Installing a stove in a wooden house

How to Install a Furnace in a Wooden Home?

A wooden house has many advantages: ecological compatibility, beauty, and a comfortable microclimate. But such structures are potentially fire hazards, so when installing heating equipment, you should be sure to follow the rules outlined in the instructions and be especially careful.

installing, stove, wooden, house

Even if you decide to entrust the installation to specialists, we with the basic requirements that must be taken into account when placing a metal stove in such a structure.

Characteristics of the equipment

Recently, thanks to the variety of design of the blower, it is possible to complement the overall style of the interior of the room. Thus, it is not only a device for heating, but also a kind of decoration of the room. The stove works on wood no longer than 25 cm or other solid fuel, it all depends on the preference of the owners and their financial capabilities.

The main functions of the burzhuyka installed in the country house:

and more often the stylish burzhuyka becomes a serious competitor for fireplaces, because in addition to other positive qualities of the device is compact. It is easy to connect it, move it to a new location if necessary, or place it outside for the purpose of roasting meat in the fresh air.

If you need to often transport the stove from one place to another, it is better to give preference to collapsible models. They usually have an easy to remove the top cover, which often serves as a cooking surface. This wood-burning stove is also equipped with detachable legs and a chimney consisting of several sections. The oven won’t take up much space, is a mobile piece of furniture, and is easy to transport. Using burzhuyka completely eliminates the risk of poisoning people with carbon monoxide, because it comes out of the room through the pipe. It turns out that it is the installation of the pipe that determines the safety of the device and the power of operation.

installing, stove, wooden, house

Fire safety standards for installation and operation of the stove

In order to keep your home safe with a burzhuyka, you should follow some fire safety rules:

  • Use only dry wood or logs for fuel.
  • To ignite the device, you should open the firebox flap and put the required amount of fuel there, and then ignite.
  • When the fuel has sufficiently flared up, the power of the ash-box can be set by opening and closing the ash drawer.
  • To clean the ashes from the ash fireplace it is necessary to completely cool the body, take out the ash drawer and throw away its contents.

To clean the stove from ashes, you need to cool the body, remove the ash drawer, and throw away the debris from the ash drawer

  • At the first ignition you can feel the smell of burning paint, but later such an effect will not be repeated.
  • Any inflammable objects must be at least 80 cm from the firebox.
  • It is forbidden to put more than 3 kg of fuel in the firebox at a time. It is important to always close the firebox hatch.
  • It is forbidden to use the furnace if there are any malfunctions in the exhaust pipe.
  • It is forbidden to leave the stove unattended for a long time and in the presence of small children.
  • When the heater is in operation, the body of the heater must not be touched, because it heats up to a very high temperature.
  • It is forbidden to place flammable materials near the fireplace.
  • The firebox can only be installed on a non-combustible base.

You can only install the firebox in a wooden house on a non-combustible base

How to choose a stove for a wooden house?

You can build a burzhuyka yourself, for which it is desirable to use competent and detailed instructions, as well as view training videos, or buy a ready-made version.

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As a rule, purchased stoves are encased in bricks with a gap of three centimeters, so they can be used in houses made of wood, and are also characterized by a good heat output. After the cessation of combustion, the construction will still long enough to give the heat to the rooms.

However, most often people prefer to mount a structure, created by themselves, in their dacha. It can be equipped with a hob, and the following materials can be used to create it:

Each option has its own advantages, but if the construction will be used in a house made of wood, then it must, in any case, be surrounded by brick, and installed on a suitable surface and at a sufficiently large distance from other foreign objects and walls.

Varieties of homemade boilers

  • The product of a metal cylinder, to which is attached a pipe with a diameter of 350 mm. The walls of this construction should not be thinner than 10 mm., And it will be distinguished by uncontrollable draught. You can even find a video on the Internet, which carefully and step by step shows the process of forming such a stove. To mount the door, you will have to use welding and an angle grinder, and the pipe itself is welded to the metal box. The resulting furnace will be characterized by a long period of heating of the room, and will cool down very quickly. Due to the unregulated draught, it will not be possible to set a constant burning mode in the cottage or in other structures.
  • Using a gas cylinder is considered a popular option for the formation of a fireplace. Cylinders are incredibly affordable items, so you won’t need to spend a lot of money to build a stove. The process of forming is considered easy. To do this, you must initially select the top rim of the cylinder metal, which is equipped with a tap, and a standard hammer is usually used for this. Water is poured into the cylinder, and a suitable opening for the door is cut out from the top. A frame made of structural steel angles is welded to the damper, and then the frame is welded to the structure. The door is installed, and in the place where the bottom of the furnace is supposed to be, a hole is created, designed for the grid, which is equated in this part of the cylinder. From metal strips is created a box without a top, which is welded to the bottom of the element, and it will act as a collector of ash. A metal damper is mounted, which will regulate the air flow into the furnace. To keep the cylinder horizontally, the legs are welded to it, and a hole is made for the pipe, which will be opposite to the door. Next, the chimney is connected to this hole. If all the work is done correctly, you will get a reliable and high quality stove, which should be encased in brick, as a result of which it can be operated even in a wooden house.
  • The stove made of metal sheets. It can also be made by yourself, and in this case it is usually equipped with an element for cooking. The process of formation is considered easy enough, and such a burzhuyka can have completely different sizes and other parameters. For its use, you will not need to use a large amount of fuel, since there are partitions in the furnace, as well as all the doors in the structure will fit tightly to it. In such a furnace you can easily regulate the air flow.

It is possible to make stoves and from other materials and elements, and the choice depends on the future users, but it is important to consider that the operation will be carried out in a wooden house, so the construction must be reliable and safe.

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What rules should be adhered to during work and operation?

If you need to install a design in a structure made of wood, it is important to know certain rules and requirements that will allow you to get an element that is safe:

  • If metal is used, it is important to consider that it quickly and strongly heats up, so it is best to cover it with brick;
  • when using cast iron, it is important to remember that it retains heat for a long time, so it is best to place the stove so that its walls are in an open place after the combustion has stopped;
  • Burzhuyka legs, as well as other elements, quickly and significantly heats up, so they must be placed on a surface that is resistant to high temperatures;
  • Do not perform installation on linoleum or laminate, parquet or plastic, as well as on carpeting, and suitable floor coverings are considered ceramic tiles or concrete, masonry brick or tin;
  • the distance between the wooden walls and the fireplace should be more than one meter;
  • in one room chimney must be without sections, and if they do exist, the connections must be strong and reliable;
  • in the place where the pipe comes out, must have a thermal barrier, which can be made of brick, concrete or ceramic;
  • the fuel reservoirs must be placed away from the door so that no sparks can fall into them and cause a fire;
  • do not load more than three kilograms of fuel into the stove;
  • when the bunburner is in operation, its door must be tightly and very well closed;
  • The ash drawer should be cleaned thoroughly and regularly;
  • Do not touch the walls or other elements of the construction while it is in use, because they get very hot;
  • the chimney must always be clean and in good condition, otherwise it is forbidden to use the stove.

It is best to watch instructional videos during installation so that you do not violate any basic rules and requirements. In this case it is possible to obtain an ideal stove for any structure.

In recent years it has become more and more important to heat small rooms: wooden summer houses, outbuildings, garages, etc.д. The stove is undoubtedly one of the best options for such buildings, t.к. Its use provides an opportunity to save on electricity, while its use is not difficult. Burzhuyka appearance is similar to a rectangular box, where the basis are four stable legs. The stove also has a door, a compartment for storing firewood and an ash drawer to be cleaned regularly from accumulated ash.

Relevance Burzhuyka explained by the fact that for some areas, obtaining natural gas is not available. Way out of this situation is the installation of burzhuyka, the furnace which is provided by coal or wood. Combustible material is generally available, even for self-made, such as firewood.

In addition to the door, fuel compartment and ash drawer, the stove design is supplemented with a pipe that is a connecting part between the fireplace and the chimney, the length of which starts from 5 m and above. The length of the pipe determines the strength of the draught and the power in operation of the structure. The material for the furnace is steel or cast iron. We advise to read the material on our site: “Location of the chimney for a stove-burzhuyka in the garage”. There are two types of burzhuks:

[Photo 2 Rectangular metal stove.]

Brick construction of the stove harmonizes quite well with the interior of the wooden country house and can provide heating simultaneously to several small rooms. Due to the uniform heating of the rooms, the heat in them is kept for a long time. The disadvantages of the brick oven include the duration of the heating process. The pluses include:

  • functionality. For example, in the process of laying bricks, you can make a zone for cooking. For craftsmen will be able to arrange a niche to place the oven.
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For cast iron models of stoves, the main difference is the compactness and uncomplicated installation process, their placement can be determined in any area of the room. The basic rule is the correct folding of the chimney construction. Corrugated stainless steel pipes are used for free movement of the stove. We advise to read also on this subject: “Wood stove. an easy solution for the heating system of small rooms.”

Installing a stove on the floor

As already mentioned, metal or cast iron stove in a wooden house can be installed without first pouring the foundation, if its weight together with the facing material does not exceed 750 kg.

installing, stove, wooden, house

According to the building regulations it is allowed to install the fireplace on a wooden floor, if it has no cladding. For installation on the second floor of a building, the supporting structures must be reinforced with channels or metal corners in advance.

In order to protect the wood from combustion, a metal sheet or a layer of brick is placed under the stove. No additional difficulties this process does not represent.

In the instructions to heating devices is always described in detail the technology of their installation and recommendations for connection to the chimney.

Protecting wooden walls from fire

In such a situation an additional brick wall or a plasterboard wall lined with mineral wool and aluminium foil should be placed between the chimney and the wall on the side adjoining the chimney.

Necessary element to ensure the safety of the wooden house is a suitable chimney. Suitable, t.е. made of non-combustible elements resistant to very high temperatures along its entire length: the temperature of smoke from the chimney may reach 500° C, and during the ignition of soot more than 1000° C. The chimney must also be of appropriate size, not less than 14 cm x 14 cm in diameter (15 cm section for round chimneys) and not less than 4 m high. Order a sandwich chimney here. If the roof is covered with combustible material (thatch, wood) the chimney has to extend over the roof by at least 60 cm (30 cm in case of non-combustible roofing). In the case of shingles and straw it is also worth covering the chimney with spark-quenching mesh.

Wood treatment against fire

Additional means of protection of wooden structures located in the vicinity of the iron furnace, are flame retardant impregnations and mastics. Such a treatment exposed beams, supporting structures, floor and walls adjacent to the furnace. Mastic has a higher level of fire protection, and impregnation is practically colorless.

Fire protection treatment can be carried out by representatives of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, as well as by the owners of the wooden house. In the latter case, before you start using the furnace will need to get a certificate from the Inspector of the Ministry of Emergency Situations on the compliance of its installation requirements PPB.

All leading European and Russian manufacturers of solid fuel stoves in the technical documentation describes in detail the rules of installation of equipment and fire safety requirements.

Choosing a stove for the bath, you can take advantage of the offer of specialized stores and buy a ready-made metal product made of sheets of steel and.

The foundation for the furnace in the bath is built separately from the main supporting structure. And its parameters depend on the weight of the oven itself. Foundation under the brick stove.

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