Nou Frost refrigerator with mechanical control

TOP of the best refrigerators: 2022 rating

Refrigerators are large household appliances designed to store finished dishes and food products. In modern realities, you can’t do without a refrigerator. A large range of household appliances with different configurations, sizes, design and pricing policy. Today in the article we will consider our rating of the best refrigerators for the home in 2022.

Any technique has not only positive aspects, but also negative. However, you cannot do without a refrigerator, so you need to choose the most suitable option in each case, taking into account the advantages and disadvantages of a particular model.

The main advantages of using refrigerators:

  • A large range of large household appliances with different technical characteristics and pricing policy. Everyone will be able to choose the most acceptable option for him from the whole variety.
  • Modern models of refrigerators are easy to use. It is enough to install the equipment, include in the outlet, set the optimal operation parameters and all.
  • Most of the models are equipped with thawing evapors, due to which the refrigerator can be washed from the inside no more than 1-2 times a year.
  • Economical energy consumption due to a well-thought-out design. When the door leak is opened, a minimum.
  • Favorable conditions for storing vegetables and fruits, fish and meat, dairy products, eggs, finished dishes.
  • Refrigerators produce different sizes from the most compact to the overall two.Door. The choice will depend on individual preferences, the size of the kitchen and the needs of the family.
  • Long.Term operational period subject to all rules of use.
  • High, for many this amount is tangible.
  • Some models are very susceptible to the changes in electricity, which leads to a breakdown of some details.
  • After time, it may take a refueling by freon. A refrigerant.

What to look for when choosing a good refrigerator?

Turquoise 820NF

Opens our rating of a two.Chamber refrigerator of the Russian brand Biryusa. 820NF. Buyers will pay from 35,000 for this model. The refrigerator has good technical indicators, is equipped with a convenient system for defrosting the freezer and refrigerating chamber No Frost. The warranty from the manufacturer. 3 years.

Outwardly the refrigerator has a laconic style. The color of the case is white. The shelves are made of shockproof glass. Bright LED lighting inside allows you to easily find the necessary product. Dimensional dimensions. 60x175x62.5 cm. Energy consumption class. A (354 kWh/year). There is a “quick defrosting” mode, as well as a multi.Flow air circuit circulation system Air Flow. The latter allows for uniform cooling of products.

The total volume of cameras. 310 liters (freezer. 100 l, refrigerator. 210 l). If necessary, the doors can be outweighed to any direction. There are 3 shelves inside the refrigerator, 2 of which can be adjusted in height, as well as a convenient drawer with a humidity regulator and a separator in the “freshness zone”. The freezer has three compartments. The kit also includes 3 shelves for bottles and little things that can be placed on 1 out of 5 tiers of the door.

Reviews for the 820NF model for the most part positive. There are some complaints about the noise level and a small sagging of the door in case of overload, which are solved.

  • Good dimensions.
  • Nice design.
  • Uniform cooling of products.
  • Bright backlight.
  • The kit includes a stand for eggs and oil.
  • No Frost system in the freezer and refrigerator chamber.

Samsung RB38T7762SA

Big and practical No Frost Samsung refrigerator. You can choose a kitchen “friend” of different “colors”: graphite, oglings, beige or silver, as in our ranking. Height in any case 203 cm. The design is stylish, modern minimalistic with hidden handles, external control display.

The model has an enlarged SpaceMax volume. 385 useful liters. Of these, 273 are allotted under the refrigerator camera, which, in addition to good capacity, is also very well equipped: LED lighting, Metal Cooling panel, 4 shelves, including folding and embossed wines, 4 s on the door, Optimal Fresh compartment consisting of a pair of containers (Lower with humidity control of Humidity Fresh, upper with 2 temperature zones for fish/meat and fruits/vegetables).

The freezer is rather big. 112 l. Of course, no frost. It has 3 boxes, through the front of which everything is visible, an ice tray. Super.Frustration mode is supported.

  • Highly efficient digital inverter compressor (with 10-year warranty support);
  • Class A energy efficiency, declared noise 35 dB;
  • Multi-flow comprehensive All-Around Cooling cooling;
  • Alarm of the open door, autonomy without power supply. Up to 18 hours;
  • The rear wall closed by the casing (easy to clean).
  • Samsung RB38T7762SA. Silver
  • Samsung RB38T7762S9/RB38T7762B1/RB38T7762el. “Stainless steel”/graphite/beige
  • Samsung RB38T676FSA/RB38T676FEL/RB38T676FWW. Affordable models of the RB7300T series silver/beige/white, energy efficiency A, there is no Metal Cooling plate, noise 37 dB
  • Samsung RB36T674FSA/RB36T674FEL/RB36T674FWW. RB7300T series models with a height of 193.5 cm, net volume 375 (248112) l, energy consumption of class A, no Metal Cooling, 37 dB

Excellent capacity, attractive design. It works perfectly, the zones of freshness are perfectly implemented. The refrigerator is quiet, only during the first turning on at the minimum temperature (according to the recommendations) the engine buzzed, then it was worked out and the sound disappeared.

Mitsubishi Electric MR-CXR46en-PS

Mr-CXR46en-PS is a modern, technological and stylish refrigerator No Frost from one of the most famous Japanese brands. Perhaps the best option for a small or medium family, for which the freshness of products and comfort is prioritized, and not the opportunity to score the freezer to the eyeballs, which is called “in reserve”. Model of standard width 60 cm and 182 cm high. The color of the case is a silver peach (there are other options), the fundamental design is 3-chamber.

The upper refrigerator compartment (useful volume. 199 l) is equipped with a multi.Flow cooling system of Multi Airflow. Contains 4 glass shelves, one of which is adjustable in height. Four baskets are on the door.

Middle Camera (44 L). “Vitamin Factory”. This is a sliding box with controlled humidity and a special LED backing to recreate the effect of photosynthesis and, as a result, prolonged preservation of freshness and beneficial properties of vegetables and fruits.

The freezer compartment is small. 55 liters, but No Frost, for a weekly stock is enough and it is supplemented with an automatic ice agenter with a water capacity (1.1 l).

  • High.Quality inverter compressor (noise level of the refrigerator. 37 dB);
  • Antibacterial internal coating;
  • Active filter of an air deodor;
  • Minus Ion technology, energy consumption of class A;
  • Soft rollers.
  • Mitsubishi Electric MR-CXR46en-W. White
  • Mitsubishi Electric MR-CXR46EN.OB. Black onyx
  • Mitsubishi Electric MR-CXR46en-BRW. Brown metallic
  • Mitsubishi Electric Mr-CXR46en-SST. Stainless steel
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Great refrigerator No Frost for typical urban residents. I like ice generator. We practically do not buy meat in large pieces, because a large freezer is not needed. For everyday needs there are enough vitamin box.

Liebherr CN 4835

No frost refrigerator from a solid German brand produced directly in Germany. Height. 201 cm. The design is quite traditional. Handles are not “drowned”, but not very protruding, equipped with built.In pushers. There is no external display, there is one that hid under the door. Sensory 2.4.

Useful liter of Liebherr CN 4835. 361. The share of the refrigerator. 260. Thawing system-automatic, cooling-circulation-car. Shelves. High.Strength Glassline in the amount of 5 pcs plus metal bottle. The bottom compartment for vegetables/fruits Bio Cool is equipped with a humidity regulator. A bright LED block is responsible for lighting.


Frost department. 101 l. Works on the system No Frost. Inside 3 sliding boxes with a transparent front, which can easily be extracted to accommodate large products.

  • Class A energy efficiency;
  • Dual Cooling double.Circuit cooling system;
  • Automatic Supersool and Superfrost Functions, alert of loosely closed doors;
  • Small working noise. 38 dB;
  • Good branded guarantee. 2 years, Made in Germany.
  • Liebherr CN 4835. White
  • Liebherr CNBS 4835/CNEF 4835. Versions in the color of Blacksteel/”Stainless”
  • Liebherr CBN 4835/ CBNBS 4835/ CBNEF 4835. Expensive white/black/stainless versions with a double zone (“dry” and “wet”) freshness Bio Fresh, quiet work (34 dB)

Real German “chill”. Made really high quality, thoroughly and soundly. It doesn’t make noise particularly. The capacity is completely satisfied, and No Frost eliminates straining duties on defrosting. I really like this model.

Bosch KGN39AW32R

Further in our ranking, a modern and stylish refrigerator No Frost from the famous manufacturer from Germany. Assembly. Russia. The facade design is white enamel, the door and beautiful sensory LCD control display are on the door.

No Frost Ноу Фрост устройство принципиальная схема. Ремонт холодильника. Курсы холодильщиков

Why is the refrigerator noise? The dependence of the noise level on the cooling system

Compressor refrigerators

The greatest demand among buyers with average income (at 25-30 thousand. Rubles) use two.Chamber separate refrigerators with a compressor type of cooling. Due to such a device as a compressor, our products remain fresh.

To make it clearer, the principal cooling scheme is based on the physical properties of the refrigerant. In a gaseous state, Freon, passing through the evaporator, absorbs heat from the working chamber. Further, the compressor driven by the electric motor pumps heated pairs to the capacitor, where they are cooling to room temperature and the transformation into the liquid. Then a filter-dryer, a capillary tube. There, at low pressure, the refrigerant boils, turns into gas again, enters the evaporator. And so in a circle.

So, the work of the compressor, the relay when turning on/off, the process of moving the freon from one aggregate state to another is impossible without some sound support. Hence the simple, but obvious conclusion. There are no completely silent compressor refrigerators!

Total No Frost system: you can’t do without a fan noise

There is another key point that you just need to mention. In many modern refrigerators, the No Frost system operates. It is good that you will not have to defrost the fridge or freezer on your own. Which is very relevant in our bustling world, when a person seeks to a maximum saving his time. No Frost provides cold air circulation throughout the refrigerator and removes moisture outside the chambers. As a result, the condensate does not settle on the walls, which means that the hoar. Convenient, is it not true? Only now the whole process occurs due to the operation of a special fan, which definitely makes some kind of sound.

How to choose a refrigerator with the No Frost system?

When choosing any refrigerator (previously we already wrote detailed instructions on how to choose a refrigerator) we should pay attention to its volume, dimensions, number of cameras, various useful functions, power and noise, as well as price.

It should be noted right away that the refrigerators of the know.Frost operate louder than other models, this is due to the fact that these devices have a built.In fan that spreads the cooled air through the chambers.

When choosing a refrigerator with the No Frost system, you should pay attention to the following criteria:

  • The number and volume of cameras. You should choose for your needs and dimensions of the kitchen. The number of cameras can be from 1 to 5.
  • Energy consumption class. It is recommended to buy models with a class not lower than a.
  • Climate class. It is recommended to choose models with marking SN, ST.
  • Power. The norm of frost should be at least 10 kg per day.
  • Additional functions. Such as super.Commerce, protection against children, “On vacation” mode, freshness zone, ice generator and so on.
  • Noise. As described above, the refrigerators of No Frost are not quiet in themselves, but it is better to adhere to the noise level up to 70 dB.
  • Price. Even budget refrigerators with the No Frost system are more expensive than other models without these technologies. Therefore, it is recommended to plan a budget, or read our rating of the best budget refrigerators.

Rating of the best refrigerators with the know.Frost system

Two.Chamber refrigerators. No frost

The total volume of the refrigerator. Volume taking into account the shelves and other internal equipment (protrusions, panels, etc.D.).

Useful volume of the refrigerator. The total internal volume of all departments suitable for storing products.

The total volume of the refrigerator. Volume taking into account the shelves and other internal equipment (the value is given taking into account the freshness zone if any).

Useful volume of the refrigeration chamber. The volume is deducted by shelves and other internal equipment suitable for storing products (the value is given taking into account the freshness zone if any).

The total volume of the freezer. Volume of shelves and other internal equipment.

Useful volume of freezer. Volume of shelves and other internal equipment suitable for storing products.

The total volume of the refrigerator. Volume taking into account the shelves and other internal equipment (protrusions, panels, etc.D.).

Useful volume of the refrigerator. The total internal volume of all departments suitable for storing products.

The total volume of the refrigerator. Volume taking into account the shelves and other internal equipment (the value is given taking into account the freshness zone if any).

Useful volume of the refrigeration chamber. The volume is deducted by shelves and other internal equipment suitable for storing products (the value is given taking into account the freshness zone if any).

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The total volume of the freezer. Volume of shelves and other internal equipment.

Useful volume of freezer. Volume of shelves and other internal equipment suitable for storing products.

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Manufacturers of large household appliances strive to give their potential customers the maximum possibilities in everyday use of refrigerators. A variety of technical innovations and modern operating modes that take into account the requirements of each group of food, tricky functions of monitoring the microclimate inside the devices, antibacterial coatings to increase storage periods, freshness zones and blowing functions, automatic defrosting systems, as well as inexpensive accessories. Will make daily use The refrigerator is comfortable. And this is only in our hands: after all, we have a wonderful opportunity to choose. Functionality, design, price, climatic class and energy consumption. These are the main parameters by which you need to select a two.Chamber refrigerator. In the Holodilnik online store.RU presents a huge assortment of Russian and foreign brands of household refrigeration equipment: both separately as well as built into kitchen furniture.

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The principle of operation of No Frost technology

The name of the technology, which translates as “without heted”, accurately reflects the peculiarity of the work: in the cells of refrigerators equipped with this system, the slightest layer of ice is not formed.

Refrigerating equipment cooled using No Frost technology is equipped with powerful fans. They stimulate the movement of the air mass inside the chamber, which eliminates the formation of condensate and its subsequent icing

Despite the fact that the first batch of such models was made back in 1967, their mass production was established only a few decades later. The Knou Frost system includes the evaporator, an analogue of the device used in ordinary models. But it is located not inside, but outside the freezer.

For the functioning of the cooling scheme, it is necessary to establish forced movement of air flows. Fans helping the process, which evenly distribute the air along the compartment, directing it towards the evaporator.

Simplified scheme for the distribution of air flows, which is carried out in the main and freezer chamber of the refrigerator equipped with the No Frost system

The condensate settles on the evaporator, which freezes, forming the thinnest layer of ice. But the design of the refrigerator involves an automatic heater; periodically it turns on, turning the ice crust into water.

The liquid flows into a special pallet provided under the compressor, after which it evaporates and goes into the air. Thanks to this scheme, when working this type, ice is practically not formed.

Modifications of the cooling system

There are several modifications of cooling systems that are used in designs of different brands. In the descriptions of devices, you can find such designations as Frost Free, Full No Frost, Total No Frost. Initially, this function was used only in freezers, later it began to be used in the working compartment of the refrigerator.

The drip type refrigerators require regular defrosting. Without this, he will be covered with a layer of ice, which not only causes discomfort in use, but can also lead to serious breakdowns

The following designations are currently adopted:

  • Frost Free. The evaporator is only in the freezer;
  • Total No Frost, Full No Frost. The use of special channels to pass chilled air between the freezer and the main chambers;
  • Twin Cooling System. The presence of two independent systems for circulating air flows acting for both the freezer and the refrigeration department.

Some manufacturers can use their own names of the above systems.

Organization of air movement

The distribution of cold is also influenced by the circulation of air flows, which can be carried out in different ways.

In various models of the famous Samsung brand, two technologies are used:

  • Super-X-Flow involves the creation of vortex streams with a screw fan;
  • Air Shower causes vertical air movement, which is considered a particularly effective. According to Air Soul specialists, it allows you to freeze products 1.5-2 times faster than traditional technologies.

Multi Flow. A multi.Level air supply system, which helps stabilize the temperature of the internal compartment, has been widely used. The technology is a combination of No Frost with a drip cooling circuit.

Schemes indicating the difference in air flows circulating during the operation of the cooling systems of Super-X-Flow (image on the left) and Air shower (image on the right) used in the Samsung technique

In this case, the evaporator is outside the camera and is located on the rear wall of the unit. Since the air transfer using a fan is not provided, the ice melts under the influence of room temperature when the compressor is turned off, while the additional heater is not provided.

Pros and cons of technology “without hoarfrost”

Refrigerated units of this type have advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage is a long period of work without defrosting, which greatly simplifies the care. A big plus is also a quick process of cooling products due to continuous circulation of air flows.

In the refrigerator and freezer compartments No Frost, a uniform climatic mode is supported. The difference in temperature on individual shelves is 2-3 ° C compared to 6-7 ° C, which are observed in drip-type devices.

frost, refrigerator, mechanical, control

In the Nou Frost devices, it is easier to observe a certain temperature of the internal space, which increases with frequent opening of the doors. Thanks to the fans work, the indicators will be restored much faster.

To achieve the freshness of products in the Knou Frost freezers is quite simple: they must be placed in containers, carefully closed packages or other packages

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Among the disadvantages indicate users and experts, we can note the smaller capacity of the internal space, part of which is allocated for the block responsible for defrosting. As well as slightly greater electricity consumption caused by the operation of the fan. However, this figure is not too large, only 100-150 kW/h per year.

Some users talk about the significant level of noise published by aggregates. However, in the catalogs of authoritative manufacturers, you can always choose a model that works almost soundless.

You can hear complaints about a quick ledge of food. This drawback is manifested with a long shelf life, while in a few days the change in quality is difficult to notice. The disadvantages include increased cost compared to traditional drip models.

Refrigerator defrosting system No Frost

No-Frost-cooling technology with uniform flows of continuously circulating cold air. Such a method excludes temperature changes inside the chamber, which prevents the formation of ice on the walls and ceiling. The condensation formed on the inner surfaces of the refrigerator is also minimized, which reduces the likelihood of drops of water and hoarfrost. The No-Frost system is based on the uniformity and uniformity of the distribution of cold air flows.

This cooling technology is integrated into most refrigerators. Such models do not need defrosting. Freezing is carried out by circulation of chilled air and the removal of excess moisture. As a result, ice is not formed in the freezer, and frozen products are not covered with hoarfrost.

The design allows condensate formation And, as a result, hoarfrost and ice outside the refrigerator. This process occurs on the rear wall of the case or from above. In the place of evaporator. The latter’s work is aimed at blowing air. Periodically, the compressor automatically turns off, the heater starts and the ice melts, entering a special container through the channels, and after evaporating the room in the air.

Advantages of this defrosting system:

TOP-19 of the best refrigerators No Frost of a classic size (60 cm) in price and quality

There are many refrigerators on the market, spreading in dimensions, functionality, type and filling. Our rating is based on sample of thousands of refrigerators of dozens of famous manufacturers, claiming the title of best. For the main criteria, technical specifications, functionality, service life, customer reviews, and also Comfort of operation.


  • Energy consumption: a.
  • Noise: 36 dB.
  • Refrigerator defrosting system: Total No Frost.
  • Freezer defrosting: Total no frost.
  • Total volume: 384 l.
  • Refrigerator volume: 277 l. Net
  • Freezer volume: 107 l. Net
  • Dimensions (ShHHHV): 59,568203 cm.
  • Warranty: 1 year.

The remote control function through the smartphone is integrated into this model by means of LG ThinQ. You can enable express-carbon and expressing large volumes of products. Doors finishing material. High.Quality PCM steel with high mechanical strength and anti.Corrosion stability. The door is equipped with LED display with locking, protection from children and random presses.

Shelves are made of glass. The model saves the temperature inside when disconnected from the power grid 16 hours. Frost power. 12 kg per day. The BIO Shield antibacterial door seal makes the storage of products hygienic and increases their shelf life. The folding shelf increases the useful volume if it is necessary to place high or voluminous dishes.


  • Energy consumption: a.
  • Noise: 38 dB.
  • Refrigerator defrosting system: no frost.
  • Freezing system: no frost.
  • Total volume: 388 l.
  • Refrigerator volume: 280 l.
  • Freezer volume: 108 l.
  • Dimensions (ShHHHV): 6066203 cm.
  • Warranty: 1 year.

This is a model with an electronic touch control system and an outside control unit. Freezer supports the function of super.Commerce. Doors finishing material. Stainless steel. The shelves are made of glass, and door balconies made of plastic.

The refrigerator saves the temperature inside when disconnected from the mains 17 hours. Frost power. 15 kg per day. Antibacterial protection is implemented by Airfresh filter. Additional functions: Main “Vacation”, “Eso”.


  • Energy consumption: a.
  • Noise: 38 dB.
  • Refrigerator defrosting system: no frost.
  • Freezing system: no frost.
  • Total volume: 366 l.
  • Refrigerator volume: 279 l.
  • Freezer volume: 87 l.
  • Dimensions (ShHHHV): 6066203.
  • Warranty: 1 year.

This is a model with an electronic control system. The freezer maintains the function of super.Commerce, and the refrigerator. Superchlorescent. The material of the decoration of redrawn doors. High.Quality stainless steel with protection from prints. The shelves are made of shockproof glass, and door balconies made of plastic. The device saves the temperature inside when disconnected from the electric network for 16 hours.

Frost power. 15 kg per day. Antibacterial protection is represented by a coal filter. Additional functions: “Vacation”, “ECO” mode, product storage calendar.


  • Energy consumption: a.
  • Noise: 39 dB.
  • Refrigerator defrosting system: no frost.
  • Freezing system: no frost.
  • Total volume: 340 l.
  • Refrigerator volume: 221 l.
  • Freezer volume: 119 l.
  • Dimensions (ShHHHV): 6062,5201 cm.
  • Warranty: 2 years.

This is a model with an electronic button control system. The control unit is located inside. The freezer supports the function of super.Commerce, and the refrigerator. Superchlving and forced air circulation.

Doors finishing material. Stainless steel with protection from prints. You can redesign the loops. The shelves are made of shockproof glass, and door balconies made of plastic (4 pcs.).

The device saves the temperature inside when disconnected from the mains 18 hours. Frost power. 11 kg per day. Additional functions: protection against children, independent temperature control and indication of an open door.

  • Energy consumption: a.
  • Noise: 38 dB.
  • Refrigerator defrosting system: nofrost.
  • Freezer defrosting: nofrost.
  • Total volume: 260 l.
  • Refrigerator volume: 189 l.
  • Freezer volume: 71 l.
  • Dimensions (ShHHHV): 5454.5177.2 cm.
  • Warranty: 1 year.

This is a spacious built.In two.Chamber refrigerator with the No Frost system, which prevents the formation of ice and hoarfrost in the freezer compartment, which makes the defrosting rare. Crispzone box regulates air humidity.

The model is integrated in the electronic control system. The shelves are made of shockproof glass. There is a special bottle stand. The door provides for s for storing milk, juice, etc.D. The refrigerator saves the temperature inside when disconnected from the mains 18 hours. Frost power. 3.5 kg per day. Additional options: redundant doors, superchlving.


  • Energy consumption: a.
  • Noise: 40 dB.
  • Refrigerator defrosting system: no frost.
  • Freezing system: no frost.
  • Total volume: 322 l.
  • Refrigerator volume: 247 l.
  • Freezer volume: 75 l.
  • Dimensions (ShHHHV): 6064200 cm.
  • Warranty: 1 year.
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