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What can not be done after laser hair removal?

What women do not go for for the sake of smooth and silky skin. The laser hair removal procedure is no longer surprising in anyone, because this is a really effective method to remove an unwanted hairline in various parts of the body. It is performed using modern devices that affect hair follicles, practically without touching and without injuring the skin. Choosing between different hair removal procedures, many decide to do laser hair removal, since:

  • This is an absolutely safe method that does not cause discomfort;
  • Laser hair removal with the help of the Alexander Candela Gentlelase Pro, equally well removes both dark and light hairs;
  • You can perform the procedure at any time of the year, but the most preferable is the autumn-winter period;
  • The result is visible after the first procedure.

However, how long the skin will be delicate and beautiful, largely depends on how high quality patients take care of it after laser hair removal.

What is wax hair removal

Wax hair removal is a procedure for removing unwanted hairs using molten wax. It is carried out in any zone where it is necessary. The vegetation is effectively pulled out with the frozen wax mass. There are several varieties of vaxing depending on the method of hairy removal: using strips or manually.

The female representatives at all times thought about smooth and delicate skin and made it so improvised means. Among the many other cosmetic procedures, it was this one who originated before the rest.

Initially, wax hair removal was intended for the bikini zone due to deep effects on the hairs. Its advantage is also that it does not cause irritation and cuts in sensitive intimate places.

Brazil is considered to be the homeland of wax depilation. In this regard, in many countries its variety is common. Brazilian vaxing. Previously, the procedure implied a complete removal of unwanted vegetation. Over time, it has been modernized, and now with the help of waxing a deep bikini you can make a fashionable decorative haircut in an intimate place.

There are currently several styles of its implementation:

American. Hair is removed only along the borders of the swimsuit. Everything that is hidden under it remains untouched

French. The style is similar to the American, but in this case, the hair liquidation area is slightly wider.

Brazilian. Implies complete getting rid of vegetation. In some places they can not be removed and left as a decoration.

Full Brazilian. Maximum removal of unwanted hair during wax hair removal.

Vaxing procedure is especially effective when using inhibitors affecting the growth of bristles. They are sold in the form of a cream or lotion and contain extracts of natural origin, which contribute to a slowdown in the division and maturation of follicle cells. As a result of this, unwanted hairs grow longer, which means that sessions can be held less often.

Professionals use material in various forms depending on the working area. When removing vegetation on an extensive area, for example, legs or back, it is advisable to use cartridge for waxing during wax hair removal. If the zone is small, it is better to give preference to baths or spatula.

Vaxing can be carried out using special strips made of fabric or paper. The principle of their action is simple: stick a strip on the working area in the direction of hairy growth. Wait a few seconds and with a sharp movement, remove it from the skin with the bristles. This is how the home wax hair removal is most often carried out.

Please note that the elimination of hairs with resin or strips is carried out strictly against their growth. Otherwise, not all vegetation will be removed. If unwanted specimens remain after the procedure, it is not recommended to re.Resort to their removal. With additional effects on the skin, the likelihood of irritation and edema increases.

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How to prepare the skin for the exposure of the epilator

For some, the epilator is a torture tool, for others. A useful gadget. This device pulls out the hairs with the root. And yes, it hurts, no matter what the beauties say in commercials there. The first experience of positive emotions will most likely not bring. But the skin will remain smooth for a long time.

Over time, with the regular use of the epilator, the hairs will become thinner and weak and will be much easier to remove with the root.

Preparing the skin for the hair removal procedure using the epilator looks like this.

Select the time when the length of the hairs is 5-6 mm. This is the optimal indicator for the home epilator.

Refrain from tanning for several days before hair removal. The effect of ultraviolet radiation is stress for the skin, and tanning is a form of inflammation, which makes the skin more sensitive.

The day before the procedure (by no means on the day of hair removal), use the scrub, paying special attention to areas of alleged hair removal.

After scrubbing, moisturize the skin well. Most importantly, do not use body oil or oil.Based cream. This will complicate the process of hair removal. Choose light textures (lotion, milk), which are quickly absorbed without leaving the film.

Immediately before hair removal, take a warm bath or at least a shower so that the skin will steam. This will facilitate the process.

possible, bath, epilation

Some epilators can be used directly in the water. But more often the skin is still wiped and moistened with light milk without oils in the composition. Shaving gel is not suitable: it will only complicate the capture of the hairs.

How to prepare for laser hair removal?

There are no age restrictions on the procedure, but children should not do it.

During puberty (12-16 years old), girls and young men are actively growing hair: both hard and fluffy. Therefore, in order to remove hair with laser hair removal, they will have to spend much more sessions with short pauses than adults.

As for the elderly, they most often brighten the hairline, so it is poorly perceived by a laser.

After depilation and before it: Rules for skin care

After depilation (however, as before it), a number of simple rules must be observed. This will allow you to strengthen the effect of this procedure, slow down further hair growth, as well as save yourself from possible side effects caused by incorrect actions after depilation.

If you signed up for depilation, then you need to know the following skin care rules before the procedure:

1 on the day of depilation, it is advisable to take a shower and not use any creams and body milk, lotion, t.To. These products create an invisible fat film on the surface of the skin, which complicates the application of the composition for depilation (like wax or sugar paste), which can affect the effect after such a procedure.

2 In the summer, it is better to refrain from tanning to and after the depilation procedure, so as not to further irritate the skin. Also, do not sunbathe in the solarium either until the procedure, t.To. Pigmented spots may appear in the places where the hair was removed.

3, the day before the proposed procedure, wash with a washcloth. A mitten of medium stiffness and pass the scrub (massage movements) to remove the upper layer of dead skin cells.

4 Between the depilation sessions, forget about the razor, depilation creams and electroly. Because of them, the hairs become tougher, and the hair onion is strengthened.

5 Remember that 3 days before, during and 3 days after menstruation, pain during depilation intensifies. And also because of hormones, hair grows actively and next time you will come to the master earlier than the usual term. If you have days of menstruation, use a clean tampon before the depilation procedure.

After depilation, you need to follow the following recommendations:

1 Do not sunbathe on the beach and in the solarium for 24 hours after depilation.

2 After the procedure for the first 2 days, it is necessary to process the zone with a cotton pad moistened with a chlorhexidine composition.

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3 is not recommended on the first day to visit the gym, sauna, bathhouse.

4 on the first day you can take a shower, but without soap and shower gel. Deodorant can be used the day after depilation.

That’s all the recommendations that you need to know. Perform them every time before and after depilation, and your skin will become even more smooth, clean and beautiful! We are waiting for you in the Depilation and Beauty Salon “Depiluks”!

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Review of home.Made skin care products

For skin care after shugaring, you may be useful:

We raised several funds. The most effective, according to the editors of Skin.Ru.

Scrubs and peels

Body scrub “Precious Scrub of Beauty”, enriched with oils, feeding, garnier

Contains argan oils, macadamia, almonds and roses. Gently exfoliates, carefully cares for the skin, making it soft, tender and radiant.

Sugar scrub for the face, nutritious, softening, l’Oréal partis

It contains three natural sugar and cocoa oils and coconut. The scrub not only carefully cleanses, but also softens the skin, noticeably transforms it, fills it with a healthy radiance.

Double face scrub “Endless freshness. Rose Lotus “for normal and mixed skin, l’Oréal paris

Contains extracts of rose and lotus, carefully cleanses and matters the skin, giving a feeling of freshness and updates.

Mineral Mask-Piling for the Face “Double Lighting”, Vichy

Combines chemical and mechanical peeling: fruit acids carefully remove dead cells, and particles of volcanic origin gently exfoliate them.

Facial scrub with pineapple and papaya, kiehl’s

Due to the effects of pineapple fruit acids, papain and powder from apricot seeds, the product very gently exfoliates the skin. It becomes soft and looks freshened.

Soft face scrub, La Roche-Posay

It has neither soap, no alcohol, no dyes. The scrub gently cleanses the skin of contaminants, noticeably smoothing it.


Night soothing care for hypersensitive skin and eye contour Tleriane Ultra Nuit, La Roche-Posay

In addition to thermal water, contains allantoin, vitamin E, squale and carnosine, soothes the skin, gives a feeling of comfort.

Hydra Zen, SPF 15, Lancôme Cream

Light cream for all skin types, including for sensitive. Effectively soothes the skin, gives comfort, makes it smooth and radiant, moisturizes it.

Moisturizing face-cream for dry and sensitive skin with pink water, Garnier

Calms the skin, gives her a feeling of comfort. The antioxidant contained in the cream protects the epidermis from negative environmental factors.

Moisturizing calming gel for sensitive skin Phyto Corrective, Skinceuticals

Gel enriched with hyaluronic acid, the gel fills the skin with moisture, levels the complexion. Optimal for sensitive, requiring special care or problem skin.

possible, bath, epilation

Cyc-cream for sensitive skin, kiehl’s

Contains Panthenol and Centella extract. Components that soothe the skin. Actively moisturizes and gives incredible comfort.

Restoring hand cream “Intensive Care”, Garnier

The formula with maple, glycerin and allantoin intensively nourishes, soothes and restores even very dry skin.

Moisturizing face and body cream, Corave

Cream with delicate texture intensively moisturizes the skin: hyaluronic acid saturates it with moisture. Designed for dry and very dry skin and body skin.


Ball deodorant for sensitive skin, Vichy

Calms and reliably protects the skin from sweat. Suitable for sensitive skin and skin after hair removal.

Ball deodorant with minerals without aluminum salts, Vichy

It has neither aluminum salts, no parabens, no ethyl alcohol, deodorant can be used after hair removal. Effectively protects against unpleasant odor thanks to mineral substances. Magnesium oxide, zinc gluconate. The product contains a soothing panthenol.

DEO Pure, Biotherm deodorant antiperspirant

Does not contain ethyl alcohol, effectively protects from sweat and unpleasant odor.

Block deodorant for sensitive skin Bocage Deodorant, Lancôme

Quickly dries, without leaving the sensation of stickiness, protects from sweat and smell. Suitable for skin after hair removal.


Sunscreen fluid with 100%mineral filters and a universal tone Mineral Radiance UV Defense, SPF 50, SKINCEUTICALS

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The formula with mineral filters provides reliable protection against sunlight and is suitable for sensitive skin.

Sunscreen fluid for the face and skin around the eyes Anthelios, SPF 50, La Roche-Posay

possible, bath, epilation

Light, weightless, invisible texture on the skin. The formula reliably protects from exposure to sunlight, suitable for sensitive skin.

Why, after laser hair removal, it is impossible to do a wax

After conducting the laser exposure, the hairs fall out naturally, this may not necessarily happen on the first day, but over the next seven ten days, and it seems to some customers that the hairs continue to grow, but do not panic, and even more so resort to wax epilation.

In such a situation, it contributes to the injury of hair follicles. And in order to avoid any complications, it is necessary, first of all, to follow the advice of a doctor.

PREATION. What is it?

Even if the advanced beauty is asked what hair removal is that he mixes two concepts. Hair removal and depilation. Let’s try to figure out the distinctive features of these procedures.

The action of both the same. The removal of unwanted hairs. But the technology of execution and the principle of exposure itself are different.

During depilation, the surface part of the hair is removed, the effect lasts up to 3 weeks depending on the method.

But what is hair removal and how it differs from depilation? One of the most important differences is long.Term result.

During the procedure, the hair is removed with the root. Epilation types are distinguished depending on the principle of exposure to hair (light, laser, etc. D.). The technologies used today destroy the hair follicle itself, stopping hair growth forever. In other words, hair removal is a method of removing unwanted hair with the help of certain physical influences with the long.Term effect.

The process requires patience, since the devices can only affect hairs in a certain stage of growth, while at once they are at completely different stages of development: some have just appeared above the skin, others have already “old”, and others are only laid in the bulbs. To completely get rid of vegetation, a course of 5 to 10 procedures will be required, everything is individual.

Sex after shugaring: Why can’t you

Many heard that immediately after the depilation of a deep bikini, you can not have sex. This is not a myth, but a reasonable recommendation. Firstly, there are a large number of microbes on men’s hair, even if hygiene is observed. Therefore, with close contact, bacteria can get to female skin, which has not yet restored its protective functions.

The second reason why you can’t have sex after shugaring is an increase in body temperature and sweating that occurs during this process. As mentioned earlier, this is categorically contraindicated after hair removal. Strong friction can aggravate the situation. All these factors can lead to negative consequences. Therefore, it is better to refrain from intimacy for at least a day.

Over, even kisses can provoke inflammation if, for example, a man has a beard or mustache, and the girl just made a depilation of the region above the upper lip. Hard men’s hair can aggravate irritation with injured skin depilation and bring bacteria into microranks.

So, now you know what you can not do after depilation of a bikini, face and other areas. The master should give these mandatory recommendations to each client, as well as warn about possible problems in case of non.Compliance with the rules. Otherwise, a person can go to the gym after the procedure, then to the pool or sauna, wiped with a club towel of dubious cleanliness, and at the end put on synthetic underwear. Naturally, severe inflammation will occur in processed areas. But the client will not even understand what the reason is, and will blame the master. The informed person will be responsible for his actions, and most likely will not risk his own health.

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