Indesite washing a drum bearing

Instructions for replacing the bearing in the washing machine Indesite

Large loads or intensive operation for a long time of an automatic washing machine Indesit can lead to such troubles as wear of the bearing. The only possible option for correcting such a problem is to replace it.

Determine that something is wrong with the bearing, is not difficult. Just in the process of spinning at increased speeds, you need to listen to the sounds with which the washing machine works. A faulty bearing will definitely remind of himself by extraneous noise or a knock.

You can turn off the car from the network and unleash the drum in different directions manually. Characteristic sounds will confirm the “diagnosis”. The replacement of the bearing is a rather time.Consuming process, but for people who have an idea of ​​working with various equipment and have the right hands, it will not become great complexity. So everything is in order. If you have difficulties in analysis of technology, then read the article. How to make out Indesit.

Replacing the bearing of the washing machine of the Washing machine Indesis. How the bearing works?

Two bearings are installed in the standard assembly inside the washing machine, which connect the drum and skip.

These details have different sizes, a large bearing is located near the drum and carries a fairly high load.

The small one is at the opposite end of the shaft.

With the help of bearings, the washing machine drum spins evenly when performing the program and additional functions.

Causes of wear

Replacing the bearing of the machine Indesit, with proper operation, may only be required after five to six years of operation of the apparatus. This is no longer a breakdown, but natural wear.

If you had a breakdown, that is, not even 5 years have passed since the day of purchase, then most likely this happened due to:

  • Constant overload of linen, hence the imbalance during operation and premature wear of components;
  • Damaged oil seal, which protects the bearing from water from lubrication. If the oil seal is non.Monthly, the water seeps and rinses the lubricant, after which the bearing is covered with corrosion and breaks.

External signs of bearing breakdowns:

Also, you can twist the drum if you see the backlash between the drum and the tank, then you should be wary.

Features of replacement for models with vertical loading

Replacing the bearing in the Indesit washing machine with vertical loading. The lesson is even more laborious. First, you have to disassemble almost the entire washing machine. Unlike the frontally loaded, on the “vertical” the drum is attached from two sides. Sales and blocking are at the top, and the side walls are from the side. Washing electrolyux, bosch, virpool understand approximately the same. But Bosch will have to spin almost completely.

The peculiarity of the vertically located drum is that you need to replace two nodes of bearings. From above and below. Otherwise, an imbalance is possible and all the work will have to be rebuilt.

Change the bearing on the washing machine Indesit with your own hands is not so difficult. The main thing is not to be afraid, prepare correctly and have the right tool.

The work algorithm is as follows.

First, the upper cover (two rear screws) is removed from the body, then the bolts are unscrewed and the back panel is removed.

  • The container for washing powder is removed;
  • The fixing control panel of the screws (three) are unscrewed;
  • Fixing latches are unclenched by a screwdriver;
  • The removed panel (without disconnecting the wires) is placed on the machine;
  • The loading door opens, the clamp, located under the elastic band, is removed;
  • The hatch castle is unscrewed (2 screws). The wires are disconnected, and the cuff should be tucked into the tank;
  • Unscrew and remove the front panel.
  • Remove the elements located on the opposite side of the case (rear).
  • The drive belt is removed;
  • The pulley is dismantled;
  • The electrical wiring is disconnected from the engine and the heater. Removing the latter is not required;
  • The engine is dismantled.
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The drain is disconnected (it is easier to do this work from the bottom of the bottom). The bolts that fix the shock absorbers should also be removed.

Delete all the details that interfere with the removal of the tank (capacity for powder, hoses, valves).

There was an open tank on a pair of springs. We take it out of the case.

Attention. Almost all models Indesit the tanks of non.Devastated (soldered). To remove the bearing, the tank will have to cut !

Before starting work, it should be performed for bolt fastening (future).

  • Having saw off the tank, a drum is removed from it (knocking out a fixing sleeve);
  • The tank is turned over the right side up, the oil seal is removed, which closes access to the bearing.
  • Removing a faulty and installing a new bearing

We take out the product with a shooter. In the absence of the latter, we work with a chisel and a hammer, knocking out an old bearing.

Clean the seat and lubricate. Install a new bearing, then, the second (similarly).

Install the drum back into the tank. We connect the half of the last (to glue or special sealant). We tighten it with bolts.

How to change a bearing on a washing machine. Preparation for replacement

So, you were convinced that your washing machine needs to replace the bearing, and you are sure that you can do this work yourself without involving a master. Where to begin?

Replacing the bearing on the washing machine is a laborious process that requires special skills, so if you have never performed the repair of household appliances or are simply not confident in your abilities, instruct professionals to work.

Before proceeding with the repair, it is necessary to purchase a new set of bearings, including the oil seal. It is best to choose the original spare parts of the manufacturer corresponding to your model, even if they are more expensive than analogues.

The new kit of bearings should include a rubber oil seal

  • Flat and cross screwdrivers;
  • Chisel or shock screwdriver;
  • A hammer;
  • Passatigi;
  • Kusachki;
  • End keys;
  • WD-40 remedy;
  • Glue;
  • Sealant.

Before disassembling the body of the washing machine, you need to free enough space for both work and for storage of parts. Disconnect the washing machine from the power supply, disconnect the hoses, push the equipment from the wall so that access to it is from all sides. If possible, transfer it to the utility room (pantry, garage) in case the repair is delayed.

Replacing the bearing in the washing machine Indesit Wis. Preparatory stage

After determining the malfunction, it is necessary to properly prepare for the repair of the machine. Bearing replacement work requires certain skills and knowledge of the unit device. The most difficult thing in this process is to get to worn details. To make a sequential replacement of the bearing in the Indesit washing machine, you will have to completely disassemble the unit, which will take a lot of time and effort.

Before starting the repair, prepare all the necessary tools

If you decide to replace at home, first you should prepare all the necessary tools. This will allow you to concentrate on the process of disassembling the device and not run after every trifle in the garage. To replace the bearing, collect the following tools:

  • Rozhki and end keys.
  • A hammer.
  • Cross and flat screwdrivers.
  • Passatigi.
  • Bit.
  • Hacksaw for metal or corner grinder.
  • Softening agent WD-40.
  • Sealant or glue.
  • New interchangeable details.

To choose the right new bearings and seals for the Indesit machine, you need to know which elements are installed in your technique. For example, for the Wisl 85 Ex model, a 2O4 and 25 bearing is suitable, while for the Indesit Wi 101 Ex washing machine, details with the designation 2O2 and 2O3 are needed. It is best to remove old bearings and seals and take them with you to the store before buying to choose similar elements. Be sure to purchase two oil seals and bearing at once, even if only one part broke. If you miss this moment, soon you will need to change all the elements again.

If you doubt your abilities, the right decision will not try to fix the machine yourself, but immediately entrust the repair of an experienced specialist from the service center.

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Before the disassembly, disconnect the unit from the network and unscrew the fence hose, after blocking the water supply valve. Then disconnect the drain hose from the sewer pipe. If water remains in the typewriter, it must be drained through the filtration compartment, located below the small panel.


So disconnecting from the slope hoses and water supply hoses. Remove the top cover. We unscrew the two self.Tapping screws from the back. Handing the lid with your hands towards the back and remove it from the hooks.

Next, remove the back cover after unscrewing the screws.

Rice. 3 washing machine with a removed back cover

indesite, washing, drum, bearing

In order to make it easier to unscrew the bolt on the shaft, I pulled the drum with bolts, which were originally installed on cm. There are four of them, but I was enough for me. Having previously removed plastic inserts on these bolts and leaving rubber bushings. Screwed into the technological holes. Thus, the wheel began to perform, now access to the bolt with an asterisk has become more accessible.

Rice. 5 Installation of technological bolts

How To Replace Hotpoint/Indesit Drum Bearing Part 2

I must say right away that the first time with the help of the bit it was not possible to unscrew. And in order to avoid the deformation of the slits on the bat, I pre.Frighten the bolt from the place with the help of a conventional chisel and a hammer. To understand, you knocked out or not just apply a mark on the hat and the base with a pencil. Two three blows and the hat is shifted. Unfortunately, the photo shows on the unscrewed bolt attached chisel.

Rice. 6 unscrewing the pulley bolt

Next, take the bat for 40. We insert into the bolt hat

Rice. 7 insert the bat into the bolt head

With one hand we fix the pulley using the back of the hammer. The second with the help of a divorce key, turn the bolt, t.E. Twist counterclockwise (the thread on the bolt is ordinary right).

Rice. 8 unscrew the bolt, fixing the pulley

Before removing the counterweight, we turn the bolts screwed with rubber bushings from the technological openings from the technological hole. Next, with a 10 end, we remove the counterweight or the load call it as you want.

Rice. 12 dismantling the locking ring

Dahla was the most inconvenient operation to twist 8 bolts with an asterisk that attach a duralumin cross. So that nothing interferes, I take off the following elements.

The powder loading unit is removed by unscrewing the front and behind the screws.

Rice. 14 Dismantling of detergents

indesite, washing, drum, bearing

Using an extension cord under the bat and a regular gas key, we turn 4 bolt in the upper part of the drum.

Turn the cm upside down. Carefully. See so that by negligence the boot block and the rest of the elements do not break. I personally closed everything with the top cover and turned over, while the drum under my own weight lay on the top cover.

Rice. 16 We turn the washing machine

Rice. 17 dismantling the electric motor

Rice. 18 species after dismantling the electric motor

So that the wires do not interfere. Disconnect them from Ten.

Rice. 19 dismantling the wires of Ten

Next, disconnect the electronic unit from the body.

Rice. 20 Detachment of the electronic unit

Since the gas key turned out to be too large, 4 more bolts had to be unscrewed by making a simple key. Taking the head at 9 and hiding the extension cord for the bit for this head, I made the key.

Rice. 21 extension cord device for a rattle

Indesit Washing Machine Bearings How to fit, change & replace. Hindi & urdu

Unscrewing 4 bolts, turn the machine back back. With the help of mounting, carefully remove the cross. Remove in a circle with a little effort. In the cross, the Cross has already been removed, therefore, the oil seal looks at this side))) but the principle of removal is the same, so do not pay attention.

Signs of a breakdown of the bearing of the washing machine Indesite

In the washing machine, Indesite bearing repair may be required when a number of signs appear:

  • Strong vibration at the stages of washing and spinning;
  • The appearance of metal knocking, clanging, rattle and other noise;
  • The drum began to hang out harder.

At the initial stage of destruction, the problems are insignificant, so the owners of the equipment either do not notice them or associate them with other reasons. For example, increased vibration, noise appear as a result of improper installation and operation of the device. Strong tutus of the drum, the owners of technology can explain in inexperience in a large amount of laundry.

indesite, washing, drum, bearing

Make sure that the problem is precisely in the destruction of the node you can independently. To do this, you just need to open the hatch, twist and shatter the drum. The presence of backlash when pressing, rattle and knocking during rotation indicate a breakdown.

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If the malfunction is not eliminated on time, then other components will soon begin to fail. This will also lead to jamming of the drum, which can be followed and engine breakdown.

Therefore, when signs of a malfunction appear, we recommend looking for a master for diagnosis and repair. So you will save significantly, because to replace the bearing in the washing machine, the price will be lower than for the repair of the engine and a number of other components.

We bring to your attention a video, which shows in detail how to prepare a washing machine for replacing a bearing.

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