Should there be a hot refrigerator compressor

Reasons why the walls of the refrigerator and its compressor heat up

The refrigerator is an item without which no family will do in our time. Demand for it is growing every year, various companies are trying to make their brainchild more effective, adding huge functionality.

But refrigerators are an expensive household appliance. One of the most common questions recently. Why the side walls begin to heat up. Many immediately give them to the repair of refrigerators in Dmitrov, although the problem may not be. We will analyze the causes of the effect and how to fix it.

How the compressor works

In the classical model of the refrigerator, the compressor installation, absorbing the freon from the evaporative chamber, filters it and directs it to the capacitor. At the same time, the gas heats up hard. Cooling in the capacitor, Freon goes into a liquid state, cools the refrigerator and then, turning back to a gaseous state, returns through the evaporative camera to the capacitor. This is repeated until the temperature set by the thermostat will be achieved.

In other words, the refrigerator compressor has to work almost in extreme conditions. For example, in order to achieve a temperature of 5 s inside the refrigerator, and in the freezer is approximately 18-20 C, the compressor must be done a certain work, compressing the refrigerant at a large pressure. At the same time, the compressed freon reaches a high temperature, which it gives partially to the compressor, and partially leaves in a special lattice heat exchanger. By the way, the latter accumulates the heat emitted by the electric current when passing through the winding of the compressor device.

Heating the compressor to the temperature at which the protective relay begins, in just a few minutes, it may indicate damage to the winding part of the engine. In this case, it is necessary to fully replace the compressor.

Diagnostics of the refrigerator malfunctions

The sequence of actions to identify the failed part and the recommendations for the repair. For compressor refrigerators without the No Frost system.

Check the voltage in the outlet, it should be in the range of 200-240 volts, if not so, the refrigerator is not required to work (although, for some time it can work out, especially old models.)

All repair work must be carried out with a disconnected from the network and a thawed refrigerator!

The refrigerator does not turn on

  • A) Check if the bulb is burning inside the refrigerator, if it was burning before, but now it doesn’t burn. A malfunction in a network cord or an electric fork (this is a fairly common malfunction and it is not necessary to call the refrigerator repair master to eliminate it).
  • B) If the light lights up first, you need to check the thermostat:. We find two wires suitable to the thermostat, remove it from the terminals and connect to each other. If the refrigerator works after that, we change the thermostat and the repair is completed.
  • C) if the thermostat is working. Similarly, check the refrigerator defrost button.
  • D) for further diagnosis you will need an octimeter. Disconnect and shame the starting and protective relay (they can be collected in one case), if we find a break, replace the defective part.
  • E) there was an electric motor of the motor-compressor, it is difficult to replace it without the participation of a specialist, but since we got to him, it is worth finding out what exactly the fault is the fault. This unit can have three defects:. A break in the winding;. Interpreter closing of the winding;.Close to the body of the motor-compressor; How to identify them in general is understandable: all three contacts of the electric motor must call each other and not call with the body. If the resistance between any two contacts is less than 20 Ohms.This may indicate an interval circuit.
  • F) If you carefully have done the previous points and did not find a malfunction, this most likely indicates the oxidation of contacts in one of the connections of the refrigerator electrical circuit. Carefully inspect and clean all the contact groups that you disassembled, restore the refrigerator circuit in the reverse order. The refrigerator must earn.
  • 1-motor-compressor motor
  • One.1. Working winding of the compressor motor
  • One.2. Starting winding of the compressor motor
  • 3. Contacts of the thermostat (thermostat)
  • 10. Defrost button
  • 11. Protection relay (rarely installed)
  • Eleven.1. Bimetallic plate
  • Eleven.2. Relay contacts
  • 12. Launch relay (mounted on the compressor case)
  • 12.1. Launch relay coil
  • 12.2. Launch relay contacts
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A) defect of the bimetallic plate 11.1 protective relay: we determine the malfunction and replace the part. B) a defect in the coil (or other current power sensor) 12.1 launch relay: we determine the malfunction and replace the part. C) a break in the starting winding of the electric motor 1.2: Determine the malfunction and call the wizard for repairing refrigerators to replace the motor-compressor.

The device of the launch relay of the refrigerator

Controls the compressor in the refrigerator with a starting relay, which, when the compressor is turned on, supplies the voltage to the working and starting winding of the compressor engine, after a short period of time, when the engine picks up the necessary speeds, the starting winding is turned off and the compressor works in the normal mode. Often, the starting relay is attached using a clamp directly on the compressor case and remove it for verification by making significant efforts.

Fridge not cooling worth fixing?

The refrigerator works, but does not freeze

  • A) Freon leak: it is determined as follows. If the compressor works and the amount of freon is normal, the capacitor must heat up, touch it with your hand (carefully, it can heat up to 70 degrees), if it remains cold after the engine lasting, then the system is depressurized. Turn off the refrigerator from the network and call the master.
  • B) a violation of adjustment of the thermoregulator. The device can be temporarily replaced with a deliberately working one if the refrigerator works in normal mode. Give a faulty thermostat for adjustment.
  • C) decrease in the performance of the motor-compressor. This is a difficult to diagnose malfunction, we call the master

Should the compressor heat up

As for most electrical appliances, for the compressor there is a certain “working norm” of heating. Depending on the model and structural features, it can be from 60 to 90 degrees Celsius, but not more than. Taking into account this fact, we can conclude that the compressor should really be hot when working, and sometimes even heat up to sufficiently high temperatures. However, if it “repents” it to a temperature above 90, then this clearly indicates problems in the process.

Important! In addition to overheating, a number of factors such as light electrical discharges when touching the surface of the device, insufficient cooling of the chambers or the formation of ice crust on the walls of the chamber may indicate violations in the compressor.

If the working refrigerator began to show such symptoms, this is an occasion to contact the company for repairs or at the place of purchase for warranty service. It is worth noting that the repairs under warranty most often do not apply to equipment that has mechanical damage, therefore, during the operation of the device in the warranty period, you should be especially careful.

The refrigerator door is closed loosely

Why the door may turn out to be unclosed or closed loose? To begin with, the main reason why the two.Chamber refrigerator does not turn off is our own inattention: they just forgot to close. No less simple reason is products that have not fit into the camera, large dishes, and t.D. The next reason: the refrigerator can not be installed in a horizontal plane, but with a small slope, and a light shock is not enough for it to spontaneously closes during movement. Sometimes the door even rolls out (it opens).

Even the door fastening of the door over time is also a hindrance to the tightness. The removable loop is usually attached to the top or left on the case, and it can be adjusted or tightened by the mount. In extreme cases. Remove and bend. The lower part of the canopy is fixed with welding or an unregulated bolted connection, and it is impossible to cross or shift it.

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Removing the upper loop of the refrigerator.

Is it worth worrying when heating the technique?

Any modern refrigeration unit during operation leads to heating the case. This design was developed not only for aesthetics, but also of greater functionality. With a significant difference in temperature between the surrounding air and the space of the chamber of the apparatus, condensation can form on its doors on its doors.

Many consumers are faced with various kinds of technical problems in the operation of electrical devices. Such breakdowns or unforeseen failures of the system are due to a number of factors, which include non.Compliance with the rules of use. The refrigerator is the most popular unit of kitchen technology and without its stay it is difficult to imagine the life of a modern person.

Signs of breakdown of the refrigerator compressor

The compressor overheating is accompanied by additional symptoms:

  • The formation of ice on the walls of the unit;
  • Insufficient cooling of cameras;
  • Light electric discharges when contacting the device;
  • Extraneous sounds: clicks and rattling.

If the compressor is malfunction, the master is called to find and eliminate the breakdown.

Why does the refrigerator compressor work without stopping

Most often, an excessive motor overheats due to continuous operation. The refrigerator does not turn off when the rules of operation of the unit recommended by the manufacturer are violated:

  • Often they open or for a long time leave an open door to the household appliance;
  • Place hot foods or dishes in the camera;
  • Unstemely defrost the equipment.

The unit works without a break, when the rules for installing the device are not observed. It cannot be placed next to the heating system, in rooms with high temperature. It is recommended to leave a distance of 15-20 cm between the wall and the body so that the back lattice is well ventilated.

The motor does not turn off when the thermostat is installed in the maximum position, the function of super-carbon or chambers is overloaded with products. In this case, cooling parameters change, excess weight from the refrigerator is removed.

Reference. The compressor continuously works and overheats when it is turned on after defrosting. In this case, you just need to wait, he will gain the required amount of cold and switch to normal operation.

When all the rules for care and operation are observed, the equipment is defrosted. If after that the compressor still does not turn off, they proceed to search for more serious breakdowns. If warranty service has not ended, then they contact the service center, where they quickly and efficiently eliminate the problem.

there, refrigerator, compressor

Examination of the seal

Rubber seal ensures the tightness of the refrigerator. During operation, he wears out and becomes unusable. As a result, warm air enters the camera, which causes its constant heating.

The thermal attenter gives a signal that cooling is required. The compressor begins to work. But since the air flow is constant, the motor does not turn off. Glastic tightness is checked using a sheet of paper. It is inserted between the door and the body. If it falls out or easily extends with his hands, then the seal needs to be replaced.

The temperature sensor malfunction

The temperature sensor wears out over time. Voltage surges lead to his breakdown. The faulty part gives the signal to the system, which is warm in the chamber and cooling is required.

The engine begins to work, cooling the air, practically without disconnecting. To check the serviceability, the part is dismantled and nicknamed the multimeter. His readings will be zero if the sensor is intact.

The blockage of the capillary pipeline

Clogs of machine oil cause clogs. As a result, Freon begins to circulate through pipes unevenly. The malfunction leads to blocking the technique, so it requires quick liquidation. The system is cleaned, seasoned with a refrigerant and new oil is poured.

Freon leak

Most often, the refrigerant follows the spaces. In this case, the compressor does not turn off at all. To eliminate the malfunction, the damage is first found and the tightness is restored. Then add freon.

How to determine that the compressor of the refrigerator is out of order

With improper operation of the system of circulation of the freon in the refrigerator, the temperature regime is disturbed. The cyclical work of the unit, starting and stopping depends on it. Thermals and relay give commands to turn on and off the motor. With insufficient performance of the cold unit, there will be less than required to turn off the relay.

there, refrigerator, compressor

If the fridge engine is too hot, this does not always indicate that it was he who broke. To exclude possible places of breakdown from the chain, the causes of the malfunction are searched in sequentially. First, they check how the rules of operation of the household appliance are respected. Then they test the refrigerator for tightness and find out if time has come to change the sealing gum.

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The compressor malfunctions are indicated by characteristic features:

Troubleshooting Compressor Problems in Refrigerators

  • Strong overheating of the motor;
  • Knock, rattle, vibrations at the start and work of equipment;
  • Oil puddle under the device;
  • The refrigerator is buzzing, but does not freeze;
  • On the walls of the camera, intention snow and ice.

In this case, they cause a master who diagnoses a breakdown and eliminates it. Repair methods depend on the results of the diagnosis and model of the unit.

Reference. Even the most expensive refrigerators have their own work resource, after 10-15 years they begin to need overhaul. The compressor may also fail due to natural wear and require replacement.

For independent diagnosis of the compressor, a multimeter is used. First they measure the voltage in the outlet. It should be at least 200 W, since with a lower voltage the unit will not work in a full mode.

To check the compressor, it is removed, the relay is disconnected. Then measure the resistance using a tester. If the indications are within the limits of permissible values, then the part is serviceable. If not, then damaged.

Further repairs and diagnostics trust specialists. Replacement and repair of parts must be held with full observance of technology. With independent repair, there is a possibility of damage to the aggregate tubes, violation of the balance of the device and release of the entire freon.

Should there be a hot compressor

Interested in whether the compressor should be hot, one should take into account the principle of its operation. Such a component is faced with increased loads while ensuring the desired microclimate in the cells. Squeezing the refrigerant under pressure, the motor heats up intensively, transmitting part of the thermal energy to the evaporator and the cooling node. Also, the components of the refrigerating chamber are heated under the influence of the heat that appears when the electricity is supplied to the winding.

What is the operating temperature

Hot compressor in the refrigerator is not always a sign of equipment damage. The permissible temperature of this part cannot exceed 90 ° C.

The need to install a new component arises in the following cases:

  • If, with excessive heating, premature triggering of the starting relay occurs.
  • If the integrity of the motor winding is broken.
  • If the back of the refrigerator grows.
  • If the equipment makes a lot of noise during operation.
  • If the motor does not turn off and is constantly working.

Signs of a faulty refrigerator

Understand that the refrigerator did not work in the way the manufacturer is usually easy. The first sign is poor cooling of products inside. But there are some other obvious evidence of the problems:

  • If the compressor shutdown starts to work immediately after it is turned on;
  • The compressor does not turn on or does not provide a refrigerant circulation (warm or hot air is supplied inside);
  • Significant appearance of condensate;
  • Quick formation of a snow cap inside the camera;
  • The walls of the unit are shocked.

Not all these problems are easy to solve yourself. For example, insufficient cooling (associated with the wrong arrangement) can be tried to eliminate by moving the refrigerator.

Advice! Problems with the work of the compressor, capacitor and other internal details are best entrusted to professional masters. They have experience and the desired tool to eliminate the breakdown or completely replace the part.

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