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Why does the air conditioner gurgle in a non.Working state in the wind

Air conditioning is an ordinary thing in an office and in a living room. Sometimes during operation there are sounds that should not be during normal work. It bothers the owners. One of these phenomena is gurgling in the air conditioning. Sound does not always mean that there was a breakdown, but you cannot ignore the problem. Many problems can be solved independently, serious malfunctions require contacting the service center.

First of all, it is necessary to determine the cause of the noise, to find out whether it can negatively affect the operation of all the equipment or the air conditioning is working as usual as a normal mode.

The sounds made by the air conditioner are divided into safe ones, which do not affect its performance, and dangerous, after which the measures should be taken to eliminate them.

Safe sounds include crackling and creaking of the case during operation, the murmur of water after turning off. Clothing occurs when the temperature of the working unit changes, since the plastic expands slightly or compresses. This is the usual physical property of any substance. The sound of dripping water appears when the air conditioner is turned off, when the refrigerant flows into the lower point of the cooling circuit.

It is more attentive to clicks or a sharp change in noise during operation. This indicates violations in the operation of electronics, the compressor of the engine and the engine. If such sounds occur, you need to immediately contact the nearest service center in order to localize possible breakdown in time.

A fully working air conditioner operates at the level of 22-28 dB noise. This sound comes from the moving parts of the fan and compressor that pumps air. The level of noise is strongly influenced by the quality of the assembly of the device itself, as well as the parts used. In most cases, air conditioners of any manufacturer fit into the indicated framework.

block, split, systems, makes, sounds

Typically, air conditioning makes gurgling sounds in winter when it works for heating the room. In this case, an extraneous sound can be seen even with the device off.

There are two main causes of gurgling sound:

Gurgling air conditioning can also be turned on and off. The compressor accelerates the freon through the system when turned on, or the movement slows down after disconnecting. Usually such a sound is heard for 5-10 minutes. This is considered the norm in the work of inverter air conditioners.

block, split, systems, makes, sounds

General information

If the air conditioner is working and correctly configured, when working, it must issue a quiet monotonous buzz, but not gurgling or whistling sounds. By the way, we talked about the whistle in another article. Read it below.

If the air conditioner begins to make strange extraneous sounds similar to gurgling, listen to them. Most likely, gurgling will not be constant, but steep, with different volume and frequency. Often, these sounds are heard with the apparatus on, but sometimes users hear them when the air conditioner is turned off.

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In 99% of cases, these sounds are reported from the internal (wall) air conditioner block. But we hasten to reassure you: the probability of serious breakdown is extremely low. Of course, there is a problem and it must be fixed, but repair work will not take a lot of time and money.

We will immediately answer the question about independent repair. At home, you will not be able to conduct a full diagnosis, which means you cannot fix the device. This is only possible for a specialist from the service center. He has not only the necessary tools, but also knowledge, as well as invaluable experience. We do not recommend repairing if you have no skills, but practical experience. Otherwise, you risk reducing the service life of the air conditioner.

What are the reasons for the hum of the external air conditioner unit

A loud rumble during the operation of the air conditioner can occur in the external block, which is located on the street side. Consider the main causes of its occurrence.

Reasons for the hum of the external module:

  • Wondered compressor. Compressor’s operational resource. Up to 15 years. If he failed, it will need to replace it. This work is best entrusted to the experienced master.
  • Oil in the compressor crankcase ended. This problem can be easily solved by adding oil to the refrigerator.
  • Vibro.Insulating fasteners were dry. It is better to replace these details, which will significantly reduce the noise level.
  • The protective grill is poorly fixed. In this case, you need to check the quality of the mount and eliminate the problems.
  • Balance of the fan blades. Such a problem usually occurs due to the pollution of the blades. High.Quality cleaning using detergents or cleaning products will get rid of the loud rumble of air conditioning.
  • A large layer of ice in the outer block is formed. To eliminate noise, you need to clean the block from the formed ice.
  • If a loudly vibrating transformer is heard, you need to tighten its fasteners or shorten the protruding spring, which is an element of fastening.

If it was not possible to independently identify and eliminate the problem of loud noise emanating from the outer block, you need to call specialists from the service center.

Many users begin to complain that their air conditioner began to crack or publish other extraneous noises. If you are faced with this problem, do not worry ahead of time. Turn off the device and call the master from the service center. Independent diagnosis is possible, but only if there is proper experience and knowledge. Therefore, we recommend that you immediately seek help from the service center to avoid other, more serious, breakdowns.

Now you know why the air conditioner makes strange extraneous sounds, like a cod, clicking, gurgling or knocking. Typically, the air conditioner clicks due to foreign objects that could get into the outer unit through the ventilation holes or due. But sometimes the reason is much more serious than it seems at first glance. In any case, only a professional master will be able to determine the exact reason. And you can tell him from which part of the air conditioner the sound is heard most clearly.

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Perhaps among our readers there are experienced masters and users. Have you encountered extraneous sounds during the operation of the split system? How you managed to solve this difficult problem? Tell us about your experience in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below. Also familiarize yourself with other useful articles on our website. Good luck!

What does it mean: the air conditioner works loudly?

The fact that the air conditioner is working loudly, we can talk if the noise level of the inner unit exceeds 35 decibels. This is the level of conversation in an undertone and such a volume of the air conditioner can already interfere with sleep.

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Cracking in the air conditioning is an occasion to urgently diagnose and clean equipment.

If the crack is found in the outer block, the specialist will need to check the compressor condition. This is the most difficult and expensive breakdown. Maybe the problem in the garbage, which prevents the fan of the external unit from rotating. Cleaning the outer block can be done independently if it is located in an accessible place.

But the more high.Quality professionals will cope with the procedure.

If the crackle in the air conditioner (internal block) is worried. You should clean or fan impeller. Blades could clog with dust. If the impeller is broken, it is changed.

To get a consultation:

The sound source comes from the freon circuit

In the case of breaking a cut on a copper tube (due to improper installation), part of the refrigerant in a liquid state returns to the outer unit, emitting gurgling.

If a vacuum procedure was not carried out during the installation, the air in the circuit will mix with gas. This process is accompanied by extraneous noise.

Another reason: contour depressurization. In this case, part of the freon evaporates, air masses come to its place. The air wanders, contacts the freon, which causes gurgling sounds.

How to fix

Only a call call will help here. The master will seal the system, if necessary, refuel it with a refrigerant or eliminate the hall. You should not do it yourself: there is a great risk to completely break the device.

Causes of the air conditioner’s rumble

Sometimes air conditioning during operation for some reason is periodically buzzing. This applies to the external unit (located on the street) and internal (located in the room).

Noise can make a self.Cleaning system that was turned off. This sound is the norm.

block, split, systems, makes, sounds

Occasionally there is a failure of a program that controls the interaction of blocks of split systems. Then one of the blocks may suddenly start working in a turn off. In this case, the air conditioner must be reprogrammed so that the internal block can again be successfully synchronized with the external.

However, the most frequent causes of the hum are strong pollution of fans, dust, fluff or raid colonies of insects (bees, wasps). Under such conditions, the fan blades begin to give different load on the core during rotation. As a result of which there is an unbalancing of internal structures, vibration, and the device begins to make great noise.

A mechanical breakdown may occur with a lower probability:

  • The bearing was not greased enough, and then failed.
  • An extraneous object or dust got inside the mechanism.
  • Buzzing when turning on. Perhaps the electric motor does not have enough voltage from the mains to launch. It is necessary to check the wiring in the room for performance and the presence of bare insulation.
  • Damage or wear of the internal details of the air conditioner (for example, deformation of one of the fan blades or severe compressor wear).
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Wind is a common noise source

The external block of the split system is installed on the street, it is associated with the internal main tubes. With a strong wind, a poorly fixed technique sways. The sound is transmitted to the internal block. Another source of noise is a drainage hose removed from the air conditioner outward. The air conditioner knocks in a strong wind when the gusts are blown out at the end of the drain tube, creating a characteristic rumble. The created pressure directs air into the internal block. Gurgling sounds are heard in the drainage pallet.

Poor thermal insulation and sealing the place of excretion of the hose, leads to its swinging and knocking. This is an installation defect, it is easy to fix it on its own. When using condensate drain into the sewer, it is recommended to install a coupling with a check valve. This detail allows you to exclude extraneous sounds.

In windy weather, problems arise with the equipment turned on and off. Manufacturers recommend carefully choosing the installation site of the external unit and place it under the protective visor. An unusual sound when operating air conditioner in calm weather signals a clogging. In the summer season, poplar fluff and leaf fall, you often have to clean the lobes of the external block of the outdoor bins.

Prevention of air conditioning knocks

To avoid the occurrence of extraneous noise, knocking during the operation of the air conditioner, the prevention of climatic technology is needed.

Important! It is necessary to order it before the season and after its end, and once during the summer period, if the equipment is constantly working.

In addition, it is necessary to call the master at least once every few years so that he will diagnose the entire system, if necessary, he will refuel the Freon and inspect the highway to detect damage

block, split, systems, makes, sounds

In addition, the user can also harm the technique, if, for example, it will not be wrong to clean it or to establish it illiterate. All this usually leads not only to the occurrence of extraneous noise, but also to the failure of the device. Remember that calling the master will cost you cheaper than a likely repair.

From all of the above, we can conclude that gurgling in the air conditioner is almost a normal sound, which quite often causes fatal breakdown. However, if it is obsessive or suspicions, it is necessary to take appropriate actions. First, it is necessary to find out why the system makes gurgling. To do this, it is necessary to detect places from where the sound comes and pay attention to other factors. Weather conditions, mode of operation and much more. Thus, you can understand what took place with the device, and decide how to accurately fix the problem.

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