Indesit flashes a lock and rinse

Why doesn’t it rinse or squeeze the washing machine?

If the properly working Indesit machine suddenly began to freeze during operations, you do not need to panic. Sometimes braking of the device is not related to a breakdown.

If the problem is detected, the priority actions should be as follows:

  • Rebooting technology. To do this, you need to hold the Start button for several seconds. The program is stopped. If it could not be reset, it is necessary to transfer the handle of the programmer into a neutral position and hold the “Stop/Start” button for 5 seconds. Then pull out the cord from the outlet and leave the device turned off for 15 minutes, after which it is turned on again.
  • Check if the linen is lost in the lump. With a serious imbalance, the machine may stop. If this really happens, you need to lay out the linen manually, or divide it into 2 parts and squeeze it out alternately.
  • Check the given program. There are options that do not provide selection and draining water from the tank. In this case, they need to be enabled forcibly.

If none of these problems have been discovered, you need to look for other reasons for the freezing of the washing machine.

Level sensor and heater

The reason for the refusal to launch Washing machines Indesit may be a breakdown of the press. So, if after a while after the start of the water fence, he does not give a signal about the fullness of the tank, the technique suspenses the work. The water supply is stopped. An error is displayed on the machine display.

For reference! The water level sensor is under the top cover, on the right side of the housing of the household appliance.

Diagnosis of the meter in this case is carried out from simple to complex. At first, the likelihood of mechanical damage to the tubes and housing is excluded, then clogs are eliminated, after the quality of adjustment and reliability of contacts is evaluated. In the case of a breakdown of the press, it is replaced.

Continuously burn a red lamp, a castle can and with a broken heater. It is difficult to immediately identify this problem in this case. The technique continues to wash things even in cold water (only the risk of fire and leakage of current increases on the housing of the household device). To determine how the heater works, it is necessary to perform a number of actions.

If the final indicators deviate from the norm, you should purchase and install a new heating element. You should get rid of the old.

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Indesit Washing Machine lWB5113 Flashing Lights(Faulty).Mp4

Machines designations: Wisl, Wiul, Widl, Wil, Witp

These washing rooms signal the breakdowns in the system indication of the buttons of special functions and the “Excit” light bulb. To navigate in determining the malfunction, you should focus on the serial numbers of the buttons when they are recalculated from left to right, and not on the names of functions. Since the latter may differ in connection with the modification of the control panel on the listed models of machines.

Any error code will be accompanied by a constant quick flashing of the “castle” indicator, which is responsible for blocking the hatch door.

So, in the list we will indicate exclusively the numbers of indicators that flash with a particular malfunction:

  • F01 (F1). 4;
  • F02 (F2). 3;
  • F03 (F3). 3 and 4;
  • F04 (F4). 2;
  • F05 (F5). 2 and 4;
  • F06 (F6). 2 and 3;
  • F07 (F7). 2, 3, 4;
  • F08 (F8). 1;
  • F09 (F9). 1 and 4;
  • F10. 1 and 3;
  • F11. 1, 3 and 4;
  • F12. 1 and 2;
  • F13. 1, 2 and 4;
  • F14. 1, 2 and 3;
  • F15. 1, 2, 3 and 4;
  • F16. The indicator is blinking cycle 4 (“squeezing”);
  • F17. Lamp 4 and cycle pointer;
  • F18. Button number 3 plus squeeze indication.

Indesit washing machine without a display clearly informs the user about the breakdown. Clear indication will accurately indicate a malfunction that have occurred in the system.

The problem with the electronic “brain

The problem may also be hidden in the control board. Due to moisture getting on contacts or an electronic unit, a sharp voltage difference or software failure on the module, resistors are burned out and the terminals are weakened. As a result, the signal from UBB, Pressostate, Ten or other washing elements does not reach the “brain”, and washing does not begin.

indesit, flashes, lock, rinse

Independently engaged in diagnostics or repairing the board is too risky. It is better not to experiment, but to entrust this business to the specialists of the service center.

Search for malfunctions and ways to eliminate them

If you are well versed in technology, then you can independently deal with all the problems. Check the condition of the electronic board and eliminate the breakdowns at home, but first you have to disassemble the unit.

  • De.Energize the technique;
  • Remove the lid of the case;
  • Unscrew the hexagonal screws holding the control fee;
  • Disconnect all wires from the connectors;
  • Change capacitors (or itself).

In the Modesit models of the front type of loading, the electronic board is located in the rear from below. It will not be difficult to get to it, if there are the most ordinary tools. For diagnosis, it is better to use a multimeter that can “call” capacitors and contacts.

The untwisting of the case usually does not cause problems, but each model is distinguished by its design features. The control panel is attached to two bolts in the rear, and the electronic board is held in place with small screws.

indesit, flashes, lock, rinse

For models with vertical loading, the electronic control panel is located in the upper part, and for models with front loading it is located in the lower rear of.

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With an external inspection of the electronic board for capacitors, which have a round shape. Particular attention is paid to capacitors C16, C17 (capacity from 680 MF to 1000 MF), C20. If they fail, usually the upper part begins to swell in them. To accurately diagnose a breakdown, you can “call” them with a multimeter. When replacing the capacitors, it is necessary to carefully check the marking in order to choose exactly suitable model for the washing machine.

Causes of breakdown of Washed Indesit

A situation in which the washing machine does not turn on at all is due to a number of reasons:

  • Damage to a fork or socket.
  • Lack of electricity in the house.
  • Cord damage.
  • Damage to the control module.
  • Failure failure.
  • Breakdown of the “v.”And t.D.

Breakage can be caused by both a long service life and improper operation of the washing machine. Moisture cannot be allowed uncontrolled in the body of the washing machine, voltage jumps and inaccurate handling of wiring. Any negligence in the operation of a washing machine can ultimately cause big problems and expensive repair.

Rare reasons for flashing all indicators

The visual information system sometimes works for other reasons. Sometimes confusion occurs, so first you need to accurately determine the malfunction:

  • Involuntary drainage of water;
  • Burning of the heating element for water and drying;
  • Failure of the motor;
  • Drown of the drain pump and t.D.

If the washing machine does not work, then the indicators begin to blink accordingly.

The heating element over time is covered with a scale, so the wear increases. The electric motor can break due to worn brushes or due to wound hair and wool. The command.Control command is much less common, usually the cause is burned contacts.

Check error codes in accordance with Indesit instructions. Accurate diagnosis allows you to easily repair a “washing” without serious financial investments.

Luke’s lock indicator flashes

When the Indesite washing machine flashes the Luke lock indicator, it may seem that the lock device came out of the system. However, this is not a natural phenomenon. The thing is that the obsolete “washing” models had a simplified design. This can be attributed to both advantages and shortcomings. The plus is that models of such a plan are more reliable. But as for the minus, it lies in the impossibility of establishing the exact cause of the breakdown, since the error detection system in such machines does not always give accurate information.

So, if the lock indicator shines on the panel, then such breakdowns could lead to this:

  • The failure of the lock itself on the door. If the hatch blocking indicator flashes, primarily this part of the washing machine is subject to verification. Sometimes the hole of the lock may be clogged, which is easily resolved by cleaning. In some cases, you will need to replace the old detail with a new.
  • Ten malfunction. The blossom of the lock indicator may lead to a pipe electric heater failure. In most cases, with such a breakdown, the car erases in the same mode, but the light continues to glow. But it also happens that the technique works with a failure, freezes or confuses programs.
  • Damage to the water pressure sensor in the tank. Its purpose is to determine the required amount of water for washing. Over time, he can work with interruptions, which will cause such a mistake. As a rule, this part cannot be repaired, so you will have to replace it with a new.
  • Damage to the board. This part can burn out due to voltage drops in the network, water getting.
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Malfunctions in the washing machine that the lock indicator signals

It is natural that the lock indicator may indicate a malfunction of the door lock itself. However, it is not at all a fact that it is in it that trouble. Self.Diagnosis in washing machines is not so accurate as to indicate with 100% hit by a specific breakdown. The same indicator can signal different types of problems. But first things first. Let’s start with the castle.

indesit, flashes, lock, rinse

It is worth taking care of your own safety. You can get to the heating element after removing the rear or front wall of the washing machine (depending on the model). The condition of the wires and contacts should be inspected. Heater performance is checked by a multimeter.

If thermistor is inserted into the heating element, you can test it at the same time and it. Non.Working heating element is easy to replace with new. The main thing is that it exactly corresponds to the modification of the washing machine.

Indesit WIXL85 washing machine door lock light off / program won’t start FIX solution How to brushes

With the interruptions of electricity in the future, you can “fight” using a voltage stabilizer (if the case is). Moisture entering the module most often occurs due to the use of “wrong” powder. Excess foam penetrates everywhere, including into the control unit.

Try to use proven detergents. The control unit itself can be repaired or replaced by good. Repair usually consists in restoring contact compounds, replacing individual parts of the module or in its “reflashing”. If it is impossible to repair. Replacement.

These are the malfunctions and options for their elimination, about which your washing machine wants to inform you with a blinking castle. Knowing where to look for a problem, do not rush to cook your wallet and call the master. First you should perform those actions that are available to independently correct the problem. And if it doesn’t work out, call the service.

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