What is the charge of the vacuum cleaner robot

How to care for a robot-spray: 9 rules that few observe

“The battery has broken quickly”, “does not see the base”, “pushes the garbage back to the floor”-these complaints about the work of the robot are often explained: users forget that robots-percleshouses do not have “automatic care for themselves”. We tell you how to take care of robots so that they work longer.

The battery of the Robot-Pleshois needs the correct first charging and proper storage, if the vacuum cleaner is not used for a long time. For different types of batteries (nickel-metall-hydride, lithium-ion), these rules are different, the duration of the first charge is also individual: it is calculated from the power and capacity of the battery and also depends on its type.

Correctly specifically for your model, the parameters are spelled out in the instructions, but the general rules are as follows: the first charging should be complete, even if you want to try the robot in the case faster and it seems to you that “let it take off for half an hour, there will be enough halves for the same half of charging?»For example, this is what the well-known manufacturer of IROBOT robots recommends:“ For the first time before use, you need to connect a robot permissor to a charger or install it on a charging base and charge for at least 16 hours. If, 3-4 hours after the start of charging, the charge indicator lights up in green, this will mean that the battery is fully charged. However, you need not to interrupt the charging process and withstand the first charging cycle exactly 16 hours ”.

Think that a round robot is worse than a square

There are square robots (in the sense, if you look from above). They are designed to better clean the corners and, indeed, cope with this better than round. The question is how much? We answer: a round-shaped robot drops of about 3-4 cm of dust in the corner (depending on the length of the “helicopter” brush), the square shape is up to 1.5-2 cm (because the shape of the robot-blade is not strictly square, the angles are softened. And the point is not only in the form, but in the length of the brushes-“helicopters” and the power of subsidiability). That is, if you want perfectly clean angles, they will have to be wiped in any case or go through an ordinary vacuum cleaner.

“Washing robots-blankets” are more correct to call robots with the possibility of wet cleaning. Most often they are arranged like this: a microfiber nozzle is put on a special mount, water is supplied from a small tank, and the vacuum cleaner sucks and sweeps the dirt and at the same time wipes the floor. Microfiber napkins are included in many robots. They help to remove the smallest dust that stuck to the floor. In principle, it can be moistened independently. The effect will be almost the same, especially for a small room, for example, the kitchen.

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But there are exceptions when the robot sprays water to the floor and then wipes with a napkin. Such a system is more effective. But in any case, this is not a full washing, but a light wiping. In addition, a microfiber napkin will constantly need washing.

Washing robot vacuum cleaning with water spray to the floor

We charge the battery completely and use the vacuum cleaner more often

If you have a robot that is equipped with a nickel-metall-hydride battery (you can look in the specifications), then it is better when it will be fully charged, even if you rarely use the device.

On the other hand, it is impossible for the robot to stay at the charging station longer than the due time, it is also not recommended for a long time to leave a charged vacuum cleaner without work.

Charging the IROBOT ROOMBA 676 robot

Charge Roomba robotes using the Home Base docking station. The battery indicator will go out the light indicator 60 seconds after connection to save energy during recharging. To check the status of the battery, press the Clean button. The backlight of the battery or the Clean button will turn on. The color of the indicator will show the state of charging the battery.

Orange. Charging is going on

Glows green. The battery is completely charged

Appearance and equipment

Almost all modern robots, laconic and minimalist design. The best colors are recognized as a recognized black and white classic.

The minimum delivery set usually, in addition to the robot itself, includes:

  • Instructions that no one carefully reads, but in vain. After all, there are often useful recommendations and tips;
  • Charging base;
  • A brush for cleaning turborations.
  • Remote control, power adapter, spare brushes, filters and rags for wet cleaning are included in the advanced set.

Do you need a turbo?

What is the difference between robots-sprayers with a turbo and without such? This issue must be solved for yourself before buying a device. The central brush is a rotating nozzle with a hard bristle located in a spiral.

Not all devices are equipped with such Main Brush, some have just a direct absorption module in its place. It is believed that the turbo engine copes more efficiently with dust and garbage.

This is indeed so relevant for lovers of carpets and pets. True, the brush will have to be cleaned after each cleaning.

Do you need a database for self.Cleaning?

It all depends on your financial capabilities and the level of disgust. All models with self.Cleaning will cost many times more than without it. If for you it is not difficult for you to clean the vacuum cleaner and brushes after cleaning, then there is no sense in overpaying.

How to choose a good robot vacuum cleaner. Differences and top of the best models.

The vacuum cleaner robot has long been not in any innovation and has become a familiar attribute of home household appliances for many.

It is convenient when someone instead of you without reminders and scandals removes the apartment from garbage.

In modern design projects, sometimes a mandatory requirement of the availability of cleaning using robot vacuum cleaners is mentioned!

Just do not forget that first of all this device to maintain cleanliness, and its presence in the apartment in no way cancels the need for general cleaning.

Of course, you will disappear, the so.Called accumulative garbage, but forgetting about the mop will still not work.

In this article, we will consider how good models should differ from not very good ones, and on what parameters it is necessary to do Accent first of all when buying.

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Not really. There is a universal rule that applies to other areas of our lives.

Because the robot vacuum cleaner should first be a robot. A striking example. IROBOT products.

Here are typical reviews from real users.

Other well.Known companies, which are primarily famous for their refrigerators, hobs or ovens, have no at the level of the resource base, developments and most importantly. Specialists in this particular field.

Yes, they also get worthy specimens, but they do not become the best from this. You just overpay for the brand.

What power should be a robot vacuum cleaner? In the characteristics you can find two values.

charge, vacuum, cleaner, robot

Power consumption indicates how much email.The device “eats” the device after each charge and how many kilowatts at the end of the month will wind.Counter.

Roborock Error 13. Could not charge properly.

But the power of absorption (or the volumetric speed of air flow) is a completely different matter. It is she who is responsible for how well the vacuum cleaner will tighten the air and all the dust with it.

The optimal value of the absorbed power is 35-40 Aero Vatt. 20-25W is still not enough.

In order to easily cope with wool and hair in the pairs and carpets, more than 40W will be required.

In some characteristics, this parameter is indicated in Pascal. He show the pressure drop at the input.

He will no longer get sugar or salt from the carpet. He will not even be able to clear the deep seams between the tiles and laminate.

Traditional vacuum cleaners giants have absorption power from 200 to 500W. It would seem what the baby is capable of from 40w on board generally?

And here everyone will forget about the height of the garbage lifting. The fact is that a small “pancake” does not need to drive dust on a long corrugated tube at all.

Therefore, 40W will be more than enough for him to raise the garbage a couple of centimeters from the floor and tighten it into himself.

All traditional models initially had a round shape.

But many are sure that the round robot copes with its responsibilities much worse than the new-fangled vacuum cleaners of the D-forms (square).

Yes, indeed, the square cleans the corners a little more effective. After it, the garbage remains within a radius of no more than 1cm from the inner corner. Round. A little more than 2cm.

Here are the results of the test of three round robots and one square fellow, drawn in ideal conditions (garbage scattered at the corners and edges in a closed rectangle).

charge, vacuum, cleaner, robot

D Robot won with an enviable advantage.

Vacuum cleaners can explode

This recently happened in the suburbs. The owners of the apartment returned home, and as soon as they opened the door, they saw smoke and felt unpleasant the smell of molten plastic. It turned out that the robot vacuum cleaner burned on the basis. The battery exploded in it.

Another incident associated with the explosion of a robot permutaum occurred in the Rostov region. The apartment in Volgodonsk burned down. Fortunately, the children remained alive. But the cat and dog could not be saved.

IMPORTANT! Incidents occurred with models of different manufacturers. But the problem is not in vacuum cleaners. The problem is that they installed batteries batteries. They exploded. So you should remember some rules of safe use.

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Suddenly, such batteries do not explode. First, the temperature rises. Then you feel an unpleasant odor, and then there is smoke. In such cases, it is necessary to immediately de.Energize the device. No need to touch him. If a socket near the device, then it is better not to approach it. Cross all electricity in the apartment.

Next, cover the vacuum cleaner with something that burns badly. Some experts believe that you need to throw a smoking device in a bucket of water, unless, of course, it is at hand. It’s hard to do without taking the equipment in your hands. Therefore, it is best to cover with something, and then-in the bathroom for water.

charge, vacuum, cleaner, robot

Ways to recharge

Recently, all devices were charged exclusively from the network using a special adapter. Now manufacturers offer devices loaded from the dock, the so-called base.

The recharging through the adapter begins after the full discharge of the battery of the vacuum cleaner. This can be done as follows:

  • Disconnect power. The switch is located on the bottom of the device;
  • Steam the adapter plug in a special nest located on the case;
  • Connect the adapter to the power supply system. The indication system available in the device allows you to determine the level of charge at the moment of time;
  • Disconnect the adapter from the network and the device as soon as the device informs the completion of the process. After that, turn off the power and return the robot vacuum cleaner to the purified surface.

Many modern models are delivered without an adapter. For their charging, a special docking station is used, which is sometimes called the basis. The advantage of this option is the autonomy of the device. He himself determines whether he needs recharging. The user can choose the function “Return to the base”, which will allow the robot-blanket to return to the docking station after the next cleaning cycle.

Some models have a similar function. In this case, to send the device to the base, you need to use a special button on the case or remote control.

Attention! With the independent sending of the robot permissive to the docking station, the coincidence of contacts should be monitored.

Regardless of the recharge method, it is important to remember that only a completely charged device is acceptable. In addition, you must always store the docking station disconnected from the network, and the device itself turned off.

Technical characteristics of the Ecovacs Deebot De55 robot

Model for the market DE6G
Nominal tense input signal 20 in post. Current, 0.8 A
Model of the dock CH1630A
Entrance 100–240 in the trans.Current, 50-60 Hz, 25 watts Output 20 in post. Current, 0.8 A
Laser Max. Power: 2.5 MW frequency: 1.8 kgt rotation: 300 ± 5 revolutions/min
Frequency range 2412–2472 MHz
Turned off power supply less than 0.50 watts
Network reserve capacity less than 2.00 watts

The output power of the Wi-Fi module is less than 100 MW.

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Note. Technical characteristics and appearance can be changed in order to improve the device.

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