The new split system cools the reasons poorly

Why the air conditioner does not work well for heat and what to do

The air conditioning split is often broken, and many owners faced this situation when the air conditioner does not work well for heat. You should not contact technical support right away, you can find the very cause of malfunctions and fix them.

Air conditioning, as a complex technical device, requires special care and conditions for its normal functioning. If you do not check the presence of ice on the grille or the functioning of the fan, then they can suddenly fail. We will analyze in more detail the reasons for which the air conditioner does not warm.

Little time

The main function of the air conditioner with a split system is the cooling of air in the room to an acceptable state, and heating and warm air are additional functions. Air conditioning systems will not be able to replace the usual battery. Air heating in the air conditioner occurs at the time of pumping the freon in the opposite direction. Such procedures in technology require leveling pressure at the same level.

The owners of the devices want to get an instant result and when it is not, they write off everything for the fault of the device. This problem is solved simply: after turning on, you should wait 10-15 minutes, let the device warm up. If the device does not heat up after such a time, you can assume the presence of malfunctions.

Low.Temperature in the room

Each air conditioner can work in certain minimum temperatures specified in the documents. In inverter models, such a temperature is in the range of.25 to.15 degrees, in simple models from.5 to 5, carefully read the instructions. The documents indicate the maximum temperature in the room that the machine can create.

But manufacturers do not always accurately indicate the temperature and are a little cunning. For example, it is indicated that the device can operate at.25 degrees, and warm the air up to 28 degrees. In fact, the lower the degree on the street, the lower the temperature the device will be able to warm up the room and these 28 degrees will turn into 16.

Important! If the model is simple and indoors.15 degrees, she simply will not heat the room.

Freon leak

The most common problem at the moment. For the proper operation of the device, a special gas is needed. Freon. If it is not enough, the air conditioner does not blow warm air. Freon leaves through the microcrack in the frame and no longer returns.

In this situation, you should contact the company where the air conditioner was ordered. The evaporators will be cleaned and referred to Freon or completely change the equipment.

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Pollution and blockages

Freon is mixed with compressor oil and moves between the blocks. With poor oil, a precipitate forms that clogs the system and narrows the tubes. Freon manufacturers are a lot and not everyone guarantees the quality of products, so in the refrigerant there may be water that forms ice blocks and traffic jams.

Damage of the valve

When the heating mode does not turn on the device, a breakdown of the three.Way valve is possible, which allows you to smoothly switch between operating modes. It is necessary to replace it and the device will again work in good condition.

How much does the elimination of air conditioning malfunctions cost in Almaty?

Most of our customers pay from 6,500 to 12,000 tenge for eliminating a malfunction associated with poor cooling. Get a free assessment of the cost of repairing your air conditioner

The first thing to do is check the settings on the control panel. The “Mode” button should select the “Cool” mode and set the temperature below the environment. Increase the fan speed with several presses on the “fan” button. Make sure that the external unit has earned. Installed on the street. The second is to clean the filter. The filter is washed in warm running water. If the air conditioner blows warm air after the above operations, then you can confidently call the repair master.

Features of inverter split systems

With an inverter air conditioner, the situation will be a little more complicated. The fact is that the inverter reduces the difference in temperature (at the entrance and output of the inner block) when approaching the required indicator. In other words, when approaching the desired temperature in the room, the inverter cools the air weaker. Due to this, inverter models can very accurately maintain a comfortable temperature. It turns out that the temperature difference in the inverter is noticeable only in the first minutes after starting the air conditioner.

There are situations when the device is incorrectly configured. When checking, do not forget to turn on the desired mode and the least temperature.

The conclusion from this article is as follows: it’s better not to take risks and contact a specialist, because the split system requires periodic maintenance. But, before calling the master, it is better to verify the following:

Find out a few simple ways to check the air conditioner for a shortage of freon, because the other most common cause of poor cooling is Freon’s leak.

split, system, cools, reasons, poorly

Air conditioning flows after turning off

The air conditioner cools, the drainage works, but after turning it off, after a few minutes, water begins to drip water from the inner block:

Reason: the radiator freezes during operation, after turning off, the ice will be picked up and melt water drips to the floor.

split, system, cools, reasons, poorly
  • System refueling. Lack of freon-the radiator freezes due to a decrease in the pressure of the freon, as a result, the boiling temperature decreases-the radiator freezes;
  • Freon reset. The reverse reason is the oversupply of the freon. To the radiator of the inner block, too many Calloria of the cold is brought, he does not have time to give them in a room and the return tube will die out. It is necessary to lower a little freon with pressure control and overheating;
  • Filter clogged with dust. The situation is similar to the excess of freon. The cold cannot leave the radiator and begin to freeze the tubes. It is necessary to rinse the filter with running warm water;
  • Low speed or pollution of the fan of the vutaneous unit. Similarly clogged filter. All cold is not discharged from the radiator. It is necessary to wash the fan, if it is dirty, and set the speed of its rotation to the maximum;
  • Hall on the tubes. During installation, the tubes that connect the external and internal blocks could be broken. At the site of the crease, the frossellation of the freon occurs and a strong decrease in temperature, the tubes begin to freeze behind the crease. It is necessary to search and eliminate the crease.
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Why does the air conditioner blow warm air. Frequent malfunctions

Sometimes it happens that the split system poorly creates coolness, or even a wall air conditioner at all, blows warm air, and, for an incomprehensible, at first glance, reason. The attached table sets out the most characteristic signs of such malfunctions and ways to eliminate them.

1) there is no or little condensate on the evaporator of the internal unit: there is not enough freon in the system?!

2) filter elements clogged. Dirt, dust, threads, hair settled in filters, because of this the heat transfer of the evaporator decreases.

Attention! It is impossible to wash filters with hot water, since they will lose their properties.

Air conditioning does not cool to the desired parameters

High temperature is set on the display

First set the smallest temperature, and then switch to a comfortable

Very weakly blowing from the air conditioner, the compressor often turns off

So much deposits of dirt accumulated on the capacitor that heat exchange is violated

From the device blowing heat. The compressor turns off spontaneously

Turn on the air conditioner through the stabilizer

In the event that it was not possible to correct the situation on its own, then the most likely that the reason lies in the mechanisms of the split systems themselves. And here we need a complete inspection using special devices, and only masters from the service center can do it.

What to do

As it was written above, there are breakdowns that can be fixed at home. Most importantly, determine the cause of the breakdown or interruption of the air conditioner.

Fifty percent of the resolution of the issue, this is precisely the definition of the reason. At the initial stage, check the remote control, installation of the program, temperature regime, if everything is right, we are looking for further.

The temperature of the incoming and outgoing air should be measured by the usual thermometer. If the temperature difference varies from 8 to 12 degrees, then the air conditioner works properly. If not, then start listening to the noise, you may be able to describe the situation to a specialist.

Wash the filter with warm water, it will never hurt.

If at home it is not possible to eliminate the cause, you should contact specialists.

In this article, we described the most popular causes of air conditioning malfunctions, but there are others. To determine exactly what breakdown occurred in your air conditioning, it is necessary to diagnose. The master will determine the malfunction, tell you possible ways to solve the problem, call the cost of the service.

You found that the air conditioner turns on, but does not coldly cold or does not cool the air in the room? Tried to eliminate the problem, but the situation has not changed? Contact us for professional help!

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Our experts will diagnose and repair the air conditioning at home, or in our service center.

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To get a consultation:

Strong pollution

During the summer, the inner block is covered with dust. This makes it difficult to heat transfer. It is necessary to rinse the impeller and filters. The latter can be soaked for a couple of hours in soapy water, rinse and dry.

It is quite difficult to clean the highly planted external unit, so it is better to call a service master for service.

Dirty external unit can also be the reason why the air conditioner does not warm. Sometimes it is enough to remove large pollution with a brush so that the device will work at full force.

Frost outside the window

Nonverter split systems can work with.5 ° C and above, inverter. At.15 ° C. All air conditioners are thermal pumps, and they do not produce heat, but pump it from one place to another. The lower the temperature outside the window, the more useless the device.

Low level of freon

When Freon is not enough, the air conditioner begins to blow with bare warm air. If there is no frost outside the window, and the system is clean, you can suspect a leak. In this case, you need to turn off the device and call a specialist.

To get a consultation:

Trying to understand why the air conditioner does not cool, first of all look at the settings. It may be set too high temperature, and you just need to set a lower value. If the modes are selected correctly, but cooling is still ineffective, it is worth continuing to search for a problem.

If the air conditioner does not cool the air, the reasons are as follows:

Blowing goes, but it is not cold enough. The indoor unit leaks and there is icing.

How to Fix Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air | HVAC Training 101

Air filters are very contaminated, because of which the radiator does not give the cold. If the pollution is serious, the evaporator tubes can be covered with ice. Blok can leak due to a clogged drainage tube.


Clean filters. They easily get and wash in warm water (not hot!). It is necessary to rinse the pallet and drainage tube, treat them with an antiseptic.

The split system blows with a barely cold air stream, the compressor of the external unit turns off after a while.

The radiator of the street unit is contaminated. If there are flowering plants near the house, they quickly clog the heat exchanger with fluff. This significantly worsens heat transfer, and the compressor turns off due to overheating.

Wash the radiator with a high.Pressure sink. It is possible to do this yourself only in a private house or if the block hangs on the ground floor. In other cases, specialists with auto.Items will be required.

Warm air comes from the blind. The compressor of the external unit turns on for a few seconds or minutes, and then turns off.

Perhaps the case is a low network voltage.

You need to put the voltage control relay.

If you examined everything, and did not break down, the help of specialists will be required.

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