Water pressure in the boiler fell

How to raise and lose pressure in a gas boiler

Gas boilers are used for heating and hot water supply of private residential buildings by transferring heat from gas burning through a system of pipes and radiators.

To provide warm water of all plumbing, heating the walls and “warm floors” of a sufficiently double.Circuit device.

To perform its functions, the boiler must maintain working pressure in the circuit. Only under such conditions the coolant will circulate normally and keep a comfortable temperature. If it decreases, precious heat is lost, and the unit itself can turn off and even fail.

General information

Homeowners are interested in why pressure falls in the gas boiler with a backed wall double.Circuit, when an error appears on the equipment display, to designate which E10 characters are used. It is after this that the manometer can show zero, and constant stops of the work of the boiler unit occur. Its owner has to add water to the heating system. This allows you to raise pressure, get rid of error, heat batteries. However, after a few hours or even days, zero pressure occurs again.

On a note! The symbols E10 are displayed not only because of the breakdown in the aggregate, which is the baxy boiler, the pressure in the system and for various other reasons drops.

Reason 2. The air comes out of the expansion tank

A few months after the start of operation, it is possible to unpredictively fall in the pressure in the heating system, when the air comes out of the membrane expansion tank. At the top of the tank there is a nipple, which gradually, for a few months is possible, is tinting the air. And it turns out that under the influence of the coolant, all the air will be squeezed out and the entire expansion tank will be filled with the coolant.

This is due to the fact that when the boiler is turned on, the coolant is heated, the pressure in the system begins to increase rapidly, and the following occurs: when the pressure becomes higher than the permissible, the safety valve is triggered and the pressure grows the pressure. And when the pressure decreases, you gradually feed it, and this happens more and more often. And this condition imperceptibly occurs in the expansion tank, when the entire or almost the entire tank is filled with a coolant (water) and air in it practically no. Therefore, the pressure rises when the boiler begins to work, and as soon as it rises above the limit, the safety valve is triggered, which is just designed to protect the system and the coolant is discharged. Accordingly, pressure falls in the heating system.

Preparation of water for the heating system

The higher the stiffness of the water, the worse it is for heating. The scale leads to overgrowing of gaps in pipes, disables the heat exchangers of the boiler and kills the pumps.

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Cleaning the system from scale is an extremely difficult task for several days. It’s easier to make efforts once to correctly prepare a coolant for heating.

water, pressure, boiler, fell

Soft water is not everywhere, but hard water can be softened at home before pouring it into the system. For this, special filters are purchased. Softeners.

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To try too hard, softening water, it is also not necessary in a soft liquid, higher acidity, and this leads to the release of carbon dioxide and metals corrosion. High acidity also in antifreeze with glycol in the composition. The additives. Inhibitors (silicates, amines, phosphates and others) help reduce its harmful effects.

Good acidity: 8.5. 9.5 pH.

Recipe: you can mix tap water with distilled, in a ratio of 1: 1.

After mixing, the resulting liquid is required to boil (to remove oxygen from it).

Do not use chemical additives to soften water.

Their use destroys the seals, and when heated, processes occur, destructive even for metals.

water, pressure, boiler, fell

So, if the pressure rides or stably low, the search for the problem must be started with the inspection of the pipeline for leakage. Then check the performance of the pumps, measuring static pressure. In order not to re.Encounter a problem, everywhere you need to install air vents and do not regret the strength to prepare a coolant with optimal pH.

Hello, I have a baxi slim dual.Circuit boiler, it began to drop the pressure (according to the manometer in the security group), replaced the expansion tank with 80 litas pressure in the tank 3 atm (stood 80 liters), downloaded the coolant into the system up to 3 atm, lowered the air through batteries after which the pressure showed 2 atm, I did not find leaks, but then within a day the pressure again began to fall up to zero (according to the manometer in the security group), pumped up the air again to 2 atm, but then noticed that when the tap of hot water was turned on The pressure in the boiler drops and does not rise to its values ​​until the tap is opened with hot water, what can I do please, on the street Moroz.12 degrees

How to re-pressure valliant boiler (f.22 fault)

The problem is this. I use the Baxi Luna 3 boiler for the third winter. Last winter I got up 1 time because of the icicle on a street pipe. This winter began in the fall, about 1 time a month, then more often the E10 error popped up, I added pressure by the valve under the boiler. 20.12.2018 The boiler stood in front of his eyes when the dishes were washed with hot water for an hour. I also added pressure. The boiler again got up after 3 hours, then again after 3 hours, and so the day. I started blocking the contours, I have 3 of them. To the first floor, on the second floor and on the warm floor. Deducting that if you close the contours of the second floor and warm floor, then the pressure still drops. If you close the outline of the first floor, then everything works fine. So the business is in him. I decided to check in pipes or batteries. To do this, I twisted all the batteries Bimetal on the ground floor, and left the circuit open. Everything is fine, the pressure did not fall for 2 days. Then he opened 3 out of 6 batteries to check from. Day the pressure did not fall, and the second fell to zero. Over, if you use hot water for a long and or often, it falls before our eyes, 0.5 atm per hour. Now closed the outline and pour a lot of hot water, and the boiler holds the pressure. All invited specialists broke their whole head and will not understand what’s the matter. All the batteries are dry, the floor is dry everywhere, the antifreeze changed to water. If that, when it got up for the first time, there was no air in the tank, it pumped it up by 1.2 atm, now there is and does not let it go. Please help

And electricity, that is, in the house? It is also worth checking whether there is water and gas in the house.

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Hello, I have a bum.Tone wall.Mounted boiler. When you turn it on hot water, it drops water from the valve and the boiler pressure drops.What could it be?

After replacing the three.Way valve per day, pressure drops to almost zero.What could be the reason do not tell me?

water, pressure, boiler, fell

Hello. Help!! My pressure of hot water drops sharply 5 seconds after the opening of the crane. In all the cranes in the house. What to do I will not know. Maybe there are any thoughts/??

Other problems in the boiler

The reason that the pressure drops in the boiler may be in other malfunctions of the heating device. They can be both simple and quite serious.

The simplest reason is a poorly closed water supply crane to the system. It is worth leaving it open (forget to close) or do not turn a little, and then in case of pressure reduced in the water supply system, you will observe that the pressure in the boiler drops. The breakdown is eliminated by simple twaming the crane.

A more serious problem is the formation of leaks in the heat exchanger of the boiler. It may appear due to microcracks in metal or due to factory marriage. Often such damage to the heat exchanger is detected after the preventive flushing of its sediment. To eliminate the leak, it will be necessary to seal the heat exchanger.

In general, the reasons why the pressure in the gas boiler drops can be many. But, you need to find and eliminate them as soon as possible. After all, if you constantly add water to the system, then this will badly affect the condition of the equipment. Each new portion of liquid increases the amount of sediment forming on the internal walls of pipes, heat exchanger, batteries. This makes it difficult to pass water through the system, reduces the efficiency of the heating device and reduces its service life.

Prevention of problems with manometer indicators on the heating ring

So that during the operation of equipment, to avoid the question: “The pressure in the boiler falls. What to do?”. From time to time, the prevention of the system’s performance should be carried out. These measures are the following operations:

  • Periodic check of connections, fittings and other elements of a closed circulation circuit circuit.
  • Inspect the performance of ball valves, descent valves, automatic air vents, in order to identify the contour depressurization in time.
  • Check the exhibited boundary conditions on the protection and automatic control module for the work of equipment.
  • Control the quality of the coolant, install the reverse osmosis system to clean water coming from the node. This will help to avoid the deposition of scale and overgrowing of pipes.
  • Conclude an agreement with the service service that will conduct periodic maintenance with minor repair work and replacing the worn units of the unit. If the pressure in the gas boiler drops, the reasons are not clear, you should immediately contact representatives of the service, which will arrive in place and eliminate all problems.

It should be noted that if the pressure in the gas boiler does not rise, this indicates an already formed problem that was brewing over a long time. The best solution would be to prevent the formation of defects, which will reduce the risks of equipment failure.

water, pressure, boiler, fell

The reason is the low supply pressure

It is necessary to start with the most common cause, which causes a decrease in pressure, low pressure in the central water supply. This situation is most often found among apartment owners in multi.Storey buildings. But for the inhabitants of the private sector it is no exception.

With great consumption, the pressure in the system decreases, which leads to a decrease in the supply pressure. To comply with safety requirements in heating devices, pressure control sensors are provided, which should turn off the device when the pressure is reduced below the norm. As a result, when the tap is opened, the water comes slow or does not come at all.

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Check that the reason lies in this is the easiest way. It is enough to contact the neighbors above the riser and check the level of pressure in their system. If the situation is similar, it is necessary to start finding a solution.

Ways to solve the problem

Stop blocking the operation of the gas column when reduced pressure in the central pipeline can be in several ways. The first and most practical way is the installation of raising pumping equipment. This approach will instantly solve the problem, t.To. Water from the water supply will be supplied with high pressure necessary for the stable operation of the heating device. But having solved one problem, you can face another. The increase in the pump can even more reduce pressure for those who are higher than. In this regard, the selection of power of raising devices should be carried out in such a way as to satisfy the owner’s need and avoid problems with neighbors.

The second option is the installation of the accumulator of the corresponding capacity. While the pressure in the system is below the established standards, the water in a gas column or heating boiler will be supplied from a special tank. And then a weak pressure of hot water from a gas boiler can be increased. And at the end of the water consumption, the hydraulic accumulator will gradually be filled to the desired volume.

The third option is to adjust the pressure. Each automatic water heating device provides a special lever responsible for adjusting the heating unit of the heating unit when the pressure and temperature changes in the system. It must be installed at a minimum, t.E. Put on a small water pressure. So you can turn off the blocking with weak pressure and stable operation of the column. But you should not abuse it. For the normal operation of the equipment, pressure from 0.1 to 0.3 bar is necessary. Otherwise, the equipment will work under load, which increases the chance of failure.

How to solve the pressure problem?

The very first thing to do in such cases is to check the valve. Before starting the check, make sure that the tap tap is closed as tightly as possible. Check what will happen when a gas boiler is in a turn off. To do this, disconnect it from the mains. The same thing happens even in the state. One solution is to call a service that will replace the crane. It is not recommended to replace the crane yourself at home, since special equipment may be required to perform this work.

If the pressure is reduced only while the boiler is turned on, and this does not happen during the use of warm water, but only when the boiler is turned on, then the cause of the breakdown is most likely in the expansion tank. It is easy to eliminate the malfunction itself, at home. Find a malfunction enough by an external inspection, most often it is some kind of scratch or a small hole, then pour it with special glue. If the hole is large, then the help of specialists or a complete replacement of the expansion tank will be required to repair.

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