Which batteries to put on central heating

Radiators for apartments with central heating

Replacing or installing radiators in the apartment has a number of features that must be taken into account so that the system works without accidents, fit into the interior and meets the requirements of economy. Depending on your ideas about the comfort and aesthetics of the interior, the choice of radiators can be wide enough, but each possible solution has its pros and cons of. It is enough that not all devices can work with centralized heating.

Modern radiators are represented by several large categories:

    – can be classic “batteries” or more similar to flat panel;

  • Aluminum. Modern solutions designed for lovers of advanced designs;. Combining the advantages of steel and aluminum, but go beyond the cost of cost.Effectiveness;
  • Steel. Panel and tubular, having fundamentally different designs and technical characteristics.

A separate row are wall convectors, floor and intra.Floor, which can be used in apartments, but under certain conditions, taking into account the features of the project. For their installation, it is necessary to put important structural details in the project in advance in the project.

If we are talking about typical houses in the class “Standard”, “comfort” and partly projects of business cathegors, then the most rational and technically justified solution is the radiators of the wall type of installation with the side and lower connection for two-pipe systems.

Bimetallic or semi.Bicetallic radiators

Bimetallic heating devices are steel pipes connected by cold welding method, which are covered with a layer of aluminum. Thanks to this, hot water does not interact with the outer shell of the radiator, which avoids corrosion. Over, aluminum is applied in the form of curly plates, and this significantly increases the area of ​​heat transfer.

There are also copper cores of bimetallic radiators. They are suitable if the coolant is water with antifreeze. Such a composition can quickly destroy steel, but copper to it is stable.

For semi.Bicetallic radiators, the core is made of two metals. All vertical channels are steel, and horizontal channels are aluminum. The disadvantage of such devices is that they are not suitable for water with a large Mlite. They must require a coolant cleaned of impurities.

Now there are many different brands on the market that offer quality antifreeze. One of them, antifreeze of the Gibax brand. When choosing, it must be remembered that the basis on ethylene glycol and propylene glycol is not used by systems with galvanized pipes. They use coolants made based on glycerol.

which, batteries, central, heating

Now about which heating radiators are better. For central.Type heating systems, bimetallic devices are more suitable, because they are resistant to pressure drops and poor.Quality polluted coolant.

Semi.Bicetallic radiators are more effective, but they need ideal conditions for their normal work. They are more suitable for private houses, and cost an order of magnitude more expensive than bimetallic devices.

Batteries selection parameters for the apartment

Most often, the question of which radiators to choose faces the owners of apartments during the overhaul. It is very important to choose the right type of battery, because the comfort of the family in the heating season and the safety of your home will depend on this.

The choice of the device should be carried out taking into account the characteristics of the central heating system, the area of ​​the apartment and personal preferences of the owners.The new radiator should be strong enough, reliable and functional. In addition, the batteries for apartments must meet the following requirements:

  • Heating radiators into an apartment with central heating should be designed for working pressure slightly higher than actually existing on the network. For five.Story buildings, this indicator does not exceed 8 bar, but in high.Rise buildings the pressure of the working environment can reach 15 bar.
  • Strength and resistance that allows you to withstand a powerful hydraulic. The modernization of heating systems allows you to block the heat carrier supply not smoothly, as was done using valves, but with a sharp movement. As a result, a strong stream of compressed air appears on the network, capable of leading to serious problems. If you hear extraneous noises in radiators, we recommend that you contact the utility service to avoid an accident.
  • The quality of the coolant in domestic heating systems remains at a low level, so the installation of the battery should take into account this factor. Additional protection against corrosion, mechanical and chemical exposure is a prerequisite for choosing a particular type of radiator.
  • In this case, the heating device must fulfill its main functional purpose: heat the air in the room. Therefore, you need to put batteries with a high heat transfer indicator.
  • The appearance of the product for many Russians plays an important role. Manufacturers of heating equipment do everything possible so that their products harmoniously fit into the interior of each house.
  • The service life depends on the material from which the battery is made, the quality of the coolant in the network. It is better to choose reliable radiators, because, as they say, the stingy pays twice. Cheap devices rarely withstand the features of central heating systems, which quickly becomes unusable.
which, batteries, central, heating

Useful recommendations for choosing

When choosing a heating device, read the recommendations from specialists:

  • First of all, contact the management company of your home to find out about the following characteristics:
  • Working and test pressure;
  • The composition of the coolant and which alkaline environment does it possess;
  • Maximum water temperature in the central heating system.
  • High.Quality, working, working and effectively working radiator should resist water driver. They cannot be excluded during the operation of the central heating system.
  • Find out if the radiator is rust. The service life depends on this indicator.
  • Correctly calculate the number of necessary sections. It is especially important when buying a device for a monolithic house.
  • The power of the device must correspond to the maximum temperature of the coolant. Up to 130 degrees.
  • Optimum service life. 25 years.
  • Choose a radiator with thick walls, t.To. There are often many impurities and harmful substances in the coolant.
  • Before payment, carefully read the technical indicators of the device.
  • Buy radiators only in specialized and trusted equipment stores.
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In private houses, it is permissible to use all types of radiators. The choice of the device for apartments has its subtleties:

  • In new buildings, where water indicators are normal, it is better to purchase aluminum radiators;
  • Houses that have been operated for more than 20 years have a high pH of water, so the choice should fall on bimetallic or panel steel devices.

Heating batteries (radiators). A device that cannot be dispensed with in the living room. Often, devices are installed in offices, garages, hospitals, etc. D. There are several types of radiators and each has its own characteristics. They should be considered when choosing the type of heating of the room.


Structures made of this metal have even a more aesthetic appearance. But if you choose pipes for central heating, then you should immediately make a reservation that ordinary aluminum radiators for this option is not the best. Most often, their advantages are used when installing autonomous heating in apartments. The pluses include an elegant appearance and excellent heat transfer. But the disadvantages are the formation of hydrogen in the system with a reaction of aluminum with a heated coolant, as well as the inability to withstand hydraulic boards in the centralized heating system.

However, if you purchase radiators from anodized aluminum all the disadvantages disappear, and the advantages only intensify. This option is generally considered almost the most optimal for heating the apartment, but many are stopped by the high cost of such devices.

Types of radiators

Among the enormous variety of models, the consumer has a problem, which heating batteries are best chosen for the apartment, and which ones for a private house.

Types of batteries can be grouped according to the following signs.

Cast iron

Sections of the first cast.Iron heating batteries can still be observed in the old apartment buildings of the Soviet period of construction. The appearance left much to be desired. They were quite bulky and were in no way decoration of the interiors of apartments.

Modern devices of this type have a stylish design and high heat transfer. Thanks to the structure of the cast iron, the radiator can withstand a critical pressure level of up to 30 atmospheres (a), which saves it from a powerful hydrochief and rupture of the case.

Cast iron heats up quickly and slowly gives heat.

Better cast iron batteries for an apartment

Cast iron products are “tolerant” to the quality of water and withstand many years of operation with contaminated coolant. Thanks to the design, the batteries can be collected and disassembled by varying the number of sections.


In the apartment you can recommend the installation of a steel radiator. They are favorably different from their cast.Iron “brothers” lightweight.

A significant drawback is the exposure of corrosion.

Devices are designed for the maximum temperature of the coolant in 90 0 s. Steel batteries are tubular and panel. Both have a high degree of heat transfer.

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They heat up almost twice as faster than cast.Iron counterparts, but also cool quickly. At the end of the heating season, water from steel radiators is not drained. This is done so that from contact with the air can not rust the inner surface of the channels of products.

Panel models are not a collapsible design while in tubular products you can replace sections or supplement with new.


Aluminum heating devices for apartments are often a budget option. The battery made by extrusion is not subject to repair. Using the technology of extrusion of the molten metal in the mold, a whole device with flowing channels is obtained.

An indisputable advantage of such radiators is quick heating, lightweight and ease of installation. The metal of the products passes anode oxidation, as a result of which a protective oxide film is created on the surface of aluminum.

The disadvantages include the high cost of products and the difficulty of connecting to steel pipes only through special couplings on the outside. Aluminum heaters are capricious in relation to the coolant of central heating. Their channels can be quickly clogged with deposits of uncleaned hot water.


The battery is made of two metals. Steel and aluminum. The basis of the radiator is horizontal introductory and outlet steel tubes with transverse tubular canals surrounded by converter aluminum plates.

The bimetallic design combines the best thermotechnical properties of two metals. Steel, heated from the coolant, transfers heat to aluminum plates. Those much faster than the steel building give thermal energy to the airspace of the apartment.

What is the winning? The fact that aluminum is not in contact with the liquid heat carrier, thereby not at risk of corrosion. This allows you to create effective heat transfer and much increase the life of the heating devices.


Copper is an excellent heat conductor, which no metal can compare with. Copper heat exchanger is an ideal device for heating the premises. Along with a magnificent appearance, the radiator serves at least 25. 30 years.

The surface of the metal has practically no adhesion, so that even dirty hot water leaves any deposits in its tubes. Copper is absolutely indifferent to corrosion processes, withstands pressure in pipes up to 36 atmospheres and a temperature over 100 0 s. The only and significant drawback is the high cost of copper products.


Plastic radiators. Today’s novelty in the heat engineering market. Technically, new products are still significantly lagging behind their analogues from other materials.

The operational temperature of the coolant in them should not exceed 80 0 s. The maximum pressure in the heating system should be less than 3 atm.

Despite this, due to its advantages, a great future is expected to be expected to be heated. Plastic products are several orders of magnitude cheaper than batteries from other materials. They are easy to connect with plastic pipes. The material can be of any color, which makes it possible to give the interior of the premises an unusually beautiful flavor.

Device shape and placement method

In the shape of the device, radiators are divided into panel and tubular products (see. Above the chapter “Steel”).

As for the placement method, the floor appliances are based on the legs, and the wall models are attached to vertical fences.

By what criteria to choose a heating radiator in the apartment

When choosing batteries for central heating, the following factors are important:

We add that the effectiveness of radiators directly depends on which system they are mounted. Autonomous or central. So, a centralized network, which is usually used in apartment buildings, is distinguished by the following features:

  • Working pressure in the system for feed-4-5 kgf per centimeter is square, and at the exit-a little less. For comparison in private houses, the working pressure is 2 kgf per square centimeter;
  • In the central network, unforeseen malfunctions are more likely to be associated, for example, with hydraulic boards or the use of a coolant with a temperature, which is more permissible.

But they affect the right choice of batteries and technical characteristics of the heating system itself:

  • Operating pressure. For this criterion, the main rule is the following. In the system, the working pressure should be larger than in the room, otherwise after some time a leak appears;
  • A single.Pipe or two.Pipe heating system is used;
  • The most important value is the power of the radiator; This indicator characterizes the effectiveness of heat transfer from the heating source to the consumer; In other words, how high.Quality batteries heat the rooms. Of course, that the presence of windows, as well as the material from which they are made, the area of ​​the room, the number of and qualitatively external walls, affect the power of power. So, the required power is calculated by multiplying the area of ​​the room per hundred watts and by a certain percentage, which depends on the following factors. Two windows and two external walls. 30 percent; If the windows overlook the north side. 10 percent;
  • The size of the batteries. Naturally, the heating device must correspond to the place where it will be installed. In addition, the optimal distance between the radiator and the window is from ten centimeters or more; and between the battery and the floor. Six centimeters and more. The width of the radiator should exceed fifty percent of the window area under which it is mounted.
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Italian, German, Finnish, Czech batteries are more expensive than Russian, but in their technical and operational characteristics the products of the domestic manufacturer are little inferior and even surpass many foreign analogues.

A DIY Tiny House Heater

Buying heating radiators for a private house. The article is quite expensive. But if you make the right calculations and choose economical devices, then the costs can be significantly reduced.

The average cost of aluminum radiators per section is in the range of 1227–8200 r., Bimetallic devices. 3000–11900 r. The cheapest of them can be purchased at a price of 1100 r. The range of for steel radiators is also quite wide: from 830 to 60,000 r. Models made of steel cost from 3,500 to 26,000 r are popular. Inexpensive cast.Iron batteries can be purchased for 500–1000 r. In demand, cast iron devices for 3000–8000 r are in demand.

Retro batteries can be found from 8000 r.

If batteries are needed for a whole house, then even inexpensive devices spill into a penny. In addition, the costs of related goods will be added: valves, thermostat heads, brackets and other details.

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