Is it possible to put the microwave in the cabinet

How to correctly and safely install a microwave

Choosing kitchen household appliances, including microwaves, consumers are increasingly preferring more compact, comfortable in using the model. Microwaves can be both separate or built-in-at which one to stop your choice, you decide. But it is better to choose a place for equipment in advance. And already based on this, the model should be selected. We will tell you how to integrate the microwave where it is better to place it. It is also important to know how to connect an electrical appliance in order to use it conveniently and as safe as possible.What are the microwaves

Before moving directly to the installation stage, we will consider which microwaves exist. So:

  • The simplest microwaves that have a minimum set of functions (heating and defrosting);
  • Microwave ovens with a grilled cooking function;
  • Models with a convection system that can easily replace you a built.In oven.

The idea on the countertop in the corner

This is the easiest option that does not require any complex actions. The microwave on the countertop is always convenient, and the angle is most often remained free, so putting equipment there is a great idea.

This option combines only pluses:

  • The most solid and stable surface;
  • The presence of a nearby working area;
  • The optimal installation height is convenient to use and care for equipment, it is easy to repair and rearrange.

The main thing is not to have a microwave too close to the plate or sink. It is better to withstand at least 50 centimeters and take care of an individual outlet.

There is only one disadvantage of such a solution, but quite serious. A useful space is eaten, which will be very inappropriate in a small kitchen, for example, in Khrushchevka. But for spacious rooms, this is one of the best options.

Successful places

On the countertop in the working area

The option is suitable for a large headset or functional. This is convenient in terms of use. If the working surface is enough, then the device will not damage the functionality of the kitchen.

possible, microwave, cabinet

Another moment. Whether the device is suitable for the width of the countertop? The dimensions of the furnace in the store can be selected different, but the minimum is 60 cm.

possible, microwave, cabinet

A good place. The corner part of the headset. This is the most practical solution, even if not much free work surface.

Suspension systems

A special device for holding a microwave-bracket, will become a way out for those who have a small set, but there is a niche or corner where you can place a device that will not interfere with free movement.

You can hang a device in the cabinet zone above the countertop of the headset (if there is a place between the mezzanine).

You can attach a stand over the dining table.

Building in the cabinet

Depending on the location of the ventilation holes, the decision is made of how to put the stove: the device can closely adjoin the side walls of the cabinet or to the back wall.

Microwave built into the corner cabinet.

On the windowsill

If the width of the window sill allows, and this place is not very hot from the sun. Consider its permissible load.

The windowsill can be converted for the dining area. Then its width will also accommodate the microwave.

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On the refrigerator

Another popular place to save the space of a small room. If the refrigerator is not very high, then this location is permissible. Otherwise, using the microwave of the patch will be inconvenient.

Above the stove or

A common, but not safe option. Heating from the stove poorly affects the operation of the device. And for people with low growth, it is also uncomfortable.

Above the oven

This option in a modern kitchen looks stylish, but it may be impractical. You have to choose between the low arrangement of the oven (which is also inconvenient) and the high location of the microwave oven.

In the island

The island headset is unlikely to create problems with the placement of household appliances. If you integrate into the island, then you can save a single stylistic space without spoiling the interior of the kitchen that does not fit into it with a microwave.

In the closet

A separate headset cabinet can be distinguished under the microwave. Upper or lower.

Garage for technology

In a spacious apartment or house you can highlight a special room for household appliances and bulky devices.

From a practical point of view, this is inconvenient. To warm up food, you need to go to another room.

Integrated technique

If the kitchen is very small, then another rational solution will be the acquisition of integrated equipment or technology “2 in 1”. In one case is hidden and microwave. And the oven. Practical, and does not violate the overall design of the kitchen.

Built.In or ordinary microwave, which is better?

The built.In microwave is a contradictory solution, the advantages of which cannot always compensate for the minuses. This technique is unambiguously not suitable for budget kitchens, since the device itself, its installation, ventilation and wires will cost very expensive. Standard (separately) microwave on an approximately suitable shelf or cabinet will cope with its task better.

Built.In microwave is suitable for small kitchens. Practicality, style, increased service life compensate for overpayment and complexity of repair. It is best to choose models with increased functionality. Modes of double boiler, grill, convection, deep fryer will save from the need for other household appliances.

In medium and large cuisines, the built.In microwave is more likely excess than a necessity. It can be bought if the interior is made in a high-ending with integrated technique. Otherwise, it is better to purchase a separate model and disguise it behind the cabinet door. This will relieve difficulties with the repair and movement of built.In microwave, preserving beauty, convenience, economical use of space.

Basic rules on placement

Since you have to use a microwave oven often, then the place of its placement should be treated with due attention.

  • Optimal height from the floor-60-150 cm;
  • You can not put next to the stove, the oven, the radiator and other heated devices;
  • Place so that you can easily reach your hand;
  • Do not put the microwave oven next to the sink;
  • Take care so that nothing prevents the opening and closing of the door;
  • Ventilation holes cannot be blocked. Usually they are on the top panel. If particles of food, water gets there, the device can burn;
  • Do not store interior items and kitchen accessories on the device.

Ignoring tips on ergonomic and safe placement is not recommended. Due to improper operation, the microwave oven will break quickly, and with an uncomfortable location, you risk shed hot food and burn yourself.

Power and functions

Conditionally, microwaves can be divided into two types. To warm up food and for cooking. Low.Power microwaves usually have quite limited functionality, while more advanced models can already be equipped with convection, grill and other useful options.

Models up to 800 watts are suitable mainly only for warming up dishes. It is possible to cook in them in principle, but the process will flow slowly, and not all recipes will fit. At the same time, heating such devices will also be not fast. At least a few minutes.

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800–1000 W. The most standard power capacity. Allows you to cook any dishes, quickly warms up food. Most often, such microwaves involve several power modes. From the weakest to high.

1000–1500 watts. High.Power devices. They can easily cope with cooking, heated food with lightning speed, also have several work modes.

Install Electrical Outlet and Cabinet Microwave diy

The functionality of the microwave also needs to be chosen based on your needs. It is worth saying that modern devices do a great job of any culinary tasks no worse than an oven. If 10-15 years ago, food in microwaves was not always good, now there are no such problems. Baking can be as delicate and lush as in the oven, and various stews, cereals and other dishes. Juicy and cooked evenly.

How To Install A Microwave [Over-The-Range Style]

Convection. Main assistant cooks. Convection is uniform ventilation of hot air inside the chamber. Due to the movement of hot air, any dish is prepared evenly from all sides. This is especially true if you cook in a large volume or like pastries. In convection mode, any dough rises better and better.

Grill. An additional heating element on the upper wall of the chamber. Allows you to achieve crispy crust in any dish. You should pay attention to the presence of a grill if you like hot sandwiches, roasted meat and chicken, grilled vegetables.

Defrosting. Usually presented in several automatic depending on the type of product. It is enough to select the desired option, and the microwave itself will select the power and defrosting time.

Preparation programs. In most models you can find ready.Made modes for certain dishes. In some cases, you need to choose the type and weight of the product, in others. A specific recipe. Convenient in that the device itself works in optimal power and cooking time. You just have to press a couple of buttons and you can forget about cooking.

Combined modes. Note that even if the microwave has both convection and grill, this does not mean that it can work simultaneously in both modes. Each model has its own capabilities of combined cooking modes. For example, convection of imitating, grilcoles, etc. D.

Microwave under the countertop. Where to install a separate device

The standard microwave oven differs from built.In models in that it is installed at a certain distance from other devices and furniture. This is a necessary condition for unhindered circulation of warm air and efficient operation of the equipment. The size of the interval depends on the size and power of the stove and is determined by the manufacturer (but not less than 10 cm on the sides and 15 for the back).

In a large kitchen, a stand under the microwave can become:

Working countertop

The most logical option for a convenient location of the device heating food. If the dimensions of the kitchen allow you to allocate 60-80 cm of the surface without losses, then it is better not to find a place. Everything is taken into account here. The proximity of the working surface, and the optimal height, and reliability of the support. Just do not forget to withstand the “security zone” 50 cm from the sink and stove and take care of the presence of an individual outlet for the device.The microwave oven on the countertop is an option without the difficulties of installation:

possible, microwave, cabinet

Kitchen windowsill

The place at the window often remains unused in the interior of the kitchen, and its height is almost perfect for the comfortable use of the microwave by all family members. True, there is one important nuance, because of which manufacturers do not recommend installing devices here-temperature differences due to the proximity of window glass.

In summer, the technique can overheat under the influence of sunlight, and in winter it can spend additional energy due to hypothermia (and the glass itself with strong heating can crack). Therefore, this option is suitable only for kitchens in which the window opening goes to the loggia or insulated balcony, or for wide window sills, where from the glass of packages to the rear of the microwave a gap of at least 20 cm will be aged.SCHF-bed on the windowsill is a convenient, but unsafe option:

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On a note! Of course, you can close the window behind the back wall of the device with a cut of foil or other heat.Insulating material, but it is unlikely that such protection will have a beneficial effect on the design of the kitchen.


The placement of the microwave on the dining table can be convenient for using the device, but very doubtful from the point of view of aesthetics. Despite modern stylish designs, the stoves still remain a rather bulky technique that is unlikely to decorate the dining table. Therefore, such a location can only be temporary.

But with the bar you can experiment when its dimensions allow, of course. If you install the device in such a way as to hide the unsightly back with wires and a ventilator, this location can become very functional, especially for fans of quick snacks.

Advice! You can enclose a device in a box decorated with the color of countertops or furniture facades so that the stove looks more harmonious.

Alternative options

If it is decided to put the microwave oven in another place, then you can choose excellent options. For example, on:

  • Brackets;
  • Shelf;
  • Countertop;
  • Windowsill;
  • In the cabinet, for example, for the microwave and refrigerator. The main thing is to provide ventilation;
  • Instead of the oven.

But do not forget about the features of each option, for example:

  • If the microwave is on the windowsill, then in winter on glass, most likely, dampness will form, which in the end can harm the technique. Especially if there is a Khrushchev refrigerator from below;
  • The microwave on the countertop is a good option, but you will have to look for a place for dishes and things that are now located there. And often you have to put things in order and “look” for the stove before heating the food, because access to the microwave can be blocked by dishes.

And another option that is often forgotten about is a special built.In microwave. It can be hidden behind the facade, no. Its advantage in the same saving space, but such a solution looks much more modern and stylish.

It is forbidden to install near an open gas boiler, above or next to a sink or stove, on a high refrigerator or washing machine.

Microwave placement options in the kitchen (real photos)

There are several options for practical shelves. They are supplied with hinged cabinets or can be installed separately.


The desktop shelf will allow you to place not only the microwave, but also other kitchen accessories. The product can be made of steel, metal, with an anti.Corrosion coating; with several shelves located under each other.

Installed on the countertop. Tables are functional, have a modern design, equipped with additional shelves and bottle holders. Such designs are quite mobile and can save space.


Hinged shelves for microwaves allow you to solve the issue with the unwanted neighborhood of electrical appliances in the kitchen. You can hang the microwave on the wall above the table or working surface, in the corner of the room or on any free wall. This furnace placement option is safe for children and is very convenient for housewives.

The shelf can be on special brackets. Such a mount takes up little space and is good for any kitchen. The design withstands up to 35 kg.

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