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KAISER W 34212 NTL manual in Russian

Kaiser washing machine manual in Russian in PDF format. On our site you can find the manual to the given technique of the manufacturer Kaiser.

To download “Kaiser washing machine manual” you need to specify the model of the equipment, and you will quickly find the necessary manual. Clicking on the file, it will immediately open in a new window, you only need to save the “Kaiser washing machine manual” on your computer.

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Features of “Kaiser” washing machines

The manufacturer promises that the Kaiser washing machine will make clothes perfectly clean without extra costs. Is it so?? Is the technique really economical use of water, detergents, electricity? At a time of rising prices, everyone tries to choose the most unpretentious model.

Among the reviews of users there are both positive and negative opinions about the washing machines “Kaiser”. Some claim that the machine is simple and reliable in operation, others that the mechanics are weak and the work is short-lived.

Before drawing conclusions, let us consider the features of the models of German assembly. It is worth noting that the company produces the washing machines with two types of loading: vertical and frontal. Not enough space in the bathroom? Then choose an ergonomic washing machine with a vertical load. Firstly, you don’t have to bend over and secondly, the lid is hinged upwards, so no extra space is needed.

For the fans of the front models the manufacturer has provided a large window and a convenient door opening up to 180 degrees. In addition, the appliances are packed with other features.


Here is what the Kaiser washing machine offers to customers:

  • Recirculation system. The equipment automatically distributes the water flow so that the detergent does not accumulate at the bottom. This improves wash quality and reduces powder consumption by 23%.
  • Water Shower. During the cycle, jets of water from the drum beat against the laundry, ensuring better removal of dirt.
  • Drum tilt. Another technique for effective washing. A tilt of 5 degrees increases the mechanical effect on the laundry.
  • Hot and cold air for drying. Machines with integrated drying include several high and low temperature programs.
washing, machines, vertical, loading

Convenient and safe

Assembly features and design of the drum allow you to wash things even at night. The machine runs quietly, so it will not disturb your sleep.

The delayed start function is no less convenient. Get everything ready to wash and set the appliance to turn on at a convenient time, for example before you get home from work. Go in and get already clean and dry laundry!

The machine also comes with a leak-proof hose Aqua stop. The system will keep things from leaking, thanks to the absorbent sponge inside the hose.

Don’t forget about the quality of materials. The washing machine includes a stainless steel drum for a long and reliable life. At least, this is what the manufacturer promises.

What does Kaiser wash??

Not all things are acceptable to wash in the machine. The manufacturer clearly indicates the limits on the label. Now this is not a problem, because the control provides such functions:

  • The wool mode will provide things with a slow and gentle jiggling in the drum without much mechanical impact. In addition there is an optimum temperature for the wool.
  • Silk and other delicate fabrics are also safe. Ultra care will take care of high washing quality.
  • Manual wash is a must for modern washing machines. No need to distribute things and allocate time for rinses manually.
  • Bioenzymes. A special function ensures optimal leavening of the detergent, which helps remove difficult dirt.
washing, machines, vertical, loading

Front-loading and vertically loaded washing machines are equipped with electronic control. This technique has a logic, which means that the powder is spent depending on the load, as well as water. Should I Buy a Kaiser?? Pay attention to popular models.

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Samsung WW90K6414QW. a functional washing machine

The maximum load of the Samsung WW90K6414QW, included in the rating of washing machines for 2022, is 9 kg, which is quite practical, for example, for a large family. Loading is via the front door, so the top is big enough for a washer-dryer.

The height of the Samsung WW90K6414QW is 85 cm, width. 60 cm, depth. 55 cm. It has Add Wash technology, which allows you to add laundry at any time. There is an option of Smart Control, which makes it possible to connect the device via Wi-Fi. Model price. 36 thousand.

The water won’t warm

On washing machines Kaiser most often installed 280 mm standard heater automatic washing machines at 2000 watts. The very part can be purchased fairly easily at specialty stores or order it online store, the approximate price of 16, plus shipping costs 2-3. Total maximum of 19 in costs, assuming you do the replacement yourself. If you invite a specialist, the price of the issue will increase by 2, or even 3 times, so self-repair is preferable. What are we doing??

  • We unplug the washing machine from the mains, cut off the water supply and disconnect the washer from the water supply and sewer.
  • Pull it out of the niche to a free place, and then unfold it.
  • Remove the screws that hold the back wall of the washing machine, remove the back wall.
  • At the bottom of the tank of the washing machine find two rather large contacts, to which go the wires. this is the heater.
  • Take an ohmmeter or multimeter, set it and then measure the resistance of the heating element. Working parameter will be about 26 Ohm, if the device shows much less, it is faulty, you should change it.
  • Disconnect wires from contacts of heating element and temperature sensor.
  • Unscrew the fixing screws and remove the heating element.

Please note! It is hard to pull out the heating element, but you shouldn’t pull too hard by the pins, because you might tear it out. It is best to pull out the heating element slowly, by rocking it from side to side.

  • Take out the new heater, check it with an ohmmeter, put it in place of the old and make sure that it “sat in the niche”.
  • We connect all the wires to the contacts, put the back wall in place, install the machine in the niche and connect the washing machine to the water, sewer and electricity. Check and make sure everything is working.

Washing machine KAISER W 34212 NTL

Leakage protection ensures that the water supply is shut off in time in the event of a malfunction. Special sensors that monitor the pressure in the hoses, in case of its drop shut off the valve. This avoids flooding and increases the safety of the appliance, even at night.

Kaiser W 34212 NTL upright washing machine is a good solution for your household. Seven washing modes, including delicate, hand washing and intensive washing, the excellent stainless steel drum and of course electronic Logic Control. This washing machine will be a real help for the whole family.

  • Stainless Steel Drum
  • Interactive graphical LCD display
  • Bio-enzyme washing
  • Smooth opening of the top lid
  • Compartment for liquid SMS
  • Automatic drum positioning system
  • Wide drum doors
  • Overflow protection
  • Top cover lock
  • Built-in radio/TV interference suppressor
  • prewash
  • delicate washing
  • hand wash
  • wool
  • intensive washing
  • Extra rinse
  • spin-off switch off
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Leakage protection ensures that the water supply is shut off in good time in the event of a malfunction. Special sensors that monitor the pressure in the hoses and shut off the tap in case of pressure drop. This avoids flooding and increases the safety of using the appliance, including at night.

All information materials presented on the Website are for reference only and cannot fully convey accurate information about the properties, equipment and characteristics of the product, including colors, sizes and shapes. The manufacturer reserves the right for changing the construction, design and equipment of the goods without prior notice. Before ordering, the Buyer should contact the Seller to clarify the properties and characteristics of the Product. Detailed information on the product is stated in the instruction manual and on the packaging of the goods. Used name in Russia: Kaiser W 34212 NTL

Model Overview

Of the features of Kaiser washing machines, it is worth noting the recirculation system, which reduces the consumption of detergents by 20%. The machines also use high quality non-corrosive metal for the manufacture of dynamic assemblies. Another feature is the degree of opening of the drum hatch, which is 180 0. which makes loading the laundry very convenient. Let’s look at some of the most successful models of machines from Kaiser.

Kaiser WT 36312. washing machine with drying function, designed for washing of 8 kg of laundry and drying of 3kg. Full-size washing machine with electronic control. In addition to the basic programs, there are special programs, for example, protection against creasing and direct injection. The machine uses a bio-enzyme phase, which promotes rapid dissolving of the powder. The disadvantages are capricious electronics and inconvenient buttons on the control panel. For such a model you will have to pay only about 40 thousand.

Kaiser W 36212. this washing machine is similar to the previous one, it is also designed for 8 kg of laundry. Its difference is the lack of drying function. What makes it by 3 thousand cheaper. In general, the set of programs is the same. In terms of functionality it is a good option for a large family.

Kaiser W 34210 NTL is a washing machine with a vertical load, up to 5 kg of laundry, and a spin speed of 1200 rpm. Has 13 washing programs, including washing delicate fabrics. Also it has built-in laundry weighing system and partial leakage protection. To buy such a machine, equipped with everything you need, you can for 30 ths.

For your information! In Russian online stores very few offers of washing machines of this brand, perhaps this is no accident, you can draw your own conclusions.

Reviews on Kaiser machines

I used Kaiser W 34110 for 3 years, then the machine broke down. For repairs they were asking for 8 tons. I have been using the Kaiser W34208NTL for only 7 months and already have been dreaming of getting rid of it. The conclusion is that the quality does not match the claimed, another deception. From the “Germans” expect more than three years of work.

Kaiser is bullshit, not German quality! I use the machine Kaiser W34208NTL only 7 months and already dream to get rid of it. I bought it, the cotton clothes are not washed, washing mode at 95 0 C does not work, electronics are bugged from time to time, I often have to turn off the machine, and then turn it on again. I want to replace this miracle on LG or Electrolux. People, do not buy this simulation of technology, Kaiser only sounds serious, in fact it is a complete nonsense.

My husband made a gift last year. Machine Kaiser W4610TL. Great German machine, it’s not a “Korean”, washes your clothes at a time. Of course, I do not use all washing modes, but I use fast washing, quick cotton, and a couple of other three modes. Washes and whitens underwear and white baby clothes well. Down jackets in it is good to wash and pastels, wring out just amazingly well. I recommend this washing machine to everyone.

Elena Sergeyevna, 40 years. г. St. Petersburg

I want to give advice to people who want to buy a washing machine Kaiser W36310. I do not want to scold anyone, but my emotions overflowed! It was a waste of money in our case. Bought the machine in the new house, it so happened that she stood for a while without doing, then called the master, he hooked it up and ran to work. The first 2 months the washing was ok, only in the tray was a lot of undissolved powder, then it went and went. The heating element broke and then the machine stopped working at all. Don’t know what to do with it now. I don’t recommend this model to anyone.

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So, washing machines from Kaiser have mixed reviews from consumers, some believe the machines are too expensive and unreliable, while others, on the contrary, are happy with the quality of washing. But the manufacturer itself hides a lot of things, so who’s lucky? Models are different, apparently the quality of components is also different. Good luck in your choice!

Kaiser washing machines

Kaiser washing machines are effective, functional and economical. Variety of programs provides effective care for different types of fabrics. Sophisticated leakage protection and foam control ensure safe use.

nothing is impossible for this washing machine, it is ready to cope with any quantity of dirty laundry, thanks to seven washing modes, with a five-kilogram maximum load. Thanks to the Logic Control system the machine not only controls the washing process, but also the water and electricity consumption. This washing machine has a plastic tank with a stainless steel drum and an automatic door lock.

Leak protection ensures that the water supply is shut off in a timely manner in case of a malfunction. Special sensors that monitor the pressure in the hoses and shut off the tap if it drops. That avoids flooding and increases the safety of using the appliance, even at night.

Front-loading washing machine with class A energy mode. In terms of functionality, the washing machine is fully automatic thanks to Logic Control, with seven washing modes and automatic spin speed regulation. The washing machine is equipped with a carbon tank and a chrome door with an automatic lock.

washing, machines, vertical, loading

Leakage protection ensures that the water supply is shut off in time in the event of a malfunction. Special sensors that monitor the pressure in the hoses, if it falls, shut off the valve. This avoids flooding and increases safety in use, even at night.

Kaiser W 36110 is a washing machine of white color with front loading. Functionally, the washing machine will be the ideal assistant in the household, the washing machine has seven washing modes, Logic Control system and Aquastop system. The maximum spin speed of the washing machine is one thousand rpm and energy class A.

Leakage protection ensures that the water supply is shut off in the case of a malfunction. Special sensors that monitor the pressure in the hoses, if it falls, they close the tap. This allows you to avoid flooding and increases the safety of using the device, including at night.

The washing machine Kaiser W 36110 G is an intelligent appliance for your home. The washing machine’s functionality includes seven washing modes, including delicate intensive and hand wash, a delayed start function and spin speed adjustment, while the electronic Logic Control system optimizes the washing process and overall water consumption.

Leakage protection ensures that the water supply is shut off in good time in the event of a malfunction. Special sensors that monitor the pressure in the hoses, if it falls, they close the tap. This avoids flooding and increases the safety of using the appliance, including at night.

If you do not have a lot of space, then you will probably fit a washing machine Kaiser W 34208 NTL, this washing machine above all maximum convenience, seven modes with full electronic control and a drum of stainless steel, as well as an automatic

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