The start button on the microwave does not work

Microwave does not have working buttons

Microwave control problems. Buttons don’t press or the touch panel doesn’t react, the display doesn’t show at all or some of the indicators don’t light up. extremely unpleasant: even if everything else at the microwave oven works, you will not be able to use it.

In most cases, situations where the microwave doesn’t have working buttons or touchpad, or the display doesn’t show, are caused by malfunctions of internal parts of the microwave oven: the processor, display, contacts, or plumes. The good news is that you can handle some of these problems yourself: clean the buttons, solder the pins, fix the plumes. But to replace the processor, display or touch panel is necessary to refer to the experts.

Because of what the microwave does not work the “start” button, if that is in the network for more than 1 minute

Andrew, microwave oven repair technician: 2018-04-12 08:41

Good afternoon!

Need to repair the touch panel of the microwave oven. Prepare the tools: Phillips screwdriver; thin knife; tweezers; tape or duct tape; glue.

Before you begin to repair, unplug the microwave oven from the mains.

IMPORTANT! Even when turned off, some parts of the microwave accumulate electricity. That’s why repairs need to be done with care.

How to repair the panel:

How to fix appliances if the problem is a shorted contacts?

Follow the recommendations:

It is important to remember that it is better to contact a qualified specialist than to expose yourself to risk. Contact our service center for assistance.

Good day! Brand new Supra microwave suddenly started crackling (in idle mode). Almost like a refrigerator This is serious?

Andrew, microwave oven repairman microwave: 2019-01-10 22:34 Hello. The source of the crackling can be many reasons: shorted light bulb, incomplete contact between the plug of the microwave oven and the socket, defective magnetron, etc.д. Some of them do not represent. Read completely

Hello, on the screen of the microwave got soup glue, tried to clean it according to the tips from the Internet a more gentle method of dimeksidom, the protective film corroded. Can it be replaced ?

DAEWOO KOG-6C2BS Microwave stopped heating for more than 1.5 minutes. Also, the stop button does not work. When trying to put more than 2 minutes in, the start button just won’t press.

Andrew, microwave repairman: 2019-09-08 18:48 Good afternoon. Possibly there is a defect in the control board. Regarding the disconnect button, probably had a sticking of the sensor contacts. Occurs from constant, too strong. Read completely

Stove Pluto 18. When I press the start button I get a short-time start (the light turns on, the fan starts rotating), sometimes I hear the transformer start, sometimes not. And in half a second it shuts down, the display does not go off (mode), when you press it again, everything repeats. Checked the fuses.

Andrey, the master of repair ovens: 2018-01-20 20:03 Sorry, Plutons do not osbluton.But judging by the description there is something wrong with the control board

Hello, please advise, microwave (S UPRA MWS-4001), everything works except heating

Moderator: 2012-10-15 15:14 Hello, the microwave has a faulty magnetron, after replacing/repairing it, the microwave should. Read all about it

Useful tip. how to open the microwave oven if the knob is broken

Another common problem faced by microwave oven owners is that the door refuses to open when the corresponding key is pressed. The first thing that comes to mind in this case. the button to open the microwave is broken.

start, button, microwave, does, work

In fact, the problem is not with the button itself, but with a part called “microwave door latch”. It is made of plastic and with prolonged use can wear out and break.

start, button, microwave, does, work

To solve the problem will help to replace this part. Today you can find and order a “native” latch for almost any microwave oven online, especially if it’s a popular model.

However, to make sure that the latch is not jammed, and it really broke, you need to somehow open the door.

Make it easy, just remove the lid of the microwave oven housing, unscrewing a screwdriver a few screws fastening, and squeeze the hook with your hand or improvised tool.

The latch replacement process itself is not difficult, just disconnect the damaged part and install a new one in its place.

Broken microwave touch buttons. self-repair instructions

If the touch buttons on the microwave do not press, it indicates that the control board requires repair or complete replacement.

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To perform diagnostics and repairs at home, you need to have the following tools handy:

  • Phillips screwdriver;
  • office knife;
  • multimeter-tester;
  • Contact cleaner or the finest sandpaper;
  • Alcohol or degreaser;
  • conductive glue for repairing boards.

The diagnosis and repair process itself is carried out in the following sequence:

  • Disconnect the electric device from the mains;
  • Remove the lid of the microwave oven housing, unscrewing several screws with a screwdriver;
  • Remove the control unit with the sensor;
  • Carefully disconnect the touch panel cable;
  • Disconnect the sensor top part from the board (the surface itself with control buttons). To do this, you should carefully peel off the corner of the film with a penknife, pick it up with your fingers and gently pull it away from the base;
  • Carry out a visual inspection of the board tracks for traces of oxide and other damage. They should be looked for in the area where the buttons are not working;
  • Test the track. Take a tester, set the switch in the position of the buzzer. Short-circuit the contacts of the tester to make sure that it works (the device should beep). Then place one contact of the tester on any part of the track up to the alleged place of damage, the second contact. behind the problem area.
  • The device should beep. If it did not happen. the track is damaged, it must be restored;
  • Restoring the integrity of the track. To do this we clean the problem area with a special cleaner or sandpaper, degrease the repair area with alcohol.
  • Take the conductive glue (you should pay attention to its expiration date, since over time the composition loses its conductive properties), restore the track;
  • Let the glue finish drying (see glue manufacturer’s instructions);. Allow the glue to dry completely (see glue manufacturer’s instructions). instructions). Test the repaired track with the tester. The presence of the signal will confirm the quality of the repair;
  • Assemble all the microwave parts, close the lid, connect microwave oven to the mains, conduct a test run.

It should be understood that such manipulations allow you to get rid of the problem for a while. If the buttons of the microwave oven are pretty worn out, it is recommended to replace the entire sensor.

Microwave can’t press the touch buttons: the main reasons for failure

No household appliance has generated so many disputes about safety and usefulness as the microwave oven. There are still walking myths about harmful food from the microwave, the negative impact of radiation on humans, even about the radioactivity of the device. However, all this is no more than a fiction. Back in 2008, the World Health Organization officially confirmed the safety of microwave waves for humans.

Most users can not imagine life without such equipment, because it is convenient, practical and fast. Therefore, when a malfunction occurs, they try to fix it faster. Let’s look at the reasons why the touch buttons on the microwave can’t be pressed, and how to fix them.

The main causes of failure

A microwave oven is a multifunctional electrical appliance designed for quick heating and cooking. Modern models differ in color, design, a set of functions and technologies, type of control.

There are 3 types of microwave oven control: mechanical (through knobs), push-button and touch control.

Help. The share of microwave ovens with touch control is about 60-70%.

The touchpad is a multi-layer film that has non-protruding buttons on the front and conductive tracks on the inside that actuate the buttons.

Such electronics are sensitive, do not tolerate rough handling and often fail. The main causes of malfunction:

  • Breakage of conductive paths;
  • contact jamming of the sensor panel;
  • Contact failure at the connection point of the keyboard stub and the control unit connector.

Contamination is another common cause of the problem. In the kitchen, it is inevitable that the buttons of household appliances get dirty and eventually stop responding. In this case, it is enough to carefully wipe the outside of them from contamination.

Replacing the mica plate in the microwave oven

Why the microwave won’t spin the plate

Why the microwave oven started to crackle

Restoring the touch panel operation

You can also repair the touch panel of the microwave by yourself. To repair it, you will need:

  • Screwdriver set;
  • knife;
  • Duct tape or duct tape;
  • Alcohol to degrease;
  • conductive glue;
  • multimeter to check the connections.

Before working, be sure to unplug the appliance from the mains. However, even in this state, some elements accumulate electric current, so it is important to proceed with caution.

To access the panel, disassemble the oven:

  • Unscrew all the screws on the front of the cabinet (they can even be on the bottom).
  • Removing the front panel of the case.
  • Unscrew the protective panel, which will open access to the control unit.
  • Disconnect the loop that connects the control unit and the touch panel.
  • Carefully pry off the thin, touch-sensitive keypad with a knife.
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Carefully peel off the keyboard: Use a thin utility knife to pry a corner of one of the foils, pry it off with your fingers and gently lift it away from the base. The film with conductive tracks will open.

Damage to the conductive tracks

Inspect the laminated membrane and tracks for oxidation of contacts and damage to the tracks. Pay special attention to the areas where the non-functional buttons are located.

Repair a damaged conductive path as follows:

  • Thoroughly degrease the surface.
  • Apply conductive adhesive.
  • Leave to dry.
  • Check the tracks with a multimeter for conductivity.
  • Reassemble the device in the reverse order.

If there is no conductive glue, a soft pencil will do. Draw the damaged area with a slate.

Sticking contacts

The sticking of the touch buttons is most often caused by excessive pressure on the panel. As a result, the film is deformed and the contacts are glued to each other.

See for help. Usually the most popular buttons fail. “Start“, “Stop”, favorite modes.

Fix the breakage by increasing the distance between the upper and lower films. The procedure looks like this:

  • Degrease both films.
  • The inner surface of one of them is sealed with scotch tape or duct tape, leaving the contact pads open.
  • The device is assembled.

After reassembly, check the functioning of the device. The buttons should provide a firm contact and work from a light touch.

Defects of the stub

If in the microwave does not work all the buttons or does not show the display, it means that the cable has fallen out of the connector block or the tracks are oxidized and destroyed.

Let’s consider each breakage separately:

  • In the first case it is enough to firmly insert the flat cable into the connector of the control unit.
  • In the second, the tracks are carefully degreased. If they are broken, trim a few millimeters off the end of the circuit and reinsert it into the connector to make sure the contact is restored.

After the work, staple the layers of the touch screen keypad, assemble the device and test it.

Reference. If there is not enough glue on the panel films for bonding, it is additionally dabbed with PVA glue, avoiding the contact areas of the buttons.

How to convert a touchpad to a keypad

Sometimes it happens that the keyboard of an oven can not be repaired, and the original part can not be found. The easiest solution is to convert the touch panel of the microwave oven to a button panel. To do this:

  • The device is disassembled, the touch panel is removed and stratified.
  • Redrawing the schematic from the panel film.
  • Make a diagram for assembling a keypad with regular keys.
  • Drills holes for the buttons, using part of the native keyboard as a template.
  • Mount the buttons in plastic, checking their smoothness and evenness of movement.
  • Solder according to the pre-drawn diagram.
  • Assemble the device. At the same time it is better to put the front of the native panel on a double-sided adhesive tape, like a picture with drawn buttons.

Touch Panel Repair Panasonic Microwave Oven

Microwave Repair 01 Touch Panel Repair Panasonic Microwave Oven. Some buttons do not work.

How a microwave oven works?

The principle of operation of this device is based on the emission of ultrahigh-frequency radiation, which results in a dipole shift.

In other words, any materials with polar molecules are subjected to accelerated heating.

Electromagnetic waves “rock” molecules, constantly aligning them in different directions, forcing them to collide with each other. Internal energy transfer is accelerated many times over.

It turns out that the process of conversion of electromagnetic radiation into internal heat. And the greater the kinetic energy of the molecules or atoms in the affected material, the faster it is heated. And not from an external heat source, which is fundamental.

To improve the efficiency of a microwave oven, you need to select and set the frequency of the alternating electric field so that the molecules have time to completely rearrange themselves in a half period.

Developers chose the frequency of the microwave emitter in such a way that water molecules react most quickly to exposure. After all, water is a big part of the vast majority of foods.

And we know that the microwave heats fat, sugar, or ice much more slowly.

Microwave oven construction

From a technical point of view microwave ovens can be considered more as a kind of radio, rather than a traditional heating device like a gas or electric oven. The main components of a microwave oven include:

A chamber made of metal in which food is placed for heating; a magnetron, t.е. microwave wave emitter;

a special transformer that acts as a power source for the magnetron (2000-2500 V);

Switching and control means (including semi-automatic modes); waveguide transmitting radiation to the chamber from the magnetron; auxiliary elements.

We can see that microwave appliances like microwaves do not use heating elements, no energy is supplied, and electricity is used solely to generate electromagnetic radiation. radio waves. Everything for microwaves: 24V relay.: http://goo.

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How to fix. if the buttons on the microwave don’t work. Video

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glitches MVP Samsung G2739NR-S does not start, all the characters are lit on the display, after a few minutes it turns on by itself, even with a split keyboard


Microwave oven touch panel repair

What are the signs of breakage in “Samsung”, LG microwave ovens. DAEWOO and others:

  • Device turns on and off by itself.
  • Individual keys do not respond.
  • The door opening button does not work.

Often asked on the forums: how to open the door, if the opening button is broken? How to fix the product? In any case you will need to remove the cover and look at the internal parts to see what is wrong.

Unplug the microwave before attempting to repair.

start, button, microwave, does, work

Important! Even when turned off, some parts of the microwave accumulate electricity. That’s why the repair has to be done with care.

  • Unscrew the screws fixing the body of the microwave.
  • Pull out the pins from the connectors. It is desirable to take a picture of their location in order to properly connect them in the future.
  • Remove screws of the cover panel.
  • Dismantle control module.

How to repair appliances, if the problem is a short circuit of contacts? Follow the recommendations:

  • To avoid a short circuit, you need to create a distance between the two plates.
  • For this purpose from the inner side stick a piece of adhesive tape or insulating tape.
  • Connect the two parts and put the sensor back in place, reconnect.
  • If the keys work, then the repair is successful.

The described repair is a temporary measure. Need to understand: if the buttons began to press, stick, fall, will help only a complete replacement panel.

Another problem is possible. the oxidation of the tracks.

  • After disassembling the panel, wipe off the oxidized area with solvent.
  • To repair the damaged part of the track, use conductive adhesive. Apply a thin layer of it to the tear. Wait until it dries. Reassemble the panel in the reverse order.

If this does not help, refer to one user’s experience. After the repair according to the described recommendations, the operation of the control was not restored. Then aluminum foil was used instead of glue.

A detailed disassembly of the repair is shown at

If you have not done any repair work before, it is better to contact a professional. Electronic controls are very sensitive so please use your microwave oven with care. To avoid problems with power surges, install a voltage regulator.

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