Induction plate heats the surface or not

Features of the use of induction stove

The appearance of induction plates is a technological breakthrough in household appliances. For instant heating, stylish appearance and comfort in work, they fell in love not only by professional cooks, but also to housewives. But is the induction hob of the panel so good and what is its features?

First of all, we offer to figure out how the induction stove still works? Guessing the principle of operation of a gas or ordinary electric stove is easy. In the gas stove, the heating element is a burner with a flame, in the second. The heating element, which heats up to the desired temperature.

The device of the induction slab is completely different: heating occurs due to induction current and it heats not the burner itself, but directly the dishes that stands on it.

Consider the principle of operation of the induction stove step by step:

  • A electric current is supplied through the outlet and cable to the device;
  • The charge enters the voltage frequency converter;
  • The converted charge passes to a magnetic coil that creates a magnetic field;
  • Vortex currents are transmitted to the bottom of the dishes, creating the movement of electrons and, accordingly, heating food.

Electromagnetic radiation, on the basis of which modern induction panels are created, was opened back in the 19th century (1831) by physicists Joseph Henry and Michael Faradey. In household needs, technology has been used from the 1870s, so you cannot call it completely new. The boom of recent years is more likely the result of the mass production of induction plates, and not the novelty of thought.

Pros and cons of induction plates

When choosing a slab operating on the induction principle, it is necessary to take into account their weak and strengths in comparison with other options.

  • Cleanliness and safety. The surface does not heat up without dishes, so there is no risk of burning.
  • High heating speed, which saves electricity.
  • Simple care. Due to the absence of heating, the product is easily cleaned. It is enough to use a sponge and a small amount of household chemicals.
  • Combining several zones into one. If necessary, you can use one large dishes and thereby parallel to use several working surfaces.
  • Automatic shutdown. In the absence of special dishes, the surface turns off itself.
  • Large selection of functions / settings. The hostess can independently choose a mode that is most suitable for frying, extinguishing or cooking. This allows you to maintain the benefit of the product.
  • High efficiency. About 90%. For comparison, in electric plates this parameter is much lower and barely reaches 70%.
  • Stylish appearance. Induction slabs look more modern and become a decoration of any kitchen.
  • Environmental friendliness. Due to the lack of heating in the room there is no extraneous heat, so there are no harmful substances in the air. For comparison when combustion of gas, many dangerous toxins are released.
  • High cost, which is 2-2.5 times higher than gas and electric counterparts.
  • The need to use special dishes from cast iron or steel.
  • Low surface reliability, which can break from a slight mechanical effect.
  • Reducing power while using several panels.
  • The complexity of the repair in case of breakdown.
  • Extraneous noise during work that some housewives may cause discomfort.
  • Requirement for a radius of dishes, which should be a width of 60 mm and above.
  • The need to connect to electricity, which can become a problem if there is only gas supply.
  • A relatively short service life in active mode, which is from 3 to 7 years.

How the hobs act?

Induction and electric stove with glass-ceramic panel, not much different at first glance, work absolutely different.

In an electric stove, the energy that the resistor supplies is converted into thermal. In other words, the current first heats the hob itself, and only after thermal energy is transmitted to the dishes. This principle of action is characteristic of both simpler models and advanced, made using Hi-Light technology.

In the induction stove, a high.Frequency generator placed under the burner creates vortex currents that are fed to the dishes. All dishes for the induction panel. This is a conductor, thanks to which thermal energy is directed to a pan or pan bypassing the heating of the surface itself.

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In connection with the radically different principle of operation for electrical and induction plates, their pros and cons are characterized.

Cons of induction hobs

Many users recognize the advantages of induction as a more effective way of heating. Nevertheless, induction panels with a huge number of undeniable advantages do not so far use Russian customers very popular. What is the reason?

Firstly, induction is a thing for the layman is unusual, and therefore causing some alertness. Secondly, the induction hob and minuses have.

Higher cost

The main drawback of induction hobs from the point of view of the average buyer is their high cost. Technically more advanced, more “advanced” induction panels are really more expensive than plates with Hi Lights, and even more so more than ordinary electric stoves. Only when appearing on the market, they scared away many potential buyers at their price. But time goes on, and induction is gradually becoming more affordable pleasure.

In order not to be unfounded, we give several digits. The cost of an average induction hob from a well.Known manufacturer today is about 20 thousand. There are models that will cost you even cheaper-at 10-15 thousand. (Of course, we are not talking about plates of premium price segment, the price of which is commensurate with the cost of a budget car.) For comparison: the glass-ceramic panel can be purchased for 15-18 thousand. As you can see, there is no reason to break a spear.

The difference in the price of induction panels and electric stoves with cast.Iron burners, of course, a little more. However, it is worth taking into account that “overpaying” at the stage of buying a stove, you very soon compensate for this difference due to a more economical energy consumption.

You need dishes with ferromagnetic properties

The hostess, who has become the owner of the induction hob, will have to review his “park” of kitchen utensils. Not every pan or frying pan will make. The fact is that when using this panel, heating is carried out directly in the bottom of the dishes due to the occurrence of induction currents in it. It is clear that this dishes should be special.

The cook does not have to know the subtleties of physics at all. Simply, it should be remembered that only dishes can be used, the bottom of which is made of material with ferromagnetic properties. Such products today are produced by almost all manufacturers of kitchen utensils and are indicated by a special sign.

Designation of dishes for the induction hob.

But what about the old dishes? Do you really have to abandon your favorite pan or saucepan? Not at all. Steel and cast.Iron utensils will still serve you. But from aluminum, copper, brass, glass, ceramic dishes, as well as from dishes made of thin.Walled steel or layered materials, alas, you will have to refuse. In addition, the bottom of the vessel should be perfectly even: drops of more than 1 mm are unacceptable.

Check if your old dishes for the induction panel does not have a special marking, it is quite easy: just apply a regular magnet to the bottom. Holds. It means that everything is in order, the dishes “will remain in the ranks”.

In fact, you do not have to even perform this simple procedure with a magnet. Most of the models of induction plates have the function of recognition of the dishes and they themselves will “tell” whether this or that dishes are suitable for them or not. If the pan or pan does not have a ferromagnetic bottom, the panel simply will not start working. As you know, spoil the induction panel, putting something wrong on it, it is impossible: the device in this case simply will not turn on.

Restrictions for installation

Installation of the induction hob that has some features, and fans of installing household appliances in accordance with their own ideas about physics and life is advised to still look into the instructions.

The installation of the panel over other household appliances is not allowed (the exception is only an oven released by the same manufacturer and having a built.In cooling fan). It is very important to observe the values ​​of all the gaps specified in the operating instructions.

Close to the induction panel, including in a drawer located under it, it is strongly recommended to store aerosols and other flammable materials, as well as foil and metal objects.

Metal objects cannot be placed on the surface

The induction plate reacts to objects from ferromagnetic materials, so laying metal objects on its surface is not worth. Many modern models know how to evaluate the area of ​​contact with dishes, and if you put a small item on the hob during cooking, for example, a knife or spoon, nothing will happen. The stove will simply react to the appearance of such a “trifle”. But to store empty pots or pans on the hob that was not found in the closet, you will have to wean.

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Limited time of continuous work

The induction panel is designed for continuous operation for only 3 hours. After this time, it will automatically turn off, and if you need it, you will have to turn it on again. This restriction will create some inconvenience for lovers of a junction, which, as you know, is required to cook for 6-8 hours.

The effect of induction hobs on the human body

Another barrier to the acquisition of an induction panel for many potential buyers is the fear of electromagnetic radiation. At the same time, this category of particularly cautious citizens for some reason forgets about microwave furnaces, televisions, computers and other electrical appliances, the level of electromagnetic radiation of which is no less, and sometimes more than induction plates.

Talking about the dangers of induction hobs, they do not try to abandon mobile phones that can cause much more harm to health, since very many do not part with their gadgets for a second.

Optimal stove tips for choosing

If you decide to try the advantages of an innovative approach to cooking, then recommendations will help in this how to choose an assistant.

What to look for and how not to make a mistake while buying an induction stove to the kitchen:

Wtf is ‘induction’ cooking?

The quality and reliability of the product largely depends on the manufacturer. The price of their goods is much higher, so for saving you can choose plates of less known brands.

This indicator is purely individual, someone is enough for one hob, and there will be little for culinary and 4 for culinary and 4.

There are an induction slabs of a combined type, which combine several types of heating for simultaneously using.

It is important to remember that the more fireproofs, the more expensive the goods will come out and take more space in the kitchen.

For a family consisting of one or two people, a hobby surface with two heating zones is enough. The larger the family, the more fireproofs should be on the induction panel. Some models are equipped with an increased heating zone that allows you to place several pots in it.

The peculiarity of the slabs based on electromagnetic induction is that it helps to accurately set the temperature and save it until the end of cooking.

induction, plate, heats, surface

The more modes have the technique, the more interesting it is to cook dishes, for example, you can reach varying degrees of fried and caramelization. The best option for the family will be a plate of 16 modes, more powerful parameters are left for professional kitchen.

The touch display and the presence of a turbo heating mode make the creation of culinary masterpieces more efficient and comfortable.

Models with a timer, auto start after time and saving settings for certain recipes are also sold. You will have to pay extra for each additional chip of equipment, so you need to think over the requirements for the stove and the budget in advance.

Modern induction plates are made of capricious glass ceramics (and this is one of their disadvantages), but some models are made of more expensive hardened glass, which looks very stylish and exclusive, distinguished by the maximum practicality of use.

The design of the plate is designed in the high-tech style, and the hob of black, gray or white, often decorated with bizarre patterns or ornaments, fits into any interior, giving it warmth and comfort. Heating zones are indicated by circles, ovals or polygons of different sizes.

When choosing an optimal model of induction hobs, such an accessory is often found as an adapter for a stove. This device will be extremely useful when using any type of dishes from various materials that are not initially provided for this type of plates.

The advantage of the accessory is that such a solution for the induction hob will save on buying a set of special dishes or will make it possible to use the usual ceramic or glass kitchen utensils for cooking.

The efficiency of useful action will be the same 90%, no heat loss also occurs, and, consequently, the overspending of electricity.

For many users, the purchase of an adapter will be an excellent alternative to change of kitchen utensils.

Separately standing induction furnaces, where there is both a hob and oven, in our market is still a rarity.

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And if the assortment of built.In slabs simply breathtaking with its diversity, to acquire multifunctional equipment that will meet all the requirements of the hosts is already more difficult.

Nevertheless, there are options, which means that you need to navigate in the features of the presented furnaces with wind cabinets.

Consumer offers various induction equipment. Its differences in design and concept: desktop induction slabs and stationary flooring, which can be used as part of the thermal technological line.

For institutions specializing in ethnic cuisine, in the lineup of induction plates there is special equipment for the eastern cuisine segment. Wok induction stoves. The peculiarity of the preparation of oriental dishes is in high temperature, cooking technology and special dishes (WOK pans with a spherical bottom).

Experts note that the WOK induction slabs are more in demand on the market that can reproduce the effect of cooking on a “living” fire. They are indispensable in democratic institutions that have chosen the direction of oriental cuisine.

Myth 2. For an induction stove, you will have to change all the dishes

The dishes should really be compatible with the induction technology of heating, for this, in the bottom of the pan and pans should contain material with ferromagnetic properties. Steel and cast iron possessed universal joy, and even the enamel layer will not be an obstacle. Some alloys of stainless steel, however, I may not fit: test your dishes, bringing the magnet to the bottom. If it is attracted, everything is in order.

induction, plate, heats, surface

It turns out that you will have to abandon only glass and aluminum, although there are options: you can buy special discs that are attached to the bottom and make any dishes suitable. If you like aluminum or ceramic pans, they also release such, but with a thin magnetizing layer. If there are means and desire, you can buy special dishes: its bottom has perfect thermal conductivity and does not make noise when heated with induction.


Induction plates from the point of view of fire safety are no different from ordinary. If it breaks, then there will be no fire, although there are exceptions to the rules.

As for security for a person, then everything is ambiguous. The probability of getting a burn from such a stove is much lower, since it almost does not heat up outside the burner, and also cools faster after turning off.

8 rules for buying household appliances and electronics

But there is another point. The induction stove creates a significant electromagnetic field, which in some cases can over time negatively affect health. However, this also needs certain conditions.

It is necessary to use such a stove almost around the clock, at maximum power and stand close to it.

Also, the plate is not suitable for those who have an individual reaction to electromagnetic fields. But if you are a meter from the hob, then it (or rather, the electromagnetic field) does not carry any danger (or rather).

Small rating from our editorial office. TOP-3 induction plates from the quartlog:

The latter, by the way, is very good, but an order of magnitude more expensive.

If you are still in doubt, then there are many mixed models on the market, in which one or two four burners will be induction. You can just try and get used to.

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Results. Pros and cons of induction plates

Induction stove is a reliable assistant in the kitchen, which favorably differs from classic gas or electric furnaces.

The main advantages of the product are obvious. Maximum efficiency, saving electric energy and minimal risk of burning.

It should be noted the modern appearance of the product. Such a plate will decorate any kitchen, and to care for it is not difficult.

In addition, after removing the pan or pan from the heating element, the furnace is automatically turned off, which excludes the expenditure of energy idle.

Food that is cooked on such a plate is characterized by safety and maximum health benefits.

Additional amenities include the possibility of adjusting the temperature and the availability of several cooking programs.

Of the shortcomings, it is worth highlighting the need to use special dishes (from glass or aluminum based on ferromagnetic materials), as well as a high price, when compared with the main competitors.

That is why the average buyer cannot afford such costs.

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