What is a seal on the refrigerator

Independent replacement of sealing rubber on the door of the refrigerator

It says about its wear:. Increased energy consumption: due to the fact that refrigeration equipment does not maintain heat well, the intensity of the refrigerator is increased. This leads to an increase in energy consumption;. On the inner walls of the refrigerator, ice is constantly formed;. Moisture is formed inside and out of the equipment: the reason for this is the depressurization of the camera and thawing ice.

Deformation of the material. Sealing rubber is regularly exposed to low temperatures. Because of this, the material over time loses its elasticity and elasticity, stretches and forms the cracks. This, in turn, leads to mechanical damage to the seal. It cracks and loses its tightness. Mechanical damage. This problem is especially “suffered” by corners on the doors. Also, the rupture of rubber can provoke prolonged operation of the equipment-the material due to high wear becomes loose. Both the first and in the second case will require a simple repair of the refrigerator to replace the seal. This is a fairly simple procedure that an ordinary person who does not have special qualifications can be performed. It is enough to follow our recommendations, and everything will definitely work out.

Rules for the care and operation

So that the seal serves for a long time and does not require repairs, it is necessary to provide it with the right care.

  • Remove the crumbs from the deepening of the tape with the help of an old toothbrush.
  • Process an elastic band with silicone grease so that it does not lose softness and elasticity. Update grease after each wash. You can’t lubricate with oil.
  • Open the refrigerator and freezer only by the handle without podging the elastic band.
  • Replace weak elastic in time so as not to cause a compressor breakdown.

Instructions for replacing the seal

You can change the gum on the refrigerator at home.

The list of necessary tools and means depends on the method of attaching the old tape.

Removing the old seal

  • Disconnect and defrost the refrigerator.
  • Remove the door and put on the floor. It is inconvenient to set the part on weight, and it can stand loose.
  • It is enough to lift the elastic band inserted into the groove, and then carefully stretch around the entire perimeter.
  • If the part is attached to self.Tapping screws, they just need to be twisted.
  • To remove the glued tape is more difficult. It needs to be torn or cut. Then clean with a spatula and treat the solvent. The surface should be even and clean.

The choice of a new seal

  • Brand and model of the refrigerator. Ideally, if there is a “native” detail on sale. It is definitely suitable in size;
  • The size. You need to measure the length and width of the old detail. If there are no details for a specific model in the store, buy universal, suitable in size. Take the old seal with you to compare the length, width, groove size, type of profile;
  • The quality of the new part. The elastic tape can be damaged during transportation or storage. The part should not have creases, cracks, deformations, spots, seals.

REFERENCE! On the old small refrigerators “Yuryuzan”, “Mir”, “Pole” the desired detail, most likely, cannot be found. In extreme cases, if nothing suitable in size could not be found, the sizes are adjusted. The tape is cut and glued.

seal, refrigerator

Online stores supply seals on the size of the customer. The application will need to indicate the exact dimensions, type of profile and color. You can send a photo of the transverse cut of the tape.

ATTENTION! The purchased part should lie down in a straightened form at room temperature during the day to straighten up.

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Installation of the seal

It is advisable to use the same installation method that was originally.

  • In the groove. To make the tape more elastic and easier to enter the groove, the profile can be slightly heated with a hairdryer. Then insert the mount into the slot around the entire perimeter, compact. At the factory, this is done using special equipment. At home, the same pressure cannot be created. For reliability, you can additionally use glue or screws, screwing them every 15 cm.
  • Installation on screws. To fix in the existing holes with self.Tapping screws a little larger.
  • Gluing. Glued surfaces to degrease white-spirit. Glue (“moment”, “BF” or similar) is applied according to the instructions. The door is not installed until the glue dries completely.

REFERENCE! The rules for replacing the seal on the freezer are the same, but you need to use frost.Resistant glue.

seal, refrigerator

Checking the quality of work

At the end of the work, you need to carefully inspect the elastic band, make sure that it fit tightly to the door and does not pass the air, and the door itself is exactly. Return the door to the place and turn on the refrigerator.

The refrigerator should open with a slight effort. You can check the fitness density with a sheet of paper.

How to choose a seal

When choosing a sealant, pay attention to the type of fastening, which is attached to the gum to the door and the size of the door itself. It is also required to know the brand of your unit, this will help to avoid awkward moments and more accurately choose the necessary spare part.

By type of fastening, these parts can be: glued to glue or mounting foam, screwed onto screws or hold on to fastening in the grooves. When buying a new product, consult a sales consultant and purchase, if necessary, additional elements (screws, glue, etc.

Consider the process of replacing the sealing gum on different brands of refrigerators.

Types of elastic tape for the refrigerator

Thick rubber ribbons are installed on the old equipment, and it is unlikely that they can be replaced by one hundred percent analogues. Modern seals are made from new types of polymers, although out of habit they continue to call “elastic bands”. It is better to take just such a tape, making sure that it is suitable in size.

Products are one- and two-point. Most models have installed second.Type seals. They are equipped with magnetic stripes, which provide a better fit of the door to the body.

When buying a part, you need to know exactly the brand of your refrigerator. Even if there is no product intended for this model on sale, it will be easier to choose the same

Ribbons differ in the method of installation. The easiest way to change the seal with a mount in the groove (“Christmas tree”). If the refrigerator door does not have the necessary recesses, you can plant an elastic band on screws or a reliable adhesive composition.

The seal with the fastening of the “Christmas tree” is removable, so in the case of cleaning or replacing it there will be no difficulties. Self.Tapping screws and glue are attached more reliable, but these methods are more labor.Intensive. When screwing the screws, it is easy to damage the plastic panel, and the adhesive composition is poorly removed with the subsequent replacement of the part. The tape has to be cut.

How to Fix Fridge / Freezer Door Seal With Silicon

If there are grooves in the refrigerator door for attaching the seal, replacing the part will take a minimum of time. Another plus: no special tools are required to dismantle the old and install a new tape

When choosing a seal, you should not be shy about asking questions to the seller and find out the details. If the product does not work, you will have to look for a new one, and then it will not be obsessive to turn out to be unnecessary expenses. Immediately you need to buy additional elements. Glue or fasteners.

Memo when acquiring sealing rubber for refrigerators

Hello. Thank you for choosing the products supplied by us!

Important! Due to the need for transportation, the seal can be in a converted form, which is permissible for a short period of time for its delivery. For the possibility of further use of the sealant, he needs to give the initial form. To do this, we ask you to carefully straighten and hold it in a detailed form for about a day. This is enough to make the shell and magnetic insert the original shape. The new seal is more soft and elastic. So it should be. Over time, he will change his physical properties.

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With a this memo, so that the installation process does not take away a lot of time and effort from you.

In order for the expected result to you will not disappoint you, we recommend that you turn to an experienced specialist in replacing the seals! Important: the master has problems when installing (the sphere is quite new and narrowly focused, even a specialist with a large renovation of refrigerators may have difficulty installing the seals). Do not pay for the master’s call if he refuses to install, citing “not the same seal”, and you do not see the obvious difference between the seals!

Glued in Fridge Freezer Door Seal Gasket Repair

If you decide to make installation yourself, we recommend: 1. Upon receipt of the seal, place it on an even surface in a detailed form for about a day, to take the seal of the correct shape. 2. When installing, use a hairdryer (mounting or household) to improve the elasticity of the seal and, as a result, more uniform and dense luggage of the seal to the refrigerator body. The hairdryer is also used to eliminate the gap between the refrigerator and the seal (watch the video on the product page or on the Internet “Replacing the seal in the refrigerator, warming up with a hairdryer after installing!”) 3. As a rule, doors (loops) adjustment is required, since they have sagged under their own weight since time. This fact of wear of the loops does not give the expected tight fit of the door seal to the refrigerator.

How to repair or change the seal?

Before replacing the old seal, find out how to restore it. To do this, use a building hair dryer or hot water. Repair occurs according to the following algorithm:

Then the door is tightly closed and after cooling the elastic is checked for the presence of cracks with paper. The sheet is laid at the junction, the door is closed and tried to pull it out. If the paper is easily removed, then it is necessary to repeat the heating procedure again.

Sometimes it happens that the elastic band does not fit out of the instrument door loose. In this case, the replacement of the seal is not required, the door position will be sufficient to adjust.

On the repair of the sealing gum of the refrigerator in

Dismantling of the old

Before proceeding with the repair, you need to prepare tools:

  • For installation on adhesive compounds, you need glue, spatula and solvent.
  • For screws. An electric screwdriver or screwdriver.
  • For grooves. A construction hair dryer and screwdriver.

The algorithm of actions when removing the old elastic band will be as follows:

  • Disconnect and defrost a household device.
  • Remove the door and put it on the floor or table.
  • Delete the seal. The elastic band pushed into the groove is praised with a screwdriver and, carefully pulling up, remove. When fastening with self.Tapping screws, it is simply twisted. If the seal “sits” on the glue, then it is cut or torn off. Then the residues are cleaned with a spatula.

Reference! Experts recommend that the door must be removed, since with vertical installation the quality of the installation is significantly reduced.

Installation of the new

During installation, use the method that is provided in the model initially.

In the groove

  • The seal is well warmed up with a building hair dryer or withstand it for several minutes in very hot water.
  • Then straighten it around the perimeter and insert the mounts alternately into the grooves. In order for the Selo Seal more reliably, you can additionally smear the location of the elastic band with glue or silicone sealant. Instead of adhesive compounds, small screws are sometimes used, which are screwed at a distance of about 15 cm.

We recommend: installing the screen for the bath: types of products and rules of installation with your own hands, as is attached

On screws

When using self.Tapping screws, they need to screw them exactly to the places in which they were before dismantling. The mounts should be placed quite often, so the tightness will be more reliable.

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On adhesive compositions

The surface under the elastic band and its very degrees using a solvent or white spirit. Then apply glue according to the instructions of the brand and the seal is applied, pressing it tightly around the entire perimeter. Experts recommend using adhesive compositions of well.Known manufacturers, as they produce a highest quality product.

Installation of the door in place is possible only after the adhesive dried up completely, but not less than a day after. If you do this earlier, then the elastic band may not stick completely and the tightness will be disturbed.

Reference! When installing elastic bands on the door of the freezer, special adhesive compounds can be used that withstand low temperatures.

Installation quality testing

After the installation of the seal was completed, it is necessary to check how well and firmly it holds. With proper installation:

  • The gum adjoins the door tightly, there are no cracks and gaps;
  • The household device opens with a slight effort;
  • The door is exactly without the slightest distortions.

After all the work is completed, the refrigerator can be turned on.

Why exactly replacement, not repair?

Replacing a rubber seal in the refrigerator is a more preferable procedure than its repair. Since this will give a long.Term effect and is a profitable and practical solution. So, what needs to be done in order to independently change the material and not involve specialists to this procedure? Half of success depends on the choice of proper sealing rubber. Ideally, if you find a “native” seal designed specifically for your refrigerator model. In this case, the replacement is made as simple and fast. Just fix the elastic on the doors is enough. If you could not find a similar seal, and you have acquired a universal material, you will have to spend a little time on measurements, trimming and gluing the seal. This situation may also arise: you bought a sealant suitable for your refrigerator, but for some reason it is poorly pulled on the doors. Do not rush to be nervous. Just warm the material with a building hairdryer at maximum temperatures. Thanks to this, it will become more malleable, and you can easily perform the desired procedure.

Do not rush after buying the material immediately start replacing it. It is very important to give him at least a day to lie down. New rubber should take the desired temperature, straighten, find appropriate humidity. For greater reliability, experts recommend holding a little material in warm water before replacing the seal in the refrigerator.

How to care for a sealing elastic band

The deepening of the sealing over time accumulate dirt. It must be cleaned with a brush, and washed the tape with soda solution or dishwasher. I do not recommend the use of highly flavored chemistry, since the smell will remain for a long time and switch to products.

After washing, wiping and drying, the elastic band can be treated with silicone lubricant. It is not necessary to use oil for this purpose: the elasticity of the material is reduced.

Note: I know from its own experience: the elastic band will last a long time if you touch it less with your hands, and open the door exclusively with the help of a handle.

The damaged seal must be changed in a timely manner, do not wait until the temperature sensor or compressor breaks down due to depressurization. The disturbed isolation of the refrigeration unit threatens not only damage to products and increased accounts for electricity, but also serious breakdown of household appliances.

The sealant must be regularly taken care of, avoiding its pollution. The gum is destroyed from mold. This is the most vulnerable place where many pathogenic microbes gather.

Seal with large defects, numerous cracks, very moldy, not suitable for repair. It needs to be urgently changed. With your own hands, replacing the sealant of the refrigerator is simple.

The restoration of the tape can only be done as an ambulance until new material is purchased.

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