Is it possible to put hot things in the freezer

What happens if you put hot food in the freezer??

The higher the temperature inside the fridge compartment, the more often the compressor will start working. If we put hot food in the fridge, it will work harder. The units with the inverter-type compressor start working with a higher speed, while the compressor of the standard type works continuously.

It is possible to put hot water into the freezer during defrosting, but it is better to use a hot water bottle instead of the pan. Since the evaporation of water inside appliances is not very good Tip for last: keep hot food in the refrigerator after all, do not.

Varieties of Appliances

In the old days the question whether to put hot food in the freezer, not even raised. Although our ancestors also had a “freezer chest,” or icebox. The prototype of modern appliances was a large tub hidden in the basement and filled with pieces of ice. Pots with food were lowered into it to keep food from spoiling.

Since it was impossible to get ice cubes in the spring and summer, the refrigerator was treated with great care. Only completely cooled food was lowered into the tub, the temperature of which was no longer any different from room temperature.

Modern refrigerators are nothing like a tub of ice, but the ban is still in effect today. Why can’t you put hot food in the refrigerator?? Maybe it’s just prejudice?

Two systems of operation

To understand what will happen if you put the hot in the refrigerator, you need to understand how the modern cooling device works. Manufacturers have provided the consumer with appliances that function according to one of the following two systems:

  • Drip. Sometimes called the “weeping” system. The temperature drop in the unit is dictated by the special coolant. This refrigerant circulates in the back of the refrigerator. Due to the movement of the liquid cools the surface and gradually reduces the temperature in the refrigerator itself. Products inside the unit have some moisture. This causes the formation of persistent condensate on the walls. Condensation turns into snow deposits during the subsequent cooling process. The refrigerator motor doesn’t run continuously and when it is switched off, the temperature rises slightly. The frost begins to melt. Water droplets run off over the rear surface into a special compartment.
  • No frost. Such units do not produce frosting on the rear surface. They do not work with refrigerant, but with special cooling air flows. Fans are built into the fridge. They disperse the cooled air through all the chambers. Unlike units with a drip system, the “no frost” ensures fast and even cooling of all products.
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Can you put boiling water in the freezer?

You can put hot water in the freezer during defrosting, but it is better to use a heating pad instead of a pot. As the evaporation of water inside the appliances is not very good.Last tip: Hot food should not be kept in the fridge.

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2) Hot water evaporates very well, cools down, and settles on the walls of the refrigerator in the form of frost. A “coat” is formed, which prevents the freon from taking the heat from the food. As a result, the efficiency (efficiency) of cooling decreases and, accordingly, the load on the compressor increases. The service life of the refrigerator is reduced.

Why You Can’t Put Hot Water in the Fridge?

All foods at plus temperature evaporate water. The higher the temperature of the food, the faster the evaporation. The evaporated moisture condenses on the cold walls of the refrigerator and either drips down or forms an ice crust on the cooling grate.

According to the expert, hot water, especially boiling water, can damage the parts of the refrigerator. You can speed up the process by using normal room temperature water: water the freezing chamber from a mug or spray it with a spray gun,” says the expert.

Can we put hot food in the fridge today??

By all logic, the refrigerator is designed precisely for the purpose of cooling food. So it is not clear whether or not you can put hot food in the freezer. But still, we must remember one main rule: it is not recommended to place hot or even just warm food in the refrigerator until it has cooled to room temperature.

A mug of hot tea put in the fridge will be surrounded by air which heat conductivity is 28 times less than the heat conductivity of water With minor temperature changes this regime is maintained, and if you put a cup of tea in the fridge once, nothing bad will happen.

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Why you should not put hot food in the freezer?

Before the habit of putting hot food into the freezing chamber has not become a fixture in your mind. If you believe people, such actions are really fraught with consequences. Is it possible to put hot food and drinks in the freezer, it is worth making a rule to cool the freshly cooked food, what can it turn out to be?

Author of publication

I think it’s very simple. Hot food should not be put not only in the freezer, but also just in the refrigerator. Nothing will happen to the food itself, but you can disturb the fridge. A refrigerator and freezer compartment maintains a certain temperature and humidity, which is maintained in the refrigerator by means of cooling devices. When the temperature changes sharply, condensation starts to form, which will lead to a malfunction in the cooling system. That is, you just risk your fridge or freezer to go out of order.

If you put something hot into the freezer, the temperature rises sharply. The compressor will have to work in intensive mode, the moisture droplets settle on the walls of the freezer, condensate, which subsequently freezes, the shelves and walls of the chamber are covered by a thick layer of ice. This in turn causes the engine of the refrigerator to work too hard, so it wears out and breaks down more quickly. All these experiments end up with changing the engine of the unit, checking the freon level in the system.

I think that in the end the fridge won’t be able to cope with such an excessive energy consumption and will break down. A woman at work used to defrost the fridge by putting a pot of boiling water in it. I don’t think it’s healthy even with the fridge turned off. it can crack under the temperature drop. And if it’s on, it’s even more unacceptable to put it through such an ordeal. I make sure to wait until the food is cold, I only put it cold in the fridge. Especially in the freezer.

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Really. It is undesirable to put hot foods not only into the freezer but also into the fridge itself. Because it might break its function in principle. In the freezer the temperature is usually set to minus eighteen degrees automatically. If you put hot food, it will start to change and there will be condensation on the walls of the chamber. The refrigerator is running on overdrive until the food has cooled completely. And the engine can suffer for this reason. Of course not at once, but if you do it all the time, it may come to an end. It’s better to wait and put the dish in the chamber already cooled down, then there will be no harm.

It is already written quite a lot in harm’s way for the refrigerating unit and the walls of the chamber from hot objects. Many things are not worded quite correctly from a technical point of view (e.g. “check the freon level in the system”). What does “freon level” have to do with it?? It’s not like antifreeze in a car radiator! But if one does not go deep into technical details that a refrigerator repairman, and not necessarily the user of this fridge, is obliged to know, then in essence almost everything is correct. I just want to add that modern refrigerators and freezers often use glass shelves. And if in the refrigerating chamber with a functioning thermostat the temperature can be from 10 to zero (not lower), in the freezing room from minus six to minus thirty. And if you put a hot pot or pan on the glass chilled to this temperature, it is very likely that the glass will burst. It is not only not at all easy to replace it, but also the shards of glass can get into the food stored on other shelves. And what to do if there is a single extreme need to cool something hot quickly? First, try to close the lid on the crockery tightly to minimize evaporation. Second, put a wooden plate under the hot dishes. If the refrigerator is equipped with the Nofrost system, then no other technical measures are required. In other cases, after such a force majeure it may be necessary to defrost the freezer again, that is all. And nothing will happen to the motor from this one-time overload. Believe the master with many years of experience in repairing refrigeration equipment.

Is it possible to put hot water in the fridge when defrosting??

You can speed up the process by placing a pot of hot water inside the refrigerator and closing the door. To prevent melted water from getting onto the floor, wipe the inside of the freezer dry with a sponge or cloth.

In non-inverter refrigerators the compressor switches on periodically, depending on the rate of heat accumulation in it. If you put a hot dish, the compressor will have to work continuously for a long time. This will lead to compressor wear and tear and reduces its service life.

What happens if you put hot food in the refrigerator. Why you can’t put hot stuff in the refrigerator and what will happen

Due to lack of space on the table or stove, sometimes hostesses rush to send unrefrigerated food. But when I was a child, my parents told me not to do this. A number of reasons explain why you can’t put hot food in the refrigerator.

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Why not and what will happen

The owner’s manual says not to put hot food in the refrigerator. The manufacturer warns about the reduction of the life of the appliance in case of violations of the rules of use. First you need to cool the product to room temperature. Then the food will be better preserved and the appliances will last for many years. To answer the question of why you can not put hot food in the chamber of the cooler, you need to consider several aspects.

Appliance wear and tear

What if we put hot food in the fridge?? But the appliance can break down? In order to understand the questions, you should study the principle of the cooling appliance. Of the two most common freezing systems (drip and No frost), Know Frost is more resistant to such stresses. But with time, if you often practice the cooling of hot soup, the technique will at first cool worse and in the end will refuse to perform its functions. When the temperature in the appliance rises, the motor gets a signal to run too much and fails prematurely.

Bad influences

The second issue is the freshness of food already in the refrigerator. If you put a hot pan in the compartment, it will immediately begin to give off heat and steam. This would have a detrimental effect on stored foods. It heats up again, then starts to cool down again. This is especially bad for perishable foods such as dairy products, chilled meat, etc. д. Some food under these conditions can produce harmful bacteria, the consumption of which can cause disease.

Change in taste

Does it change the taste of the hottest food placed in the refrigerator?? Yes. Housewives know the secrets against quickly chilling food. For example, uncooked milk will curdle and baked goods will sag. This is the most common knowledge, but by no means all. Some housewives say that the dish should cool down at room temperature, otherwise it will not infuse, and its flavor will disappear. So before you put hot food in the refrigerator, you should be aware of the possible change in flavor and aroma.

What kind of appliances do you use in your home??

Can I Put Hot Water in the Fridge During Defrosting. Refrigerator with drip defrosting system

The fridge is not actually involved in the defrosting process, there is nothing to defrost, but it still needs to be cleaned. But the freezer in a refrigerator with a drip system requires defrosting.

All manufacturers recommend leaving the refrigerator open and letting the ice thaw. It takes 8-12 hours. It is clear that many people are not satisfied with such time intervals, so sharp minds are looking for ways to speed up the process:

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