Noise of the Indesit freezer after defrosting

Why is the freezer noise indesit?

Garbage hit the fan blades. Hissing, howling or gurgling may be a consequence of the rapid movement of the freon in the capillary system. A specific whistle publishes the motor, indicating the breakdown. Capillary tubes clogged or out of order.

Noisey Indesit Fridge/freezer

Most likely, the fan is rustling in the freezer. Sometimes a layer of ice intensifies near the fan. The spinning fan hurts the ice blades, and you hear the creak and noise of the refrigerator with these malfunctions can lead to the failure of the fan motor, and then you also have to change it and it.

Why does the refrigerator are very noisy, what to do?

Not one, even the most expensive, the refrigerator does not work completely soundless. For many units, noise levels of up to 55 dB are allowed, but in modern models this figure is not more than 40 dB.

Freezer Runs All The Time — Freezer Troubleshooting

Sometimes the refrigerator begins to buzz hard after turning on. At the same time, it continues to function regularly, withstanding the optimal temperature regime. In this case, having determined the cause of the noise, this problem can be eliminated independently.

Consider the most common causes of noise:

Incorrect installation of the refrigerator

When installing the refrigerator, it is necessary to check the verticality and horizontal position of its body.

Even with a small distort of the tube in which the freon is located can come into contact with various surfaces and create an unpleasant sound and more so, which will further lead to a leak and failure of the refrigerator.

In addition, one of the legs of the unit during a distort can hang in the air. As a result, due to insufficient support, the case will begin to vibrate and make unpleasant sounds.

Fixing the situation is quite simple. You just need to correctly set the position of the refrigerator, using the building level. After that, check the points of touching the legs to the floor. If the technique is on an uneven floor, the hanging leg will have to be adjusted.

In addition, some models that have the No Frost function are very noisy after transportation (if the refrigerator is improperly transported, in a horizontal position). To avoid this, it is necessary to withstand the unit at rest for 1-2 hours before turning on, for a partial return of the oil to the compressor.

Air lack for normal heat transfer

If the refrigerator is very noisy after rearranging or changing furniture in the room, the cause may be an insufficient amount of air that the capacitor should cool (the grille on the rear wall of the refrigerator or in modern refrigerators side walls). In this case, the unit during work will not only buzz, but also make other extraneous sounds (clicks, knocks).

noise, indesit, freezer, defrosting

Move the equipment from the wall by 15-20 cm.

Remove furniture from the unit, which is too close.

Clean the rear wall of the refrigerator from dust, remove dirt from the pipeline, compressor, capacitor, radiator.

Defrost the refrigerator if there is ice on the evaporator

Weakening of compressor fixation at its landing place.

In most refrigerators, the engine is attached to rubber spacers (gaskets). Their displacement or weakening leads to the contact of the motor with other details, accompanied by a loud hum. The refrigerator is also very noisy if the rubber gaskets under the compressor were torn or crumpled. To get rid of sharp sounds will help replacing springs or gaskets.

When the compressor wear between the compressor parts, gaps appear that adversely affect normal compression. This situation requires compressor replacement. Only a specialist should perform it.

Problems of the evaporator fan

If the refrigerator with the No Frost system is very noisy, most likely these sounds are made by a fan located in the freezer. There are several reasons for this noise:

Drying of lubricant on the bearberry bearings.

Strong ice on the evaporator, which interferes with the rotation of the fan.

Initially, check the amount of lubrication and, if necessary, add it to the bearings. After that, it is necessary to carry out a complete defrosting of the refrigerator. Such a procedure should occupy at least 10 hours.

If, after some time, a layer of ice intensifies near the fan again, then the problem is either the leature of the seal of the refrigerator door or the failure of the heater of the evaporator. In both cases, the unit must be disconnected from the network, and then call a specialist.

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Clogging of the capillary tube

Another reason for the strong noise of the refrigerator is the clogging of its filter and throttle device (capillary tube).

This problem leads to the fact that premature throttle of the refrigerant occurs, but not in the evaporator as expected, but in front of it.

As a result, the evaporator overheats of the refrigerant vapor, which, when absorbed, must cool the compressor windings, but this does not happen. Accordingly, the hum will come precisely from the compressor, and its temperature will be an abnormally high.

To eliminate the blockage or replacing the capillary tube, special equipment is used, so only the master can cope with the problem.

How to defrost the refrigerator of the brand indesite?

To defrost a two.Chamber refrigerator, you must first turn off the power. Then pull out all the products. Leave the door of the refrigerator open and wait until the ice melts. It will take about two hours. It is better that this happens naturally. The use of hair dryers, boiling water can lead to a breakdown requiring expensive repairs. Also, do not roll ice with a knife or any other sharp objects so as not to harm the refrigerator. From the refrigerator with the No-Frost system you just need to pull out products and wait a few hours.

If the refrigerator is two.Compressed, then you can defrost, either the entire refrigerator at once, or cameras in turn. This is convenient in that the problem is disappeared where the products for the period of defrosting. They are simply transferred first to one camera, then to another. Compressor power is turned off in turn.

After the refrigerator is defrosted, it needs to be washed. To do this, it is enough to use a soap solution. You can use special wet wipes. Foods are stored in the refrigerator, so it is better not to use various products for it, the composition of which contains toxic substances. This can harm human health. It is also necessary to clean the hole where the water flows from condensate.

The refrigerator must completely dry completely. Therefore, after washing it should be wiped with a dry towel, and left with an open door until it becomes dry.

When the refrigerator finally dries, you can connect it to nutrition. The refrigerator products should be transferred after some time, when it develops a sufficient amount of cold.

Regular care for the refrigerator will contribute to its longer service life.

Malfunctions Indesite Bia 181 NF

The refrigerator is two.Chamber, with the lower arrangement of the freezer has an energy efficiency class A. Apparatus with one compressor with full know frast in the chambers. On the forums, the model is characterized as reliable. Malfunctions happen, but the masters advise to carefully consider maintenance.

A model with an outer capacitor fixed in the form of a lattice over the motor will last longer if once a year, carefully clean the heat exchanger from the dust and hair of pets.

If the refrigerator is not freezing, malfunctions can be detected:

  • Damage to the network or lack of food.
  • Thermoregulator malfunctions;
  • Freon leak due to the appearance of fistulas in evaporators or tubes with a refrigerant;
  • Traffic jam in the capillary system.
  • The failure of the engine-compressor.

The know.Frost system in both cells is located behind the refrigerator wall. Product cooling occurs by a stream of air, condensate is deposited inside the system. The main feature of the refrigerator malfunction of the air cooling indes is the appearance of ice inside the chamber and an increase in temperature due to a violation of heat exchange.

After completely defrosting the camera with a non.Working fan, it turns out:

If puddles are formed under the refrigerator, you need to check the integrity and serviceability of the condensation system to be removed into the container installed on the compressor.

The appearance of frostbite in the refrigerator with a working fan signaling the violation of the tightness of the chamber. It is necessary to check the fit of the seal, its integrity. Adjust or eliminate sagging door. Choose a more correct mode of operation. Optimal, choose an average setting.

A malfunction of the electric network

With problems with an electric network, a compressor compressor compressor may be a noise source. Most often, this is related to the breakdown of the launcher, which is responsible for the launch of the technique motor. If the rotor flies, the circuit opens, and the re.Launch of the system is postponed for a while. With such a malfunction, the engine operation is accompanied by vibration and roar.

The refrigerator works loudly: the reasons for how to eliminate the noise

It is difficult to imagine the life of a modern person without a refrigerator. This item of large household appliances allows you to save food, stock up on meat or seasonal vegetables and fruits, in order to fully enjoy their taste and useful properties, as well as save time and money for cooking.

Like any electric assistant of a person, the refrigerator requires special care and proper operation for a long service. The frequent problem that the owners of the refrigerators faces is a noise that can have a different cause and be eliminated in a wide variety of ways.

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This article will just help to figure out why the refrigerator works loudly and, most importantly, how to cope with this noise.

The nature of the sound

Not all the sounds that make the refrigerator can be attributed to the problem.

If the refrigeration equipment was produced in the last century, you should not be surprised that its compressor is clearly louder than the permissible level of the noise of modern models (up to 40 dB, although the upper boundary of the acceptable level of the noise of the refrigerator. In total 55 dB).

Of course, if this rumble does not cause much discomfort, and the work of the reliable Atlanta or Biryusa arranges their owners, then it makes no sense to urgently change the refrigerator or freezer for new equipment, but the specialist’s consultation will not hurt.

The situation is quite different with the loud work of modern refrigerators.

After turning off the refrigerator, rattling indicates the likely touch of the tube with the freon of the frame or casing, and such a problem is eliminated by the usual pure of the tube manually.

The noise immediately after turning on the nutrition is a normal phenomenon, but the rumble that does not disappear should talk about the obvious problem that can be solved by understanding the source and nature of the noise:

  • A howl similar to the sound of a snowstorm may appear due to the specific operation of the compressor, sometimes such a noise is complemented by a light vibration of the refrigerator case.
  • The sound of murmuring water. Most often, such a noise occurs while connecting the refrigerator to an electric outlet. And it occurs simply because modern refrigerants are more noisy, unlike old brands.
  • Whistle can occur due to the accumulated Lyad on the blades of the internal fan. This problem refers to refrigerators without the No Frost system and is solved by simple defrosting of the device.
  • Buzzing occurs due to breakdown of the heater of the evaporator in the freezer compartment. The motor buzzes and thunders due to ice.
  • Clicks can indicate problems with the relay, to determine the exact reason you need a specialist. But usually rare clicks simply mean the operation of temperature relay.
  • Monotonous hum. The reason for the noise should be sought in the fan area.
  • Rattling and ringing can occur due to improper installation of the refrigerator, perhaps the device is simply on an uneven surface. And it is worth remembering that it is impossible to install the refrigerator in the immediate vicinity of the batteries of central heating and the open fire source, this can cause a breakdown of equipment!
  • Unusual sounds after closing the refrigerator can indicate overloading equipment with products, as a result, the engine may begin to reduce temperature.
  • The noise that appeared after loading the freon speaks of the excessive loading of the refrigerant.
  • Extraneous sounds can accompany the process of loading the ice generator, which indicates the accumulated mineral deposits inside the valve. Replacing the scored part will solve this problem.

Causes of malfunctions

You can listen to the sounds of a working refrigerator for a long time, but there are a certain series of the most popular malfunctions that are useful to check the buzzing, rattling, howling or whistling unit:

  • Touching the water pallet for the compressor creates additional vibration and noise. A simple extension of the pallet will fix the situation.
  • Uneven surface on which the refrigerator stands. It is very easy to eliminate this problem with your own hand.
  • Weakened fasteners of shock absorbers cause noise and vibration. It is necessary to tighten them, carefully listening to the refrigerator.
  • A noisy compressor itself. The reason is the relatively high pressure of the freon. A specialist consultation is needed here.
  • Transport bolts. A very common cause of noise is the bolts that were simply not removed after installing.
  • A two.Compressor refrigerator is always louder than a one.Compressor model.
  • Compressor wear causes loud noise, which only a specialist or replacement of equipment with a new one can save from.
  • Lack of natural ventilation. The refrigerator cannot be placed close to the walls and furniture, this will cause overheating and overload of the compressor. It is necessary to install it at a distance of 5-10 cm from the walls and surrounding furniture.
  • Freon leak. The absence of cold in equipment is added to the noise, that is, its main function. Only a specialist or buying a new refrigerator will help here.
  • Stress jumps. If the outlet is in good condition, but the supply of electricity is unstable, it is worth connecting the refrigerator to the uninterrupted power source. Yes, it happens that the equipment can simply fail for this reason.
noise, indesit, freezer, defrosting

When noise appears, you should definitely pay attention to the above points in order to try to solve the problem of the loud operation of the refrigerator with your own hands. If the cause was not found out, it is necessary to call a master without delay, who will help eliminate the malfunction.

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Common misconceptions and useless tips

Along with useful recommendations, the Internet is replete with the advice of “professionals”, which, in fact, will not help at all solve the problem. These recommendations include the following myths:

  • The refrigerator needs time to freeze, then there will be no noise! No need to wait for a muffled closet to no longer make noise on its own. This is a council from the category: maybe it will pass by itself. It will not pass, but it can only become worse.
  • Noisy compressor needs more freon! It is like to prescribe a medicine to a person, just looking at him, without analyzes and research. Excess refrigerant can only strengthen noise and certainly will not help in solving the problem, which most likely lies in a completely different part of the refrigerator. First diagnostics. Then treatment.

Why is the refrigerator noise

When the refrigerator works in normal mode, it makes certain sounds. In the system of its work, these sounds are determined by several factors. One of them is a compressor, which is slightly buzzing during operation, and the second factor is the circulation of the refrigerant on capillary and radiator tubes.

Varieties of noise

Find out what kind of cause a suspicious sound is caused, you can simply listen to it. By the nature of the sound, noise can come from the following phenomena:

  • Weak buzz. Means the launch and work of the compressor.
  • The sounds of the cod of plastic are heard. This is the temperature expansion of the tubes that pass from one area of ​​equipment to another through plastic walls. Often the refrigerator creaks loudly due to the friction of expanding tubes on plastic elements.
  • Hum or noise in refrigerators No frost. Such sounds often make a fan that provides circulation of cold air through the internal space of technology.

By a variety of the nature of the noise in the refrigerator, the reason for their occurrence is clarified. It is important to learn how to distinguish the noise of a technical factor or natural physical process. This will help not only to understand the situation, but also to correctly explain everything to the master. Although often the problem of noise can be eliminated with your own hands.

Often the cause of noise can be eliminated with your own hands

Refrigerator Indesite know Frost does not freeze

In the refrigerator, Indesite Nou Frost provides air cooling of the chamber. The selection of cold occurs for a forced expiration of the evaporator using a fan. The Indesit No Frost refrigerator does not freeze for possible reasons:

The contour with the refrigerant may fail for the reasons listed above. In the know-to-Frost, the evaporator rejection due to the fuse, the heating of the heater, the failure of the system of the system or fan. The root cause is a violation of the cycle of the hike, then the icing of the evaporator and the breakdown of the steep.

The increase in snow is accompanied by a crack and a strong noise. The fan with the blades hurts the icy surface. Continuation of work without eliminating the cause will lead to a breakdown of the motor.

Signs of malfunctioning a buzzing refrigerator

Now we move on to more serious breakdowns, when the refrigerator is not only noisy, but does not start or work with interruptions. In most cases, unfortunately, it is impossible to correct the situation with your own hands, only a specialist will help. These malfunctions mainly suffer from age.Related refrigerators:

  • Compressor wear. After several years of work, gaps (backlash) are formed between the details, the piston, fasteners are abrasion; In this case, the sounds cannot be confused with anything-they are constant and quite loud, stop with turning off the compressor-motor;
  • The weakening of the compressor mounts. The part itself is serviceable, increased noise is observed at the beginning and end of the freezer; The problem is solved quite simply-either by adjusting the compressor shock absorbers, or with a complete replacement of fasteners-offices;
  • A breakdown of the evaporator. A lattice structure on the rear wall of the household appliance; In this case, the refrigerator is noisy, but does not freeze; It is difficult not to notice the problem, it is decided by the replacement of the failed part.

If the problem is precisely in the motor-compressor, then immediately call the master; The repair of the refrigerator in this case is the most expensive. The replacement of the part will cost 5000 and above.

About why the refrigerator is buzzing and what the owner can do in this situation, we told you. Remember that the best way to prevent a breakdown is to comply with the rules of operation of the device and regularly defrost it.

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