What will happen if you turn on an empty microwave

Before the first use of the microwave oven. We use the microwave correctly. The main mistakes of users

The microwave gained its popularity back in the 70s. To this day, she remains an indispensable assistant for any housewife, and manufacturers are constantly striving to improve their models even more. Despite this, the question of how to use the microwave is still relevant.

Microwave is, in fact, electromagnetic radiation. A cell phone also works on the same principle, with a difference only in the frequencies used. 2.45 megagez is standardly used for microwave.

The question is by the edge

So, is it possible to turn on an empty microwave? We will give the answer right away. No. Now you can start explanations and arguments. Those of us who are scrupulously studying various kinds of operating household appliances probably know that manufacturers of microwave ovens forbid to include their products without putting something in them that, in principle, can be warmed up. But we understand that all manufacturers in general, and microwaves in particular, do not allow to do a lot of what each of us did at least once in our lives with their masterpieces.

It is unlikely that there is a person in the world who never put a plate with a golden rim in the stove, did not forget to remove the fork from the container with food or did not leave the container cover with dinner tightly closed. As a result, the microwave “spoke” its angry “bang” or “trrr”, buzzed and sparkled, but continued to work safely. Therefore, the question of whether it is possible to include an empty microwave, for many it should not be topically at all. Such an appeal with her does not carry the dangers of instant breakdown, it is rather her slow, but confident “murder”.

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The site is just not real! And when it ends??

Why burned? Meat or transformer?

Question by and large: if it is impossible to include the microwave empty (t.E. Its internal geometry involves the resonant excitement or the formation of the guarantee of standing waves and in the absence of a ferrite denouement there is a village that disables a magnetron generator), then why not use the lock on a piezodate or simply on spring contacts?

In no case can you turn on an empty microwave. Without meeting in their path, no obstacles, microwaves will be repeatedly reflected from the internal walls of the furnace cavity, and concentrated radiation energy can disable it. As a minimum load, it is necessary to put at least a glass of water in it in it.

Busted the banged.Rejoice soon to the store for a new go.By default, the stove cannot be turned on empty.Read the manual

Blah, what are all smart! Otherwise I did not know that it could not be turned on! So it happened, it was done on the machine.

Buying a new is not a problem, the problem is that I have a corner, t.E. Not rectangular, but with a semicircular rear wall! So cool in a corner fitting! I have not met those after buying this!

happen, turn, empty, microwave

-You get it out of the refrigerator, for example, frozen chicken

-you quickly eat the chicken until the cat ate

Our instructions must indicate that it is impossible to dry pets in the microwave. They say there was a case, one woman drove her cat after swimming there and then filed a lawsuit of a company that did not indicate that the coat could not be dried there. And the lawsuit won. If it is not indicated in the instructions that you can not include an empty furnace, sue the manufacturer.Which is not prohibited, it is allowed.

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If it is not indicated in the instructions that you can not include an empty furnace, sue the manufacturer.

What Does Metal REALLY Do In A Microwave?

But a cat or there a hamster was not tried to dry in the microwave? They say the effect is amazing!

happen, turn, empty, microwave

Nope! Only cockroaches, skeletons and grasshoppers ! Amazing, you know the appetizer turns out!

And the cat, write, torn apart, scraped off the walls.

I did not understand, she put him in the microwave, and she left on business? As with a washing machine? Even traced how her cat feels?

So she has a problem, not with instructions, but with her head!

God knows what she thought there, maybe there wasn’t that, but German teachers like to tell it.The main thing in this bike is that the instruction should be designed for fools. You did not try to lay a raw egg in the microwave? Or frozen raw dumplings? My children tried.

Lorcha. You are not the only one. Without memory))) I once set the chicken so warm)))

I probably have a durable stove. I have already been trained for half an hour after that: it works! Already warmed up both her husband and son lunch. Nothing like. Warms.

Spsibo on a kind word, otherwise everyone is so angry: it is impossible, impossible, but they forget about sclerosis!

Plows, she plows, but this action has significantly shortened her life. After a similar inclusion, my microwave worked for another six months, then it still covered. And it was for this reason, so the workshop said.

Most often, with this inclusion, a high.Voltage transformer burns out, after which it does not serve for a very long time. Just in case, the stove would not be bad to inspect in the workshop.

Replacing this transformer. Approximately 25. 30 percent of the cost of the stove. It’s still cheaper than new.

The law is not written to fools.And sclerosis must be treated.Drink a course of aminalon or nootropil.Helps.

And you need to treat sclerosis.Drink a course of aminalon or nootropil.Helps. It seems to be from personal experience?

A thousand times turned on an empty and even with a mettalized cat. Well, she rose a little bit and works like a nice

Let’s hope that it is very compact for me, it takes up little space, and the capacity of the oh-th!

There will be nothing with her, the main thing is not to yawn immediately to turn it off if I turned it on an empty.I really did not leave for a minute. But for now I did it very often. I even sparkled in earnest when I put a cup with a golden coemic. Not the first year has been working.

What will happen if you turn on the microwave with an empty camera?

For a modern person, a microwave microwave has become an indispensable household appliance. With its help, you can warm up the finished food, cook something or defrost. But there are curious experimenters asking the question of what will happen if you turn on an empty microwave.

Is it possible to turn on an empty microwave

An empty microwave can be turned on. The microwave operating in any mode radiates magnetic waves that absorb products. If there is no product in it, then events will develop as follows:

  • The microwaves, not meeting on their way of obstacles (product), are reflected from the bottom, fall on the walls and move so endlessly.
  • This process will last until the timer works.

The longer the device will work without a product, the more destruction the accumulated energy will cause the whole device.

Why turn on an empty furnace

Often, an empty microwave is included in curious people. They are just interested in what will happen to her. Either in the case of its strong pollution from the inside, lemon juice is applied to the walls of the chamber and turned on for 1 minute at low power. The dirt goes instantly.

Influence of the inclined microwave with an empty camera

The principle of operation of the microwave oven is as follows. Electromagnetic waves that emails magnetron affect water molecules.

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How DANGEROUS is Using a Microwave Without a Door?

However, the product heats up from the inside, and not from above, as, for example, when cooking in the oven.

The microwave inside is covered with either ceramics or enamel. This is done so that the waves are correctly reflected from the walls of the camera and fall directly on the food.

To work the device

If you often turn on the microwave stove without food or with food weighing less than 200 g, then the magnetron will fail and the household device will no longer be able to fix it.

Per person

Scientists have proved that the electromagnetic waves of this device do not harm health if it is correctly operated.

The microwave door closes tightly and has a special lock. This prevents the rays from leaving the furnace camera. If, nevertheless, the rays fell outside the cell, in the atmosphere they quickly dissipate and do not have a harmful effect for human health.

By what principle is the microwave work

Any microwave oven is created from the main elements: magnetron, emitter, fan and camera. Just the question of the camera is most worried about the buyer. It should be remembered that regardless of the cost and brand of the device, the warming product is always made of iron sheets.

It is believed that only a metallic surface has an excellent ability to reflect microwaves, which contributes to their distribution to the entire volume of the working compartment. The whole difference in the devices is only in the internal coating, most often it is enameled or ceramic.

When the user presses the start button, magnetic waves of various lengths begin to radiate by magnetron. While in the closed space of the camera and reflected from the inner surfaces, the waves go at different angles through products. In this case, the heating of the products is not under the influence of the microwaves themselves.

Interesting! Food in the microwave warms up at the level of molecules.

Any material particle consists of molecules. And the molecule has positively and negatively charged particles. When passing through the material obstacle, the waves begin to create an electric field and arrange positively and negatively charged particles separately.

When turning the dish with food inside the chamber, the waves go through matter in other directions and particles have to be rebuilt again.

Interesting! When a simple heating mode is turned on, polarity is replaced at a speed of 5 billion per second.

From the constant change of poles, friction among molecules begins, providing a heating effect. For this reason, food in the microwave begins to warm up from the inside.

How a microwave affects the quality of products?

Indeed, there are products that deteriorate in microwaves, since their properties change from heating. However, they do not become poisonous or harmful.

Greens can dry quickly and then burn. If you need to defrost it, do not forget to set a special mode. You can also put the greens in a container with a ajar lid, the main thing is not to miss the moment when all the moisture from the container evaporates.

Frozen berries, fruits and vegetables are best thawed simply at room temperature and only in the extreme case. In the microwave, since some beneficial substances are destroyed when heated, for example, vitamin C.

Frozen meat must be defrosted at low power, otherwise, when choosing an incorrect mode, the edges of the piece can bake, and the middle can remain cold. The wrong defrosting process will not only spoil the appearance of the product, but also affect its taste quality.

Vitamin C is destroyed when heated, so it is better not to defrost the berries in microwaves

Myths about the harmful effects of microwaves on beneficial substances have long been refuted, and as for the popular statement, “the microwave stove changes the structure of food”, then this is really the case. But do not be scared. Any heating of products, including cooking, fried and extinguishing, leads to the breakdown of organic compounds. And this is an absolutely normal process. For example, cook eggs are nothing more than a denaturation of protein.

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When preparing in a microwave, exposure occurs on those substances that are dependent on temperature (like the aforementioned vitamin C). But in this process there are no fundamental differences from, for example, extinguishing. Over, preparation in the microwave excludes the appearance of fried crust and the formation of burnt places, and therefore can be considered a more “integrated” option than frying. Also, when cooking in microwaves, juices and vitamins do not partially remain in water, as in cooking.

happen, turn, empty, microwave

Foil, and what does she do in the microwave

If you ever put foil in the microwave, then after a few seconds you understood why this is a bad idea.

The microwave uses its metal walls to reflect and concentrate microwaves in your food, but thin metal sheets are a completely different matter.

The foil cannot resist the microwaves and begins to absorb them and heat them, and so fast that fire occurs.

Is it possible to turn on a microwave oven without food

The principle of operation of the furnace is that electromagnetic waves affect water molecules, setting them in motion. As a result, the products heat up from the inside, and not outside, as it happens when baking in a regular oven. The metal chamber is covered with enamel or ceramics in order to reflect the waves from the surface and direct them to the dish.

You can’t turn on the microwave without products in any case. She develops the radiation that should be absorbed by them. If it is empty, then the waves continue to move, fall on the walls of the camera, affect them, and the process is repeated endlessly. This leads to a breakdown of the device, which will stop its work only after clicking the timer.

At the same time, it is difficult to notice any strange processes occurring inside the technique. No hissing, sparking, smoke or any strange sounds. But a lot of energy is collected inside the camera, which negatively affects the details of the furnace.

If magnetron fails, you can go for a new device, since the detail is expensive and it makes no sense to buy it.

In doubt about the serviceability of the furnace, you can put a glass of water in it. If the liquid becomes warm, then everything is in order. A portion of food, which should heat up in the microwave, should not be less than 0.2 kg. If you constantly put a small sandwich or bun there, then the equipment can quickly fail. A large number of waves are formed, they are not absorbed by products, reflected from the walls and harm the microwave.

It seems funny to many to conduct experiments with a stove: heat the products with an open door, put the phone in it and make other tricks to attract subscribers to the channel or in the blog. This can only be done if a person is ready to stay without a microwave in the house.

It is impossible to include a microwave oven without products, since this will lead to the failure of the device. It is better not to experiment, otherwise you can leave without useful and necessary equipment in the house.

Is microwave is dangerous

The radiation of the microwave oven is completely safe. The main thing is to operate the device according to the attached instructions. Thanks to the tightly closed door and the blocking system, the penetration of rays out is impossible. And in the case of microwaves exit beyond the furnace, they quickly fade in the atmosphere, therefore they do not harm (more details. The article is the harm of microwaves: truth or myth?

happen, turn, empty, microwave

Microwaves can be dangerous only in one case: if you grab a hot plate with your bare hand and burn you.

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