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Air conditioning modes

FAN, Cool, Dry, Heat. Russian translation of the air conditioner of all modes. What do the names on the buttons and the display of the remote control, how the air conditioner works. Full description of the pluses, minuses and the use of each mode.

split, modes, systems, display

In the article we have collected not only accurate names, but also analogues of different models. Even if they do the same thing (for example, Hold and Lock). If something is not clear to you, you can ask a question in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Articles hide 1 heat, Russian translation for balm 2 cool on the balm 3 dry, dehum 4 wind, fan. Russian translation for balm 5 is high, medium, medium, low on balm 6 sensation (Feel, I-Feel) 7 Turn on the air conditioner 8 speed, fan speed 9 air 10 air flow (air flow direction) 11 Sleep 12 Timer 14 Health 14. E-Ion, Smart-Ion 15 quietly 16 thawing 17 temperature, a given temperature on the air conditioner 18 cleaning, independent shortcut Clean 19, label on air conditioning 20 Smart, Smart Saver, Eco, Econo 21 Hold, Lock 22 Smart Eye

Classification of devices

All air conditioners are divided into the following main types:

  • Window models. Installed in the window opening;
  • The wall version. Consists of two blocks, the evaporator is located indoors, and the removal. Beyond;
  • Flooring models. Installation on the floor, with the output of hot air through the window;
  • Combined class.

In addition, experts share the split systems according to functional features:

The last option may include functions such as ionization, hydration, aromatization and cleaning of air.

Special abilities

They are not implemented in every model. However, many of them for verification are very interesting and useful.

  • Comfort settings allow the inclusion of equipment for drawing the optimal temperature balance. The technique itself will produce the necessary adjustments and give out optimal results. Usually for heating this is an indicator of 20 degrees, and 25 degrees are used for cooling.
  • It turns out to be cleaning the room from the dust coming with street air. Typically, a variety of filters are used here. Rough cleaning (removes large particles of dust) and thin cleaning (which work even with floral pollen). There are also filters that remove the smell of smoke.
  • 3D stream is used to deviate an air flow vertically. This will help the user not to catch a cold. And in some models, the device itself determines the location of the remote control (IFEEL function) and sends air masses in its direction.
  • Ionization involves the saturation of microclimate ions with negative charges. This improves the user’s immunity and his well.Being. According to some people, the sensations of a sea breeze are created.
  • Low temperatures outside the window? So, it’s time to turn on the “defrost” of the external unit. The refrigerant will collect all the cold, which came with street air masses.
  • Finally, self.Diagnosis is one of the most useful functions. The device itself will automatically determine its own malfunction. This will help to quickly cope with the problem and prevent breakdown.
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Advantages and disadvantages of the drainage regime

The process of draining the climate system of air has its drawbacks:

If the unit fails, the air conditioner cannot dry the air.

In winter, the drainage will take the already low moisture from the air (its main amount will drain the heating system). The lack of fluid in the airspace stimulates the development of problems with hair and skin.

A wide functional list of air conditioning contributes to the creation of an increased load on the unit. As a result, it is possible to reduce the efficiency of all equipment. When buying, you should choose models with an optimal set of options that will be used in the household.

In the winter season, the Drying function will not be able to create a full.Fledged operation of the “Heating” program.

Despite such a number of minuses, the Dry option has its advantages:

Timely inclusion and disconnection of the specified mode will create the most optimal microclimate in the room, given the preferences of all family members.

The inclusion of the description described in the air conditioning deprives the owners of the premises of the need to purchase an additional device of air drainage.

Trane Minisplit Remote

Supplement of the functionality of the split system of the specified option creates the most comfortable conditions for the adjustment of humidity and temperature.

“FAN”, translation into Russian in air conditioning.

Among the air conditioning switches, you can find the “Fan Speed” option. If you translate this word into Russian, we will get a “fan speed”. The function can also be called simply as “fan”, which is equivalent to the word “fan”. When choosing this mode, you can change the speed of rotation of the valves in the unit. If you increase the speed of rotation, the air conditioner will cool and heat the room faster. The fan often changes the speed of rotation, as its work is automated. The speed is calculated from the difference between the given temperature and the temperature in the room. The speed can be fixed precisely using the button with the designation “fan”. As a rule, you can choose three or four rotation speeds.

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“Dry” is an important function to reduce humidity in the room. This word is translated into Russian as “drain”, but denote the function with a symbol of a drop of water.

The influx of fresh air

Recently, a split has appeared on sale systems with a function of a new air fence from the street. Over, the principle of operation is as follows:

  • The room of the room module through the channels takes air from the premises, directs the flow to the evaporator and then the cool (warm) air into the rooms is overtaken through other air ducts. Basically, the channel split system processes the recirculation air from the rooms, but it has a function of a fence of new air up to 30%.
  • This type of air conditioners are divided by pressure power: low, medium and high pressure, depending on the size, configuration and duration of the air ducts. Air exchange air exchange is equipped with a membrane that regulates its work.
  • Over, a characteristic feature of some models is a different ability of air permeability: oxygen molecules penetrate this filter element much faster than molecules of extraneous gases. Thus, the air is cleansed of the smell of smoke, fumes and other impurities.

What to do if the “Heat” mode on the air conditioner does not turn on

If you did everything according to the instructions of turning on the air conditioner for heat in “Heat” mode, but there is no effect, then it is possible:

The temperature on the street or in the room does not meet the operating conditions. If the right temperature is already reached in the room, then the “split” will not warm. If the street is too cold, then protection against the launch of the compressor may work;

The “Heat” mode on the air conditioner means that its nodes (namely the four.Way valve) were rebuilt to supply warm air into the room. There will be no “split” in this mode, whatever temperature you put it on him! In order for them to cool again it will be necessary to switch the mode and wait.

The main functions on the air conditioning remote control

Climate equipment performs the following functions: Heat, Dry, Fan, Cool, Fan, Sleep and others.

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Air conditioners are most often used for cooling. This mode is indicated on the display or buttons of the remote control in the form of a “snowflake” or the Cool inscription in Russian cooling. The process of lowering the temperature itself occurs due to the converting of the refrigerant into a gaseous state. This mode can be with manual setting, as well as automatic. When the device itself turns on with an increase in a certain level of temperature in the room.

Special opportunities and popular functions

Now many manufacturers to attract customers will improve air conditioners with additional functions.

split, modes, systems, display

Over, some of them especially attract our attention, such as:

Comfort setup. Turning the air conditioner in optimal mode from 20 ° C to 25 ° C

Air cleaning. Occurs due to built-in filters that differ in permeability and in their component material. They come with rough cleaning, delaying medium and large particles of dirt, as well as thin cleaning, ready to delay even floral pollen. And even the device can be equipped with filters that can absorb smells.

Ionization. Here, the room is saturated with ions with negative charged charges. The function is designed to raise vital tone, immunity and well.Being of a person.

Defrost. The heat exchanger is not covered by ice for a long time, which is why its performance is much increased.

I-Feel. Air temperature setting along the sensor in the control panel. Such a translation of climatic equipment is possible in those air conditioners where the temperature relay, from which the degrees in the room occurs, is built into the remote control.

The air conditioners sometimes use Fan Speed ​​forced ventilation, which is translated into the case of circulation, ionization or air purification.

split, modes, systems, display

The functions of each air conditioner are designed to create a favorable microclimate in the apartment.

Windows 10 tablet mode splitview and app switching.

On a note! If unfamiliar inscriptions occur on the remote control, then you can choose the optimal mode using the “Mode” button. You need to press accordingly this team for plus or minus until a transfer to the desired function occurs.

The list of additional settings entirely depends on the manufacturer and brand of the air conditioner. The designation on the case or remote control of one split system can differ from the same values ​​of other manufacturers.

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