What to do if the heater AICOCO has broken

Why can IQOS break, what to do in this situation

Today there are many options for a smoker to get the required dose of nicotine. The very first and simple option is an ordinary cigarette. After it there remains an unpleasant odor in her arms, hair and clothes. The second option is vape, it has a large amount of smoke and a pleasant aroma. It can be smoked throughout the day, but it comes out quite expensive.

The last option is a tobacco heating system called IQOS. Sticks for this thing are like cigarettes, only after smoking IQOS there is no unpleasant odor, and the dose of nicotine is also replenished. Consider, IQOS has broken why this happened, what to do in this situation.

How to use AIcos

Now let’s look at how to use the IQOS system. Supple the sticks through the holder device. When buying an IQOS system, you will have step.By.Step instructions on how and what to use. First you need to read it.

heater, broken

Then you need to completely charge the device. Connect the system to the charger and press the power button. There are indicators on it that show the level of charging the battery. If they blink, then recharging is required. The recharge of the holder must be carried out after smoking each stick. If the system is completely charged, then it will be enough for the whole day of use.

Then carefully place the stick in the holder to the white line. If it enters tight, then if it is still new, you need to attach a little strength, or if the holder has already been used, then the holder is cleaned, since it remains the remnants of tobacco or the previous stick.

They inserted the stick into the holder. The device is ready for smoking, press the button. The indicator does not flas it, you feel the vibration. You can start smoking. On average, one stick is 14-15 puffs, approximately like a simple cigarette. There is no tightening instructions, everyone decides for himself how and with what intensity he will do this.

In the process of smoking, a small amount of steam is released. The smoking process is designed for 5-6 minutes. If the number of steam has decreased, and the holder vibrate. It is necessary to recharge. After each smoking, the holder must be rechargeable for 20 minutes.

Upon completion of smoking, the stick from the holder must be removed, for this, raise the cap of the holder and remove the stick. If for some reason the stick is not taken out, then you remove the cap from the holder, take out the stick and with the help of a special brush clean the holder from the garbage. Cleaning must be proceeded only after the full cooling of the heating element. Cleaned in circular movements. If there is a need to extract garbage from the holder, then there is also a special hook in the kit for this.

If after buying the system and reading the instructions you did not understand anything, then on the Internet you can find video tutorials on these issues.

If you decide to buy an IQOS system, then before buying you should figure out what it is and how to use it correctly. Only with a competent approach, do you protect yourself from premature breakdown of the system and from excessive harm to health.

To date, there are five models IQOS. Them, depending on the configuration.

If you cannot decide to buy or not the IQOS system. Then the device can be taken on a test drive, then you will be instructed for free on the use of this system, and for 7 days you will have the opportunity to use this system as free as free.

IQOS system can be used by both men and women, restriction only age. You should be 18.

Methods of repair without independent intervention

In order to eliminate problems in the work of aikos, it is provided for its free replacement in case of breakdown. This is done once. The exchange of devices will be carried out regardless of the nature of the breakdown.

Warranty repair

It is carried out in SC. You can not spend money on repair work, replace the device with warranty service.

Replacement of the device under warranty

If the device has failed, the heating element broke out, frivolous damage arose due to the user’s fault, which affect the performance of the equipment. There were breakdowns due to the fault of the manufacturer, the device requires replacement of the sting under the warranty.

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Some manufacturers do not exclude a breakdown, warn about a short service life in advance: assembly of a device from plastic parts. The breakdown occurs if the device falls, when the button, spoiling the key, the use of the device were not for its intended purpose.

Attention! The guarantee depends on the model, features of interaction with the SC. There are several varieties of devices that apply to warranty service up to a year from the moment of purchase.

Warranty service applies to accessories:

No need to worry about the appearance of a technical malfunction in the operation. There are several cases when the manufacturer is responsible for the update of the device, its components:

  • You can change equipment once if the manufacturer is guilty of a malfunction. If the device does not work, it is completely subject to replacement;
  • Breakdown of heating elements (steam is difficult to tighten);
  • Damage breakdown for the fault of the user. It is possible to replace the blade that failed the part (heating element).
  • Information is studied on the manufacturer’s website regarding the replacement of the device with warranty service.
  • The user determines the place where the replacement will be carried out. To do this, you need to call the company.
  • Assembly of broken equipment, components (package, bag). Do not forget to attach documents, checks, outstanding at the time of purchase.
  • Visiting the store, filling out a questionnaire (questions can be provocative in nature);
  • Filling an employee of the list of information, performing the replacement of equipment parts without checking the device. The diagnostic device is rarely taken.
  • Issuing a receipt to the user under signature.

Private masters will help in non.Warranty cases

If the device has broken, the warranty service period has disappeared, you should seek help from a private master. The price of the repair of the device depends on the identified problem. To find a reliable master, refer to friends, Internet resources, train ads on the city website.

Warranty case

Repair of the lattice of Aikos is a warranty case. If less than a year has passed from the purchase, then you can fix the Aikos cover for free. If there is a guarantee coupon and identity documents, the dealership will be required to carry out repairs at its own expense. The only drawback of such service is that IQOS may have to leave in the service center for several days.

This problem may overtake after the end of warranty service. In this case, you need to contact a professional. Fortunately, in almost all settlements there are masters who can cope with the repair. The latch is replaced within 10-15 minutes.

After the service, the master will necessarily provide the owner with a guarantee for the work done. Replacing the Aikos button is considered easy technical work, so the price of the service will not be high. If you are afraid to replace the part on your own, and the warranty period has already expired. Feel free to contact a specialist and enjoy using a working heater.

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Is it possible to prevent problems

Most often Aikos breaks due to improper use or damage. Therefore, to prevent breakdowns, several rules should be followed:

  • Avoid shocks, as well as other mechanical damage, contacts easily depart;
  • Do not keep the device in the cold for a long time, it may stop turning on;
  • Before using the stick, you need to heat up at least 20-30 seconds;
  • Moisture should be avoided, otherwise malfunctions may occur, all the more you need to protect from falling into water;
  • It is imperative to use the original charger and sticks, if they are fake. The device can come into a malfunction, so it is not worth saving in this case. It will cost more.

After use, check the device so that it does not have garbage.

If AICOCH is under warranty service, then during breakdown, experts do not advise independently disassembling an electronic heater. I need to attribute Aikos to the service center. If you disassemble it yourself, then the right to warranty service is canceled. To avoid malfunctions, it is necessary to correctly use AICos and comply with the operating rules. Such a device also requires care. If a red bulb blurred. It is possible to charge or restart the IQOS tobacco heater.

The frequency of various breakdowns in IQOS

Many devices cannot constantly work without hinders, sometimes the user of the breakdown is found at the wrong time, and when they appear periodically, they do not stop, this causes irritation in people. The complaints that come from Aikos users are often similar, for example, a feeling of bitterness, it stretches poorly, little smoke. Other breakdowns occur in the device when the device turns off constantly, the filter is melted. If problems arise periodically, then it is necessary to clean the device. The process will not take much time, it is performed manually, but it is necessary to clean the cleaning more often so as not to clog Aikos.

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Aikos users sometimes have reasons for a serious nature that do not allow to calmly enjoy the smoking process, relax. The reasons predominate various nature, starting with a shutdown of the device, which then cannot be connected. Damage is also damaged when AICOS is smoked for 1 minute and turns off. The causes of the malfunction are particles entering the device, faulty exercise.

Damage that find during the smoking of Aikos:

  • Lid breakdown. The user’s operating rules are violated, mechanical disabilities, it is better to visit the service center, where the necessary element will be replaced;
  • The holder clogged. Smoking causes a feeling of bitterness. The main reason for the breakdown is the ingress of liquid, for the repair it is necessary to disassemble the device, dry the corresponding part;
  • Little smoke. A malfunction arose with a battery. The situation is not solved independently, it is better to visit a specialized master;
  • The indicator flashes. In this case you need to check the battery key, quietly knock. If the actions are not given changes, you have to visit the master.

Technique and devices are fragile objects in the modern world, not every device will be able to withstand the load and be durable. Any device needs rest, but the workflow is important so that the elements do not stalify. Therefore, when purchasing Aikos, you need to carefully familiarize yourself with all points of use in order to correctly use a smoking device.

It is necessary to know if the device or elements of the device for a long time are in water conditions, then this will adversely affect the performance of Aikos. Therefore, after the fluid hit, immediately dry!

The holder is quickly discharged

Very often, the IQOS holder quickly discharges with the user, the reasons may serve as a fault of the battery element in the device, they get out of the control of the setting of the device, the button does not work or the problem arose with charging. It must be remembered that the resources work unstable, or rather in normal mode for a certain time, and then they reduce speed and various breakdowns of the device occur.

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There are several rules in order to avoid the breakdown of the AICOS holder. First of all, the battery must always be charged to the end, a stick that worked all day cannot be left along with the process of charging the device. During the time when the device is charged, it is not recommended to smoke, and the most important thing is to use only the original charging for aikos and wires. If you fulfill all the conditions, then there will be no problems with the battery for a long time, you need to use it carefully with the device and take care of a safe condition. At the same time, we must not forget that to clean the device regularly and not ignore the heat heating time, as well as the component to choose by the size of the device.


IQOS often bites in an inexperienced user. The reason for the feeling of bitterness may be a faulty battery, which will require a replacement. If this problem arises, then it is better to inspect the element of the evaporator for starters, and then turn to the master if there are no problems for the device. Basically, the problems that arise with a smoking device more often occur according to the inexperience of the smoker, so if a person does not understand the device, then at the slightest damage it is necessary to contact the service center so as not to break the aikos.

The beginner smoker of Aikos must remember that after each scooped stick, the device is put on charging within five minutes. This will improve performance with the subsequent stick.

Not charging

If the device does not charge and spontaneously quickly turns off when smoking, then you need to check the battery. Most often in such cases there is a problem with the charger, t.To. The wires can constantly be damaged in order to quickly find out what the reason for the problem is, you need to purchase a new charge. If the problem is not corrected, then most likely problems inside Aikos, in this case you do not need to independently disassemble the device and try to repair the details, it is better to contact a specialized master and understand what happened. Inexperienced users are often trying to solve the problem at home and thereby do even more harm.

The device does not turn off

Aikos users are faced with the fact that the device does not turn off, in this situation, perhaps there was a problem with the key that needs to be checked for performance. The button can be squeezed more and check what will happen next, if the changes do not happen, it will be better to turn to the wizard for smoking devices. You can check for water getting, which could stall the workflow and made a failure, if so, then dry Aikos. Almost all regions use a smoking device, so finding a repair specialist will be easier.

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The heating element broke

Aikos users complain at the moment when the case does not heat up, the problem is most likely in the battery. Elements fail with time, and replacement with a new component is required. Damage can occur even with unsafe operation of the device, you can contact the store where the purchase was made, unless of course the problem arose almost immediately after the purchase. The owner of Aikos himself may also be the reason, who constantly presses the holder button and the device begins to overheat, and the contacts will melt. Therefore, when using a smoking device, you do not need to press the key by unnecessarily, because I just want.

The holder does not charge. Possible reasons

If the diagnosis is difficult, then the user should contact a hot fishing line for a trimmer. Operators will help to identify the problem and tell you possible algorithms for its correction.

If the red light flashes?

If during the charging the device flashes in red and does not charge, then most likely IQOS is faulty, it can also happen when the board is contaminated with resin, oil or cleaning liquid for the device. This can also happen due to the fact that the device was used in frosty weather or was used incorrectly.

If IQOS flashes red and does not charge, then the cause may be rolled up the contacts, if the red bulb burns, this means that the device’s resource is exhausted or the contacts also came off.

If the white light flashes?

In the event that the device constantly flashes in white and does not charge, it will be necessary to contact the technical support to the specialist, it will request data from the model and information about the frequency of using the device.

If during the reset of the charger all indicators burn in white and blink several times, this means that the discharge has passed successfully and the device is ready to use.

Why stops working

Aikos heating element (blade) is a fragile ceramic part of an electronic device, without which it cannot perform its function. Serves to warm up the stick to the required temperature. There are several reasons why the heating element stops working. The main ones include the following:

  • Breakdown of the blade with an inaccurate installation of the stick in the holder or when extracting it. The sting can be broken off when pressed with effort, as well as when scrolling a cigarette.
  • Violation of the technology of cleaning the internal part of the holder. When the user for cleaning us us us ordinary cotton sticks, which are thicker than specially designed for this, the sting may accidentally break.
  • Water and other liquids from the gadget. In this case, the electronic device should be dried immediately.
  • Malfunction of the microcircuit. Its failure may be due to violation of the rules for charging the gadget, its overheating. The refusal of the electronic component of the device also happens for other technical reasons, which can only be installed by a specialist in the service center.
  • Inaccurate handling with Aikos. Wearing a gadget without a protective cover, its fall, leaving in the cold, the lack of regular cleaning does not benefit the electronic device.
  • The spiral service life has expired, wear and wear. Its replacement is required.

Even if a person completely switches to a heating system and completely refuses cigarettes, it will still harm health.

This is due to the release of harmful substances when heating tobacco. In addition, a person will not get rid of dependence at all.

Smoking this device causes cardiovascular diseases. If a person suffers from vegetative-vascular dystonia, then you categorically cannot smoke ordinary cigarettes and use the tobacco heating system.

Before using the device, check out the instructions that the manufacturer puts in the box with IQOS, however, if the breakdown of the device could not avoid avoiding a specialized service center. It will carry out high.Quality repair and replacement of elements. If questions arise, call the customer service center by number 8 800 200 3737, or on a hot fishing line for a trimmer of the company. Manufacturer.

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