The induction hob is turned off when heated

Why the induction stove itself turns off?

This can be caused by short circuits or multiple excesses of current strength, which leads to a shutdown of the panel. The operation of the protection from which the induction hob is turned off can be the action of an RCD machine on the site or fuse.

For electric hobs, with a type of Hilight heating, unlike induction surfaces, maintaining the power of a given heating occurs due to a change in the duration of its inclusion: the lower the power level is chosen, the more often the burner turns off, and you can see how it periodically goes out.

Induction plate device

Regardless of the dimensions and purpose, they all have the same components:

The case protects both the plate itself from random damage and a person from electric shock. The control board allows you to set the necessary mode of operation and regulates the heating power.

The inductor is source of vortex currents, with which heating is carried out. It is a flat coil of wound wire. When the high.Frequency current passes along it, strong electromagnetic waves passing through the plate occur. The plate is simultaneously an interior element, a platform for dishes and the protection of the inductor.

It is made of heat.Resistant, non.Conducting electricity of the material, most often glass ceramic.

When the electric stove is working

Not always a slab or a hob is knocked out by an automatic machine or RCD due to breakdown. And in some cases, you can solve the problem yourself. Here are typical situations.

  • Failure for a fork, cord or socket. Carefully inspect the fork, cord and outlet. If damage is detected, eliminate them yourself or consult an electrician.
  • The failure of the machine or RCD. It is required to check electrical equipment and, if necessary, replace with a new. If you do not be friends with electricity yourself, call an electrician.
  • Moisture getting on contacts. Often the stove begins to knock out the plugs after it has been washed or if the dish “ran away” greatly when cooking. Due to moisture getting into contacts (for example, the burner of the burner power), a short circuit occurs, and cook is knocked out by the machine. Do not use the stove for about a day, moisture will dry out and the problem will disappear itself.
  • Incorrect connection of the slab. In terms of safety, electric stoves are connected to a separate fishing line for a trimmer with their automatic or difavtomat. They can also install an additional RCD (32-40 amperes). If the fishing line for a trimmer or protective equipment is not designed for the power of the plate, then when heating the firewood (at the time of the greatest consumption of electricity), the overload will occur and the machine will knock out the machine. Another common mistake when, with independent installation of the slab in the terminal block, they confuse the phase, zero and grounding.

Note! Incorrect connection of the plate can lead to its failure. Do not risk technique. Contact a specialist for help if you do not understand the electrician.

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How the hob should work?

When the device is turned on, the current enters a special induction coil made of varnished copper, inside the closed circuit creates an electromagnetic field with a frequency of 20 to 100 kHz. It passes through the working surface of glass ceramics freely. The induction acts only on the bottom of the dishes.

The technique is turned off due to the failure of the controller of the burning controller. The solution is to change it. Too low or voltage changes in the mains. If the hob suddenly begins to work and turns off, most likely the protective relay refused.

Detailed operating guide

In all cases without exception, before starting to operate the device, they carefully read the factory instructions. Different models have their own design features.

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Sensory control makes equipment extremely light and convenient to operate. To turn on a fairly easy touch to the key for literally two seconds. And you can proceed to the cooking process. To turn off you will need only one second.

Often the hob stops working due to the formation of water condensation on the control board. Why is this happening? This happens when the device is located above the oven or dishwasher. If there was simply no other place for installing the panel, during installation, enhanced isolation is used from the negative effects of heat and moisture coming from below.

During operation, it is important to observe several general rules and, of course, those indicated by the factory by the manufacturer and are purely individual for a particular product.

It is recommended to select an effective heating surface for the size of the dishes. At the same time, it is important to know the features of the temperature conditions of heat treatment of various products. Using the function of automatic switching thresholds in the process of preparation, they reach the maximum savings of energy, protect the working elements from wear.

The use of the timer is also useful in work. This option is used to configure the time of operation of the burner for one cooking cycle. The timer should be installed after choosing a burner.

The function of blocking from children is a very necessary and useful addition. It avoids accidental inclusion, uncontrolled heating, and hence traumatic, fire hazardous situations.

In addition to the described, the human factor takes place. Incorrect connection, especially when using a barrier contact group, often leads to a blocking of the terminal box, up to the failure of the power control unit. In these cases, the panel works with interruptions or does not work at all.

Careless treatment, mechanical damage are also able to cause serious damage to the product. It should be remembered that the glass surface is not designed for punches and other heavy objects.

If foreign objects, water, oils come to the surface, an emergency shutdown should be made. For this, many models are even equipped with a special button. Repeated inclusion is allowed only after complete cleaning of the hock panel.

It is interesting:

Connecting a fork to the hob

Consumed power panels consumed

Electric hob

The hob is not turned on. The most common malfunction of the electric panels, the device is included in the outlet, but it does not work at all, or only one of the firewood does not heat up. Do.It.Yourself repair can be disassembled to the following stages:

  • Check the voltage in the outlet, due to large loads, the contacts of the outlet often burn out.
  • We check the fork and cord for mechanical damage. They can be corny or completely cut off the chain. Most often, damage is observed in the places of connection of the panel into the outlet. Found damage. We replace the cord.
  • Turn off the power, remove the fasteners and carry out the dismantling of the surface from the countertop. We disassemble the surface and move on to the next step.
  • We take the multimeter and check the transformer, the next step check the heat.Guide. In the absence of resistance or if it differs significantly from the declared by the manufacturer, it is necessary to replace parts, they are sold in many electronics stores.
  • One burner does not work on the hob. It is necessary to check all the wires, as well as their connections with burners, a temperature regulator, switches, control panel for the fact of a circuit break. If visually the malfunction is not visible, all the contacts in your place, we take the multimeter and check each connection.

If you do not have a multimeter, for repair you can use an indicator screwdriver, which can be checked by the presence of voltage in all sections of the circuit. We also recommend watching a video that will help to make the repair of hobs.See also. How to install a hob in a countertop with your own hands

Malfunctions of electric panels

The main malfunctions that users of electrical hobs may encounter are the following:

  • The fuse has burned out. It occurs due to a voltage jump. The low price for new fuses and a simple replacement process simplifies repairs with your own hands of this malfunction. For the future, we advise you to purchase a device that will protect your electrical network from voltage jumps.
  • If one or two burners do not work. Check the wire that supplies the voltage at the heater. Under the influence of temperature, it is soldered. Repair is very simple, just solder it in place with a soldering iron. If the chain is not violated, you have burned out the heater itself, you will need to buy a new one and replace it. Before changing, see if there is a chain between the heater and the control panel, the cause of the malfunction may be bad contact.
  • The sensor does not work. The hob does not turn on. One of the rare and most complex malfunctions of touch panels. You can again check the chain, if there is no cliff, you will have to replace the touch panel completely, but it is better to put it for repair. The reason may be the wrong operation, care for prohibited means. Only a specialist who is well familiar with electronics can repair at home.
  • The burner is poorly heated or does not work at all. The reason is in poor contact with the heater, thermostat or thermostat. We check the presence of electricity in the chain between these segments.
  • The hob is very hot, works and does not turn off. The thermostat malfunction. The thermostat is not repaired, you should buy a new one and replace.
  • The glass.Ceramic surface cracked. We find out the reason that if you have not dropped anything difficult, we contact the service under the guarantee, this is a typical factory marriage, the manufacturer will repair for free. If you yourself are to blame for the crack, you will have to give the panel for repair, it is quite difficult to replace with your own hands. We draw your attention, the replacement of glass replacement is very expensive, so operate the panel according to the instructions.
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What can close in an induction stove (the machine operates)?. Electroly help

The ability of metal parts to heat up in a variable magnetic field has been used in everyday life for more than 40 years. Devices installed in the kitchen for cooking have a modern design, high.Quality ceramic coating and high efficiency due to the direct heating of metal utensils.

Despite the significant advantages of induction heating devices over conventional electric slabs, the repair of such products can not always be carried out on their own.

Complex microprocessor control of induction. Installed in such devices requires sufficient highly qualified the master that repair this household appliance.

The absence of direct heating of the element emitting the magnetic field almost completely eliminates the possibility of malfunctions of the type of “burned out”.

Therefore, if any serious deviations are observed in the operation of this device, or the device does not turn on at all, then if there is a desire to independently repair this device:

  • Minimum knowledge in the field of electronics;
  • Diagnostic devices, soldering iron and soldering materials;
  • The presence of a large amount of free time;
  • The moral readiness for the fact that after an attempt to independently repair such a complex device as an induction stove, the device can be completely spoiled.

In the presence of everything you need, the first thing to do is to identify the main causes of the malfunction of modern induction plates.

Induction stove does not work. The causes and repair with your own hands

Unlike conventional electrical tiles inside the induction device, there is a control unit, which often fails due to liquid getting into the body.

Of course, the reason for the breakdown of the device is not always a short circuit, but before starting repair work, it is necessary not only to perform certain diagnostic actions, but also to have a detailed “history”.

If the induction stove refused to work for no apparent reason, then you should know about the most common breakdowns of this type of technique. The inoperativeness of the induction stove can be caused:

  • Improper use of household appliance;
  • Factory marriage;
  • Short circuit as a result of liquid entering the device case.

If the induction stove was operated correctly and the malfunction arose during the warranty period, then the most correct solution in this case will be the contact center for the warranty under the warranty. In all other situations, you can try your hand at the repair of complex household appliances. Then the most common breakdowns of household induction plates will be dismantled.

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Knocks out traffic jams when an electric stove or oven is turned on

The electric stove during operation creates a significant load on the network, which makes additional requirements on the electrical wiring. We will not paint them in detail here. Your electrician should know this, which you still have to contact to check or replace the wiring. You may need to replace the entire old wiring.

For greater reliability, we advise you to connect the plate into a separate outlet, better protected from moisture. And in no case do not use extension cords, adapters and the like.

A weak RCD is used

In order to avoid damage to the slab due to voltage jumps, it is extremely desirable to set the RCD. At the same time, remind the electrician when he will install or change the RCD, so that the type of RCD is selected and its power is calculated. For greater reliability, it is better to install a separate RCD for the electric stove, as well as a separate wiring in general.

induction, turned, heated

Many equipment is included

This is a classic: you turned on all or almost all the power.Intensive devices at once. That’s what you have inking traffic jams. Tips in this case, I think, are not needed.

Induction Energy Experiments

The integrity of isolation is broken

If for some reason the insulation of contacts is impaired, they can come into contact with each other and with a metal case: in any case, the result will be a short circuit with unpredictable consequences. Violated insulation and damaged wires must be urgently replaced, but it is easy to get confused in the intricacies of the wires. It is better to entrust this to a specialist.

Most often, the wires from heating elements, firepower and heating elements are torn off: they must be cleaned and fixed again. At the same time, check and wiring to all other heating elements, even if there are no problems with them yet.

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induction, turned, heated

For more operational repair in conditions of inaccurate determination of a malfunction (and not only), you can give several useful tips. Firstly, the generators on the burners are made in the form of an independent module. They are removed. Changing the generators in places (from one burner to another), you can quickly understand what has broken, the coil or its high.Frequency voltage blog.

Induction vs Infrared cooker | Difference between Infrared and Induction.- Subscribe Please!

The second advice will sometimes save a lot to save on repair. For non-cheap or rarely found due to non-proliferation in the plates market, a burned part can be unique and very expensive. And its rarity raises the cost of replacement even more. But install an element indicated on the scheme of the plate, is not at all necessary. There is a database of compliance of electronic components. It can be easily found on the Internet at the request of Datasheet or on thematic forums. It will be found more inexpensive or accessible on sale an analogue of the part, which is needed to replace in an induction stove.

If the cause of the breakdown has not been established, or there are difficulties about how to purchase and install failed modules, then it is better to contact professionals for the repair of an induction stove. You should also remember the warranty service, the right to which you can lose when opening the unit independently. The induction stove is a “smart” technique and requires careful compliance with the operating rules.

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