The refrigerator clicks when working

The refrigerator cracks or clicks during work: what to do?

In a modern apartment or house, a large number of household appliances work for the benefit of their inhabitants. But from time to time, small and, unfortunately, big troubles happen to this very technique. And entering the kitchen in the morning you find that the refrigerator does not work. Disconnect it from the outlet, turn it on again. Hear clicking or cracking emanating from its lower rear. Why does the refrigerator click and why it is cracking?

Since the refrigerator is a complex device with many parts and mechanisms, the crackle and clicks are an integral part of its work. Let’s arm some knowledge and try to find out why the refrigerator is cracking. We determine the possible causes of crackling and clicks.

  • Uneven surface. Make sure that the adjusting supports have not sagged and are working. To do this, you need to look under the refrigerator. Pay attention to whether the refrigerator is in contact with other objects.
  • The crack of plastic parts. This happens with refrigerators that are in operation for a short time. The temperature difference, but this should disappear all the fault. If it were Indesitis, Atlant or Ariston. Models of almost all manufacturers are subject to this problem at the initial stage of use.
  • Compressor work. It is this device that supports the necessary temperature in the refrigerator chamber. It should be clarified that the sound of his work is more like a rumble, and the noise level is indicated by each manufacturer in the passport to the device.
  • Circulation of the refrigerant through tubes.
  • Fan work. The fan serves to remove unpleasant odors.
refrigerator, clicks, working

When crackling is not related to a malfunction

  • When working as the know.Frost system. The evaporater self.Sustaining goes with the help of Ten. When it is turned on, the plastic is heated, it expands and crackles due to a sharp change in temperature. In the new cupboards c no frost in the first week noise is more not only due. Plastic, foam and other parts are rubbed to each other and crack stronger than usual. Over time, the crack becomes quieter.
  • When contacting tubes or compressor with a wall or an extraneous item. The cracking behind the refrigerator appears from vibration when the motor or tube relate to any surface. Therefore, you can not move the refrigerator too tightly to the wall. It is also necessary to follow whether the kitchen utensils or bag by the cabinet fell.
  • With uneven installation of equipment. If the refrigerator is crooked, it will crack stronger. Adjust the legs to align the equipment.
  • With poor condition outlet. Silent crackling can be heard while turning on or disconnecting the compressor. The outlet reacts to the change in power consumption. In this case, you need to invite an electrician to check the outlet, as well as the wiring condition.

When the refrigerator emits a loud crack, pops and freezes poorly, this signals a breakdown of technology. Here are the malfunctions that are accompanied by a crack.

The compressor does not start and no hum

Sometimes the compressor engine does not start and does not even buzz.

The problem is related to:

  • Thermoregulator. The modern refrigerator is equipped with a temperature control system made on the basis of a sensor or thermostat. In both cases, you need to check the operation of the thermostat. This device is built into the refrigerator using a terminal, near which you will find two wiring. These wires must be disconnected and closed. If after your actions the compressor engine works, then the problem was in the thermostat. In this case, a faulty device should be replaced.
  • Air sensor. The compressor motor may also not work due to a broken air sensor. A modern refrigerator of many models has an air sensor. This device is necessary to determine the temperature inside the chambers. When the temperature rises, the sensor signals about this, after which the compressor engine starts. If the sensor is broken, the compressor will not start, even if all other parts and nodes are completely serviceable.
  • Launch.Protective relay. The compressor may not work due to the failure of the launched relay. This device receives a signal about an increase in temperature from a thermostat and starts the engine. If the launch vehicle is faulty, it will not be able to start the compressor motor. To restore the operation of the equipment, you will have to replace the broken part (it costs inexpensively, so the repair will not require big money).
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Solid breakdowns include electricity problems. Such problems are often ignored by non.Specialists when searching for the cause of the malfunction. Therefore, first of all, you should look into the refrigerator and make sure that the light is burning in it. If there is no backlight, then the refrigerator unit is not connected to the mains. Most often this is due to damage to the wire.

To identify damage, carefully inspect the cord. If there are defects on it (breaks, gaps, transmitted areas), you will definitely see them. The damaged wire must be replaced. In no case do not try to twist it and insulate it with island. Poorly insulated cord, which is in force, is dangerous for you and your loved ones. In addition, your refrigerator will fail faster due to interruptions in the supply of electricity. The compressor motor can burn for this reason, as a result of which you will have to pay expensive repairs.

If the wire is not damaged, then the compressor does not start due to problems with the outlet. The serviceability of the outlet is checked using an indicator screwdriver. In the absence of indication, conclusions can be drawn about the breakdown. In this case, it is necessary to call an electrician. If you are not an electrician by education, do not repair the outlet yourself. It is life.Threatening.


Here are the main malfunctions due to which the refrigerator cracks or clicks.

Symptomatic detection
When turned on, the motor does not start, the refrigerator constantly clicks. The bulb in the chamber does not burn. The launched relay failed. It is necessary to replace the relay with a new.
The lamp in the chamber burns, but the motor does not start. The refrigerator periodically makes clicks. The thermostat has broken, which should give the motor a signal about the temperature difference. This part can click in working condition. Then when damage the sound becomes louder. The most susceptible to such a problem “Indesite” and “Ariston” are. Replacement of the thermostat (temperature sensor).
When turning on, the unit makes a click, the motor starts to work, but immediately turns off. At the same time, a loud click is most often heard again (a launcher’s.Protective relay worked), but the equipment can turn off and quietly. The motor-compressor broke-the main unit node. He is trying to start work, but immediately overheats. Protective relay produces an emergency stop of work. Compressor replacement.
The technique turns on, it works fine, the click is heard when disconnected. The compressor fasteners got loose. This happens if the refrigerator is installed not in level. Vibrations during operation weaken the fasteners, and the motor when stopping begins to knock on the walls of the case. Most often, the atlant refrigerators arise in the atlant refrigerators. Two solutions to the problem are possible: set the refrigerator by level or adjust the mounting springs. The second method is preferable, since the incorrect position of the motor can lead to its breakdown.
After turning on, the unit first clicks several times, then the motor starts and then works normally: the light in the chamber burns, the temperature is kept at the right level. Low voltage in the network. The motor is trying to start, but there is not enough voltage. Therefore, the relay emits characteristic clicks. Starting attempts to continue until the compressor works. It is necessary to put the wiring in order and purchase a voltage stabilizer. If the jump occurs during operation, the unit may break.
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You can eliminate the malfunctions yourself, but it is better to use the help of professionals. Refrigerators and details for them cost a lot, and it will be insulting if, due to inept actions, the technique breaks down completely. In addition, now it is not necessary to give the unit to the workshop. The master will perform all the necessary actions at home.

Councils of specialists

Most modern refrigerators make noise up to 40 dB during their work, this is quieter than a person’s conversation. If you want the refrigerator not to irritate the rumble, remember these 7 tips:

refrigerator, clicks, working
  • Take off all transport screws, or contact a specialist for proper installation.
  • Install the device evenly when buying a construction level or plumb line from thread and sinker.
  • During operation, once every 1-2 years, be sure to wipe the dust from the rear wall of the refrigerator, if an open capacitor is installed on it, this will facilitate the heat emission and significantly reduce the load on the compressor. Accordingly it will last longer.
  • Even No Frost needs to be defrosting 1 time in 6-12 months. So you will prevent ice accumulation on the system elements.
  • Load the shelves evenly, the caps of the pan should be normally closed so as not to rattle when working.
  • Cellophanes can rustle if they are opposite air channels deflectors.
  • Uneven loading can lead to a skew of the entire device. Distribute products the same in all available area.

Watch a video about the reasons for the noise of the refrigerator

Why does the refrigerator click: when you do not need to worry?

There are two situations:

  • Clicks are heard, but the unit works normally, holds the displayed temperature regime, the compressor does not heat out excessively, turns off in time and turns off;
  • The device clicks, but does not turn on and does not freeze.

GE Refrigerator Not Cooling Clicking Control Board Repair

In the first case, if there are no other noticeable reasons for concern, this may turn out to be a feature of the model. Clicking during normal work. A sign of thermal expansion. The materials when heated and cooling are deformed and returned to the usual state. With temperature deformation in refrigerator equipment, cracks and other sounds are the norm. They are also audible during the work of the evaporator. When working compressor, they are not heard, and with a “silent” motor they are distinguishable. If they are not too loud, you do not need to pay attention to them. This is especially often the case after defrosting and the new launch of the device. While it comes to working condition, the materials are deformed, narrowed, it is natural that sounds arise.

Sometimes the refrigerator clicks when turning on. This sound is a sign of the start of the motor or launch of a thermal attemptor. But it should be heard from the very first start of the device in your house. This is a feature of a particular device or model. If clicks began to be heard after some time, it is worth contacting refrigerators.

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Causes and elimination of the loud noise of the refrigerator

If the new LG refrigerator works loudly, you need to pay attention to its characteristics. The instructions indicate that the noise level is 40 dB, but in fact, the technique is no more noisy. In this case, give the refrigerator time to adapt. Within a week he will “get involved” and stop buzzing so loudly.

Often, the reasons for noisy work are small problems:

  • Bolts of the motor-compressor. Transport bolts are fastened with motor shock absorbers so as not to damage it during transportation. If after installing the equipment they can’t be removed, the shock absorbers will not work, and the refrigerator will make noise loudly.
  • Incorrect installation. Check if the flooring legs are evenly tangled. If not, they need to be adjusted. Make sure that a space of at least 5 cm remains between the refrigerator and the walls, furniture. When the radiator is too close to the wall, air access is difficult.
  • Inappropriate products of products. If you put the dishes on the shelves, it can in contact and rattles. Need to arrange containers away from each other.
  • If the refrigerator is noisy only when starting the engine, then there is nothing wrong. This is normal, because the motor needs power to “accelerate” to work.
  • Using a refrigerant. During gas circulation in pipes, extraneous sounds may appear.

There are more serious malfunctions that require repair.

What to do when the refrigerator clicks

When you find the problem, to solve it, you must contact the service center. If the clicking source remains unknown, you need diagnostics. Invite the masters from the company top-refritum to the house. He will quickly leave for the object, inspect the technique and offer a solution.

  • Departure to any area of ​​Moscow at a convenient time for you;
  • In stock all the necessary tool for diagnosis and repair;
  • Professional repairmen with extensive experience;
  • Original or recommended by the manufacturer spare parts in stock;
  • Neat and urgent work per day;
  • An urgent departure is possible.
refrigerator, clicks, working

How to Fix a Clicking Refrigerator not cooling. YOURSELF. Easily

Most often, clicking during the operation of refrigerators is a sign of the failed part. Its replacement will not cost very expensive, but such repairs will extend the service life of equipment for several years. You will not have to buy a new refrigerator.

The refrigerator clicks and does not freeze

There are several symptoms that indicate problems in the operation of the Ho motor:

  • The motor does not start, but you can hear the launch relay clicks. A short buzz of the motor is heard, then disconnecting again.
  • The compressor turns on, but there is no cold in the cell. After the relay command, the engine turns off.
  • The motor clicks loudly before disconnecting. Departments work as usual, the products are cooled.

When the motor does not start, this indicates its breakdown. What to do? In such cases, only the replacement of the part will help. If the clicks are heard before disconnecting, then the mounts of the engine itself are shaken, they need to be twisted.

As you can see, the causes of clicks can be different. It is important to pay attention to the signs of a breakdown, then you will rather be able to detect it and eliminate it. Sometimes extraneous sounds are the normal work of the refrigerator. But if you notice something strange, contact specialists.

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