What is the danger of the fan in hot weather

What can turn up the thoughtless use of air conditioners and fans

During the riot of abnormal and according to the sensations of the endless heat, from which even a waterfall in the Leningrad region, the Ministry of Emergencies again asked Petersburgers to prepare for the new round of the hellish “foam”. Citizens began to use climatic technology more often. First of all. Fans and air conditioners.

Each of the devices has its own characteristics, and you should not rush to make a choice in favor of one option-it is better to get acquainted with the advantages and disadvantages of each first. In addition, air conditioners and fans are different, and can be equally harmful or useful.

Chairman of the Medical Chamber of St. Petersburg, chief physician of the Clinic system “Medaz Tamaz Mchelidze, in an interview with a Neva news correspondent, said that if you choose between a fan and air conditioning, then the lowest harm can do a fan. The air conditioner is much more dangerous.

“With the fan you need to observe this rule: prevent it from blowing at one point. It is necessary that the fan is spinning, then it is non.Hazardous. The air conditioner is dangerous because the air flow from the air conditioner can cause spasm in different parts of the body. This will lead to the problem. It is necessary to be as far as possible from the air conditioner, ”the specialist said.

The expert noted that if a person was blown, then this means that somewhere a spasm was formed, and the vessels blocked. Further, this is fraught with the occurrence of inflammation. As a rule, this is due to the nerve endings: a person can hardly turn his neck, feel pain in the lower back, back. But the throat from the fan cannot get sick.

“If a person has already caught a cold, which means that viruses and microbes in it have become more aggressive, immunity has weakened, then cooling can cause sore throat Tamaz Mchelidze drew attention the throat can easily get sick if you drink ice, cold drinks in the heat. In the heat, do not drink ice drinks, do not sit under the air conditioner and fan, which blows continuously only on you “.

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Immunologist “Clinic Health” Vladislav Zhemchugov noted that hypothermia in cold air in the heat primarily threatens various forms of colds. If a stream blows somewhere for a long time, there is a spasm of blood vessels, local immunity does not cope, and can jump out herpes, then what is called a cold.

“At the time of the inkjet hypothermia, a high probability of getting herpes zoster, chickenpox. Painful unpleasant manifestations. I, as a doctor, see that when the air conditioner blows a directed person. This can threaten with pneumonia if it blows into the chest. If air blows on the cheek, then inflammation of the trigeminal nerve may occur. Also a painful thing. A runny nose may appear, ”Gemchugov warned.

The expert concluded that the air conditioner must be placed in such a way that the direction of the jet is in the ceiling, but not to the person. Then, in the right direction, you can calmly sleep with the air conditioner. The fan is less dangerous, the main thing is that there is no constant jet of air at one point. Use the rotation function.

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Take only floor

No need to be conducted for advertising promises and marketing tricks. Take only a floor fan. Believe me, never a desktop, ceiling or mounted in a wall, the fan will not be able to cool the space as the floor.

In addition, in the case of the fan, its mobility is important. You will not remove the device attached to the ceiling to transfer it to the next room? And take the floor with you.

danger, weather

When choosing a fan for the office, you need to remember the comfort of your colleagues. If other people constantly pass by your workplace, it is better to choose a desktop option. The floor will take up too much space and interfere with everyone.

The doctor warned of the danger of a fan in the heat

On sultry days in stores from shelves, electric fans are literally swept away. But to use them at home is with great care.

On hot summer days, when the air temperature rises to 30 degrees and above, many prefer to be in rooms where the air is somehow cooling. Not everyone can afford to install air conditioning in the apartment, and even those who are ready to wait. In the capital, for example, specialists are loaded with orders for two weeks in advance.

Two Cool Solutions for Hot Weather: Portable fans by Klein and Milwaukee

Alternative to air conditioning. Inexpensive fans. True, it is also difficult to buy them now. A shortage has formed in stores. But those who have already felt relief, becoming a happy owner of useful in the heat of the device, should be careful. Fans are not recommended at air temperatures above 35 degrees.

The symptoms of thermal exhaustion are similar to manifestations of a thermal blow

The doctor recommends using fans at a temperature of not higher than 30 degrees and, if possible, in rooms with wet air. Also, during the period of summer heat, you need to drink a lot of water, often take a refreshing shower in order to prevent dehydration.

Earlier, Dr. Peter offered several life hacks how to cool the room with a fan. You can put a pelvis with cold water in front of him and direct the air from the fan to it. A wet fabric spread on the floor or on chairs will also help. A towel or an old sheet. In this way, you can moisturize the air in the room and lower the air temperature by several degrees.

At night, the fan should be installed by the open window, so that it blow out air from the room. In other rooms, you also need to open the windows.

How the fan cools the person without cooling the air?

Hot days come, and air conditioners and fans are used. With the first, everything is clear: in the outer block there is a heat pump. The same as in the refrigerator, but more compact and powerful. The fan is arranged much easier, it does not cool the air at all. But it cools a person. How?

According to the school physics course, heat transfer comes from a hotter body to a colder. To transfer heat in the opposite direction, you need to spend additional energy, which is happening in the air conditioner.

The body temperature of a healthy person is 36.6 ° C, the air temperature in the room is usually less than 30 ° C. The heat in a person is produced continuously, and it would seem that it should be effectively transmitted from person to air. But…

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From the same school course of physics, it is known that heat transfer can be of three types: thermal conductivity, convection and radiation. Thermal conductivity of the air is small, the speed of convection at such a small temperature difference is also, the area of ​​surfaces emitting long-wave IR rays is insignificant in humans.

The air driven by the fan moves its temperature more effective than a motionless. It is clear that this simple tool makes sense only while the air temperature is less than the temperature of the person. If, on the contrary, the effect is reverse: the fan will increase the efficiency of human heating by air. It will become even hotter.

In those regions where it sometimes happens, you need to have not only a fan, but also air conditioning. And then in those days when the air temperature is less than 36.6 ° C, the air conditioner is not necessary to turn on. In the same place where the air temperature never exceeds this value, the air conditioner can not be acquired at all.

The myth that “the fan can pump out all the oxygen and cause stuffiness from the room” is absurd “. How much air enters the fan on one side, the same number enters back with another. The chemical composition and physical properties of the air do not change.

If it became stuffy, the room needs to be ventilated, and the fan has nothing to do with it, it affects only “hot / not hot” (making the transfer of heat from person to air), but not “stuffy / not stuffy” (which depends on Carbon dioxide concentrations). If this, of course, is not a window fan that accelerates ventilation-for some reason today many do not put them, but in vain.

The air conditioner affects one physical property of air, but it is also not connected with the concentration of carbon dioxide. This is humidity. When air cooling the air conditioner, it decreases, and this must be compensated by the moisturizer. Separate or built into the air conditioner.

When the fans cooling the components of the computer, the radiator of the internal combustion engine or other technical devices, the same thing happens. The efficiency of the heat of heat from the heated object to the air increases. The fan is a very simple device consisting of a minimum of details, unpretentious, but perfectly cope with the task assigned to it. And as part of the air conditioner, by the way, he also has.

The reason for the cold May

“If you want to get three to four or five days of sunny and warm weather with a temperature of at least about 20 degrees, then you need to wait at least June,” Leus said.

danger, weather

Until the end of the last spring month of periods of stable weather, we do not yet see

According to him, the temperature in the daytime until the end of May will rise no higher than 15 degrees of heat. “The weather remains unstable, with frequent cyclonic invasions, which, in turn, causes clouds, rains and a decrease in temperature,” he noted.

danger, weather

The reason is not climate change or global warming, a meteorologist emphasized. “The reason for this weather is in the weather,” Leus said. Synoptic processes are still more reminiscent of the beginning of spring than the approach of summer, he noted. “They are very fast and often changing. Summer and winter processes are slower and stationary, which gives us some warm waves of dry sunny weather in the summer or Pushkin frosts in winter. And the autumn and spring periods are characterized by frequent changes in weather processes, ”the weather forecaster assured.

It is impossible to say how much the processes are consistent with the norm, he noted. “Each weather phenomenon has its own. If we talk with you about temperature, then in the central part of European Russia the temperature lags behind normal indicators. If we are talking about sunny days, then this indicator is approximately close to the norm. If we are talking about precipitation, then there are still fewer than expected, ”Leus explained.

You can seriously get cold

The turned on the fan is a constant draft, the wind that continuously blows on you. And during sleep, a person does not control his movements, he does a lot unconsciously. When it is hot. It is revealed, and at this time a fan begins to blow on a heated or even wet body. A sharp temperature difference occurs. Warm sweat very quickly turns into cold, the body is rapidly cooling.

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And at night such situations can repeat several times. In the end, the body will respond to multiple temperatures over the night with a height in the throat, laid nose and cough.

Even if the fan is not aimed at the bed, but it works in continuous mode in the bedroom, then after a while it will lower the humidity in the room to a minimum. And the human mucous membrane of a healthy person for normal work requires a certain percentage of moisture in inhaled air. If it is not enough, then the mucous membrane due to internal resources itself begins to produce it in enhanced mode. And prolonged work for wear during the whole night can lead to the bad consequences of the disease that has begun. Runny nose, coughing.

Rule 2: Hold the fan at a respectful distance

It only seems that putting a fan to the bed is a great idea. Most likely, you sleep with your mouth open (nothing personal, so many sleep). So, when you wake up, you will find that it was unpleasantly dry in your mouth, and it grows in your throat. In addition, the fan creates not only a miraculous wind, but also, you will be surprised, pathogenic draft. It will be unpleasant to get muscle pain on its own initiative. So, fan, move.

Old fans are usually noisy, but they can raise a voice and obscured new. In a dream, you will not notice how comfortable white noise will turn into source of constant sound irritation and will affect not only the quality of sleep, but also the quality of hearing. To avoid this, or make sure that your fan is not going to make noise (we don’t even know how to do it, except to go to the family consultant), or move it even further.

How to cool without technology

Drink water

In the heat you need to drink even more water than usual. However, do not think that the colder it will be, the better. On the contrary, ice water increases body temperature. Since the body for warming includes additional energy. But cool water will be very refresh.

Drink tea

Hot drinks improve heat transfer, contribute to the release of sweat, which refreshes the body. But since the liquid leaves the body later, you need to constantly replenish its stocks.

danger, weather

It is important to remember that ginging drinks are very effective for cooling, but only if air humidity is not too high. In this case, cool.

Put your wrists under a stream of water

This simple procedure cools the main veins, and the whole body cools from this. Do it regularly, about once per hour, within 1 minute.

Prepare a basin with water

Periodically for 5 minutes, dip your arms or legs into it. Which is more convenient. You can just spray with water on your face.

Electric Fan and Heat Danger

Attach wet tissue

In ancient Egypt, to protect against the heat, they were wrapped in a wet sheet, so they even slept at night. We do not urge to sleep on wet sheets, but moisten a towel, a scarf, any comfortable fabric and apply it to the head and face. A very effective method.

Take a cool shower

Not icy, but tolerable cool. If possible, do it regularly, if not, then at least in the morning and before bedtime. Just do not stand under water longer than 5 minutes.

Close windows and curtains

If the air outside the window is cooler than in the room, you can open the windows by arranging free air blowing. If it’s hot outside, inside open windows it will only be hotter.

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