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What to do if the air conditioner is flowing? How to deal with the fact that water is dripping from the air conditioner?

First you should clarify. Where, when and why water appears in the air conditioner. Everything is simple. It is condensation, the product of the transformation of the water vapor contained in the air, into a liquid state when it is cooling.

Thus, the higher the level of air humidity, the more condensate (water) will appear in the air conditioner. For example, even the smallest in power of a household air conditioner is able to drain air up to 1 liter per hour. How much specifically in a particular case is the water is impossible to say, it all depends on the humidity of the air, its temperature and of course on the desired mark of the thermometer inside the room.

Automatic diagnostics

Factory marriage, bad installation and incorrect operation- the main reason that the internal parts of the air conditioner fail earlier. In fact, nothing can be done with factory marriage, in other 2 cases there is a chance to improve.

Inscriptions on the screen and flickering of lights will help to find out that certain difficulties have appeared.

In the air conditioning, they usually say about the breakdowns of the subsequent disposition:

  • Broken thermoresistor, due to which there is no additional temperature control.
  • Obstacle to the running valve.
  • The difficulties of the fan snut.
  • Voltage surges in the external unit.
  • Exceeded characteristics associated with energy consumption.
  • Problems with the cable or scheme due to the exchange of data.
  • Lack of protection against overstated voltage.
  • The work goes immediately to heat and cold.
  • Malfunction in the thermoresistor of the external part.
  • Faulty thermoresistor of the internal part.

The annotation gives a clear definition for those who are interested in deciphering the emerging codes and designations. This allows you to find more harsh what happened specifically.

Samsung Air Conditioners

But not every code has a decoding for users far away. Mostly the masters relating to one or another service center work with the most part.

What is the cause of the “leak” air conditioner in your case?

If the problem began immediately after installation (several days. A week. Month). The problem most likely lies in poor.Quality installation.

  • The slope of the drainage pipeline is not sustained. The slope is set in the ratio of at least 1cm for every 100cm pipeline. At smaller values, the water can be collected, and in the absence of a slope, even stagnate in the pipeline, which will lead to the overflow of the drainage bath of the inner block and water leakage along the wall. Solution: Put the drainage pipeline in compliance with the required slope.
  • The drainage hose was unfastened. The drainage pipeline has a joint with a bath, which can simply jump off / disintegrate. In this case, water simply flows from the air conditioner to the room. Solution: This problem is quickly eliminated by the restoration of the integrity of the drainage system.
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At the end of the installation, it is important to make sure that the system is sealed and the water flows out freely. This is usually always checked by installers by spilling 1-2 liters of water through air conditioning.

If your air conditioner flowed at once, or in a short time, after installing It is necessary to contact the installation organization and report the problem that has arisen. If the installation organization respects its customers and monitors the reputation, the deadlines for eliminating “jambs” of 1-2 working days.

Cheap installation is more expensive

It is also the reason that water is running in the apartment or in the room, and not on the street, may be elementary low.Quality, but also inexpensive installation. The following factors are often distinguished here:

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samsung, conditioner, apartment
  • The hole was drunk on a quick hand straight, and not at a slight angle, as it should be (then the water, of course, flows out into the street, and not in the room).
  • The drainage tube may be spoiled due to the use of low-quality materials or simple work in the hurry.
  • Poor Valtsovka, which is why Freon was drunk, and, as mentioned above, the heat exchanger fumes. As a result, the flowing water flows, the ice falls when the air conditioner turns off.
  • . Because of this, condensate is collected and starts to flow.

So cheap installation is more expensive, because the customer will pay first for poor.Quality installation, and then. For eliminating his consequences. And in many cases, the installation has to start again, and as a result, the client will pay two, or even three times more expensive! Conclusion. Trust the installation of the air conditioner only to specialists from reliable companies to avoid the above problems.

So we examined the main reasons why the air conditioner flows in the room, as well as ways to eliminate a malfunction with your own hands. We hope now you know why the water begins to drip and what to do in this case!

samsung, conditioner, apartment

We clean the pipes?

Often the reason that the condensate flows from the air conditioner is a clogged drainage tube. On the eye it can be determined simply.

Turn off the air conditioner and open the lid. If the tray does not have a large amount of dirt, and the pipe is in normal condition, the water should go into the drain. If the water is in the container, then the drainage is clogged. You need to “break through” the resulting cork.

To clean the drainage tube, disconnect it from the container. Just do not forget to substitute a bucket or a basin, otherwise all the water from the tray will be on the floor and walls You need a regular electric cable to clean the drainage of drainage. It should be soft so that it can be bent with a slight effort.

Insert the end of the cable into the drain pipe and enter it until you feel that he rested in something. Congratulations, you found a cork! Now it needs to be pierced. To do this, “knock” on the traffic, until the cable passes further. But that is not all!

Most likely, you made only a small hole in the blockage. Remove the wire completely and wrap its end with a fabric. It is advisable to fix it with adhesive tape or island. Soak the fabric with a detergent and carefully clean the drainage tube.

Reasons for the leakage of the split systems

The hotter the summer, the more intense the condensate is formed. In a perfectly working system, he quickly flows from the ribs of the radiator, and immediately goes beyond the hull (to the street or to the sewer).

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Back to the description of the work of the split system. Using the fan turbine, the air from the room passes through the ribs of the radiator, the internal case works like a vacuum cleaner. Everything that is in the “atmosphere” is delayed inward, and settles on a wet radiator. After a short time, it is growing with flakes of dirt.

Not only does this cause an unpleasant odor, these “rags” do not allow condensate to drain

Pieces of dirt fall into the bath and clog the drainage tube. As a result, your air conditioner flows along the wall of the room.

  • The reason we go along the chain: dust in the air, sticking dirt on the radiator, condensation delay, freezing, snow formation The grate is clogged for air passage, the system gets out of the mode, the uncontrolled process begins. Suffling water flows down the walls of the case, drips on the walls and floor. In addition, this piece of ice can break the fan turbine and the case.
  • The cause of the mud is clogged with the receiving hole of the drainage tube. It is not necessary to wait for snow sticking: water is assembled in the bath (naturally), then just pours over the edge. The warmer in the room. The more intense condensate, and the probability of the flood.
  • The reason for the strain in the street part of the drainage tube. Insects often crawl into this hole: bugs, bees, wasps. Most often, to just drink water, sometimes for the construction of a nest. If Juke gets stuck in the tube, the cork is formed. As a result, the water does not leave, and then you know.
  • The reason is the plastic tube that removes water from the wall of the house could bend from the heat, and block the free flow of liquid.
  • The reason is the mechanical breakdown of the tube. With constant contact with water (plus thermal contrast), plastic may crack. A banal leak is formed. In addition, the internal drainage tube is somehow connected to the external hose.The joint is not always sealed, or over time lost strength.

What is the conclusion? If the air conditioner is flowing, the reason is most likely in pollution. Cleanliness is the key to health, not only yours. But also air conditioning.

Air conditioning is dripping due to violations of operation rules

At least half of the failures in the operation of climatic devices are due to the fact that their users have never read the manufacturer’s instructions. The simple rules below will tell you how to ensure the long and reliable work of your split system:

Follow the cleanliness of the filters in the inner block. If they are clogged with dust and dirt, the system begins to “suck” the air from the drainage track. This can be one of the reasons why the air conditioner flows.

Sometimes the reason that the air conditioner has drunk is associated with improper operation of the split system

Requirements for the installation of drainage pipes

Air conditioners do not recommend the use of corrugation condensate for electrical wiring, garden hoses in the highways. The route of the condensate removal of the condensation should not have bends and sharp turns.

Special smooth and corrugated pipes for condensation is necessary for the necessary strength. They are made of polyethylene, polystyrene, metal.Plastic.

The parameters of the drainage line are as follows:

  • Horizontal areas have a slope of about 3%, in corners the maximum allowable angle up to 45O;
  • The standard internal diameter of the pipes is usually 16 mm, the hoses cannot be inserted into each other;
  • Dense connection of the hose to the block of the split system provides wick-adapter.
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At the bottom of the case of the external unit of the air conditioner there is a special hole for joining a flexible drainage pipe.

Errors during the installation of the drainage line cost the owner of the air conditioner. Incorrectly equipped drainage from split systems can cause flooding of the basement and lower floors of the house

For laying the connecting cables and the condensate removal hose between the outer and internal blocks of the split systems in the wall breaks the hole. It must be done with a slope towards the street. Even with a diagram with forced liquid removal. After all, the pump can fail and for some time moisture will be removed by gravity.

Experts advise

Here are a few more Комментарии и мнения владельцев and tips of professionals who are engaged in installing, establishing, and repairing cooling devices. Generally the most common reason that the air conditioner flows, they call clogging of drainage capacity. If you neglect its service cleaning, then in the end it will clog. Mud, wasps, spiders, and other insects get into the pipe. The question often arises. What insects do inside the tube? They, like all living in summer, are attracted by water. Some even settled there. Inventive owners of air conditioners, it happens, put on a mosquito net at the end of the tube, but it also clogs over time.

Since the diameter of the hole of the drainage tube is about 1 cm, and it is clogged, when the split system operation, the water drips through the inner block into the apartment, not through the tube to the street. It is better to entrust the solution of the problem of cleaning to specialists. After disconnecting the air conditioner and after washing it, the problem will be completely eliminated, the drainage system is cleaned.

Often in the fact that water is dripping from the body, an independent human factor is to blame. So, during the repair, it happens that it must be rearranged a little higher, lower, or to the side (especially when the repair concerns the ceilings in the room). In this case, if this is done without the participation of specialists, the angle of inclination of the drainage may change, and the water does not flows outside, as it should, but drips to the room. Here you can not do without the participation of the working service, t. To. It is necessary to drill a new hole and shift the communication. In addition, during the currently popular high.Altitude insulation work, industrial climbers, as the experience testifies, can smear the drainage with putty (if the neighbors are dripping from above), and bend up the end of the drainage tube. Here, of course, in order to eliminate the leak, you need to redo the intervention of negligent workers.

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