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Repair of the refrigerator Nord

I will devote this article to completely, the repair of a two.Chamber refrigerator, and about a single.Chamber, we’ll talk, as it were later, in the section of the repair of a single.Chamber refrigerator (see the site menu). Before starting the repair of the Nord refrigerator, it is necessary to make the correct diagnosis of a malfunction, this unit. First of all, I want to talk about the thermostat, namely about the signs that indicate its breakdown

My refrigerator Nord, until recently, worked normally, but just the other day it completely melted, and not only the refrigerator melted, but also the freezer. A light bulb burns inside the refrigerator, but the motor does not start, I sin on the engine start relay. Tell me, maybe there is still some reason

It is possible to fail the motor relay, as well as the engine itself could burn out, but for starters, it is necessary to check the thermostat. To do this, you need to get to the thermostat, from 2 to 4 wires should approach it. First of all, pay attention to whether there is a green wire with a yellow strip, it happens and vice versa a yellow wire with a green strip → This wire must be removed to the side, this is a ground wire. Disconnect these wires from the thermostat and closed all the wires among themselves, except green with a yellow strip. Thus, you will connect the motor to a straight line, that is, without a thermostat. As a result, with the help of such a simple test, you can check not only the work of the thermostat, but also the relay, as well as the engine. If the compressor starts, then the thermostat is unsuitable and must be replaced. Below I suggest watching a video that I was shot, just about this

On the video above, I change the thermostat, on the two.Chamber Nord refrigerator, the old.Style. In modern refrigerators, the thermostat usually stands at the top under the lid and in colds such as Atlant, Indesite and Nord it changes almost the same. Below you can watch another video about the replacement of this part, but in this video the temperature adjustment mechanism is at the top

Now you can add these videos by comment. Now I want to list the signs that indicate a malfunction of the thermostat

  • The refrigerator does not turn off → This malfunction is not always associated with the thermostat, but as the law the culprit of this behavior, there is usually a freon leak. In the old refrigerators, where the crying evaporator was bred in the outside, as in the first video, the reason that the compressor does not turn off, usually becomes a fastener. The fact is that it is attached with two self.Tapping screws or bolts, and they tend to rust, as a result, this bar disappears from the corps of the crying evaporator. As a result, the thermostat tube does not fit tightly to the evaporator and because of this the refrigerator cannot turn off
  • The refrigerator does not turn on → Everything is simple here, it is necessary to do, then what, I talked about at the very beginning of the article, that is, to drive the contacts on the thermostat, just do not forget to remove the green wire with a yellow strip to the side
  • The refrigerator motor is very rarely turned on → Usually, this also indicates a malfunction of the thermostat. Do everything the same thing that I wrote in the previous paragraph, but do not turn off the refrigerator for two hours and see how the rear wall fierce in the refrigerator, if it is completely covered with hoarfrost and the temperature in this department is no higher than 5-6 degrees, then it is necessary Replace the thermostat
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In principle, I told the main signs, now you can begin to consider such a question as Freon’s leakage

Incorrect installation

Most owners of this household appliances do not bother with the help of specialists and prefer to install it on their own. Most often they do it. But sometimes an incorrectly installed refrigerator can start leak. This is due to the fact that when the device is installed not in level, the door is not closed tight enough, and because of this heat penetrates the heat. This may cause the refrigerator to proceed. Solving the problem is quite simple. You need to set the device in level.

The drainage device can be damaged during the transportation of the refrigerator or during its movement, for example, in connection with the general cleaning. If this happened, you can try to put the phone in place so that it will again connect with a special tank. However, if even after that the liquid flows from the refrigerator, the rear surface should be checked for the absence of a crack. If the damaged part is detected, it must be replaced. It is not recommended to perform such an operation on your own. It is best to resort to the help of a qualified master. Failure of the moisture tank

The breakdown can be determined when examining the lower part of the back wall of the refrigerator. In this case, you can see how the liquid from the refrigerator flows down without stopping. The tank is subject to replacement, while again, it is better to entrust the repair to a specialist. However, before the master arrives, you can independently cover the crack of a sealant, impenetrable for water. Naturally, we are talking about a temporary solution to the problem. At the same time, the aggregate subsided in this way is able to work out for several days.

If the refrigerator leaks, you should not worry about the safety of the products. They will not be lost. The device itself also cannot suffer significantly.

Nevertheless, the cause of the leak will still have to be eliminated, because excess moisture has a negative effect on the condition of the surfaces.

Dragon of drainage drain

Description. Water flows to the surface of the floor, instead of going into a special container. Damage occurs due to the movement of the device or inaccurate transportation.

Signs of a malfunction. Inside the refrigeration device is dry, there is no hoarfrost and intended ice in the freezer compartment, a small puddle of water on the floor.

How to establish a breakdown? Move the device. Correct the phone that has moved from the original point.

What to do if the refrigerator flows

As a rule, an external inspection allows you to notice a leak. But to figure out what the reason is sometimes more difficult.

First, you need to carefully examine the refrigerator. Much depends on the type of refrigeration chamber. There are two main ones, namely:

  • Drip defrust system. Representatives of this type are characterized by a common problem. Accumulation of fluid on the back wall. The principle of their work looks like this: the evaporator is located behind the back wall of the camera. When the refrigerator works, this element, like the back wall, are covered with hoarfrost.Reaching the given temperature, the cooling cycle stops, and the evaporator and the back wall heat up, which leads to melting. The resulting at this moment flows into a special hole located at the bottom of the camera. After that, all the liquid enters a special tank through the hose. It is here that its complete evaporation takes place. It is located above the compressor (most often), or next to it.
  • No Frost system. The evaporator in such systems is in the freezer. A special fan forcibly leads air from freezer and refrigerator to circulation.Passing through the evaporator, the air is cooled and supplied through special channels for products. The temperature adjustment process occurs using a damper that automatically works when the desired degree reaches.
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It’s easier to deal with the leakage, knowing the type of freezer. Knowing the type of system, it is much easier to understand the question of why the refrigerator flows.

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With a drip system of defrosting, water can really flow from above (or rather a refrigerator behind). The reason may consist in banal blockage or disconnecting of the drain tube. Check whether it is tightly fixed.

If the defrosting system is drip, the refrigerator can flow from above.


Often due to the improper location of the refrigerator or the sealing properties of the sealant, warm air may enter the chamber. This leads to enhanced operation of the cooling system, defrosting products and the appearance of moisture at the bottom of the chamber. And since she has nowhere to go, she flows to the floor.

Due to increased moisture, the refrigerator can occur from the middle.

Inside the refrigerator and under it

For the same reasons why the water accumulates inside the chambers, it can be seen under the refrigerator itself. Mixing the puddle and making sure that the reason is in the refrigerator, you need to check a number of possible causes of breakdown, which will be discussed later.

Most often they notice water when it is already accumulating under the refrigerator.

Obvious reasons for the refrigerator breakdown

With seeming banality, at first glance, having learned why the refrigerator flows from below, it turns out that the leak is not related to the breakdown of the refrigerator. Before you get tools or call a master, exclude signs of an external nature. The latter and could lead to the resulting water under the refrigerator. Check electricity. Perhaps they turned off the light, the outlet stopped working, or maybe someone weakly stuck an electric fork. Literally 2 hours without power supply, it is required to form a puddle under the refrigerator.

If the refrigerator is faulty, this causes special discomfort

Another reason for the occurrence of a leak, the following possible sources of flooding can be attributed:

Ремонт холодильника норд

refrigerator, nord
  • Heating pipes
  • Washing machine (which is located next to the refrigerator in the kitchen)
  • The liquid spilled inside the refrigerator itself (for example, not tightly closed pack of juice, a package of milk or a bottle of mineral water. It often happens, not even from the fact that one of the household has weakly twisted the lid, but simply, manufacturers save on the packaging and the contained product follows).

When you exclude the obvious reasons for the breakdown of the refrigerator, feel free to start the next stage of the breakdown diagnosis.

Flows inside

Often you can detect a liquid inside the refrigerator. It accumulates under vegetable boxes at the bottom of the camera. This indicates that the device is flowing. If this happens, the list of reasons is called:

The named reasons why the refrigerator flows, you can try to eliminate on your own.

Zasor of the drain hole

A characteristic sign of blockage is the presence of a large amount of water in the chamber and on the floor. Service service will not be required to solve this problem. For this, warm water is collected in a syringe or sprint. Having directed the syringe into the hole, the water is injected with force into it. Thanks to this action, the blockage is quickly eliminated.

If even after such a cleaning from the refrigerator water flows, the cause is another problem.

Insufficient tightness

If the liquid accumulates only from the inside, this may indicate poor tightness. This happens when the rubber seal wears out and stops tightly fitting. As a result of this, frost and frost begins on the walls of the camera, which then turn into water.

It can solve this problem by buying a new set of sealing and replacing the worn parts.

Damage to the thermostat

If the refrigerator flows due to a breakdown of the thermostat, then the only way out will be to replace the failed part. It will not be possible to cope with this on your own, so you should contact the service center.

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Loosely closes the refrigerator door

Refrigerator seals wear out over time

The tightness of the instrument chambers of the device supports the sealing tape. The worn part does not provide a tight fit of the door to the body, which is why the temperature regime inside the device is disturbed. The problem can also be caused by distortion of the design. The cooling system begins to work more intensively, while the formed ice melts under the influence of warm air flows. Eliminate the breakdown allows the replacement of the seal or the adjustment of the loops.

Compressor refrigerators

Steam.Cojecting household refrigerators did not find application, we will immediately move on to compressor, occupying a dominant position. Freon is owed to compressors, trouble.Free work is provided by mineral oil. The refrigerant passes four phases:

Each stage is carried out on its own device, together forming a compressor refrigerator. In the evaporator located behind the back wall of the chambers, Freon turns into a gas, absorbing a giant amount of energy. Air cooling is closed with a refrigerator. The stream is fond of the compressor. Compressing fan, piston, spiral. The compressor engine rotates the shaft at high speed, the freem temperature rises.

On the back of the refrigerator, another coil, steam gives the heat to the kitchen air, turning into a liquid. The final stage. Expansion.

It is performed by a capillary tube. Metal product with an inner diameter of 0.5 mm, 2. 11 meters long. At the capillary entrance, the excessive pressure of the liquid freon is created, forcibly is pumped out by the compressor, discharge is formed at the output. Contributes to the further absorption of heat by the consumisrator with a coaching, the cycle is repeated again.

Asked the question of causality. The refrigerator flows from below, the refrigerator flows from the inside. It is much easier to understand the reason, having the basic knowledge of what is happening inside.

What to do if water flows from the refrigerator

First you need to remove the effects of the leak: gently (in order not to slip) wipe the floor, put under the refrigerator or a rag near it. Next, inspect the device from the inside and outside from all sides, if necessary, remove products. Subsequent actions will depend on what you will see: ice, accumulation of melt water, broken tank and so on. Here you need to decide what to do next: try to cope yourself or call a specialist.

There are a few of them. Perhaps one of them will come in handy.

  • When you determine the cause of the leak, you will surely think about whether it is possible to do without repair. And in some cases, the repair can really be done on your own. But if you see that the problem is serious, it is better not to aggravate the situation and seek help.
  • If you have enough skills, tools and patience, then in the process of repair videos will help a lot, which shows clearly what and where to remove, replace and twist. Also on some sites with repair services you can get advice from the master. Surely it will cost you cheaper than going home.
  • In the following rearrangements, it is recommended to always check the condition of the refrigerator. He should stand exactly with a tightly closed door. Then the warm air will not be able to penetrate inside and subsequently become the cause of the “flood”.

Norcold 1210 warm RV refrigerator fix

And, of course, the main advice is to read the operating instructions. This will not help to avoid corrosion of tubes and marriage, but agree: to determine the cause of the leak of the refrigerator is easier when it is clear how it is arranged.

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