

Most electric towels in appearance resemble water dryers. Often manufacturers produce devices in two versions at once: electric and water

Among the electrical appliances there are models that can excellently heat a large.Sized bathroom or a small private pool

which, heated, towel, rail, choose

Electric models are not connected to the contours of the hot water and heating, which we significantly expand the possibilities for their location. It is possible to install in kitchens, loggias, in hallways, children’s, living rooms

A good minus electrical equipment. Consumption of expensive electricity. To reduce costs, it is better to buy devices with thermostats or use “smart” sockets

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What to check when buying?

  • The geometry of the heated towel rail. There should not be distortions in the cross section of the pipe. She must be perfectly round along the entire length, except for the bending places. If the model is symmetrical, then parts on both sides of the axis should also be the same.
  • Seal. Serious manufacturers necessarily mark all their models. The name of the company, the brand used steel and the date of production should be written on the pipe.
  • Thread. Even, all the notches of the same depth, there are no zambins or other bumps.
  • Welding quality. Simple form models are made of whole pipes, but complex models, as a ladder are welded from several elements. Their durability will depend on the quality of the seams that should look neat.
  • Pipe. The highest strength of seamless options, in order to recognize, you need to look inside the pipe. If there is a longitudinal strip of darker color, then this is a sign of welding. With high quality, there is nothing wrong, but you can not guess. There are many products from Chinese raw materials on the market, the strength of which leaves much to be desired. Therefore, if possible, choose seamless options.

Water heated towel rail of imported production is not always a good option. The most popular companies from Italy, Finland and Germany are. But they are not always suitable for central water supply systems. In it, water has salts and various impurities that provoke corrosion and deposition of plaque. The bending places that clog and complicate the circulation of water are especially easily clogged. As a result, heat transfer deteriorates, in difficult cases, the device may not heat up at all. Therefore, without protecting the inside, the device will quickly become unusable. You also need to be afraid of thin walls that are sensitive to pressure drops. They are suitable only for private houses, where all indicators are regulated independently. But in the apartment this option may deteriorate after the first unsuccessful launch.

The online store “Practice” is engaged in the sale of towel rails of domestic and imported production. Choose and buy your favorite model with delivery in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. Order a return call if you need a manager consultation. We know how to combine style and practicality!

Landmarks of competent choice

The list of characteristics that should be focused on when choosing a heated towel rail include:

  • Design and installation method. Typically, bathrooms do not differ in large sizes, and they have to place a large number of plumbers and furniture in them, so the design is an important selection criterion. Even before the purchase of the device, you should think about where it will be installed how it will fit into the interior of the room.
  • Power. You need to calculate this indicator so that for each square meter the bathroom has 150-200 W power. When installing less powerful models in the room, it will be damp, and a too powerful device is more expensive and irrationally consumes electricity.
  • The method of connecting the device to the network. Towstock vests are connected open and hidden ways. When the wire is opened from the device to the electric socket, they pass along the surface of the wall. With hidden. Disguised under the finish. The first connection method is much simpler, and the second is safer.
  • Economy. Electricity consumption of devices of various types may vary significantly. Tenes with a capacity of 100-2000 watts are installed in heated towel rails. Powerful devices are often equipped with sensors, automation, which turns them off when a given temperature reaches. This allows you to spend more economically energy resources.
  • Tyn type. Typically, the power of devices with “dry” and “wet” hets are the same, and the difference is only in the speed of heating and cooling. Most often these are not fundamental indicators, but it is worth considering them.
  • Additional functions. Some models provide timers, thermostats and other useful functions.

We recommend paying attention to models with additional functions. Usually their cost is higher than that of “simple” heated towel rails, but such expenses pay off.

For example, people who take shower before the start of the working day often set the timer half an hour before the rise, so that the bathroom warms up in advance to a comfortable temperature.

Tiemers and thermal regulators are not useless elements that manufacturers add for a rise in cost of products, but truly comfortable devices

The thermostat in a towel can be very useful for families with young children. The device supports a constant temperature, so that at any time you can wash or bathe the baby in a warm bathroom and wipe it with a dry towel, and electricity is consumed extremely rationally.

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Thermal controllers not only support the given temperature, but also perform a protective function: prevent the device overheating, which is especially important for models with a heating cable

Requirements for water pipes

The bathroom is the most humid place in the house and apartment, so it is necessary to provide additional heating of the room. The heated towel rail helps to quickly dry the towels or underwear, prevents mold and eliminates the dumping of the floor and walls.

In addition, modern models are a stylish decoration of the interior of the bathroom, since progressive designers are constantly working on the appearance of devices.

Chromewood heated towel rail. An ideal option for a water structure with a traditional arrangement of elements, convenient for drying wet things. Installed in the free zone on the wall

The water heated towel rail in standard design has the form of a curved pipe, in the middle of which hot water circulates. If the water supply ceases to circulate, the productivity of the product ceases.

Choosing a water heated towel rail. First of all, it is necessary to take into account the level of pressure in the pipes. According to the current building standards and the requirements of GOST, the pressure of water in water intake valves is more than 6 atm.

When choosing a dryer for towels connected to a centralized DHW system or to water heating, you should find out what pressure can withstand the device

Water pressure in the pipes of apartment buildings can be 2.5-7.5 atm. The indicator depends on the place of construction, the quality of communications and the number of floors in the building. In private houses, the pressure in pipes usually 2-3 atm. Therefore, before buying, you should find out the indicators of the water system and add several positions to hydraulic blows to the obtained value.

The efficiency of a water towel rail depends on the area of ​​the pipe scan. The original design in the form of a ladder has the ability to give the maximum amount of heat and easily tolerates a hydraulic blow.

When choosing a dryer, you need to pay special attention to the diameter of the pipes. In some cases, a special adapter is required to install and connect the heating device.

The larger the total area of ​​the pipes from which the water heated towel rail is made, the greater its heat transfer. If you do not suit devices from thick pipes, it is better to take a device with thin, but often located elements

All about the choice of electric heated towel rails

Electric devices have their advantages. First of all, their work does not depend on the presence of hot water in the heating system, it can be turned on, on the contrary, it can be turned off if the room is too hot. In addition, electrical devices are much easier to install. If the water designer is prohibited to transfer without permission to a new place, then the electric one can be installed anywhere in the apartment. Yes, and conducting power supply in some cases is much easier than bringing a water pipe.

Which heated towel rail is better to buy

The quality of the heating of the bathroom and the service life of the device depends on the type, technical data of the model. This knowledge will help to determine which heated towel rail is good, in which its strengths and weaknesses. Water devices can be bought inexpensively, but they are suitable for heating a small area. The price of electric ones is higher, however, their installation is easier, heating does not depend on heating.

In each category of review, experts noted the best models:

  • The best water heated towel rail in the ratio of “price-quality”-Terminus vegap5 575 × 606;
  • The cheapest and most economical electric model is Argo beam 4 52 × 60;
  • The best device with a low.Cost thermoregulator is Navin Omega 530 × 800 steel e.Right;
  • The best assembly in quality and heating area of ​​the heated towel rail is a side connection. Rosnerezh Neo 1 L106011 60X

To choose a good heated towel rail, you must first compare the technical characteristics of the models, evaluate the possibilities of heating, and take into account material costs. Then the purchase will be the most useful.

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