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How much freon should be tucked in the refrigerator

By analogy, the heart of the refrigerator is a compressor. Blood is a freon that represents a gaseous substance that turns into a liquid under pressure. It helps to lower the temperature in the refrigeration unit and cool the internal chambers. How much freon should be in the refrigerator.

It all depends on the models of refrigeration units. Mainly up to 150 grams, starting from 30. This quantity will be enough to work the contour of the refrigerator.

Good afternoon. I have a stinol refrigerator 107 with the NO system

Good afternoon. I have a stinol refrigerator 107 with the No Frost system. According to your advice, the main reason for the breakdown was really confirmed (three contacts were injected in the timer). But something is still left. The temperature in the refrigerator 7 at a certain time can reach both 10 and 12. And in the freezer in most cases minus 14, but sometimes it reaches.18 and.Nineteen. In the refrigerator this month, the thermostat and timer were already changed, and also replenished with freon. Please advise something else. But in general, thank you so much for being on this site.

First. The amount of freon in the refrigerator of the unit should strictly comply with the norm. Or less number will be equally badly affecting the work of the refrigerator. The rate of refueling of the freon in the grams is indicated on the plate inside the refrigerator, and the refueling itself is carried out either by electronic scales, or from a special measured cylinder, gas station. If you refuel a smaller amount of freon, then its amount will not be enough to cool the refrigerator, although in the freezer the temperature may even decrease. If you refuel freeron more than the norm, then the pressure in the refrigerated unit system will increase, and as a result of this, the intensity of cooling will fall. In this case, the temperature of both in the refrigerator and freezer may increase. An experienced master can determine the required amount of freon by pressure in the system, then you can do without scales and a refueling flask. It is sometimes possible to check the excess of the freon through the suction pipeline suitable for the compressor, which in this case, when the compressor is operating, can be covered with hoarfrost, or condensation is formed on this pipeline. In the event of an excess of freon, it is necessary to steal an extra amount from the system of the refrigerator unit.

Second. Your refrigerator is disconnected by a refrigerator thermostat. It is likely that the brand of the thermostat does not correspond to the brand of the refrigerator, or adjustments are violated in the thermostat. At the same time, the thermostat turns off the compressor earlier than in the chambers the temperature drops to the optimal. Try to measure the compressor cycle, usually the compressor operates at the average position of the regulator for 10-15 minutes, rests 20-25. Perhaps the compressor is idle for a long time, and it works little, because of this, the elevated temperature in the chambers.

Third. Perhaps the refrigerator is disconnected not by the thermostat, but by thermal protection of the motor-compressor. In this case, the temperature in the chambers will be unpredictable. Make sure that the automatic shutdown of the refrigerator occurs precisely thermostat, and not the thermal protection of the compressor.

Fourth. Just in case, check the reliability of the operation switch of the freezer of the freezer, when closing the door of the freezer compartment when the compressor is working, the fan should clearly turn on. And the latter, there is a chance that as a result of the compressor overheating, the compressor performance has decreased, and it does not create the necessary pressure in the refrigeration unit system. The normal pressure on the absorption line for chilled cells of the refrigerator should be no more than 0.35 atm.

Gennady Valerievich Smirnov has been working in the A.Aisberg service center since 1995. He began his career in the company from the post of repairing master of refrigerators and freezers. Today Gennady Valerievich is the head of the direction. He deals with quality issues, controls the technology of work, and also monitors the general discipline.

Gas refrigerator refueling

There are many opinions how to properly refuel a household refrigerator with a refrigerant and for each master this technique may differ. For my little experience in this area, I was able to highlight the ideal conditions for refueling a household refrigerator 1) the presence of a monometric manifold. I personally know the masters who do not use the scales, but even the pressure gauges and pour “by eye, but Tom they sit and wait for the evaporator or not, adding or decreasing the refrigerant. In my opinion, a monometric is a mandatory attribute and work without it is unacceptable 2) the presence of scales is also an important factor, since modern refrigerators require less refrigerant and an error of 5-7 grams is led to incorrectly work. 3) current ticks is another important tool that must be had to be used by the current compressor. 4) Thermument is stupid to be a refrigerator and not have a thermometer, it is better of course infrorescent, which measures quickly and at a distance, this very accelerates the diagnosis and removes disputes with the client

In my opinion, these are four tools that each refrigerator should use, but I myself did not always do it. Sometimes it’s too lazy to sit for 20-30 minutes after refueling and watching a change in temperature, and sometimes you will forget the scales or they broke, I will try to tell about a similar situation. Immediately make a reservation that we will have a refrigerator on R12, which needs more than 100g and it is not so sensitive to overflows or shortcomings, compared to other gases.

We start a refueling as usual with the sink of the Schroeder valve or the tube with the subsequent installation of the Hanse coupling, in this situation I used the second option, since the Schroeder is also over, and a piece of the pipe can always be found.

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After installing the coupling, we begin to download the vacuum, I will not talk about the dehumin filter, you are probably about it and its need to replace every time when opening the system. And after a 20-30 minute vacuum, you need to connect a cylinder with a refrigerant, here I used a large cylinder, although I usually use small from propane, but this propane used it earlier for refueling, since it was 80% alternated and refrigerators worked on it fine.

Now you need to remove the pressure when the compressor on 10psi is turned on, you need to wait for about 8-10 minutes until the system stabilizes and only after that you can start probing the capacitor and watching the temperature distribution, as well as in this case you need to very carefully listen to the sound of the capable, which should work cleanly and Without a sparkle of refrigerant.

I repeat once again that I do not think this method of refueling is correct, but still it is better than nothing and the presence of such a skill and data of knowledge will help to get out of a difficult situation

What do we need?

1) Gas-Finding Freon is not in a specialized store is not such a simple task, but if you know what Freon is, for example R600A, you can easily find the desired spray can for 100-150 in the nearest store, the main thing is to make sure that at least 80% of the contents is an interval, Do not confuse with propane or butan, you need it

2) burner-it can be found in the same store, the main thing is to take with the valve that we need for further refueling, 250 3) solder-it is best to use P-14, since tin and all kinds of radio monitoring cannot be used, why can I not be I think the masters in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев will tell, I will be very grateful to them for this. 20 4) hose (see. Video) 100 5) two shredra valves 100

When the required volume was pumped, it is worth checking the pressure in the system again. If it is normal, then we turn everything off as it was before. We squeeze the tubes that used, disconnect and seize. It is worth noting that the replacement of Freon in the refrigerator Atlant occurs in the same way.

I hope this article was useful for you and you will no longer have this problem. Otherwise, you already know how to solve it.

Advantages R-600A

This refrigerant deserves a separate mention. R-600A is an isomer of a normal butan (elaborate), which, according to chemical classification, does not belong to the group of freons. Oblastan. Hydrocarbon class of alkanes, which is found in nature in gas condensate and oil gases. R-600A is a colorless gas without odor, easily soluble in organic solvents. The substance is much cheaper and more effective than many freons, it is preferable to use it to refuel household refrigerators. Leading manufacturers of equipment, such as Electrolux, have long been used by R-600A gas. The refrigerant provides reduced energy consumption, it is safe for humans and does not destroy the ozone layer.

The is also widely used in many industry and oil refining areas. From this substance, raw materials are made for the production of butyl, it is used as a component of fuel, fuel for gas lighters, filler in cylinders with aerosol. Due to the fact that the R-600A is fuel, some precautions should be observed during its storage and transportation. Additional safety requirements are presented to the refrigerators working in the Knight. The design of the devices should prevent the formation of an explosive concentration of a substance near electrical nodes. Subject to these rules to use this refrigerator agent is absolutely safe.

BHP tube connection technology according to Lokring methodology

In order to ensure fire safety when working with the R600A refrigerator recently, the technology of the “cold” connection of the tubes as part of the BHP. Lokring has become widespread.

Lokring connection (see. Rice. 1) guarantees a qualitative connection between the tubes. With various diameters and from various materials. It allows you to combine copper and aluminum tubes, which is very difficult with ordinary soldering methods.

Rice. One. Type of the finished locus of “al-cu” (aluminum-honey)

To perform lokring connections (locus compounds), you need to have a set of connectors, a liquid sealant of Lokprep and a specialized device-ticks with interchangeable sponge of several sizes (see. Rice. 2.).

Rice. 2. Appearance of specialized ticks

Lokring coupling

The coupling itself assembled Lokring is made of two rings and, in fact, the coupling itself. Two tubes that need to be interconnected should be inserted into the opposite openings of the coupling. The connection is in advance, that is, these two rings are already installed at the ends of the coupling.

The connection of the two tubes occurs due to the rapprochement of these two rings, when sliding along the sleeve-mousse (towards), until they are applied to the central fixed ring of the limiter in the middle of the coupling

Rice. 3. Lokring

A special internal configuration of the rings tightly compresses the coupling and, therefore, the tubes located in the same sleeve-mousse. Adhesion between the tubes and the sleeve-Mubta is complete. Small gaps along the perimeter of the walls of the tubes are a visual confirmation that the Lokring connection is performed correctly. Now the gas.Resistant connection is created between the tubes, and the change in the diameter of the tubes is very small and does not interfere with the passage of the refrigerant in the system.

The nomenclature of the sizes of these locking joints is wide, it allows you to choose parts for any combinations of the diameters of the tubes and materials. This is: transition to a capillary tube (see. Rice. 4), various plugs and branches.

Rice. 4. An example of a locking adapter for pipes of various diameters

Lokprep liquid sealing composition

For a denser connection between the tubes (inside the Lokring connection), a special sealant of Lokprep is also used

Rice. 5. Options for packaging sealant Lokprep

Lokprep liquid seal. Anaerobic fluid in its composition elastic matter. It guarantees a high.Quality seal between tubes from various materials.

The reliability of the location is illustrated by rice. 6. Even with the rupture of the coupling tube remains the whole.

Rice. 6. Example of the strength of the locus

Choosing Lokring compounds

Depending on the materials of the tubes that need to be connected, the choice between two different options for the Lokring compounds is possible:

  • From aluminum (labeling AL), allows you to perform compounds from the following materials: aluminum. Aluminum, aluminum. Copper, aluminum. Old.
  • From brass (marking MS), allows you to perform compounds from the following materials: copper. Copper, steel. Copper, steel. Steel.
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Methodology for the execution of locking joints

It is known that in BHP there are tubes made of different materials (for example, from copper and aluminum). How to connect them? For this, the locking compounds serve.

Note. A direct connection of copper and aluminum is unacceptable, since in this case the effect of galvanic corrosion arises (it passes more intensively if moisture falls on the connection)

This effect can be avoided if you use Lokring compounds.

It should be noted that it correctly execute the Lokring compounds, the length of the ends of the tubes at the connection site should be at least 18 mm and the coupling is installed only in straight sections of these tubes.

When performing the operation of the trimming of the tubes, it is necessary to use a specialized pipeline tool. The trimming of the tubes made by this tool is very clean, without burrs on the end edge of the tubes (see. Rice. 7).

Rice. 7. Using a specialized pipe.Religious tool

When performing the locking compounds, much depends on the quality preparation of the connected tubes. To do this, it is necessary to clean, degrease and remove traces of contaminants from the ends of the tubes.

To remove scratches at the ends of the tubes, clean them with sandpaper (abrasive) paper, as shown in rice. Eight.

Rice. Eight. A method of cleaning the tube using sandpaper

After stripping the tubes, a small amount of LokpreP liquid seal is applied to their ends, as shown in rice. Nine. It is very important that the seal does not get inside the tube.

Then insert both ends of the tubes into the coupling (until it stops).

Place sponges of specialized ticks at the edges of the connection (see. Rice. Ten).

Then the rings of the coupling are compressed until the moment when they reach the central restrictive (stubborn) ring. In Fig. 10 shows the process of connecting the tube with the locker. When performing this operation, it is necessary to pre.Level the rings. After that, you need to wait for approximately 3-4 minutes to let the sealant “freeze”.

The device of the refrigerator-mod

The refrigerator is a floor cabinet made of rectangular panels (rice. 1, a), which, in turn, consists of an external and internal cabinets. The outer cabinet is metal, and the internal is made of shock.Resistant polystyrene; The space between them is filled with thermal insulation. As thermal insulation, polyurethane foam (PPU) is used, which rigidly connects the external and internal cabinets, turning them into a non-vegetable monoblock.

Rice. One. STINOL-103 Moroster refrigerator KSHMH 340/200:

A. General view: b-scheme of the refrigerators of refrigerators of refrigerators-models “STINOL-103″ and “STINOL-102”:
1. Adjustable supports; 1. Compressor;
2. Base; 2. Absorption tube;
3. Department for storing frozen products; 3. Capillary tube;
4. Department for freezing products; 4. Evaporator of the refrigerator;
5. Guides for water drain; 5. Evaporator of the freezer;
6. Control panel; 6. Capacitor;
7. Fastening of the capillary tube of the thermostat; 7-filter-dryer;
8. Lighting unit; 8. Uplifting tube
9. The door of the refrigerator;
10. The door of the freezer;

The front opening of the cabinets is closed by two doors. The space between the internal panels of the doors and the metal case is also filled with polyurethane thermal insulation, and therefore separate replacement of individual elements of the doors is impossible.

The STINOL-103 Moroster refrigerator has two refrigeration units (rice. 1, b) serving the refrigerator and freezers individually. The evaporator of one of the units, cooling the refrigerator (HC), is fixed and filled with foamed PPUs between the back walls of the internal and outdoor cabinets, the evaporator 1 of the other unit, cooling the freezer (MK), is a steel galvanized tube, which serves as a steel plates, which serve regiments of the freezer. If necessary, the entire MK evaporator can be removed and replaced.

Rice. 2. Closure of the refrigerator “STINOL-103” KSHMH 340/200:

1. Evaporator of the freezer; 11. Electropatron: 22. Door;
2. Return tube; 12. The case of the door switch; 23. Plastic flags;
3. Pipe clamp; 13. Lattices; 24. Regiment;
4. Guide evaporator; 14. Bar; 25. Lower box
5. Coupling; 15. Switch;
6. Ice bath; 16. Lighting unit;
7. Sleeve; 18. Traffic jam;
8, 17. Homing screws; 19. Pallet;
9. Ceiling; 20. Upper box;
10. Lamp; 21. Guide doors;

The evaporator of the refrigerator chamber is non-removable and made of a copper tube, so its failure due to corrosion is unlikely. Compressors of refrigerators 9, 16 are located on a metal traverse 12, in the machine department in the rear of the cabinet. The capacitor 5 is fixed on the rear wall of the cabinet, part of the tubes of which is included in the system of one refrigeration unit, and part into the system of the other.

Rice. 3. The condenser and compressor of the refrigerator “STINOL-103” KSHMH 340/200:

1, 2, 4, 7, 11, 13, 18, 21. Self.Supporting screws; 12. Metal traverse:
3. The upper cover of the refrigerator; 14. Shock absorber;
5. Capacitor; 15. Guide panel;
6-filter-dryer; 17. Gaskets;
8. Bath for taking melt water; 19. Prefabricated clamping box;
9, 16. Compressors; 20. Cord;
10. Sleeve; 22. Pipe for draining melt water

The role of the throttle device is played by a capillary tube with an internal diameter of 0.71 mm in the refrigerator unit of the refrigerator and an inner diameter of 0.66 mm in the unit of the freezer. The outer diameter of both tubes is 1.95 mm. The presence of such an element in the refrigerator makes it sensitive to moisture and other pollutions that have fallen into its internal system. In this regard, special attention is required to the cleanliness and dehydration of the refrigerators system.

Both units provide for filters-dryers designed to remove moisture and pollution residues after assembly at the manufacturer or at the repair workshop. With significant ingresses of moisture and pollution, the installation of a new filter-drying filter may be insufficient.

A special tube is laid along the contour of the doorway of the freezer of the refrigerators of this model, according to which a warm refrigerant is fed to the capacitor of the refrigerated unit serving this chamber. The tube heats the doorway, preventing moisture condensation and frozen doors to the closet. This tube is filled with foamed PPUs.

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In the refrigerating chamber on the right, the lighting block 16 is fixed (cm. Rice. 2) with a light bulb and switch 15.

At the top of the refrigerator on the front side of the cabinet is the control panel. The Stinol-103 refrigerator control panel has two 6 and 9 controllers and MK and two green light-signal bulbs 5, 10 indicating the connection to the power supply of each of the cameras.

Rice. 4. Installation of the cabinet of the refrigerator “STINOL-103” KSHMH 340/200:

1, 4. Self.Supporting screws; 14. Central suspension;
2. Base of the dashboard; 15. External plate;
3. Upper door hitch: 16. Screws of mounting the lower hinges and the lower support plate;
5, 10. Light.Signal bulbs; 17, 21. Bolts;
6, 9. Thermostats; 18. Lower hinges;
7. Dashboard control panel; 19. Lower stand;
8, 11. Handles of thermoregulators; 20. Plug;
12. Stencil profile; 22. Traffic jam;
13. A screw for fastening the central suspension; 23. Lower support plate;
24-wardrobe refrigerator.

Operation of refrigerators-modes

Thawing the evaporator of the refrigerator located on the rear wall is automatically during the non.Working part of the compressor work cycle. Melt water is assembled by the drainage system and enters the bath, located on the compressor, where it evaporates. Thauing the freezer of the refrigerators “STINOL-101 and STINOL-124″ is performed periodically manually. When the thickness of the ogin layer on the shelves exceeds 5 mm, the thermoregulator’s single risk is installed in the “off” (0) position and the door is left open until the hoarfrost is completely thawed.

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Thauing the freezer of the refrigerators “STINOL-107” and “STINOL-123″ is automatically carried out. The timer periodically turns off the compressor and the fan and turns on the heating resistances of the evaporator and the pallet of the freezer. During the melting of a layer of hoarfrost on the evaporator, the water flows into the heated pallet and through the channels. Into the bath on the compressor, where it evaporates. When the temperature of the ribs of the evaporator reaches 10 ° C, the thermal relay turns off the heater of the evaporator. After 7. 10 minutes the timer disables the electrical circuits of the heating resistances of the evaporator and the pallet and turns on the compressor and the fan. The freezing cycle begins.

Operation of the freezer.

The graphic symbol applied to the door of the freezer means that in this department it is possible to freeze fresh foods and long.Term storage of frozen products. The upper part of the freezer is used both for freezing and storing frozen products, and the lower one is only for storing frozen products.

If necessary, intensive freezing of products of the risk of the thermoregulator handle is transferred to the maximum position. After the freezing is completed (about 24 hours), the risk is transferred to the position in which it was before freezing. The level of temperatures in the freezer can be judged by the position of the arrows of the temperature indicator located on the door of the freezer. If the arrow is located in the blue zone, then the correct freezing mode is observed, if in red, then this indicates a faulty state of the refrigerator or temperature indicator.

Operation of the refrigerator.

To achieve the optimal temperature inside the refrigerator compartment, the risk of the refrigerator thermoregulator handle is set in the middle position. The temperature in the refrigerator chamber is adjustable, changing the position of the single risks of the thermoregulator handle, taking into account the speed of the door, the number of products on the shelves and ambient temperature. The shelves of the refrigerator are installed in special guides, so they can be adjusted in height. Equipping the door panel of barriers-collars also provides maximum flexibility and practicality to use. The barriers-collars are easily removed, which facilitates the cleaning of the refrigerator.

In the structures of refrigerators, modes are provided for Doors overshrow.

How to Add Freon To Your Refrigerator 134a. 10 Minutes FAST EASY TUTORIAL

During the operation or cleaning of the refrigerator, as well as cleaning the room, moisture should not allow the compressor and the launcher, the terminal block, the detachable wire connection and the control panel. It is necessary to ensure that the drainage of melt water is not clogged with waste waste (with their careless packaging) or packaging waste. At least once a year the refrigerator is cleaned of the accumulated flocks and dust; parts of the refrigerator located on the back wall are treated with a dry brush brush.

STINOL refrigerators can be upgraded by replacing the standard regulator electronic, which will significantly expand the functions of the refrigerator.

In the case of any doubts about the operability of the refrigerator, use The methodology for checking refrigerators.

The instructions for the operation of some STINOL household refrigerators, it is said that their repeated inclusion in the network is allowed no earlier than after 4. 5 minutes after disconnecting. This time is necessary for condensation and a decline in refrigerant pressure. Otherwise, the starting load on the compressor electric motor is too large, which causes its windings. It is in this situation that the engine failure is most likely.

It is impossible to fulfill the specified requirement without the use of additional protection devices. Household refrigerator is turned on around the clock. To disable it, it is quite common for our electric networks even a short.Term interruption of electricity, especially at night or when there are no owners. In such cases, it is necessary to automatically delay the inclusion of the refrigerator for about 5 minutes after the voltage restoration in the network. It is this function that can perform refrigerator.

The article was prepared based on the materials of the book Solon-Press of the series Repair 5 “Repair of refrigerators” D. BUT. Lepaev, c. AT. Kolyada 2005

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