SCARLETT fan does not work

The heat core does not warm

These are the best home thermal tents for the home. They are mobile, compact and safe, unlike the same fans with a spiral heating element.

You can choose even a very tiny model for local heating and install it near you on the desktop.

Or choose a more powerful model with the function of air moisturizing.


The main advantages of thermal fans with a ceramic heating element are mobility and safety. They dry the air less and are more energy.Euconum. At the same time, they have several work modes, including air cooling.


With all the pluses, the only drawback is a rather high price compared to spiral or tubular models.

Diagnosis of malfunctions

There are 2 types of fault and desktop fans-mechanical and electric. It is to the first simple layman that does not pay much attention, and this leads to a breakdown in the electrical part of the device. For example, if the shaft is jammed, and the equipment continues to work, then this will undoubtedly cause overheating of the electric motor. If the bearing is spent, then the stator winding will be damaged in the future.

Before diagnosing the fan at home, turn off the device from power supply. The unit often does not turn on due to a malfunction of the cord or socket, so first of all, any other device is connected to the power supply. If it does not turn on, then the culprit is a socket that needs to be fixed.

To inspect the internal equipment of the fan, disassemble it, acting according to the following scheme:

Since the breakdown is often associated with a lack of lubrication, be sure to drop a few drops of technological oil on the sleeve.

Take the shaft first in one, then in the other direction for better absorption of lubricants. After that, collect the fan in the opposite direction, turn on the device and check for performance.

Clearly about how to disassemble the fan and conduct diagnostics of malfunctions, see this

Mechanical malfunctions

To detect malfunctions of the mechanical part of the fan device, pay attention to the following manifestations:

  • Extraneous sounds (noise, whistles, creaks, etc. P.);
  • Slow speed of rotation of the blades during operation;
  • Difficulties with the rotation of the propeller when the fan is turned off.

Fixing Focusrite issue where no audio is outputting

Problems in the electric part

The malfunction in the electrician is manifested by the following signs:

  • The smell of burning;
  • The impossibility of starting the unit;
  • Slowing down the speed of the propeller mechanism with the device turned on;
  • The operation of automatic protective circuit breakers (if they are provided).

Ventilation malfunctions in apartments

Extensive built.In fans are much easier in constructive terms. But their cost is small and often easier to acquire a new one than to look for details that disappeared from the turnover. Poor ventilation of the premises may not be associated with the operation of the device itself, but with errors when organizing an extract system.

Bathroom ventilation

With non.Working ventilation in the bathroom, the air becomes wet and does not ventilate, linen dries poorly, mold may appear.

Normal ventilation work scheme

  • The ventilation hole is clogged with dust and web;
  • Extraneous objects in the mine;
  • Exhaust fan is installed for air retraction instead of the removal.

The right option for solving the problem would be an appeal to the management company. Experts lower the load to the ventilation shaft to the very apartment to break through all the obstacles. In particularly neglected cases, the camera is lowered into the mine to determine the location of obstacles. The ventilation shaft is opened from the entrance. You may have to go around the riser’s neighbors and check if they have incorrectly installed fans that violate the hood.

Advice! For the bathroom, an exhaust fan with a check valve is suitable, preventing air flows from the ventilation shaft.

Hood in the kitchen

Exhaust ventilation is designed to remove unpleasant odors and stale air from the apartment. However, in case of violation of construction technology or due to other reasons, the air begins to enter the apartment from the exhaust opening, despite the working fan.

Pollution of the ventilation shaft

Because of this, extraneous smells arise in the apartment. Cooking products are not excreted from the kitchen. The reasons may be as follows:

does, work
  • Defects in the design of ventilation shafts and channels create reverse traction;
  • Strong gusts of wind in one direction blow air flows into the mine;
  • Accumulations of steam mass and frosty air in ventilation;
  • Mine pollution by snow and waste.

As a result, the axial fan pulls the air masses from one mine to another and the hood begins to work silently in the opposite direction.

To solve shortcomings, it is better to invite specialists. They will evaluate the rationality of the use of equipment in accordance with the documentation and conduct a qualitative examination of the installation and operation of the ventilation system. The received report will indicate all the shortcomings of the existing system and measures to correct them. Criminal Code employees are required to clean ventilation shafts from foreign facilities. Also, a deflector for sucking smoke and creating through air flows is installed in the exhaust traction effect in the hood.

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Why the fan is buzzing, but does not spin?

Your little assistant begins to buzz and exude an unpleasant aroma when turned on? Another frequent breakdown of the fan is in the blades that do not spin. Why this happens, because yesterday the device worked properly. Unfortunately, many users are faced with such a problem, especially with the active operation of the device. Today we will figure out why the fan is buzzing, but does not spin?

If the floor fan does not turn on and the external inspection did not give results, then you have to promote the device. To do this, prepare a screwdriver and pliers in advance. By the way, this method is suitable for those who are concerned about why the floor fan is slowly spinning. The intensive care of the device is carried out in a few steps:

Remove the grill that closes the fan blades. As a rule, the net is fixed to three latches.

Next, remove the impeller. It is recorded by a plastic nut. It must be unscrewed. Act carefully so as not to damage the details. Otherwise you have to come up with an alternative to a nut. By the way, also carefully remove the impeller. In inexpensive fans, plastic elements under the influence of heat and air quickly fail. As a result, the impeller can crumble right in your hands.

Now you need to disassemble the case. First, remove the nut that fixes the rear grill. Then gradually take the screws, first from the front, and then from the back of the fan.

Having reached the casing of the device, you can remove it. There will be an engine and gearbox in front of you. The last detail is made of plastic. The capacitor is attached to it. It is necessary to start the engine into operation.

The next step is to extract a gearbox. It is attached to several screws. After unscrewing them, you can easily remove the gearbox with all the filling.

Next, remove the screws that connect the engine body to the stator. Now we can remove the front and back of the box. On the go, you will come across rubber bands, put them in a separate container. You can also place small screws there.

Now proceed to clean the bearing itself and the surface around it. We remove dirt with ordinary matter. Then it is necessary to degrease the surface, acetone is suitable, and wipe everything dry. In the center of the bearing you need to drop from the oil.

Thus, you remove a thick grease that penetrates the engine. As a result, it jams it, and the fan blades stop spinning. The described process can be repeated for the desktop device, since they are arranged the same.

The unit does not turn on

In this situation, there may be 2 options: a light bulb that means the readiness of the unit to work, can be caught or not. Depending on this, the algorithm for diagnosis of the breakdown will differ.

The bulb does not burn

If, after the device is turned on, the bulb located on its case does not light up in the outlet, and it does not start, then, first of all, it is necessary to check if there is a voltage in the outlet. It is done simply: take any electrical appliance and include in this outlet. If the device has earned, then you need to look for a malfunction in an electric fork and cord.

To check the fork, spin it and check the reliability of the connection of the wires to the terminals. To check the cable, it is necessary to disconnect it from the contact pad of the device and “call” the tester. If a cliff is detected in the cable veins, it should be replaced.

The bulb is on fire

The reason for this behavior of the unit, when the indicator bulb burns, but the fan does not work and no sounds can be heard, it can be caused by the blocking of the block with the buttons. To check the buttons, you need to disassemble the button unit located on the floor fan stance or stand near the desktop. But, before disassemble the device, make sure that it is turned off out of the outlet.

The work of buttons is very simple: there is a “vkl” and “off” position. Using the tester, check the “output” and “input” on each key.

If a faulty button is detected, it will not work to repair it. Therefore, the switch should be replaced or the connection is directly. This approach to solving the problem will help start the unit into work if you are far from the store, for example, in the country.

Faulty speed switches can also cause why the fan does not turn on. To check the regulator, you will need to put it in the maximum position and check the “entrance” and “output” using the same tester.

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How to disassemble the fan. Instructions with the photo

How to get to the bushings without removing the engine? To get started, unscrew the central screw on the back wall of the protective casing.

Another self-tapping screw is hidden in the adjustment button for turning or stopping at the fan head.

After that, the back cover is easily removed from its place. What is under it? Here you can see the gearbox of the rotary mechanism that gives rotation to the whole head.

How to repair stand fan or table fan (fan won’t Spin or Rotate) Step by Step instructions

A special thrust is suitable for him from below.

The starting condenser of the engine is fixed on top.

By the way, keep in mind that in different models it may not be there. In this case, look for it near the speed buttons.

To access the engine bearing, you will need to remove the gearbox. It is attached on three screws, and properly propped up with a traction.

Twist the screws and disconnect the thrust. After that, the gearbox is removed from the shaft and you get access to the rear hub.

You don’t need to unwind anything else and disassemble. The rest will be made for you.

Put a narrow guide tube on the WD40 spray and several times pash in the gap between the shaft and the bearing.

After spraying WD40, turn the shaft with your hand in different directions and move it a little forward and forth.

Excess thickened lubricant, extraneous garbage and dust will gradually go outside. These excess dirt are easily removed with cotton sticks.

If you have a thick lubricant of the type of Cyatim or Litol, it is advisable to apply it to the gearbox worm. After these cleaning procedures, drip on the bearing on the outside a few drops of oil for sewing machines.

Just do not need to apply it through the chur a lot. Otherwise, it subsequently spreads in all places and dust sticks on it, turning back into dirt. As a result, you will again receive a wedge and a problem with fan rotation.

Near bushings in separate models put felt washers. They are impregnated with oil and when heated, the oil flows into the shaft, lubricating it.

All in the reverse sequence. Traction. Three gearbox screws. External cover.

By the way, if through the chur tighten the central self.Tapping screw on the back cover, and this is exactly the screw, not the screw, it can pass through the plastic of the rotary gearbox and rest in the shaft.

You will again have problems with turnover and jamming. Sometimes the reason for the breakdown is banal and unpredictable.

I figured out the rear bearing, then go to the front of the fan. Here in the center there is a protective cap.

It turns off, attention. Clockwise, since the thread is left.

Throw it away and remove the propeller from the shaft. You get access to the front handle bearing.

The principle here is the same. First, squeeze out and soften the old grease and dirt with a vaeshka, and then apply a new one.

After that, put the propeller back and close the lid. After completing the repair, turn on the fan at high speeds, and letting it work for several minutes, switch to the speed that is required.

Basic malfunctions and repair

The listed list of malfunctions of microwave ovens is not exhaustive, it only reflects the most common breakdowns. You can fix all these malfunctions with your own hands.

Problem Possible reasons Decision
The microwave does not turn on There was a fuse fuse, only replacement After replacing the fuse, checking the serviceability of the transformer and the safety diode of the transformer
The clock is working, The miniature door switch does not work Repair or replacement
The microwave oven periodically turns off and turns on with an interval of several minutes Fan.Cooler fan, the fan switching fan, and the ventilation holes are closed Small repair or replacement
During work, sparks are visible and the smell of Gary is heard Sludge breakdown in a investigation of pollution Replacement
The microwave warms poorly low voltage on the network or loss of emission of magnetron. The use of voltage stabilizer Do.It.Yourself repair by increasing the number of turns or replacement of the magnetron
LCD display displays not all segments, glare and spots Damaged screen or processor. If the microwave does not work, then the processor is precisely Replacement
The touch panel stopped working Damaged by conductive tracks Do.It.Yourself repairs by overlapping wires or replacement
The pallet rotates with jerks Roller grooves, engine malfunction Do.It.Yourself repair by cleaning roller grooves, engine replacement
The light burns, the pallet rotates, the microwave does not warm Strong voltage drop in the network, breakdown in the transformer power circuit, magnetron is broken Installation of voltage stabilizer, repair by calling the transformer power circuit by the tester, elimination of malfunctions, replacement of the microwave generator
The buttons on the control panel are not turned on Do.It.Yourself repair by testing by a tester, ticking contacts or replacing buttons
During the operation of the microwave, a rumble is heard Fan fan, double.Stroke diode or transformer Replacement
The microwave works without disconnecting Malfunctioning the voltage supply relay (clicking contacts) Disconnect power, replace. There may also be a problem in the processor or relay control circuit. Self.Repairs by checking by an ohmmeter, if the chains are in order, replacing the processor module
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With your own hands, you can fix the microwave oven microwave, but you can properly operate it and this significantly increase the period of impeccable service.

In every second kitchen, a microwave is used for quick heating of food, it is easy to use and saves a fairly large amount of time. Repair of microwave ovens Samsung, Panasonic, LG and others is easily carried out with your own hands at home, without contacting service centers.

Despite the external complexity of the work, any microwave consists of fairly simple parts: a heating chamber, magnetron, waveguide and winding, which is necessary to power the device. Camera and magnetron are interconnected using a waveguide. In addition, a transformer and its winding are also installed in the furnace. The principle of operation is as follows: when the microwave oven is included in the network, the voltage enters the primary winding of the transformer. Along with this, energy is also brought to the secondary winding responsible for heating the cathode. Both windings are very well isolated.

It should be noted that this device uses a doubling of the voltage, which is why the food heats up at such a speed. For this function, a capacitor is used, to which the straightening diode is parallel. To control the time, a timer on gears is used, which helps to control the duration of heating. A special temperature sensor has a similar function.

Given that this device is an increased source of danger, it built a whole system that is responsible for the safety of use. This includes the phase and power protection relay, which stop the microwave oven during voltage surges or open door.

The most frequent problems faced by the owners of microwave furnaces are:

Repair and diagnosis of microwave ovens

Repair divorce

The repair of the floor fan most likely begins from the moment when it begins to rotate poorly or does not rotate at all. Over, it is quite difficult to make a floor fan repair. Removing the blades and a protective casing from the floor fan is quite simple:

As a result, one plastic case will remain from above:

View of the fan in a plastic case

Next, you need to unscrew the screw in the center of the case:

does, work

Removing the central screw on the floor of the floor fan

In the lever of turning on the blowing mode in the sector, you also need to unscrew the screw and then pull it up vertically upward:

After removing the plastic case, it is necessary to clean the fan from dirt and dust:

In order to get to the back of the fan bearing, it is necessary to unscrew the screws on top of the gearbox:

Unscrewing the screws on the gearbox cover

When removing the lid, it is better to make sure that the shaft remains fixed balls:

View of the fixed shaft in the gear lid

does, work

The shaft is fixed with two balls and a spring, if it is pulled out, then they can fly in different directions:

After removing the lid, access to the fan shaft and its rear bearing open:

View of the fan shaft under the gear lid

Now from the oil oil, you can grease the rear bearing of the fan electric motor:

The lubrication of the rear fan bearing

The front bearing of the electric motor is also lubricated in the same way:

Lubrication of the anterior bearing of the floor fan

After lubrication, the fan electric motor usually immediately starts to rotate easily. The tight rotation is determined primarily by the long motionlessness of the shaft, especially in the winter period.

The sliding bearing includes a felt insert, which over time is closed and ceases to maintain lubricating properties. To replace it, you will have to completely disassemble the fan.

Nevertheless, after lubrication, you can check the fan operation until the end of its assembly:

Installation of the floor fan must be done in the reverse order. Similar information is in the article DIY Fan Repair

To promote the fan, you need to try well. Therefore, try in advance, then your effort will occur in comfortable conditions.

It doesn’t work at all

Faulty fork or fuse

Check the correctness of connecting the fork and replace the burned fuse. If the fuse blocks again when the fork is included in the outlet, give the device to the workshop.

Lack of food

If other devices stopped working in the same circuit, look on the shield by a blown.Out fuse or a trained assault rifle or RCD

Cliff in the cord

Call the cord by a tester. If the cord is attached with screws, then replacing it with new ones will be quite simple.

Bad contact

Check the reliability of the contact of internal electrical installation and tighten all the ground joints. Check the reliability of the grounding.

Faulty switch

Check and, if necessary, replace.

Faulty electric motor

Even if you can purchase a spare electric motor, it will apparently cost almost as much as a new fan.

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