What is the difference between a mobile air conditioning from a stationary

The advantages of mobile air conditioners and their comparison with stationary split systems

In our time, the air conditioner has long been a thing from the category of luxury and for many is considered a necessary and vital subject, not only in a stuffy city apartment in the summer, but also in the country and even in the winter, when the work of a standard heating system, unfortunately, leaves much to be desired, forcing us to literally freeze.

All this sooner or later awakens in us the desire to find on the market that air conditioner that could create the necessary comfort in the room so that nothing prevents us from concentrating on work or restlessly relaxing. The air conditioning market is multifaceted, but today we will try to consider it from the point of view of a consumer who does not have a permanent residence and/or limited in the budget, but does not want to deprive himself of modern benefits that create a comfortable atmosphere in the premises.

In a house or office with a mobile air conditioner, you will feel comfortable, regardless of street heat

With the move, mobile air conditioners have no problems all household appliances are created with the expectation of a particular audience and mobile air conditioners are no exception. They are primarily intended for young families who do not have their own housing forced to live in rented apartments that are not equipped with stationary split systems, but are also great for seasonal use, for example, in the summer or winter period. Mobile air conditioning in this case the only solution to the problems in terms of microclimate. Having decided to move, you, together with another household appliances, can put this device into your car and pick up what belongs to you.

Nevertheless, the numerous advantages of mobile air conditioners significantly expanded the contingent of their customers, among which were users who have all the conditions for installing a stationary air conditioner. The ability to freely move a mobile air conditioner around the house or office (most models are equipped with wheels) allows you to use one household device for an alternate creation of the desired microclimate in several rooms. A multi-room split system will cost much more.

The installation of stationary air conditioners is complicated by unsafe operations at a height

The installation of a mobile air conditioner is safe and any basic competitive advantage of mobile air conditioners over split systems is possible-this is the cheapness of the installation, or rather the complete absence of expenses for it. If when buying a full-fledged split system you will also have to fork out for professional installers, so that they “perfume” your walls and mount the outer unit on their outside, then the installation of a mobile air conditioner (if this can be called the installation) you can easily Offer yourself. And none of the neighbors will blame you for the noise coming from the street to their windows, created by the external block of the split system. Saving when buying a mobile air conditioner is evident. Consider yourself, but licensed installers ask for an average of half the cost of the air conditioner for their work.

With mobile air conditioners, everything is much easier. The entire installation is mainly to put the device on the floor, connect a corrugated hose to it, the second end of which is taken out the window. In general, that’s all! The air conditioner will automatically remove cold air and condensation formed during operation on the street.

When installing a mobile air conditioner, it is only necessary to remove the corrugated hose through the window

Compact and functional! Mobile air conditioners are far from a novelty in the Russian market, but every year these household devices receive a number of new functions from their manufacturers, due to which they offer almost the same opportunities as their older counterparts-split systems, and sometimes surpass them. Most modern mobile air conditioners have surrounding air temperature settings with an accuracy of 1 degree, as well as the speed of the built.In fan. In the most advanced versions, these settings are displayed on a built.In display.

Many mobile air conditioners are attractive to the presence of a built.In display to configure a comfortable temperature

Heating and ventilation function. Not every split system can boast of the opportunity not only to cool the air in the room, but also, if necessary, to work as a heating device, but in mobile air conditioners it is usually there. Of course, the mobile air conditioner is not capable of completely replacing the heating, but the temperature in the room is a couple of degrees to a comfortable level-quite. In addition, in most mobile air conditioners there is the ability to completely turn off the cold and heat, which will allow the use of a household device as a conventional fan. If you are afraid to catch a cold under a cold stream of air, but at the same time you feel uncomfortable because of the heat, then the ventilation mode, perhaps, is what you lack in this case.

Reducing air humidity. You just accepted the bath, and the couples have already managed to penetrate the rest of the rooms in your house? If you have a mobile air conditioner, it is likely that he can solve this issue. Many modern mobile models boast the presence of air drainage function, thanks to which they can easily improve the atmosphere in the room, reducing the surrounding humidity to the normal level.

Most mobile air conditioners have a remote control: adjust the temperature and control the functions without getting up from the sofa

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Of the advantages of mobile air conditioners not declared by manufacturers, it is impossible not to note that during the removal of hot air, they simultaneously perform the functions of supply and exhaust ventilation, since the room is filled with air entering it through windows and doors.

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How are you with power? There is an opinion that mobile air conditioners are too low to replace a full-function split system. Of course, there is a difference in the power of these climatic devices, but not so that mobile models cannot satisfy the requirements for them for use in household premises, offices or in the country. Do you have a room at home with an area of ​​more than 40 square meters. M? It seems that there are few of them. But this is exactly the limit for which most mobile air conditioners are designed. That is, to cool or warm most of the typical rooms to these devices is quite possible. However, when choosing an air conditioner, experts recommend acquiring optimal from the point of view of dimensions consumed and given to the power of the model, based on the size of their rooms.

Which mobile air conditioner is better to buy

With all the variety of mobile equipment used for air conditioning, it can be divided into two large groups:

Mobile monoblock

The main difference between the monoblock is a single case in which all the necessary nodes and assemblies are placed. In this sense, it resembles window air conditioners. Structurally, it is divided into two large compartments. At the top there is an evaporator with ventilation equipment. A compressor, capacitor and cooling fan are placed from below.

Two corrugated sleeves are connected to the lower compartment, the free ends of which are displayed on the street. To do this, you can use an open window or special holes in the wall. One of the air ducts from the street is absorbed from the street, fresh air is absorbed, which takes the heat from the capacitor and is removed back on a different sleeve.

The air of the room circulates through the upper compartment. It is cooled when in contact with the walls of the evaporator. Most manufacturers install a filter on the input hole, which prevents the pollution of heat transfer surfaces, at the same time cleansing the atmosphere in the house. The condensate formed by cooling the air flow is assembled in a special container, which must be periodically empty if a different way of removing fluid is not provided.

difference, mobile, conditioning, stationary

Some models can not only cool the inner air of the room, but also update it, taking a fresh stream from the street. For this, an additional sleeve may be required. To reduce heat loss through a ajar window, well.Known manufacturers offer to purchase special gateways or inserts with holes in diameter of the hoses used.

Mobile split system

Equipment of this type consists of two separate blocks. The first of them is installed inside the building and contains a compressor, a refrigerator and a fan. The second is taken out into the street. It houses a capacitor and another fan. Both parts of the air conditioner are interconnected by a flexible sleeve, inside of which the circulating freon hoses and electric cable are laid.

For ease of transportation of blocks of blocks, rollers and handles have. For the possibility of temporary fixation of the outer compartment on the wall or other capital structures, brackets with screws or slings are often used.

Inverter air conditioner or ordinary

The principle of operation of the compressor of traditional air conditioners does not imply the possibility of regulating the mode of its work. It is either turned on or turned off. Frequent change of condition negatively affects the life of the equipment.

Devices equipped with a high.Frequency current converter (inverter) are able to smoothly change the speed of engine rotation, which gives them significant advantages.

  • High accuracy of maintaining a given temperature regime;
  • The absence of peak loads reduces the noise level;
  • Electricity savings of about 30-35% are observed in comparison with conventional air conditioners of the same power.

Inverter air conditioners have only one significant drawback. They unstable in conditions of voltage fluctuations in the network. For suburban villages, this situation continues to remain the norm, namely, it is most often that mobile devices are needed.

How to choose the power of a mobile air conditioner

When choosing an air conditioner, you should first pay attention to its power. It is directly related to the performance of the equipment and its ability to maintain the necessary microclimate in the house. We must take into account:

  • The volume of the room;
  • Total area of ​​window openings;
  • Their location relative to the sun;
  • The presence of other equipment in the room that can generate heat.

With gross calculations, they use a simplified dependence obtained from the calculation that for every 10 m 2 areas, 1 kW of air conditioner power is needed. For more accurate calculations, it is recommended to apply the formula:

  • P is the minimum necessary power of the air conditioner, Tue;
  • S is the area of ​​the room, m 2;
  • H. Ceiling height, m;
  • Q is a coefficient taking into account the sunlight of the room, W/m 3;
  • Q1. The amount of heat coming from people and household appliances.

Indicator Q is taken equal:

  • 30 for rooms oriented by windows to the north or in cases where straight sunlight is blocked by buildings or trees;
  • 35 for rooms with normal daylight;
  • 40 for rooms with panoramic glazing or oriented strictly south.

When finding Q1, it is believed that the flow of heat is:

Having decided on power, you can proceed to the choice of specific equipment.

Inverter and ordinary models

The inverter air conditioner is equipped with a compressor with smooth performance adjustment, which is provided due to the frequency converter. Inverter. Currently, inverter air conditioners are in the line of products of each well.Known producer of climatic technology.

Inverter air conditioners favorably differ in smooth adjustment, low noise, energy efficiency, the ability to work on heating. At the same time, inverter.Type air conditioners are often more difficult to install and repair and are more expensive than usual, so they should be more attentive to their choice.

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How to calculate the power of a mobile air conditioner

Before choosing a floor air conditioning for an apartment, you must correctly calculate the cold production, or the power of the air conditioning system. It should be sufficient to cool the entire room.

At the same time, it should be taken into account:

  • Room volume;
  • Number and size of window openings;
  • The location of the windows relative to the cardinal points;
  • The presence of a refrigerator, computer, TV, plates and other equipment in the room.

The easiest way to calculate the necessary power is to just measure the area of ​​the room (in M 2) and divide it by 10. The resulting number will mean the required power (in kW).

For more accurate calculations, the approximate formula should be used:

Where P is the power of the air conditioner required for cooling the room, W;

Q. “sunny” coefficient, which is determined depending on the degree of lighting of the room by the sun. It has the following values:

Q = 30 W/m 3 for rooms from the north side, where there is little sunlight;

Q = 35 W/m 3 for rooms with a normal level of lighting;

Q = 40 W/m 3 for rooms located on the south side, as well as for rooms with a large glazing area;

Q1. The sum of heat receipts from additional sources (technology and people). The average heat speed from humans is 120–130 W/h. 300-400 W/h is additionally received from the computer, and for the TV this value reaches 700 W/h.

In addition to the usual measurement of power in watts, there is another unit. BTU, or a British heat unit. It is sometimes used in advertising materials.

In order to translate the value from one unit of measure to another, you need to use the ratio:

Inverter and linear conditioners

All air conditioners, regardless of power, size or purpose, are divided into linear and inverter. The fundamental difference between these two varieties is the presence or absence of an inverter that allows to smoothly change the speed of the compressor engine and, as a result, the power of the air conditioner itself. We will figure out what this means from a practical point of view.

Linear air conditioning

The linear air conditioner has a fixed power. If the street is not too hot, which means that to achieve a feeling of comfort to cool the air in the room needs only slightly, this power can be excessive, but it is impossible to change it. That is why linear air conditioners work in the mode of constant stops and launches of the compressor engine (often such air conditioners even call start.Up ones).

Когда термодатчик известит систему, что температура воздуха в помещении опустилась на 1-2°С ниже заданного значения, компрессор попросту отключится. When the temperature rises again, the compressor will begin to work at full power again.

The predictable lack of such a technical solution is strong fluctuations in the air temperature inside the conditioned room. Alas, it is almost impossible to avoid these fluctuations: a more accurate maintenance of the specified temperature parameters can be achieved only by too frequent turning on / off the compressor, but this is fraught with the rapid wear of the latter.

Another significant minus of linear models is the stream of very cold air emanating from the inner block. Since the air conditioner operates at full power, air passing through the evaporator is cooled by ~ 15 ° C, regardless of the value set by the user on the control panel. It is very uncomfortable to be under such a cold stream and, moreover, is unsafe for health.

Inverter air conditioning

Inverter air conditioning has a variable cooling power. (In the documentation for such models, not one power value is usually indicated, but the range in which it can change.) This is achieved due to the fact that in the inverter alternating current is converted into constant, and then back, but already of a different frequency. This makes it possible to smoothly change the speed of the compressor engine, and therefore smoothly adjust the power of the air conditioner.

What does it mean in practice? If the air temperature in the room is very different from the user comfortable for the user, the compressor will work at full power, and the air will cool quickly enough. Когда температура достигнет заданного значения (а точнее еще не достигнет, но уже максимально приблизится), компрессор не отключится, как это происходит в линейных кондиционерах, а снизит обороты. As a result, inverter models are more precisely than linear ones, maintain a given temperature, creating more comfortable conditions in the room, they are less noisy and allow us to significantly save electricity.

Perhaps the only drawback of inverter air conditioners is their high cost. Otherwise, they would have long replaced linear models from the market.

The advantages and disadvantages of the mobile system

The mobile air conditioner is made in such a way that all its components are in a single building. One of the main advantages of this kind of configuration is that it is much simpler than other systems and, as a result, much cheaper. The type in question is perfect for summer cottages, but with the same success, mobile air conditioners can be equipped in residential buildings, as well as apartments.

It is also worth noting that the advantages of a mobile air conditioner are not only in the ease of installation, but, even to a greater extent, in the simplicity of transportation. So, for example, it can be transported in a passenger car, which allows you to transfer such a system at any convenient time. Easy installation allows you to save a certain amount of cash. Of course, the split system can also be mounted with your own hands, but this is much more difficult to do. The configuration of the device is such that the work is organized in two directions: the withdrawal of hot air outside the room, as well as the direction of cold masses. Inside.

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difference, mobile, conditioning, stationary

There are also the disadvantages of a mobile air conditioner, which should be known when choosing a particular type of this device. So, the capacitance for collecting condensate will require its regular devastation. It will have to do this about three hours. In addition, mobile blocks are characterized by a lower useful action coefficient when compared with the split system. And, probably, the largest drawback of this type of air conditioner can be called his noisy work.

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Floor and mobile air conditioners. What’s the difference?

The mobile air conditioner is a monoblock that is easy to move from room to room.

This is its main difference from the floor air conditioner-a split system that has an external and internal blocks interconnected by an inter-block track. Floor split system-stationary; It is placed on a wall 10-15 cm from the floor. Despite the fact that for many users the word “floor” means that air conditioning is right on the floor, such an understanding is erroneous, since only a monoblock (mobile) air conditioner is put directly on the floor.

Mobile air conditioners. A mobile climatic technique that does not require installation and can be used immediately after the purchase. The only thing to do is to arrange a hose leaving the air conditioner block so as to ensure the withdrawal of hot air from the room outward. Typically, the role of a niche for the removal of spent air is played by a window or ventilation hole.

Given the above, it is easy to formulate the advantages of a mobile air conditioner. Firstly, this is the only variety of air conditioners that does not need complex installation: the entire procedure for starting the device into operation is reduced to connecting to the network and output of the hose outside the room. Secondly, this is the only type of air conditioner that can “follow” his owner and provide comfort where he is currently located. A mobile air conditioner can be moved from one room to another, cooling the office or kitchen during the day. In the evening. A rest room, and at night. A bedroom. So that the monoblock moves without effort, its design provides for convenient wheels.

The third advantage of mobile air conditioners is again due to the lack of the need for installation. As a rule, the installation of a full-fledged split system requires professional knowledge and skills. If the heat has sharply arrived, and wait for unbearable, it is much more profitable to buy a mobile air conditioner and save time and means that could be spent on installing and servicing a floor split system. Perhaps mobile monoblock air conditioners have only one drawback. Not too high power, but their popularity, due to the ease of installation and movement, does not decrease from this.

In turn, floor split systems also have certain advantages. Firstly, due to the presence of an external block, they have a lower level of noise indoors. The second advantage of stationary floor air conditioners is that with this method of installation, air leaving the device will never be directed directly at people.

Which is better, split system or mobile air conditioner?

The choice of climatic technology must be made thoughtfully, given the features and advantages of various models. There is no unequivocal answer to the question, which air conditioning is better, mobile or split systems. It all depends on the conditions of equipment use.

Split systems have many advantages. But mobile air conditioners also have advantages. They are able to play an important role while choosing a model. To understand which air conditioning is better, we will analyze the features of split systems.

Split translates from English, how to “separate”. In split systems, the compressor and the internal block are separated. This does the efficiency of the equipment higher, since when using a split system, no air is heated in the room where it is installed.

Compressor. Noisy element of equipment. Its placement in the external unit makes the operation of the system quiet. The equipment has other advantages. For example:

  • The ability to install an internal block in a discreet place. Therefore, the device does not stand out in the interior and does not spoil the overall atmosphere in the room.
  • Night mode of operation. The option reduces the noise and consumption of electric energy.
  • Small noise indicator. Up to 40 dB.
  • Additional options. These include air purification of unpleasant odors and allergens. The device can also produce air ionization, destroying harmful microorganisms.
  • Determining the time for turning on and shutdown in automatic mode.
  • Regulation of temperature indicator relative to air humidity in the room. It is possible to direct the stream of chilled air into the desired part of the room.

If you need powerful climatic equipment, it becomes obvious which air conditioning is better to choose. Split systems-powerful and reliable equipment. However, he also has minuses. These include the following:

Based on this, we conclude that it is better to determine which air conditioning is only when all information is regarding the operating conditions and tasks that are facing you.


Installation of the internal unit of the channel air conditioner and the air ducts system is carried out above the suspended (bearing) ceiling structure.

Provide the possibility of air conditioning of several premises. In this case, all ducts are connected to one internal unit.

Thus, in all rooms served by the channel air conditioning, the same microclimate will be supported.

There are also multi split systems with the ability to connect several internal channel blocks.

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