What wire is needed for an induction stove

What dishes are needed for an induction stove, manufacturing material and manufacturers rating

Induction plates have a number of indisputable advantages. Thanks to unique technology, they economically consume electricity. Without excessive heat expenditure in the environment. However, not every pan and frying pan is suitable for such application. The essence of the problem lies in the technology itself, with the help of which economical heating is carried out. To figure out which dishes are suitable for the induction stove (IP), you need to devote a little time to the theoretical part. This will help choose the right kitchen utensils.

Ordinary electric kitchen slab works according to a simple principle. It contains heating elements, which are hot to a certain temperature set by a mechanical or electronic adjusting system. When the bottom of the dishes warm enough, thermal energy is transmitted to cooked products. Gas stoves also work on the same principle, only an open flame acts as a heating element.

This leads to heating not only the effective part of the dishes, but also the stove itself, as well as the surrounding air, which is especially felt in the summer.

There are no heating elements in the induction stove.

The principle of operation of the induction hobs is significantly different, since a more perfect physical process is used. It proceeds according to the following algorithm:

  • The controller activates a special induction coil located under the glass surface of the slab.
  • A high-frequency alternating current flows through the coil-with a frequency of 40-60 thousand Herz.
  • The current creates a magnetic field that affects magnetic materials at a short distance, but sufficient for the interaction of the induction coil and the bottom of the dishes. In this case, the glass covering the surface is not an obstacle.
  • Heating occurs due to the occurrence of vortex currents (Foucault currents) in the structure of the metal of the dishes.
  • Having heated, the material of the bottom gives the temperature obtained as a result of this process, products.

This phenomenon is called electromagnetic induction. It gave the name of a whole category of furnaces working on this principle. However, induction plates cannot work with some types of dishes.

The metal of the dishes must have ferromagnetic properties in order to interact with vortex currents.

The induction stove is guaranteed to work with dishes, which is magnetized by a conventional magnet. In some cases, stainless steel dishes are suitable.

Accordingly, the stove will not work with the dishes made of the following clean materials (without a steel disk in the bottom and without the content of “magnetic” impurities in the metal):

The video below shows how the MideA MC-IN2102 induction table tile behaves with dishes from different materials.

It is worth knowing that induction hobs are as safe as possible, because if you turn on one of them without dishes, then the automation will turn it off. In the process of cooking, heating depends on the temperature of the bottom of the dishes, and around the burner is determined by the thermal conductivity of the glass. Having put the napkins when cooking under the bottom of the pan and around it, you can still reduce the heating of the glass of the panel. This property may be especially valuable in houses where there are small children.

As mentioned above, some stainless steel options, especially produced in the USSR, are not suitable for working with the stove, since such metal alloys do not have ferromagnetic properties, although they have a number of other advantages. To determine whether this or that dishes are suitable for working with an induction stove, you need to pay attention to the labeling of dishes.

Cable selection for connecting an electric and induction stove.

Electric, induction slabs or hobs. These are devices with high power that consume significantly more electricity than the rest of the household appliances. That is why they require a separate cable from a machine gun or RCD to connect them. It is also worth noting that in houses where gas is not provided, the cost of electricity is below.

Consider the connection and selection of a cable on my example: a modern 4-consumer electric glass-ceramic slab.

In our case, the capacity of the firewood: 2×1200 W and 2×1700 W. The total power is: 5800 watts, but in the plate, in addition to the hobs, there are also an electric oven with a cooling fan. The passport nominal power of the electric stove is: 6.8 kW, plus do not forget to take into account the supply of power. We believe that at least 8 kW is required to connect our electric stove.

Average values ​​of the power of the consumption of electric plates in the market in 2018. Values ​​vary depending on the type of plates and its capabilities. To determine the exact value, read the technical passport for your product (you can find by the number of the slab on the Internet).

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For double.Grade (from 2 kW to 5 kW). For four.Contracting (from 5 kW to 11 kW). So, we determined that I need to choose a cable that will withstand the load of 8 kW. The table shows that I need a 6mm2 cable (to connect to a single.Phase network 220V) or 2.5mm2 (for a three.Phase 380V).

Cable section and choice of circuit breaker depending on the power of the plate.
Power of an electric, induction plate or hob, kW The section of cable cores, mm2 Choosing “automatic”
1-phase network (220V) 3-phase network (380V) 1-phase network (220V) 3-phase network (380V)
Less than 3 kW 1.5 mm² 1.5 mm² 16a 16a
3-5 kW 2.5 mm² 25a
5-7.5 kW 4 mm² 2.5 mm² 32a 25a
7.5-10 kW 6 mm² 40a

The required number of cores in the cable depends on the selected connection scheme.

The connection diagram can usually be seen from the back of the electrical appliance.

Scheme on the left. To connect to 220 V, right. To connect to 380 in. I will connect according to the left scheme to 220V.

On the diagram: l1. Phase. Terminals 1, 2 and 3 are united by a jumper. In accordance with GOST we connect brown core. N. Zero. Terminals 4 and 5 are united by a jumper. In accordance with GOST we connect blue core. PE is the Earth. We connect yellow-green core to the ground. In the machine, we find again and check the indicator screwdriver. Phase. Connection should be performed only after de.Energizing the entire system.

The safety of the premises and those who are there depends on the correct choice of cable and competent connection of the device. A prerequisite that must be respected. The cable must be copper. The use of aluminum cores when connecting power.Intensive devices is prohibited, according to safety requirements.

It is forbidden to combine lighting and outlet circuits with a record of an electric stove!

It should be remembered that in old buildings to connect electrical devices, with a capacity of more than 3 kW, it is not recommended, since the existing network is not designed for such loads. As a result of this, traffic jams can be blocked, fires arise or completely out of order, making it impossible to further repair it.

Very often in the configuration of new plates cable is not provided (acquired separately). You can make a cable choice on your own or entrust this business to qualified specialists, including its installation (if you do not have the necessary skills and knowledge).

Brands used when connecting electrical and induction plates.

Often for the installation of electric stoves, cables of brands are used: PVS, NYM, VVG, kg.

In my case, I need a 3×6 cable to connect an electric stove. Three.Wire wire with a section of 6mm2.

I chose a PVS wire, which is designed for voltage up to 450 V. The insulating coating is not amenable to fire, a high coefficient of resistance to bending and strength. The service life is from 6 to 10 years (depending on operating conditions).

Turn on the machine. The stove works. Try to turn on the burner. Use!

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Connection of the hob

The hob, since it has a power of more than 16 amperes, is connected not through a socket, as almost all designers draw in the projects, but through a terminal. There are two options: the terminal block inside the hob itself or (which is more common) terminal on the wall.

In any case, the hob cable in advance we remove in advance from the wall with a margin of 1000, and preferably 1,500mm in the place indicated by the kitchen supplier.

Next, if the hob has a terminal inside the panel, then we put a power cable into it and connect. If a 5-burn cable leaves the panel, then it must be connected to our cable from the shield through the terminal.

Do not use such terminals at all for anything, especially for hobs:

In any construction store, a “box for the hob” is sold “. Here’s this:

The box is placed on the wall, cables from the shield and from the stove are launched in it and are connected through a normal terminal. We deduced the cable with a margin of the wall so that after installing the kitchen, you can place this box in a place where it is convenient to start the cables and connect. The box is moisture-proof, if water is piled from somewhere, then it will not fall into the connection.

Preparation for work

Having found out which wire is needed to connect an electric stove, you need to clarify the plan of future actions. In any case, design documentation will come in handy. Drawings, even made without the use of industry standards, will help to properly place equipment in the kitchen. They are needed to fix the location of the wiring, other functional parts. Based on prepared drawings, it is easier to make a list of the necessary purchases. Official requirements are set out in detail in the “Rules for the Electrical Installations”.

Note. To clarify important details, it is recommended to use the latest version of PUE, seventh edition.

How to choose an adapter for an induction stove

To choose an adapter for the stove correctly, you need to be guided by several criteria:

  • Manufacturer. Of course, I want the purchased thing to justify its purpose and serve for a long time. Therefore, try to choose a lining for an induction stove from a well.Known manufacturer.
  • Device. Two and three.Layer discs will provide better cooking, but with them there is more trouble.
  • The size. This is the most important criterion in choosing.
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Disk size. Main parameter

To make cooking fast, you need to choose the right adapter size for an induction stove. In the hobs or plates, the diameter of the firewood can be different. This is convenient, since pots and pans have a different base size. And when choosing a plate, it is important that its size is identical to the diameter of the burner and the bottom of the dishes. In this case, the effectiveness of the panel will be the highest. But this is ideal, but in practice it is believed that the deviation of 20% in one direction or another is permissible. This means, for example:

  • The adapter to the induction stove for the Turks or ladle should be with the smallest diameter, within 12-14 cm.
  • For a plate with a diameter of 16 cm, the actual size of the bottom is from 14 to 19 cm.
  • And for a circle of 23.5 cm, pots and pans with a bottom from 18 to 28 cm are suitable.

These are approximate parameters, they will be more accurately indicated in the instructions, here is an example for

Pay attention to the need to use dishes with a flat bottom!

Look at the instructions for the panel, what is the diameter of the fireplace, and decide on which dishes you need to purchase an adapter. It is desirable that the diameter of the lining on the stove be equal to the diameter of the burner, and the size of the bottom of the dishes is laid in access.

The fire hobs of the induction hob most often have different diameters

Why is it important when choosing a device to choose the right size? Everything is simple. If the induction disk plate is much smaller than the base of the pan, then the products at the edges are poorly warmed up/fried. And if the adapter is much larger, then its edges will only heat the air, wasting energy and heating the handles of dishes.

If the adapter is less than the size of the working part of the burner, then the induction coil will not be fully involved. That is, the part will be under load, but the part is not, which can lead to a malfunction of the panel and its repair.

In addition, the open or unused part of the burner at a distance of 1 centimeter from it has an increased electromagnetic radiation above the ICNIRP permissible from the norm (an international commission specializing in protection against non.Ionizing radiation). However, the harm is minimal, since at the distance from the burning, these radiation is much lower than the norm.

With or without a handle

The presence of a handle allows you to move the adapter for dishes on the induction stove without waiting for its cooling. And if the handle is made of non.Heating ceramics or wood, it is not needed and a take. Therefore, the presence of a handle in the adapter is definitely welcome.

  • Firstly: if you move the hot plate along the glass-ceramic surface of the panel, you scratch it, and ultimately the plate will lose its appearance.
  • Secondly: by the handle, the adapter can be hung for storage, and if the handle is removable, this will easily place the adapter in the dishwasher.

Connection of the hobs of electrolyux (4 wires) to the three.Phase electrical network

Most of the models of the hobs made by Electolux are implemented complete with the cord. However, this is not always an advantage, since many are confused when connecting a device to a three.Phase electric network. This is due to the fact that the cord contains 4 wires: zero, ground, and two phase lines. Before starting installation, it is necessary to study all the nuances of the work.

Connection of the Electricity hobs should begin with the opening of the cover, which is located on the back of the device. This will allow access to terminals. At the next stage, you will need to find the output “Earth”, which has a traditional yellow-green color. In the immediate vicinity of it, there should be a jumper with 2 entrances.

Note! Give an answer to the question of how to connect the electrolyux hob, the instruction that is attached to the device will help.

Then, with the help of a jumper that was found earlier, you need to combine two exits under the phases. They are designated by Latin letters L1 and L2 (black and brown). It is important to remember that only brown cable is used to join the fork. In turn, a black fishing line for a trimmer will need to be thoroughly affected.

Before installing the hobing surface of the electrolyux, it is necessary to study all the nuances of the work

Connect the oven

For an oven, everything is much easier. The Eurovilka is simply inserted into the euro output (if necessary, the old one needs to be replaced with a new one).

However, some requirements must be observed.

wire, needed, induction, stove
  • It is necessary that grounding contacts from the electrical panel are connected to the outlet with a separate conductor. The supply cable to the oven should be connected to the RCD in electrical panel.
  • The capacity of the oven is 3-3.5 kW-that is, for it there is enough ordinary electrical wiring. If it turns out to be larger (check according to the passport), from the electrical panel you will have to lay a separate cable 3×2.5 mm2. It connects to a 25a machine.
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The preferred option is to connect the oven to a separate machine. Otherwise, with high consumption power, the simultaneous operation of several electrical appliances will be impossible. They will knock out the switch.

If you have purchased a built.In technique. An electric surface and an oven, you can connect them yourself. It is not very difficult to do this, the main thing is to follow the instructions and be extremely careful. Remember that working with electrical wiring is not comic, errors here can be expensive. To prevent them from allowing them and making all the clarifications and advice that we have given will help you competently.

Practical connection of the hob and oven to one cable

Suppose you have already had a cable with copper veins with a section of 4 kV to power an electric stove. Mm. Power 220 volts, the cable has three veins (phase, zero working, zero protective). According to the same table, we see that such a cable holds a total power of 5.9 kW (table above).

At the same time, we will not be distracted by demand coefficients, that is, on the likelihood that the plate and oven will always work together and at the maximum. We assume that there will be a demand coefficient is 1.

History of electric stove and hobs

Question. It is realistic to find a hob and oven with a total capacity of 5.9 kW?

If you do not have a professional kitchen, which is not about, but priori, the power of the oven will be less than the power of the panel.

It is obvious that if you try very hard, you can find a pair of panel.Biddowing, with a total capacity of up to 5.9 kW.

Note: in fact, everything is not so sad. It is unlikely that you will include the entire contour of the panel and the oven constantly together. Therefore, the demand coefficient for this pair is taken 0.7. This means that for our calculated cable 3 × 4 mm, the total power of our “couple” can be 5.9 ÷ 0.7 = 8.4 kW, which is closer to the reality of the choice.

Option 2. There are household appliances No wiring

You have a kitchen and there are purchased or donated or won hobs and ovens. In this case

  • Open the technical passports to the devices and see their maximum power;
  • Summage them and, according to the table above, see the necessary section of the cable;
  • Check the result with the cable available in the kitchen;

Induction Stovetop in Camper Van How Much Power Will You Use?

If the existing cable is suitable, remarkably, you can connect the hob and oven to one cable.

If the existing cable is not suitable, leave it for the hob, and for the oven, lay a new electric circuit with the cable according to the oven power (usually 3 × 2.5 mm) from the shield or makes a train from another rosetic group, having previously made a similar calculation.

Installation of the GEFEST electrical hob with your own hands

Calculation of the cable cross.Section by with your own hands

The choice of a cable for the hob is started by calculating the current strength, while the known indicators are with us:

The power of the hob p = 12 kW = 12000 W. The voltage in the household network is U = 220V, the power coefficient for the hob surface COS F = 1. We substitute all values ​​into the formula for which the power is determined in the AC network.

I (current) = P (power)/u (voltage) COS F (power coefficient) = 12000/2201 = 54.6A

Next, again we turn to table 1.3.4 PUE and we see that we are almost without reserve by a cable with a cross.Section of the veins 10mm.Kv with indicator I = 55a. Or if the network is three.Phase, you can take a five.Core cable. With a section of 56mm.Sq.

And in the end, to confirm your words, and most importantly, for your greater confidence in the correctness of your actions, I give an excerpt from SP 31-110-2003 (set of design rules). Design and installation of electrical installations of residential and public buildings.Nine.2 paragraph 2.: “In the apartments of residential buildings equipped with electric plates, a separate group fishing line for a trimmer to power these plates should be provided (14.27). Lines for powering single.Phase electric stoves should be performed with copper conductors with a cross section of at least 6 mm2.””

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It is worth noting that the article was only about the hob, in the case of an electric stove (combining the surface with the oven) or with a joint connection option with the built.In hobal panel of the electric oven, the cable cross section may be required for greater power, for greater power. Knowing how to perform a calculation and choose a cable by power of the device, you can easily select the desired option for the stove.And yet, let you not scare the choice of a gun protection machine than a calculated current for the stove. This moment is the topic of a separate article, while taking the word.

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