Replacing a dual -circuit boiler with a floor

How to replace a gas boiler with a new

When operating the boiler, its power, the level of efficiency is gradually reduced. The equipment is obsolete and no longer complies with modern standards.

The most common reasons for the replacement of technology:

  • The performance of the boiler is no longer satisfied. If you made an extension or connected additional devices (for example, a boiler) to the contour, then the old unit may not pull the load.
  • Inappropriate functionality. Installation of a double.Circuit device instead of a single.Circuit allows not only to heat the room, but also to use hot water supply (DHW).
  • Issues of rationality. Standard boilers consume a lot of gas. But more modern, condensation devices use not only gas, but also steam. This approach increases the efficiency by 110%.
  • Wear or breakdown of technology.

Therefore, if your old AOGV works “on the last breath”, if the cost of maintenance is equated with the purchase of a new device, then replacement is simply necessary.

  • With a closed combustion chamber. This is a safer variety, because the burner is closed from external influence. Discharging of smoke occurs thanks to the fan. The connected coaxial chimney contains two tubes through which air enters and burning is removed. Require connection to the network.
  • With an open camera. Open burner requires air intake from the room to maintain flame. Good ventilation and connection to a smoke.Haired shaft are needed.

Which will definitely affect the choice of a new boiler

When changing the boiler, you probably will not touch other parts of the heating system. These are excessive expenses if everything works. And certainly the least you will want to change the chimney (almost nothing to break there, and the cost of the new will hit hard). Therefore, it is the boiler that must correspond to the chimney, and not vice versa.

According to the fire requirements and requirements of gas services, the chimney cannot be used.

The diameter of the chimney shaft should be no less than the outlet from the boiler.

Boiler room reconstruction: the choice of a boiler for an existing chimney.

It should be such as not to exceed the gas consumption permitted for your home ownership.

Frequent situation: the homeowner builds a new room. For example, a gazebo. Wants to make it heated, so he looks after a more powerful boiler. In most cases, he will have to stay at the same power, because:

replacing, dual, circuit, boiler, floor
  • The power of the heating boiler installed in your house is most likely selected based on the permitted consumption;
  • In order to increase the permitted capacity, you need to contact a resource.Supplying organization, and not the fact that they will approve of this.

How to increase the permitted power? Contact the organization providing a resource. For example, “Mosoblgaz”. Permission can be given. If it is justified. But even if you have a sufficient area and the right number of family members, they can refuse. For example, because the load on the fishing line for the gas pipeline trimmer is already maximum.

Is it worth clarifying the permitted power, if not sure / bought a house with already installed heating? Yes. Permitted power (more precisely. The maximum volume consumed per month) is indicated in the technical conditions for connecting the house to gas supply networks. If there is no document, request information in a resource.Supplying organization. The former owner of the house could well exceed the permitted power of the boiler.

What will happen if the permitted power is exceeded? A) the boiler may not reach the given power. A real case: the consumer installed 100 kW on the boiler instead of 50 permitted, and he worked for 50 kW anyway. There was simply not enough gas. B) you will need to replace the boiler within a month. The next sanction is the gas supply shutdown.

Ways of drift (architecture): Is it possible to bring a new boiler?

You must be sure that the boiler you have chosen can be transported to the installation site.

  • Doorways, rooms and corridors should be quite wide/high;
  • The surface of the floor along the drift route should be even, durable and with good clutch;
  • The angles of inclination of the stairs should not be too steep.

Replacing a gas boiler in a private house

What do you think should be done in the first place if you need a replacement of a gas boiler? No, do not remove the old one, but drain the water from heating communication. Because if the liquid does not drain in advance, then it will be on the floor, which is not the desired result. After dismantling unnecessary equipment, you can install new equipment.

Quite often, replacing the boiler in a private house is accompanied by washing the entire heating system. This can serve as excellent prevention to various deposits on the inner surface of the pipes. In addition, it is advisable to perform these actions when replacing boilers to comply with all the rules. When installing new equipment, it is also advisable to install a special device that allows you to go out air, which could accumulate in heating communication.

Rules for replacing a heating gas boiler

When the heating boiler is replaced, it is worth strictly observing all the rules. Otherwise, the consequences may be the most serious. To do this, calculate the volume of liquid in the heating system and only then purchase expansion tanks.

In some cases, it may be necessary to install any additional equipment, for example, the same expansion tank. Then it will be installed on a pipe with reverse water. Better. Not far from the boiler unit.

What is important in replacing gas boilers of a country house

As a rule, replacing gas boilers involves replacing the chimney. Chimneys usually have a ventilation channel and a smoke channel. When replacing chimneys, these channels must be changed. The price of replacing the chimney largely affects the final cost of replacing the boiler in the room.

Replacing chimney channels is necessary for better work of boiler equipment. After all, the ventilation channel has large sizes, which means that when they change their places, the boiler will work better.

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Replacing a gas boiler in a cottage: Documents

The correct replacement of the boiler also implies the design of the necessary package of documents. The technical documentation must indicate that the new unit does not exceed the old equipment in terms of power. All issues with documents will help you solve our competent specialists.

In addition, you need to write a statement in the corresponding management that the replacement and installation of gas equipment in the house will be replaced and installed. In addition, a package of documents should contain a permit for replacement, receipts on payment and a project to install new equipment.

How much does a gas boiler be replaced

If you want to know a specific amount of how much the replacement of the gas boiler costs, then we cannot say this definitely. The fact is that in different regions the price is different. The project itself also greatly affects. Reinstalling scheme, equipment, the need to install additional units. All this can increase the cost of replacing equipment.

The exact cost of replacing a gas boiler will become known only while collecting the necessary documents. After all, the fee for reinstallation is formed on the basis of the project and all the necessary components to the main equipment.

How to replace a gas boiler in a private house?

Dear customers, if you do not know how much it costs and how to replace a gas boiler in a private or country house. We perform both the dismantling of boiler houses and installation of boilers in a house of any type. We provide a guarantee for all types of work.

Our experts will help replace the boiler quickly, efficiently and for a reasonable fee. Entrust the connection of heating boilers to our first.Class craftsmen, and you will not regret. If necessary, we will equip an autonomous turnkey boiler room for any fuel.

The main stages of approval of the installation

The installation of gas boilers should be carried out by specialized organizations. If the user decided to change the boiler to a similar model, which was previously registered under the technical conditions of gas supply, he will not have problems with the preparation of permits. If this is a more powerful unit, he needs to get new documents to launch boiler equipment into the work.

Usually this process takes from two weeks to three months, but often many users cannot cope with the bureaucratic wire, rightly calling it “three circles of hell”. Recently, practice has been widespread when a specialized organization for the replacement of the boiler is also entrusted with the work on the execution of permits, which makes life easier for the customer and does not lead to a significant increase in the cost of the project.

The basic norms and the rules that are guided by the replacement of the boiler unit in domestic conditions are enshrined in Snipovs on gas supply, heating, hot water supply and safe operation of Nono 42-01-02, 31-02-2001, 2 boilers, 2.04.08-87, 41-01-2003, 21-01-97, 2.04.01-85.

  • Obtaining technical conditions in the gas service of the city.
  • Development of the installation project: Scheme of installation and laying of the gas pipeline of the rush to gas networks with a layout of internal gas networks around the user and determination of costs, how much it will cost to change the unit.
  • Coordination of the project with local authorities, the architectural department, Gorgaz and organizations by the owners of engineering networks: water, sewage and power networks.

A package of documents for the gas inspection:

  • Project;
  • Vehicle passport of a gas boiler unit;
  • Factory instructions for its operation and electrical connection diagrams;
  • Certificates of compliance with state standards presented by the manufacturer of equipment when buying a boiler.

Note! In case of refusal, the organization must indicate a clear reason and list of requirements for changing the project. The unauthorized project for the reconstruction of a gas boiler is prohibited at the legislative level, since it can create a threat to a large number of people

Replacing the heating boiler

The heat exchanger of the floor steel boiler Ishma burned out? Constant overheating of the gas boiler Baxi Slim? Beretta’s wall gas double.Circuit boiler for 7 years, and in the well a bad hard water and you changed the secondary heat exchanger more than once? What to do in such cases?

You should not think, with us you get full technical support and bringing heating to an absolute working condition, and the team of the masters of our service center is always ready to replace the heating devices. Emergency service of the service.

It is convenient and profitable to order the repair of a gas heater at the beginning of the manifestation of any causes, without resorting to an emergency change of the device. Always consult a specialist to avoid unnecessary and premature costs.

Diagnostics and repair of an old or faulty boiler does not always end with replacement, but during the replacement of the heater, the money spent on the call of the master and the technical inspection always remain with the customer, if you really need to change the boiler.

Please be guided by the recommendations of our service engineers for proper investment when deciding to replace the heating boiler in your house.

In Moscow and the Moscow region there are a huge number of companies that offer heating boilers for sale. There is an opinion that you can buy a boiler unit and install it, such as a refrigerator or microwave.

Not everything that is easily bought is also easy to install. Heating boilers are no exception. Further perennial work, comfort, uninterrupted heat and preparation of hot water depends on the correct installation and commissioning.

How to Repair a Motorised Central Heating Valve

The replacement of the boiler with a gaseous fuel occurs quickly, efficiently in compliance with all the norms and rules of the gas farm. Replacing the boiler in a private house without changing a gas project is possible.

We transfer boilers to gas, which worked on diesel fuel before replacement, if it is accurate, the boiler of the heating boiler is changing or reconfigurations. We draw up and make approval of permission to replace the gas boiler subject to the normative procedure.

Replacements of heating boilers are made in country houses, apartments, and buildings of enterprises. You do not need to think where to start a change of gas heating unit, trust all technical operations to the professionals of our engineering service.

In accordance with all norms and rules, the responsibility for the working, as well as the constantly serviceable condition of the entire gas equipment lies with a specialized organization. With this company you have an agreement (VDGO) and in any case it is carried out at 100%.

We bring to the correct procedure for the execution of documents during the unauthorized replacement of the gas boiler. Replacing old Russian gas boilers AOGV, Ishma, KCM, Don, Neva, Siberia on new similar devices are made out of turn. We minimize financial costs and documentary approval in the technical services of the city.

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Guaranteed delivery of Russian gas heating equipment for residential buildings, buildings during a replacement of a boiler operating on a gaseous fuel.

We reconnect for residents of the Moscow region and adjacent regions gas boilers of ZhMZ Zhukovsky Mechanical Plant.

Tested by time, owners of excellent reviews and operating for decades without repairs, gas heater, and today two.Circuit models.

Urgent change of boiler equipment in a residential building

The change of heating boiler must be carried out in a timely manner without rush with a good mood, which will save you strength and money in any case.

Replacing the gas heating boiler of a top.Top private house in some cases occurs suddenly during good frosts, when the heating apparatus operates in the maximum temperature mode.

A rare case when owners of private houses keep registration of gas heating devices, order diagnostics and plan to replace the heating technique in advance.

Interested in the cost of work and the cost of a similar boiler, the rules for replacing a gas boiler and the rules for drawing up documents for competent confirmation of the re.Equipment of a gas boiler room. Therefore, very often the change of heating equipment of the cottage occurs urgently or very urgently.

So it is better to do it with your own hands during the re.Equipment of a gas heater in the cottage, and what to give better to the service center of a specialized organization in your area of ​​the Moscow region or (New Moscow).

Questions are often rested in the comprehensive cost of replacing a gas.Gunner, so many owners of suburban real estate try to replace a household boiler with their own hands. This is not always saving family money, so many users mix specialized equipment with household appliances.

Is it worth inventing a bicycle? How much effort, time and finance will go on an independent replacement of the boiler, will it be possible to launch it at all? This is especially true of the option when a floor gas boiler is replaced with a wall.Circuit gas apparatus of foreign production. With all the ensuing legal consequences and technical nuances you will have to meet

In the end, all questions will have to be answered independently and only correctly, and this event will take so much time that it is better to contact the service specialists.

The answers to all these questions are known to professionals who briefly and clearly determine the essence of the problem and the procedure for further actions in the emergency replacement of the heating boiler in private household.

We have been working for a long time for the Moscow region for individuals and legal entities for the implementation of installation and commissioning work for boiler units in various forms of fuel, including diesel fuel and liquefied gas.

In the Moscow region, there are 7 technical departments of the service center for maintenance of heating under subscriber agreements.

We note a special case. The manifestation of a serious breakdown in a gas boiler after the purchase and installation of the device in a defective form on your own.

Here you need to follow all the rules under the guarantee of the gas device and clarify the replacement options in the warranty service center, where you will politely ask for a warranty ticket certified by the seal of a specialized organization and the painting of the service engineer who made the installation and commissioning of the boiler. The launching work of a gas boiler is a mandatory event subject to a guarantee and further maintenance.

Replacement of floor gas AOGV with a wall boiler

Change or not change the old aogv to a new wall boiler?

A full range of works when replacing a heating boiler operating on a gaseous fuel (natural or liquefied gas).

The engineering company takes technical measures related to the change of floor water heater AOGV (AKGV) to the gas boiler of the wall.Mounted installation option operating for heating and DOS of a private house.

A package of documents for the local gas farm trust, the commissioning of the apparatus, the annual agreement for maintenance of the gas boiler of the Russian and imported manufacturer.

Under the contract of gas equipment urgently and around the clock

The technical heating center offers two options for replacing the old AGV with a maximum resource of operation in a private house:

  • Replacement with a modern floor gas.Dependent dual.Circuit (single.Circuit) AOGV boiler with Italian or German automation of management and security.
  • Replacing a dual.Circuit wall.Up boiler of German or South Korean production for our recommendations and further maintenance.

Each of the proposed options is quite practical so that after installing the boiler and start.Up work, issue a maintenance contract, and come to the next service in a year! You are welcome!

In order to understand this question, you do not need to study reviews in not quite professional forums of AOGV owners or hanging boilers on gas. In your situation, analyze all the advantages and deficits during operation, both a wall.Circuit gas boiler and a household gas heating apparatus, abbreviated decoding “AOGV”.

replacing, dual, circuit, boiler, floor

AOGV is the best gas boiler for the Russian consumer today. Service engineers of our enterprise recommend Zhukovsky AOGV (AKGV), perfectly adapted for local Russian operating conditions of heating equipment.

Sometimes that many users of gas hot water boilers know, a power.Dependent heating gas.Apparatus is indispensable in many areas of the Moscow Region, where private houses are located in garden partnerships and in the villages remote from the center.

Sale and delivery, installation and commissioning, then repair of floor gas devices AOGV. There is the most perfect technical support for heating for a private user in the Moscow region and New Moscow.

AKGV is one of the simplest double-circuit gas apparatuses, but thereby, having excellent quality of the design and the long term of the working condition without breakdowns when used in private houses and in boiler rooms of commercial enterprises of communal services of the population. Starting from 2012-2013, there was a tendency to increase the installations of modern AOGV (AKGV) in suburban cottages of the Moscow region, where the heated area of ​​the premises is 200-300 and more square meters.

When installing, branded automatic equipment is used by electronics, and control is separated by the contours of heating of a residential building and preparing hot water for household needs.

The AOGV boiler device is made by Russian factories, say, Zhukovsky, Saratov, Ulyanovsk, Lipetsk or Rostov manufacturers (Taganrog, Rostov-on-Don) for many years, the AGV has been successful in modernization and a high reputation for heating gas equipment in the Russian Federation Federations, which confirms the huge army of consumers of this heating.

For many years, AOGV has a unique maintainability, these boilers are perfectly supplied with spare parts and details for maintenance. In turn, the maintenance of boilers and repair are simple operations, but they require special preparation of technical staff, without which the most advanced master will not cope with the elimination of elementary problems with the launch of the main burner.

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Urgent AGV repair always cost the owner inexpensively if the unit has worked without service 15-20 years.

AOGV gas.Free gas boilers differ in power and are able to heed any residential building (11.6 kW; 17.4 kW; 23.2 kW; 29 kW), which can solve the problems not only heating, but also prepare the hot water of the cottage or cottage.

Given the spare power of gas. The boiler when replacing, if it is planned to install a hot water boiler (indirect heating of technical water) from the heater, it is worth consulting in advance in a specialized organization or in the vocabulary of Mosoblgaz in your area.

Manufacturers, in particular ZhMZ (Zhukovsky), a double-circuit boiler equipment, for example, AKGV-23.2-3-universal, is produced; AKGV-29-3-UNIVERSAL for heating the rooms of residential buildings (non-residential premises) and for hot water supply (DHW) for parsing points.

With large volumes of heating contours and when the analysis of hot water is large, the cascade connection of boilers during design is the very first method of a professional approach.

replacing, dual, circuit, boiler, floor

An open gas combustion chamber (with a natural smoke exhaust of 136 mm) provides for a chimney channel and an influx of fresh air into the boiler room from the street, which is simply necessary for any heating and gas device. Oxygen. The component when combustion of fuel, including gas.

The automation of the AOGV apparatus of the AOGV apparatus in the boiler’s working kit is mounted imported or Russian, when purchasing it is always possible to choose, but the foreign automation unit works no worse than the Russian.

Both types of AOGV automation are approved by Rostekhnadzor, so safe operation is guaranteed subject to all the norms and rules of gas farm.

How to Fix One Radiator Not Working. Plumbing Tips

The magnetic gas valve is a guarantor of safety during the operation of a gas boiler, automatic shutdown of gas supply in: the wick fostering; a decrease in gas pressure in the line below the permissible or stopping the supply of gaseous fuel; stopping or the presence of reverse traction in the AOGV chimney; when overheating of the coolant in the heat exchanger AOGV, when the boiler boils.

So, if AOGV has served for many years, but I really want to replace AOGV with a dual.Circuit gas hinged boiler, for example, a baxy moon 3 comfort or Vimman Vitopend 100w, it is worth making a decent and correct decision (for many years).

Replacing AOGV with a wall gas double.Circuit boiler, absolutely comfort!

During the installation work of a new hinged boiler, it is not superfluous to remember about the chimney remaining from AOGV. Here you can use the combustion chamber of the wall boiler open, that is, “into the sky” is one of the factors in minimizing the working circuit of a gas boiler with energy.Dependent electronic automation of the heating device. The electrical connection of the double-circuit boiler is accompanied by a prerequisite-the connection of the current voltage stabilizer, along the limits of the transmitted current recommended by the manufacturer.

How much does a gas boiler replacement cost and gas workers services

The cost of deinstallation, installation, preparation of documents, launching and commissioning is influenced by the conditions of equipment replacement (equivalent or with other parameters. For example more powerful), a model of new equipment and its technical characteristics, region.

In Moscow, specializing companies will be replaced by a served gas boiler in a private house for 10-25 thousand in St. Petersburg for 5-17 thousand for residents of the regions will be from 4.5 to 12 thousand, at the same time, only half of the amount will go directly to dismantle and replace the old boiler, and the rest will have to be given to the gas workers for the connection and the first launch of the boiler.

Important! The preparation of documentation is not always provided for by the contract between the customer and the company, which will replace any gas boiler. We must clarify what is provided for in the list of services so that the procedure is legally.

Installation of new boiler equipment

Condensation equipment

Sometimes under the phrase to replace (change) the boiler hides a whole range of works: transferring pipes with gas, power cables and even arrangement of runoff for the disposal of acid condensate.

The use of a new boiler with old heating requires installation on the reverse pipeline of filtering devices. It is desirable that they turn on the rinse of the grid without disconnecting from the system or a rapidly combined filter cartridge. The transfer of gravitational heating into closed mode determines the mounting of an automatic air valve (AVK) and an expansion tank of a membrane type.

Profile organizations complet the procedure for replacing the boiler with the delivery of the object to the gas supervision organs. In addition, the mandatory stage is the implementation of commissioning measures. The system is filled with a coolant, the functionality of the unit is tested, traction is checked in a smoke pipe. The capacity of the equipment is adapted to heated area.

It is better to entrust the replacement of gas equipment to professional brigades. High.Quality installation. A key to a long period of developing to refuse a new unit.

Carrying out trial launch

The main work on connecting a gas boiler is completed on this. Exclusion. Devices with a closed firebox. For them, it is necessary to connect to the electric network. It is better to do it through a stabilizer.

After which the system can be filled with a coolant. This is done as slowly as possible to replace most of the air present in it. The liquid is pumped until a pressure of 2 atm.

All compounds are carefully checked for possible leaks. After the gas service representative will inspect the connection completed and allow the gas supply, you should also carefully examine all the connections and on this pipeline. They need to be coated with soapy solution and verified in the absence of bubbles. Now you can carry out the first launch of the equipment.

The representative of the gas company that carried out the installation of equipment should conclude a service agreement, according to which the organization undertakes to conduct regular inspections to study the technical condition and repair the unit as necessary.

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