What to do if the hair dryer stopped working?

What to do if the touchscreen does not work

Touch control has become an undeniable advantage of smartphones over conventional cell phones. It has not only made the interface more convenient and intuitive, but has also multiplied the capabilities of various applications, especially games. If the touchscreen on Android does not work, the smartphone turns into a virtually useless device, losing 90% of the available functions. From this article you will learn how to protect your phone’s touchscreen, what faults can occur, how you can fix the sensor yourself, and when you need to contact a service center.

hair, dryer, stopped, working

The smartphone responds to touching the screen, but perceives them partially or incorrectly. On special forums people often ask why part of the sensor on the Android phone does not work. There may be several reasons for this:

  • Screen contamination. Grease or dirt from your fingers gets on the display, and the sensor can no longer understand commands. Usually such spots occupy a specific area where the controls don’t work. In this case you need to wipe the display with a moist cloth and do not touch the phone with dirty hands.
  • Incorrectly glued protective film or glass. These are two popular and necessary accessories for your smartphone because replacing them is times easier than replacing the display in the case of mechanical damage to the phone. But if they are glued incorrectly, the display does not respond to touch in certain places because of air or dirt accumulated under the protective cover. The film or glass should be removed, the screen cleaned and a new protection glued properly.
  • Mechanical damage to the display, in which part of the sensor does not work. It is usually accompanied by a noticeable web of small cracks on the screen. In the best case you will have to replace the screen glass or touchscreen, in the worst case. to buy a new display, which in flagship smartphones can cost a third, and sometimes half the entire device.
  • Calibration failure. You press in one place, and the sensor reads the touch in another. This can easily be corrected. In the next paragraph of the article, we will tell you how to deal with it.

Spontaneous commands without touch

It also happens that the sensor lives its own life. This group of touchscreen malfunctions implies operation with constant failures. For example, you do not touch the screen, but your smartphone receives commands, you can even see the visualization of touch. In this case with your phone the following:

  • Software failure. Errors in the Android OS are not uncommon, because the software is written by some, the components are manufactured by others, and the assembly of smartphones by others. Failures often occur after installing new programs or when updating the OS. So if this problem occurs, the first thing to do is to reboot the phone. If it doesn’t help, you should uninstall the recently installed applications and roll back the OS to a previous version. The extreme measure is a factory reset, which is accompanied by deletion of all personal information, but eliminates any software glitches.
  • Dust or moisture got inside. The sensor itself “presses” on the screen if its contacts or control board have become clogged from dust, or oxidized due to moisture trapped inside the device. We’ll consider this error in detail in the next paragraph.

Touchscreen doesn’t respond

It happens that the display does not respond to touch, although outwardly there are no signs of damage. In this case, most likely:

  • Control board is damaged. It could be broken due to phone shock or dust and moisture that got inside. No external damage from dropping the phone doesn’t mean its components are safe. In addition, the effect of such falls can accumulate. It happens that the cable just came off the contact, and to restore the screen is enough to put it back in place.
  • The cable is partially or completely broken. Mechanical damage is the reason. But if the sensor turns on repeatedly, it means that some contacts are damaged, and the cable must be replaced. If you have tools, spare parts and proper care, you can do it yourself, but it is recommended to contact a service center.

Information about the Print Screen key for novice users

Sometimes it happens that the user makes the wrong conclusions about the functionality of the Print Screen key (sometimes it is signed as PrtScn or by some other acronym), expecting it to create a screenshot on the Windows 10 desktop, in the “Pictures” folder, opening a window with a screenshot or something like that. And maybe, with third-party screenshot software available, this key did behave that way at some point for this user.

In fact, by default in Windows 10, 8.1 and Windows 7. Pressing Print Screen on the keyboard takes a screenshot on the clipboard, i.e. in the main memory of the computer. This screenshot can then be pasted (e.g. with the CtrlV keys) into a document, in a graphic editor or somewhere else.

On a clean system there are no visual signals when this button is pressed, no new files appear by themselves. This is something to keep in mind: you may find that a key works, but you just don’t expect it to do what it’s really supposed to do.

Keyboard driver

Press WinR and type devmgmt.msc to open the Device Manager. Next, click on the “View” tab at the top and check the “Show Hidden Devices” checkbox. Remove any devices that are related to the keyboard, whether they are semi-transparent or regular.

Next, single click on the “Keyboards” column and click on the “Action” tab at the top and “Update Hardware Configuration”. Next, right-click on your keyboard model and “Update Driver”.

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How to disassemble a hair dryer

Step 1. First, perform an external inspection of the device. remember that it must be unplugged at this time. Examine it carefully from all sides and pay special attention to the power cord. whether there are any breaks, melted or deformed areas on it, whether the insulation is not damaged. Because many people are not very careful with their hair dryers and often pick up the cord, the cord is the most vulnerable part of the appliance. Therefore, it is often the case that the hair dryer itself is completely serviceable, and the problem is only a broken power cord or plug.

Step 2. If everything seems to be okay with the cord, you can begin to examine the insides of the hair dryer. To disassemble the device you need to unscrew the screws, which are usually located on the back or side of the handle, and remove the cover. On some models these screws can be not on the handle, and on the body itself, near the fan grid or be hidden under the decorative plugs. These caps are usually the same color as the case, so you can not immediately notice them. To get to the hidden screw you need to pry open the cover with a sharp object like a sharp knife tip or an awl.

Step 3. The inside of the housing may also have snap fasteners, which can be seen by pulling parts apart slightly. To open the housing, at the same time with the separation of parts, you need to squeeze these latches with a flat screwdriver. Many manufacturers try to make the hair dryer difficult to disassemble at home. Therefore, they make such latches practically disposable. and when you try to open the case, they easily break. If you do so it will be difficult to reassemble the hair dryer without gluing it back together.

Step 4. After removing the lid carefully inspect all parts and assess their condition. there should be no foreign traces, deformed areas or fouling. Also check the condition of the wires and pins to see if they are all properly connected and undamaged. If any of the pins are loose, it may be the root cause of the problem.

Step 5. Next, check that there are no clumps of hair wrapped around the fan or motor shaft, which can make it difficult to rotate the impeller, cause an unpleasant smell of burning and generally interfere with the operation of the device. Also, the impeller may be clogged with ordinary dust, which, upon inspection, it is better to remove with a brush, brush or soft cloth.

Important! If you do not have even the most basic knowledge of electronics, it is better to stop at the stage of inspection and cleaning of the hair dryer and do not try to repair it yourself. Otherwise there is a high probability that you will make some mistake, because of which it will be impossible to repair the tool, or even harm yourself. Remember that the most common hair dryer does not cease to be a complex electrical device, which should be repaired by specialists. Therefore, in case of serious internal damage it is better to immediately contact a repair shop, where your hair dryer will be disassembled, cleaned and repaired.

Hair dryer for hair, typical malfunctions and repair with their own hands

When the hair dryer belonging to your soulmate stops working, it can turn into a tragedy

Of course you can please your beloved by buying a new device, but believe me, if you set out to repair the old one and succeed, then you will not only save the household budget, but also raise your status as the owner, husband and jack of all trades!

Of course, for many people the repair of such devices will not cause much difficulty due to their own experience and knowledge, but in fact not all such masters pocinyaki! )

Now, on a live example, consider some typical faults of this type of equipment, and those who have never encountered such work, will see that there is nothing too complicated. Of course, in different devices will be different, but the principle is the same.

The first thing you should pay attention to is the power cord, often the wire is broken either at the base of the mains plug or at the very handle of the hair dryer. And the broken wire may visually seem serviceable because it is covered by a rather thick insulation from above.

hair, dryer, stopped, working

Such a fault is often revealed by the fact that bending the wire in the above-mentioned places the device can work. But do not be fooled, operate with such a wire electric appliances can not, the wire must be replaced.

To do this you need to disassemble your hair dryer. You will need it for other troubleshooting as well. Let’s go to.

How to disassemble the hair dryer

As a rule, all modern hairdryers, however, as well as other household devices of this kind, do not always have bolts available and in sight, they are often hidden behind different plugs or plastic panels, which must be unfastened. The patient for this article, an old hair dryer Rowenta, in this sense no different.

On the handle of the hair dryer we unclick and remove the plastic panel

We need to use a thin flathead screwdriver or better a short utility knife to open the latches and remove the cover. Next we need to disassemble the mechanism of switching the speed mode. To do this, take out the wheel axle of the switch and remove the bar.

Then remove another liner and only now you can unscrew the mounting screws.

By the way for this often need a crafty screwdriver such as a triangle shape, star, or flat with a slit, in my case is a homemade from an old flat screwdriver, but now they can be purchased and.

Now that the two screws are removed, to completely disassemble it is necessary to remove another plastic part of the housing.

Now, you can replace the wire and make any other repairs.

What was the cause of the malfunction

In my case, the button to turn off the heater was broken. Do you know what this button is for?? A lot of people, as it turns out, don’t know. The thing is that if you turn off the hair dryer immediately, without using this button, there is a risk to ruin the device.

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This can happen because the fan immediately stops after turning off, and the coil is not cooled down, the heat has nowhere to go the hair dryer overheats, so you can even melt the body.

And this button allows to turn off and blow out the coil while the fan is running, giving it a chance to cool down a little.

So this is the same button and failed, broke the mounting of one of the contacts, respectively, the hair dryer blew only cold air. For repair had to slightly enlarge the hole torn contacts and put in place to patch plastic to fix it. Of course, before that it would be better to clean the burnt contacts.

In general after these simple actions (it takes much longer to describe than to do them) the dryer worked fine.

What other problems can be fixed yourself

Check the continuity of the power cord, plug, quality of connections, soldering.

The button itself can be dismantled for cleaning, but you must be careful not to pop out contacts and spring (used in some buttons) If the button is seriously damaged, it will have to be replaced, it may not be possible because it simply can not be found.

Just as little to repair the fan motor and the coil itself. when they malfunction requires either professional intervention, or. Long live, store!

Another possible problem that can be repaired is the thermal fuse.

This is a self-resetting fuse which shuts off the heater coil if it overheats and after it cools down returns to its original, closed position.

hair, dryer, stopped, working

But it can also happen that it will burn out over time and stop working properly.

It is necessary to restore a good contact, carefully with something thin (nail file fits perfectly, as long as the wife does not see) scrape between the contacts, but do not unclog them more than the thickness of the file. Otherwise you have to bend the contact plates to get a good grip.

Sometimes bending it is just necessary. But be careful, it’s not that easy, remember that everything is mounted on a fragile mica base and applying force can only make things worse.

Remember that in any repair, it’s important to be careful! It is one of the keys to success!

Possible malfunctions

Due to its simple principle of operation, the following domestic hair dryer breakdowns occur most often:

  • No power at all (the device does not turn on);
  • The fan does not spin or the blades do not pick up speed well;
  • You can hear the smell of burning or there is something sparking in the motor area;
  • The hair dryer does not blow hot air (only cold air).

No power. check the circuit

The first thing, if the hair dryer does not turn on, you must check the power in the socket and the integrity of the electrical cord. For this you can use an indicator screwdriver or a special tester. multimeter. On how to use a multimeter and how to use the indicator, we told in the corresponding articles.

If you have power in the socket, but the hair dryer does not work, for repair, carefully review the appearance of the cord: it may be somewhere frayed, frayed or cut. The most problematic areas of the cord are considered the point of entry into the body of the device, as well as the connection point with the electric plug. If there are no obvious causes of failure, proceed to disassemble the case. To disassemble the case of the hair dryer with your own hands is not difficult at all, the main thing. to find all fasteners and unscrew them (they can be hidden behind stickers, rubber plugs, etc.).д.).

When you get to the internal construction (pictured above), the first thing to do is look at where the electrical cord connects to the rest of the circuit. Very often the motor doesn’t start because the wire at the bonding point falls off. If this is the case, the repair can be accomplished by simple soldering or stranding.

The cord is serviceable, but the hair dryer still does not work? Repairing further and checking the rest of the circuit. If you have a diagram of your model of appliance, use a tester to test the other components: the fuse, the circuit breaker, and the mode switch. Not rare cases when a household appliance overheats and shuts down because the fuse burned out. It must be replaced with the same exact characteristics.

By the way, it happens the opposite situation. after turning on and drying your hair dryer does not turn off. This is also the fault of the switch itself!

Another type of failure. the on/off button does not work. We’ve already told you how to repair a light switch. Repair in this case is similar. check the break contacts with a tester, grind them to metallic color and if you can not repair the breakage with your own hands, replace the switch. Similarly, check the mode switch, if the hair dryer does not switch speeds or does not regulate the temperature (for example, does not work at 2 speed), try to repair the controller or do a simple replacement.

The fan does not rotate. clean it

Another type of failure. problems with the fan, which does not accelerate. If your hair dryer isn’t working because the fan won’t spin, take the case apart and look at how clean the blades are. Sometimes the fan does not pick up speed, because there is a hair on it. All you need to do for repair is clean. remove the blades from the shaft, remove all debris and reinstall the fan in its seat. You can see the repair process in more detail in the instruction video below. Some models have filters which also need to be cleaned.

By the way, if when you turn on the fan smells burning, most likely the hair dryer stinks because of heavy contamination. Very often a thorough cleaning helps to solve the problem yourself at home with a minimum set of tools for the electrician!

The air is not heated. look at the coil

Another no less popular malfunction. burnout of the coil, which is the main heating element. If your fan does not heat or poorly heats the air, get to the coil, ring it with a tester and make a visual inspection. A damaged heating element can try to repair, but most often after repair (for example, the connection of the nichrome thread) passes a few months and the hair dryer breaks down again. It is better to replace the coil with a new one, so that in the future the breakdown did not occur.

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Problems with the electric motor

And the last, most unpleasant breakage. when the hair dryer does not work because the burned motor. In this case, when repairing you can only use a tester to make sure that it is the engine that is faulty. In addition, signs of breakage can be considered a smell of burning and arcing in the fan area. Repair the device yourself is unlikely to succeed, so it is better to either replace the motor, or take the device to a service center.

That’s all I wanted to tell you about what to do if the hair dryer does not work and how to repair it with your own hands, if the fan, switch or motor is broken. We hope that the instruction provided was useful and interesting for you. By the way, the industrial model (construction) can be repaired by the same instruction in pictures. In fact, a construction hair dryer is similar in design, only more protected externally and has more powerful parts inside!

Possible malfunctions and troubleshooting

Quite often in the refrigerator Beko the top chamber doesn’t freeze because of the seal depressurization. It is responsible for maintaining an optimal temperature inside the device and prevents warm air from penetrating from the outside. If the integrity of this part is damaged, the circulation of freon is interrupted, causing the unit to malfunction and stop freezing.

Special rubber blanks are used for manufacturing the gaskets. If the product is damaged, ice will appear on the back wall of the refrigerator. The elastic pad can be replaced in a couple of minutes by yourself. In case of uncomplicated damage the sealant can be repaired with a hair dryer. The device is heated and applied to the problem area, after which the rubber is straightened.

To put a new part, it is necessary to perform the dismantling of some nodes, using special tools. Next, the device is placed in the grooves and filled with an adhesive substance for a more secure fixation.

If the fridge has stopped freezing, the cause of the breakdown can be the failure of air ventilator. The problem is peculiar for appliances working with “Zero Frost” technology. If the cold streams have stopped flowing into the freezer compartment, freezing of the venting assembly is not excluded. To restore normal operation, it is necessary to defrost the appliance manually for 10-12 hours. During this time the ice will melt completely, and the refrigerator will work as before.

Wondering in what the reason of the top chamber failure is, it is necessary to evaluate the condition of the drainage hole. During operation, it becomes clogged with condensation or food debris and stops letting refrigerant through. The accumulation of liquid under the containers with vegetables signals the failure of the drainage system, which is associated with clogging the tube with such debris:

View ” Troubleshooting Indesit No Frost Two-Compartment Refrigerators and Hand-Held Remedies

To clean the pipe, you need to use such devices:

Before preventive maintenance, the appliance is unplugged, and cleaning is done with warm water and detergent.

To solve the problem in refrigerators with No Frost technology will have to call a trained professional.

The device may also stop working due to damage to the air sensor. In this case, there will be a high temperature inside the compartments, and the compressor will work at maximum loads.

In most cases the part fails due to wear and tear after prolonged use of the equipment. The thermostat is designed to monitor the temperature indicators inside the chamber.

Hair Dryer Repair

If the cord is found to be defective, it must be replaced. The integrity of the cord can be checked with a multimeter. Turn on your multimeter to measure resistance, take turns measuring the resistance of the cord strands. Serviceable core will indicate zero, but the burned core is of infinite resistance.

The thermal fuse is a solid element. It’s short-circuited, and when it reaches a critical temperature, it just blows. It also can be checked with a multimeter, if there is such a fault, the fuse should be replaced. In this case a soldering iron and a new fuse will be useful for you.

The problem may lie in the thermal switch. Bimetal plate. the base of this device due to the highest temperature may lose its characteristics and stop working. Then such a switch is also subject to replacement, because it can not be repaired.

Another reason for repair can be a burnout of the heating element. This most often happens with a hair dryer “Scarlett” (how to disassemble and repair it, you can learn from the article). Coil burnout can occur for two reasons: protection failure and long life. In this case you need to replace the spiral, previously restoring protection. a non-functioning motor must be replaced.

How to protect against breakage

For the prevention of screen breakage and the occurrence of various system errors, it is required to adhere to the following rules:

  • use the smartphone in a protective case;
  • Be careful not to drop or immerse the device in water;
  • Do not download programs from unknown sources;
  • Calibrate the screen after replacing the sensor;
  • In case of serious malfunction do not try to fix the problem yourself.

Some defects can only be repaired in the workshop. After replacing the failed part, the smartphone returns to its original state.

If the phone screen has stopped working, it is necessary to determine as early as possible the type of problem, as well as the cause of its occurrence, doing everything possible to fix it at home.

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