How to vacuum the bottom of the Bestway basin

Underwater vacuum cleaner for cleaning the pool: how to connect to a filter

One of the most necessary additional elements that should be at your fingertips if you are the owner of the Intex basin is a basin vacuum cleaner. No matter how we would like, but without timely cleaning, the pool is quickly polluted. In this article we will tell you what types of vacuum cleaners are, which models are better to buy for the Index basin, and also how to make a pump for the pool yourself.

Nowadays, the market has a wide range of various vacuum cleaners with different capabilities and its own characteristics. And sometimes such an abundance becomes a problem, because it is quite difficult to choose, and rely on the fact that if the model is expensive, it means quality is not worth.

Therefore, in order to choose a high.Quality, reliable and cope with his duties, the Intex vacuum cleaner, you immediately need to pay attention to some points. First, find out how effective, the selected Index model cleans the walls of the pool and vertical surfaces. The modern unit should also clean the vertical surfaces well as the bottom itself. Secondly, find out how well the vacuum cleaner cleans the steps of the pool. It often happens that due to the inappropriate width or curves of surfaces, the device copes worse with cleaning the steps.

It is these qualities that the professional vacuum cleaner has for cleaning intex.


As you can see, are “dancing” in a fairly wide range, therefore, in order not to acquire an expensive thing that will be completely useless, it is important, making a purchase, paying attention to the following moments:

  • Decide which garbage is more accumulated in your pool;
  • Evaluate the volume. For small sizes of inflatables, a manual model will quite cope, and for a large one, a semiautomatic device is suitable;
  • Consider the shape of your reservoir, because the choice depends on this: not all semi.Automatic vacuum cleaners can qualitatively clean the walls of a complex configuration. Perhaps only the robot will cope with them.

Which type of vacuum cleaner is better for the pool?

When choosing a suitable cleaning technique for a reservoir, first of all, you need to pay attention to the type and design of the device.

Today, manufacturers offer manual, semi.Automatic, as well as automatic vacuum cleaners. Each species has a number of significant differences and advantages. But, in order to finally decide on the purchase, you need to familiarize yourself in detail with each type, considering its shortcomings.

Time and simple manual models

Manual vacuum cleaners for pools are characterized by the elementary of the structure and the simple service. They are designed to care for inflatable and frame tanks, the volume of which does not exceed 40 cubic meters.

Choosing such an unit for medium or large tanks is not worth. Their cleaning will take too much time.

Typically, the equipment of a hand vacuum cleaner includes a pair of nozzles and an aluminum bar. With the help of a skimmer (mesh set), you can collect garbage from the surface of the water. The nozzle is suitable for cleaning the bottom, and with the help of the brush you can wash the steps, walls and the bottom of the pool

The principle of action of manual models is simple to disgrace. To start work, you just need to connect the unit to the garden hose. When the water supply is open, all the dirt will rise from the bottom of the pool and will drag through the filter into a special bag.

Both nozzles of this kind of vacuum cleaner are attached to aluminum bar. As a rule, the handle is made of light material. Therefore, even a fragile girl will be able to cope with cleaning her beloved place to relax.

The disadvantages of manual vacuum cleaners include:

  • The need for a filtering system;
  • The lack of a bag or filter in most models, where garbage is defended;
  • The inability to use large and medium pools for cleaning.
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As for the advantages, manual vacuum cleaners are cheap. In online stores you can find a device in just one and a half thousand. This makes him accessible to the buyer with any income level.

Semi.Automatic cleansing units

Semi.Automatic vacuum cleaners are considered more modern and productive. Their distinctive feature is that the user can, at will, change the flow rate of water flow.

Semiautomatic devices have a more complex cleaning brush. Thanks to it, you can cope with the cleaning of the tank without any problems and in a short period of time. At the same time, cleaning is really convenient

The above category of cleaning equipment is an intermediate stage between manual and automatic vacuum cleaners.

Semi.Automatic ones also have a simple principle of operation. Using a special membrane, they are attached to the walls or bottom of the bowl and absorb all the garbage. After that, the device moves to another place.

Devices of this species are perfect for prefabricated, frame and stationary structures. They can also be used to clean inflatable pools.

Some models are equipped with a special mud bag. But in most cases, the vacuum cleaner will need to be connected to the skimmer. For this you do not need any additional tools. Everything is as fast and convenient as possible.

vacuum, bottom, bestway, basin

The obvious disadvantages of semiautomatic devices are as follows:

  • Limited service life. Most models wear out after three years.
  • Long cleaning. The middle pool with such a vacuum cleaner will have to remove about 2 hours, or even more.
  • Restrictions related to the power of the pump. Many semi.Automatic machines can only work from a device with performance over 0.75 kW.

As for the advantages, the devices of this type are completely independent of the electric network. Thanks to which they will be the perfect choice for a country house. In addition, they are suitable for all existing types of pools.

.Modern and advanced robots

Robots-sprayers are fully automatic devices. These are innovative units that will be the best choice for large inpatient pools. At the same time, they do everything independently, with the minimum participation of the owner.

If we compare the robot vacuum cleaner with other types of cleaning technology, then, unlike analogues, it is completely immersed in water along with electrical components. This allows him to get to all even the most remote corners of the reservoir and cleverly clean them

Do not be afraid that when moisture gets inside the vacuum cleaner, you can get a shock. Manufacturers provided for this and ensured a sufficient level of security. The transformer converts an electric current coming from the mains and makes it completely safe for humans.

The main advantage of robots is independence from a skimmer or a water filtration system. This structural feature allows them to move freely along the bottom of the pool, collecting all small and medium garbage.

To collect dirt, the device is equipped with a filter. Do not forget to clean it upon completion of cleaning.

Many models of automatic vacuum cleaners for the pool work in two modes: from the remote control and independently. In the first case, the owner controls the device. This will be useful if the bowl has an unusual shape with a complex bottom relief

In independent mode, the work of the submariner is built on an algorithm laid in his memory. He goes around the bottom in search of garbage. In some cases, if this is provided by the manufacturer, the vacuum cleaner can call on the walls and steps for their subsequent cleaning.

Automatic cleaning technique for the pool has the following disadvantages:

Frequency and types of procedures

In order for swimming to bring pleasure, it is recommended to be cleaned on average twice a week. The signals to the fact that the pool needs serious cleaning, are the following indicators:

  • The water has become clouded (human life products have accumulated: residues of cosmetics, skin particles, any chemical reagents, etc.);
  • Acquired a greenish tint (blue-green algae multiplied) or milk color (pathogenic microenvironment developed);
  • A lot of visible garbage in the form of fallen leaves, branches, sand, etc. Gathered at the bottom.D.

In solving the problem, how to collect a precipitate in the pool without a vacuum cleaner, the complexity of the event is that all types of pollution are found here: physical, chemical and biological, therefore a comprehensive approach is needed.

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Each hydraulic design has its own filtering system, but to collect all the bottom garbage, especially very small, as well as process the walls of the pool from plaque, native filters are not able to. Then users resort to other methods.

Basic rules when working with a device

Before connecting a vacuum cleaner for the pool, you should adhere to some safety rules:

  • Any procedures must be carried out in the pool without people, when the water is in a calm state.
  • It is important to ensure that the air completely leaves the hose, otherwise you can damage the pump.
  • Before extracting a vacuum cleaner from the water, the filter installation must be completely disconnected in order to avoid oxygen from the environment into the system.
  • If the air still gets inside the pump, then it is possible to delete it by activating the filter operation in the “reverse flushing” mode
  • The frequency of procedures depends on many factors (the climatic conditions of the region, season, the frequency of operation of the pool, the quality of chemicals for cleaning, etc.D.), on average, this indicator is once a week, but a more frequent (or, conversely, rare) repetition is possible.

With a properly assembled vacuum cleaner, cleaning the pool does not take much time. Just some 10-15 minutes and you can enjoy the coolness in the hot summer heat again.

Does it need it

It is important to understand that even in closed pools cannot be avoided by constant cleaning, what to talk about open reservoirs. The dust and microscopic particles of the skin of people floating in the pool are constantly accumulating in water, and create favorable conditions for the development of all kinds of pathogenic bacteria, fungi, algae. In the open territories, leaves and branches from trees, insects, dirt, carried by the wind are also added to this. And without proper cleaning, you certainly can not do, because cleaning the tank with a clock does not give a good effect, and each time it is too difficult to drain water for a full.Fledged cleaning, long and quite expensive.

Water-Hose Vacuuming Technique For Vacuuming An Above Ground Pool. #SummerWaves #PoolCleaning

It is in such situations that the technique is very helpful, especially the manual vacuum cleaner, because using it is very simple. Clean the average enough once every one or two weeks (it all depends on the frequency of use, climatic and weather conditions of the region, as well as on the season), and the water in the pool will sparkle with cleanliness and freshness.

It is recommended to purchase such an unit to owners of stationary and frame tanks that are full of water throughout the season. To understand the question of how to clean the pool with a vacuum cleaner, you need to understand what the device consists of and how it works

Widespread possibilities with hydraulic zeroles

The advantages of this apparatus are difficult to overestimate, because it is one of the most effective and at the same time budgetary methods easily, efficiently and in the shortest possible time to clean the pool. In addition, the device is quite simple and reliable in the assembly, and is highly effective in operation, because a person fully controls the cleaning process, which is especially important in very contaminated areas. Cleaning will require certain time costs and your personal presence, but this is justified as the highest quality result.

The ease of assembly and the reliability of the design is explained by the minimum number of components. To assemble a hydraulic fiber is a couple of minutes, just put on a telescopic bar on the holder and connect a flexible hose with a brush for the bottom of a special configuration, and fix the hose to the filtration system with the second end. And here the answer to the question of how to connect a manual vacuum cleaner for the pool will depend on the system itself:

  • For a standard pool with a skimmer, it is necessary to fix the hose over the skimvak.
  • For a closed pool with an overflow, the free end is connected using a fitting to a special connector-record with a threaded output.
  • For frame basins, a prefabricated type with a skimmer is connected to it using a special fastener, if there is no skimmer, then they fix it directly to the pump, replacing the native hose with the hydraulic pipe. It is important to clarify the model and brand of the basin manufacturer in advance to purchase a suitable vacuum cleaner, since the dimensions and diameter of the flexible hose may differ.
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Advantages and features

This type of cleaner has several obvious advantages:

  • In fast mode, the walls and day of the pool are completely cleaned.
  • Bottom vacuum cleaners are very economical.
  • There is no need to let water often, because the element works well under water.

Bottom vacuum cleaners are not only manual, but also semi.Automatic units and automatic. Each type has its own characteristics and advantages.

The Best Way to Vacuum an Intex Pool!


As for the design, manual vacuum cleaners have a surface engine (some even two) and a tube, which is introduced into the water. Automatic devices have a similar principle, but they only do all the work on their own. Automatic units are more expensive.

The main advantage of a manual vacuum cleaner is cheapness. Before using it, you need to connect it to the filter, turn on the filter and release the tube with the brush into the water (you need to first need air), while thoroughly wiping the bottom and walls. After the procedure, the skimmer should be cleaned. Naturally, this option requires the full physical participation of the owner in the process of cleaning. One of the features is that manual vacuum cleaners can and should be used in absolutely all types of pool. But too deep, you may not have enough pipe length.

How to organize a home pond for fishing?

Photos of wheels from wheels for the playground: https: // 2gazon.Ru/dekor/Podelki/Iz-Shin-Dlya-Detskoj-Ploshhadki.HTML.

Here you can see approximate for plastic lids for the well.


As for the automatic device, in this case, the physical presence of a person is practically not necessary. In order for the unit to do all cleaning work for you, you need to make appropriate settings and clean the remote control.

This type of vacuum cleaner as well as manual can be used in absolutely all pools. Collects such a vacuum cleaner garbage in a special built.In bag, this bag must be rendered periodically and even washed. Recommendation: After two or three seasons, it is better to replace the brushes.

Vacuum cleaners for the pool are characterized by technical characteristics, appearance, efficiency, complete set and other.

According to reviews, the best are the following models.

Intex 28002

The Intex 28002 vacuum cleaner copes well with the leaves, garbage, which are located on the surface of the water. The device is made in the form of a telescopic tube with a brush. To start work, you need to connect the device to the garden hose.

Such a vacuum cleaner is light. It weighs about 1.6 kg. The length of the handle is large. 2.4 m. Thanks to this, you can get to various places of the pool, not very bothering. The disadvantage of the model is that it is not possible to clean the bottom.

Bestway 58304

Such a vacuum cleaner for cleaning pools is compatible with almost all filtering systems, which is an advantage.

vacuum, bottom, bestway, basin

A pressure controller and a preparatory cleaning filter were added to the device. Due to this, cleaning is carried out much faster, and the hose is not clogged.

As for the minuses, this is weight. The product is heavy. About 5 kg. He has a short hose. Just a little more than 6 m. But for small pools it is good.

Bestway 58427

This model is characterized by high performance, good quality and inexpensive price (up to 4 thousand. ).

The vacuum cleaner is battery. Suitable for inflatable vacuum cleaners, jacuzzi, which have a diameter of not more than 6 m.

The handle is comfortable. 3 m long hose, but this is the only drawback. The battery is charged quickly. Maximum 50 minutes. The device weighs only a little more than 2 kg.

EMAUX CE306A Showa

This model is intended for large pools. Suitable for both surface structures and in.Depth. It is a semi.Automatic option.

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