Large refrigerator in the kitchen how to place

Refrigerator in the interior of the kitchen. Where to put

It is difficult to imagine any apartment without a kitchen, and it is impossible to imagine any kitchen without a refrigerator. However, by purchasing this large.Sized object, it is worth determining in advance where it will be installed and what sizes are suitable for the selected place. How to make the refrigerator in the kitchen set look organic? Or it is worth choosing such an option as a kitchen with a built.In refrigerator? Each of the methods of placement will be considered in this article.

large, refrigerator, kitchen, place

Refrigerator is a functional part of the kitchen interior.

large, refrigerator, kitchen, place

The correct installation of the refrigerator

It is important to know how to install a refrigerator correctly! Whatever your kitchen, be sure to consider the rules for installing.

Following them, you can not only observe safety precautions, but also provide your refrigerator for many years of service. After all, you must admit, this is not the subject that we buy annually.

When installing, it is worth considering the following factors:

  • One. Cooling products, the refrigerator gives heat. Therefore, the distance from it to the wall should be at least 10 cm. Over, the wall should also not be warm to create excessive heating of the device. If old models had rear ventilation. T.E. This rule concerned the location of the rear, walls, then modern refrigerators have ventilated side walls, which greatly simplifies the situation with the installation.
  • 2. For the reason mentioned above, you should not put a refrigerator near heating devices. A gas stove, oven or radiator. The recommended optimal distance is 50 cm. It is also necessary to avoid overheating of the aggregate body. It is better not to subject it to direct sunlight. This is especially true if your kitchen is located on the sunny side.
  • 3. Unlike a gas stove or sink, the refrigerator has greater freedom of “movement”. After all, it is attached only to the outlet. But here there are some nuances:
  • It is desirable that the connection is carried out directly, without extension cords and adapters;
  • The wire of the refrigerator, as a rule, is not so long, so the outlet should be nearby;
  • The outlet should be installed away from the sink and stove;
  • The possibility of grounding connection is welcome.

The refrigerator should be installed on an even floor, otherwise it will issue unnecessary noises or work incorrectly.

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We observe the distance

It will be about refrigerators that are not embedded in furniture. Such devices need its own “personal space” that protects them from overheating.

The dimensions of the gaps depend on the model of the technique: if the radiator is located behind, the distance to the wall should be at least 10 cm. If there is no radiator, it will be enough to retreat 2 cm from all sides.

Refrigerator in a small kitchen

For a small kitchen there are many options for placing a refrigerator. For example, on a small area you can put a refrigerator in the corner for more saving space.

You can place the refrigerator next to the window, but the mandatory factor is that there must be a working area near the refrigerator, in which it will be convenient to cook food.

Also in a small kitchen with a refrigerator, there is a correct solution to place the refrigerator next to the front door, but such a choice of place should not interfere with your movements.

Small rooms always create problems for their owners, because in such a kitchen there is even no place to cook food. But knowing some designer things, you can transform even the smallest kitchen. So a kitchen with an area of ​​6 square meters.Meters can be made in the style of minimalism, high-tech and modern.

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How to hide a refrigerator in the kitchen: the most convenient options

In small rooms, large.Sized devices clutter up the interior. So that the refrigerator does not fall out of the design concept, the equipment must be correctly hidden. The disguised storage area naturally fits into the design of the space.

Small refrigerator under the window

A miniature model without a freezer in the kitchen can be installed in a niche from the radiator. The battery is shifted to the side or mounted heating in the skirting board. A small unit, which is several centimeters below the level of the window sill, put in the vacant space. When opening, the door should not come into contact with nearby furniture.

Great idea: refrigerator under the working area

A small.Sized model up to 80 cm high is placed under the workplace of the workspace, bar, or dinner headset. For a miniature refrigerator in the interior of the kitchen, you do not need a lot of space. The unit harmoniously fits into the composition with the rest of the furniture. The door is glued with a film repeating the pattern on objects.

Refrigerator in the corner of the kitchen

One of the most successful options for placing products of products. The device in the further part does not clutter up the room, does not interfere with the inhabitants of the housing. The unit integrated in the headset is almost invisible, visually makes a low ceiling above. Dimensional interior items are best put on the wall.

The refrigerator in the corner of the kitchen is gradually passing into the working area. The place is as comfortable as possible from the sink, and the household does not stumble constantly on the site for storing products. For a large family, they prefer a high model with a narrow case, which is hidden under a box or a furniture door.

With an angular layout, the fridge is put near the window. The effect of rounding of sharp surfaces is created. The windowsill can be converted into the working area or transferred the sink. A beautiful and functional solution saves a useful area in the room. In the process of cooking, a person spends less strength when moving from one area to another.

The refrigerator in the interior of the kitchen can be placed in the corner near the entrance. A spacious niche or even wall is great for installing the unit. The technique does not fall out of the overall composition of the design, it becomes a continuation of the headset. Facades often repeat the drawing of the door of the nightstands.

So that the refrigerator takes less space in space, it is necessary to move the device to the wall as much as possible. If the kitchen is combined with a loggia, then the unit is appropriate in the further part of the insulated balcony. Between the zones of storage, washing and cutting, there should not be boundaries of furniture, partitions or doors.

Refrigerator on the nightstand

Every meter saves in limited space. A small model on a functional stand allows you to use available squares wisely. A miniature refrigerator is installed on the pedestal-pound with a drawer. The duet in one color scheme looks a single whole.

Natural wood furniture will withstand the weight of overall technology. Cheap glued shields and stoves of wood.Fiber slab to increase endurance are strengthened with rigid metal ribs. The refrigerator of iron models created from alloys resistant to rust will keep the refrigerator. Plastic options are forbidden to use for heavy units. As a retractable mechanism, they use:

At the base of the pedestal cabinet, corner legs are often used. A stable refrigerator in the interior of the kitchen does not stagger. If the floor is perfectly even, then the furniture with appliances is put on a laminate or tile. The basement system is suitable for surfaces with curvature. An increase in length allows you to adjust the slightest defects.

As a bedside table, you can not use a freezer or a second refrigerator. The loaded upper unit weighs at least 70 kg, which will negatively affect the stand. The vibration of working equipment will cause a fall. Heat from functioning compressors, flowing melt water during defrosting reduces the durability of operation.

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Is it possible to take a bulky unit on the balcony?

Unfortunately, only residents of the southern regions of the country can do this, where the temperature does not drop below 10 ° C. It is afraid of the refrigerator and elevated temperatures. With frequent overheating of it in the sun above 30 ° C, it will fail without working out and six months.

Storage on the balcony is suitable only for residents of the southern regions of the country

The cold is not terrible only to models of a special climatic class. A little less capricious and units with the No Frost system. But in these cases, the balcony needs to be insulated, protect from the destructive effects of moisture using ventilation holes. To protect against direct sunlight on the windows adjacent to the equipment, blinds are equipped or hung with dense curtains.

In recent years, balconies or loggias are often insulated and united with residential premises or kitchens. In this case, it is possible to achieve a significant expansion of the space.

Keep in mind that heating using the central heating system of balconies and loggias is strictly prohibited. As soon as the operational organization discovers such an innovation, it immediately force you to dismantle the extended batteries. If you firmly decide to combine the kitchen and loggia, you will have to heat the latter with the help of electricity, and the costs of it will increase significantly.

In order for the refrigerator to last longer, it is necessary to clean it more often (at least once a year) with a vacuum cleaner or rinse the lattice radiator located on the rear panel. It will consume less electricity.

Small kitchen design with a refrigerator

There are many options on how to install a refrigerator in the corridor, living room or kitchen itself. If the project of the kitchen is corner, it is worth placing the device in the place where the window is located. The unit standing from the headset is convenient to use, does not block the entrance to the room.

The kitchen in the English style is distinguished by muffled and deep shades. The refrigerator can be located near the kitchen set, in the middle of the room. With this decision, the door easily opens, since there are no outsiders near.

To embed the unit, you need to choose a model with more thoughtful thermal insulation, high fire safety, good ventilation system, carefully calculated dimensions and the ability to fasten the panel on the door.

For installation in the penalty, it is worth choosing a suitable model

Sayd two.Door refrigerator is an ideal solution for people who rarely make purchases. This saves time, since the unit has a large volume for storing products.

The refrigerator can be installed in the kitchen near the washing machine. Both types of household appliances can be built into the headset or located without covering. If the area allows, it is advisable to make the distance between them at least 30 cm. With too small dimensions of the room, both types of technology can be put on.

Regardless of where the refrigerator is located. In the center, corner, or if it is built into kitchen furniture, before installing it is worth considering all the moments and features of the model of household appliances. This is necessary for safety, savings and ease of operation. Design solutions depend on the imagination and capabilities of the owners of the premises.

What are the alternatives of the refrigerator?

If our beliefs penetrated you to the core, then you need to abandon this venture and look for another place for the refrigerator.

large, refrigerator, kitchen, place

Unfortunately, we do not know your layout, but for some reason we assume that your kitchen is completely mannya, which means that you are most likely, you are the owner of the Khrushchev.

So, if this is the case, then really. It’s bad. There are no adjacent pantries in the Khrushchevs, in the niche of which you can put a refrigerator, nor a balcony that can be combined with a kitchen and take out a technique there.

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But then, in Khrushchev there is a wonderful plus. Interior partitions are not concrete and not carrying. Therefore, if your refrigerator does not fit on the opposite wall, then you can just make a small opening in the wall, between the kitchen and the living room and build a niche from it.

Thus, the kitchen will remain unfounded, the refrigerator door will be flush with the wall, but in its place you can completely install a washing machine. This, after all, is also a problem of Khrushchev, with their two.Meter baths.

And the fact that the living room will not be even, but with a difference, it is even interesting. You can beat the ledge as beautifully, hang pictures, shelves on it.

In search of another place for the refrigerator, do not forget that it is not recommended to put it not only next to the stove, but also. It will be the same, or even worse. Heating in this case seasonal, but ongoing for many months.

The same applies to the gas pipe. She warms up, which means she is a bad neighbor for the refrigerator and there is no place for her near her.

Refrigerator for a small kitchen

Place in a small area (approximately 7 square meters. M) a kitchen set, equipment and a dinner group. The task is very difficult. And I also want everything to be not just “at hand”, but also creates a cozy atmosphere. Therefore, you should know how to place a refrigerator in a small kitchen. The optimal solution to the problem is to install a suitable size technique.

The location of the refrigerator under the tree in the kitchen

Narrow models

A 45-55 cm wide refrigerator is designed specifically for small apartments. As a rule, a decrease in one indicator is compensated by an increase in another. Therefore, such models are produced 1.5-1.85 m high. You can look at the refrigerator lower, but such types are collected without a freezer, so you will have to separately install a camera for freezing.

Kitchen design refrigerator placement

Small dimensions of the technique do not affect convenience. Internal content is represented by different compartments. Due to their unusual location, it is easy to decompose many different products.

The location of a small refrigerator in the kitchen

Non.Standard models

Separate refrigeration and freezers deserve special attention. How to put such refrigerators in a small kitchen? Usually they are placed under a working countertop. This is a great place in conditions of lack of area. A small camera can be installed in a niche, and at any height. There is another option. The location of the refrigerator above the box or washing machine.

The location of the red refrigerator in the kitchen

Unexpected placement of the refrigerator in a niche

Built.In models are hidden with furniture facades, and real aesthetes value a similar option. An important requirement. Dimensions must correspond to the size of the niche. Therefore, it is recommended to order furniture after buying equipment.

Small refrigerators

Such equipment is most often found in small kitchens. Small-sized models with a depth of 40-45 cm will fit perfectly into the compact room. The problem will be solved with them on how to arrange a refrigerator in the kitchen. As a rule, these are single.Door models up to 1.5 m high, with a freezer located at the top. The volume of such technology is very modest, it is suitable for single people or a young family.

Built.In refrigerator in a glossy kitchen

Built.In metal refrigerator in a small kitchen

Looking for a place for the refrigerator in the kitchen, it is important to organically enter it into the interior, and not lose freedom of movement and a comfortable approach to technology.

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