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Things that cannot be put in a microwave

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For many, microwave oven. It’s just a life buoy. This is especially true for those who need to quickly have breakfast and go to work, or those who need to quickly warm up food in the office.

It is worth noting that the microwave was invented quite by accident during the Second World War, when scientists investigated radars. One of the engineers noticed that chocolate melted in his

Despite the fact that in the microwave you can warm many products, there are things that categorically cannot be put in it.

Before you press the Start button the next time, make sure that you did not put any of the following.

Prohibitions for a microwave oven that will help save both products and kitchen

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Microwaves have become an almost mandatory attribute of each modern kitchen, greatly simplifying the life of the hostess. But if you do not follow a number of rules, then the microwave can be a huge problem. A miracle patch can explode and stain the entire kitchen. In this review about what in no case can not be done with the microwave, so that the pleasant acquisition does not become a root of trouble.

No metals!

When using a microwave oven, it is necessary to avoid metal utensils. She is a direct threat of any microwave. The exception is only an aluminum pallet that can be used to warm up food. In addition, in no case should you put in the microwave dishes made of light glass and crystal. It can simply melt under the influence of micromagnetic waves.

Dishes with a pattern. Taboo

In the paint that is used to painted dishes, metals can very often contain. If you put a plate with a rim as an experiment, it begins to glow and even sparkle. And the unpleasant smell will appear immediately.

There is no tightness!

There is one simple, but very important rule. You can not put it in the microwave warmer or cook products in airtight packaging. The cover of the plastic container must be ajar.

Dairy products

It should be borne in mind that when heated in a microwave, dairy products lose their value and taste properties: useful lactic acid bacteria suffer, and yogurt and kefir are checked.

Food film or foil?

No and no again! Neither foil nor food film can be used to warm up food in the microwave. First. It will sparkle, but the second will simply melt.

Chicken and mushrooms are not the best choice for the microwave

Recent studies of scientists have confirmed that in the microwave print, the protein molecules are destroyed much faster than when cooking in a pan or in the oven. Therefore, it is not recommended to warm up high.Protein products in the microwave. For example, mushrooms and chicken.

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Take care of honey!

Another product that should not be sent to the microwave is honey. He will immediately lose all his beneficial properties. If it is necessary to return the sugar to the liquid state, it is necessary to heat it in a steam or water bath, and to a temperature of not more than 40 degrees.

The explosion is guaranteed!

A product that is an unambiguous taboo for a microwave is eggs. And also a condensed milk. The fact is that, in principle, you cannot put food inside any membrane-the contents of the heating will expand, and the bank or eggshell does not. The explosion is inevitable!

What dishes can be put in the microwave

The size and shape of the dishes are as important as its material, so you should approach their choice responsibly. For heating, low capacities are preferable. Conshes for cooking cereals and pasta is needed with a margin in volume, since water in the microwave of the patch has the ability to expand sharply when boiling through the edge.

The optimal in this case will be the products expanding upward. For baking, portioned and large forms are acceptable. Their sides are selected higher than for ovens, since the lift of the dough in the microwave is more active. First of all, this applies to the test on yeast.

(Not) a useful lunch at work, or why it is impossible to warm up food in a plastic bag in the microwave

In the process of heating, polyethylene emits toxic substances that can accumulate in the body.

Microwaves made our life more comfortable and became the necessary component of each modern kitchen. The device greatly facilitates life: allows you to quickly warm up food and even cook some dishes. Portal 1PROF.By talked about entertaining facts regarding the history of the creation of the “microwave”, and also shared recipes for dishes and drinks that can be prepared in the furnace. So, for example, apples baked in the microwave are considered a dietary dessert, since they do not lose their beneficial properties. And the scrambled eggs can be prepared directly in the plate, the main thing is that it is not metal, but also without gilding or echoing.

At the same time, polyethylene in the heating process distinguishes toxic substances that tend to accumulate in the body. Hence a certain risk of their poisonous effect on a person. Doctors of toxicologists are convinced: to heat food in the “microwave” is necessary in the container intended for this.

In more detail about what dishes experts recommend using for the preparation and warming of food in the microwave can be read here.

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CCP manufacturers recommend preparing in round or oval, flat and wide utensils. The wider the shape, the more evenly the food warms up.

According to Article 134 of the Labor Code, employees are provided with a break for rest and food lasting at least 20 minutes and no more than two hours. This time an employee can use at his discretion. In the working period it does not turn on. The specific hours and duration of the lunch break are set by the internal labor regulations or a schedule of work (shift) or by agreement between the employee and the employer.

possible, food, film, microwave

In the latter case, if a break cannot be set under the conditions of production, then the time for lunch is provided to the employee during the working day. The procedure for eating and a place for this is established by the employer in accordance with the collective agreement, agreement or internal labor regulations.

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Our trade union lawyer told whether it is possible to refuse lunch. Recall that it is impossible to completely exclude a lunch break, but by agreement with the employer it is possible to reduce its duration. The employer has the right to reduce lunch break for an individual employee to 20 minutes. However, this condition must be included in the employment contract.

Plastic dishes

Plastic dishes are allowed to be used in a microwave oven. But there should be a necessary marking on such a bowl. Plastic dishes are wonderful for heating. It is not recommended to cook full.Fledged dishes in such utensil.

With constant exposure to microwaves, plastic has the ability to deteriorate, and it also emits harmful substances. Plastic dishes are much cheaper than other dishes, but their service life is much less.

What will happen if foil in the camera

There may be 3 scenarios for the development of events. Let’s talk about each separately.

So it will be if you use foil designed to warm up in microwaves. You can try with ordinary aluminum, but you will have to adhere to the rules. This also applies to foil containers from food type.

possible, food, film, microwave

If the metal could not be placed in the first microwaves, then since 1980 the furnaces have undergone a number of modifications. This has expanded the list of permissible dishes. The main thing is to adhere to the rules, the main of which is to avoid the proximity of metals.

Why gilding or silver spraying cause sparking? This coating is not a continuous layer of metal, but particles located near each other. This contradicts the rule of the minimum two.Centimeter distance between the metal elements. It is difficult to say about foil. This is a continuous canvas.

Typically, with shiny paper of various thicknesses, users cover part of the dish that needs to be protected or better to bake. But, if at hand there is a special foil or foil dishes, marked with an icon, give preference to it.

  • A product or semi-finished product that you are going to warm up must fill the form by 90-95%.
  • The dish is installed clearly in the center of the rotary table, the minimum distance from the dish to the walls of the microwave, 2 cm.
  • Do not put 2 bulky containers nearby, otherwise the rule about 2 cm can be broken.
  • Disposable food film or dishes are disposable-do not use them again.
  • In doubt whether it is possible to send a furnace? Find the Microwave Friendly labeling on the package-it means the permissibility of use in microwave devices.

Important! During heated, the upper layer of packaging must be removed!


The easiest way to check whether the dishes for the microwave are suitable is to look at the marking, which is applied to this dish. But it is not everywhere, especially when it comes to items of utensils that we got from mothers and grandmothers. But there is a life hack, using which, you can easily determine whether dishes are suitable for a microwave oven. Take water into it and put it in the microwave for 30 seconds: if the water has heated after this time, then everything is in order, you can use it if the dishes become hot. It is not suitable for the microwave.

  • Suitable: glass, silicone, ceramics.
  • Not suitable: dishes with gilding or metal paint, metal, disposable containers. Both paper and plastic, foil and shapes from it, crystal.
  • With caution: use a plastic film for covering food in containers or dishes is necessary so that the film does not touch food products. There are fears that when heated, it can distinguish carcinogenic substances. It is better to replace the baking film for baking paper.
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Safety and advantages of heating food in the microwave

Around the microwave, myths are still hovering about its danger to human health and the dangers of the food prepared and heated in it.


Afraid of warm food in the microwave? In vain. Microwave oven is safe for a person, provided that its serviceability and proper operation.

WHO has long made a conclusion about security for a person food prepared in a microwave oven.

Microwave radiation acts only during the operation of the furnace, and only inside. At the time of turning it off and opening the door of the magnetron, which radiates the waves, instantly turns off. Therefore, the harmful effects of electromagnetic waves on humans are excluded.


Heating of food in the microwave has its advantages. Here they are:

  • Food is heated quickly, so time is saved.
  • No need to use excess fat, as in the case of heating food in a pan, so the food is less high.
  • Due to a brief stay in the furnace in vegetables and fruits, more vitamins are preserved.

Special dishes

We have already written about a special set from Samsung. Other brands do not lag behind their Korean colleague. Panasonic, LG, Whirlpool, Teka, Sharp and Rolsen offer special dishes for frying their own development. Material. Glass ceramics with a special coating that can absorb the energy of waves. Such containers can be complemented by anti.Stick coating. As a result, heating occurs quickly.

For LG furnaces, a combined dish called “Talented dish” is created. This is a set for cooking in different modes to fully use the functionality. One of the models of Mulinx is supplemented by a loaf of an Oopeck, in which you can bake a traditional brick on your own or proposed recipe from simple ingredients. As in an ordinary loaf furnace, kneading, insisting and baking occur automatically.

There are few dishes, is it so? But you need to carefully choose what is suitable for the microwave, and that you should not bring close. Your attentiveness will protect the technique from breakdowns, and you from other negative consequences.

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