How to use cream for depilation of vit

How to use VEET cream for depilation correctly

Hair depilation cream. An effective “improvised” tool. It costs inexpensively, easy to use and guarantees 100% effectiveness of the result. Hales after depilation in this way become thinner and begin to grow more slowly. One of the most popular in the modern market are the formulas of the famous producer VEET.

There are many ways to remove excess hairs on the face and body today, each of them has its own characteristics. The razor is easy to use, it costs cheaply, but it injures the skin, in addition, the hairs after shaving become tough and grow quickly. Wax strips and shugaring are more productive methods, the effect after their use persists up to 2-3 weeks. The main disadvantage of these options is to carry out a certain dexterity for the procedure, otherwise you risk removing not all hair and damage the epidermis. In addition, such a “pulling out” vegetation along with the bulbs is quite painful.

cream, depilation

The epalator is an effective device, but the hair removal procedure itself with its help is quite long, irritation often occurs, hairs grow into the skin. Laser hair removal is expensive, stretched in time (procedures need 10-12, that is, the entire course takes about a year) and does not always give the necessary results. That is why depilation creams are in high demand. They are available, easy to use and give guaranteed results. Choosing high.Quality formulas like VEET and strictly observing the instructions, you will not face the problem of irritation and ingrown hair.

Other advantages of creamy products:

  • Instant result.
  • Persistent effect (perfectly delicate and smooth skin persists for about two weeks).
  • The presence of products for different types of skin (from normal to sensitive).
  • Thinning hairs over time.

Among the Veet deplator creams there are means for men developed taking into account the features of the epidermis of the stronger sex.

Varieties of cream for depilation VEET

Each of these creams is suitable for use on the legs, on the arms, armpits and along the bikini line. Cannot be used for the inguinal region (deep bikini), face and chest. Make sure that the product does not fall on the mucous membranes.

The main line of creams is

The main line of creams is represented by five species:

Type of cremation
For normal skin Due to the lotus milk, the epidermis is protected from drying out and the product does not cause irritation.
For dry skin This type of skin is prone to burning, itching and peeling after removing unwanted hair. Shi oil, softening the skin, helps to prevent such a negative effect.
For sensitive The epidermis with increased sensitivity often acutely reacts to cosmetics, allergic reactions and irritation often appear. Thanks to the additional components of the cream, the skin does not become inflamed and remains delicate after depilation.
Suprem Essence Suitable for normal and dry skin types. The composition includes essential oils that provide softness and moisturizing the skin, disinfecting and relieving inflammation.
VEET Naturals with shi oil Guarantees nutrition and hydration, and also enhances the processes of regeneration of the skin.

Before using any product, you need to familiarize yourself with the instructions. It is also advisable to conduct an allergy test: apply a small amount of cream to the inside of the bend of the hand. If there are no uncomfortable sensations within 20-30 minutes, you can do depilation.

How to use it correctly: instructions for use

All means have an identical principle of action, and the methods of application are quite simple, however, depending on the form of release, have their own nuances. Before you start using Vit cream for depilation, carefully read and study the instructions for use.


  • Clean the skin from fat and pollution.
  • Apply to dry skin with a shoulder blade, which is included in the kit. Apply so that all the hairs are tightly covered.
  • Hold the recommended time. 3 minutes.
  • Remove the cream with a spatula against hair growth.
  • Rinse the rest with warm water.
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Suitable for depilation of such zones: legs, fishing line for a bikini trimmer, armpits, hands.

Important! 24 hours before depilation, conduct an allergy test: apply the cream to a small section of the skin and follow the reaction.

For shower

Now about how to properly use Veet depilation cream for shower.

  • The tool can be used directly in the shower, which saves a lot of time.
  • Apply the cream using the soft side of the sponge.
  • Recommended exposure time. 3 minutes.
  • Rinse the product with the hard side of the sponge right in the shower.

Suitable for such zones: legs, fishing line for a bikini trimmer, armpits, hands.


Veet depilation cream has almost similar instructions, except that it does not require auxiliary devices.

cream, depilation
  • Spray the spray on the desired surface. No need to shake the balloon.
  • Recommended exposure time. 5 minutes.
  • Wash off with warm water.
  • After use, rinse the nozzle under running water and close the cap tightly. Suitable for such zones: legs, fishing line for a bikini trimmer, armpits, hands. Do not spray the spray to intimate parts of the body. For depilation of these places using a spray, use a spatula.

Important! Exposure time for each person individually due to different hair thicknesses.

How to use wax VEET: Instructions for use

Vit or any other warm wax for depilation must be used correctly, otherwise you will not get the desired results, and only negative reviews will be reviews about the product. In the worst case, you can get health problems.

On foot

To apply wax to your feet, it is necessary to use the sided side of the scapula into the side. The wax must be applied with a thin layer along the hair growth line, put the strip on top and gently smooth it so that it tightly sticks to the skin. With a sharp movement strictly parallel to the body (do not pull the strip to the side or up) to tear the strip against the hair growth line. The first time all the hairs may not leave, the ingrown hair can be removed with a tweezer.

Did you know? Often beauty bloggers recommend using fabric strips instead of special strips. They are softer, and the procedure with them is less painful.

In the area of ​​armpits

To apply the product in the armpits zone, it is necessary to use the rounded part of the scapula. Before the procedure, it is necessary to treat the skin so that it is clean and dry. Dryness is the main factor, since the armpits are one of the fastest sitting areas on the body. Before depilation, it is better to treat them with talcum or children’s puffing.

The hand should be raised, it is in this position that the wax lies evenly. In the area of ​​armpits, it is applied in two directions, because sometimes hair grows in different directions. The first time we apply the wax from the middle of the axillary zone towards the elbow, the second time. From the lower part of the zone. From the elbow. The strip is removed with a sharp movement against hair growth.

On the bikini line

A well.Groomed fishing line for a bikini trimmer is the goal of every girl. Warm wax is ideal for depilation from Veet. To successfully carry out the procedure, prepare the strips in advance, which must be cut in the right form.

Important! It is necessary to process the bikini area in small areas, then you will stretch the skin well and you can evenly apply wax.

Wax should be applied with a thin layer along the hair growth line, smooth the strip and sharply remove it against the direction of hair growth.

On the upper lip

Hair on the upper lip in girls is always an unpleasant sight and the cause of the complexes of many beauties. Today, manufacturers of care have come up with many ways to remove unwanted hair. Veet will do this great task and this task. On the upper lip, it is necessary to work with a flat part of the scapula. Wax is applied in two stages, the first stage is one side, the second stage is the other. To facilitate your task, it is necessary to cut out strips of the desired shape in advance.

Did you know? The duration of the effect after using the product is about a month and a half, and irritation disappears already on the second day.

  • Low cost and availability;
  • The possibility of use at home;
  • Lack of pain;
  • Long.Term smooth skin effect (up to 2 weeks).

I met many different reviews about “vit”-from enthusiastic to sharply general. I decided to try it myself. Used the cream according to the instructions. Girls, no trouble, use is a pleasure. A couple of minutes. And washed unwanted hairs with water. Now I choose only VEET for depilation. Olga, Simferopol.

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Reviews about Veet Naturals depilation cream

I have long been using creamy creams for depilation. Tested many means of different companies. From promoted brands to analogues easier. The best solutions for me were the cream “Vit”. Convenient and fast. And the smoothness of the skin. For 2 weeks. I was pleased with the unobtrusive smell of Veet. Maria, Moscow. I have very sensitive skin. After a razor, irritation on the legs. The next day. And hair removal in the bikini zone is one torment. What I have not tried depilation methods. With Vit cream, everything is simple. The use of Veet is a pleasant business: a cool formula, a comfortable shoulder blade. For sensitive skin, the cream “Vit” is what you need. Anya, Voronezh.

I did not like creams-deputy creams: to bother for a long time, it is inconvenient to wash off, the smell of a nasty. I bought a Vit cream once. And did not regret. Veet is quickly washed off, and a comfortable shoulder blade allows you to apply the cream easily and simply. Katya, Yalta.

Veet Hair Removal Cream for Men Demo | How To Use On Underarms & Private Parts In Hindi

Skin care after the procedure

Significant care after the procedure can be avoided. Within 24 hours it is forbidden to apply cosmetics for the epidermis. Decorative cosmetics, deodorant, sometimes even children’s cream is able to worsen the condition. The epidermis is slightly injured, and the ingress of chemical components can cause a negative reaction, irritation, allergies. It is also impossible to injure it mechanically. Scrubs, washcloths, rough fabric of clothing, in places of active moisture (armpits) it is worth applying talc.

How often can you use a cream for depilation?

Is it possible to use cream for depilation regularly? There are constantly no significant contraindications to the use of the composition, since in fact, it is safe. You can use it as often as required. As soon as the skin loses smoothness, you can apply mass. However, it is impossible to use it through a very short period of time. It is advisable to wait at least 48 hours, since otherwise a burn may occur. Carefully read the instructions for the product. Sometimes some creams may have other recommendations for use.

What to do if the cream does not remove hair?

Why does the depilation cream not remove the hair? There may be three reasons:

  • The composition is not suitable for your hair type;
  • You have kept it not long enough;
  • You have poorly applied the remedy, the hairs remained out of it.

Make sure that you have withstood the product all the time specified in the instructions, and the foundations of all hairs were covered with it. If the rules are observed, but the result is bad, you need to choose another cream. With a greater concentration of acids, more aggressive, which will be effective for your bristles.

The problem is often found with creams intended for use on sensitive skin. They are so minimal aggressive that they do not destroy the hairs. But, despite this, it is strictly forbidden to exceed the exposure time, apply the mass again.

How much the effect of the cream will last?

How much does the cream for depilation work? Only the praise of the hair is removed, as well as when shaving. Therefore, the growing is also quickly. Every other day one and a half. However, since the deputy dissolves the hair, and does not cut it, leaving the edge with sharp, by touch the epidermis retains smoothness much longer-up to two to three days.

Is it possible for pregnant women?

You can use a chemical departer during pregnancy, since it is not absorbed, does not penetrate the skin, blood, and, therefore, cannot harm the child. Unlike a razor, he is not able to cause irritation, inflammation. It should be borne in mind that during pregnancy the likelihood of allergic reactions increases, therefore, even if you used one or another departer earlier, during pregnancy it is worth conducting a repeated allergentest.

Contraindications and possible consequences

  • High tendency to allergic reactions;
  • Intolerance to components;
  • Excessively sensitive, tone of the skin;
  • Diabetes mellitus;
  • Violation of the integrity of the skin in the application zone;
  • The presence of skin diseases.

When unpleasant sensations appear, the departer must be immediately removed from the epidermis.

Features of depilation

In all places of our body, the skin has the same structure, so manufacturers of remedies for removing the hairline have developed different compounds for the most careful effect on it.

On the face

Unlike standard drugs, face creams contain fewer active substances, which is explained by a lower skin thickness in this place.

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Typically, they include keratin, sodium compounds, potassium thioglycolets and calcium, as well as plant hoods, essential oils and extracts.

cream, depilation

While the first three components are aimed at removing hair, the rest contribute to maintaining a healthy skin condition.

As in other cases, it is not at all difficult to do with cream correctly and regularly: it is applied to well.Cleansed skin, specifically to the place from which it is required to remove excess hair (for example, above the upper lip or closer to the temporal part) and after the end) the required exposure time on the hair bulbs is removed using a special spatula or sponge.

A blade attached to a depilation cream removes not only it, but also those hairs that have not yet had time to separate from the surface.

How To Use Veet Hair Removal Cream For Men | Veet Hair Removal Cream For Men Review

Advice! All movements should be carried out extremely neatly, since the slightest scratch will be very noticeable on the face.

After the procedure and the effects of the drug for depilation, the skin on the face becomes very sensitive, so you need to not only clean it well, but also calm it down, feeding it with useful substances. For this purpose, a tonic is used and a nutritious cream is applied.

On the arms and legs

In these places, it is easiest to perform the procedure, and usually a means for such depilation is used once a week. The cream is applied with a thick layer on dry and clean skin, after which it is removed with a spatula along with hairs.

The duration of the drug on the surface of the body should not exceed 20-30 minutes. Everything seems to be as usual, but as for the hands, the features of the use of the cream are more likely to manifest after the procedure, since often chemicals cause irritation in this area of ​​the body.

To avoid this, buy only depilators containing plant components. At first, it is worth protecting the skin of the hands from the hit of direct sunlight, in order to avoid ugly pigment spots.

As for the legs, it is much easier to care for them, and with a similar method of conducting the procedure of negative consequences, practically no.

In the area of ​​the bikini

No matter how you decide to use a depilation cream, it is always worth considering the susceptibility of the skin, which is especially related to the so.Called “bikini zone”. It is no secret that it is in this place that the hair removal with wax hair removal or other similar methods is most painful, therefore, removing the cream for depilation, try not to scratch the skin with a spatula.

In addition, make sure that the chemical composition does not fall on the mucous membrane between the labia, otherwise you are guaranteed a burning sensation and irritation. The exception can only be considered the use of special tools for depilation of the deep bikini zone, since the components contained in them are more likely to affect the skin.

cream, depilation

In the axillary region

Like the “bikini zone”, the axillary region is considered a very sensitive place, so you should choose the options for funds specifically for such cases, and otherwise, you can use the hair cream described above: apply, wait 10-15 minutes (sometimes longer, which is longer, which is longer, which is longer, which is longer, which is longer, which is longer, which is longer, which is longer, which is longer, which is longer, which is longer, which is longer, which is longer, which depends on the level of exposure to the product), remove the spatula and wash off the residual water with water.

If you have black and thick hair, then the duration of the procedure will be quite limited and the hairs of armpits will seem much faster than in other places.

If there is a light hairline, you can forget about unwanted vegetation up to a week.

Did you know? European women began to depict the armpits zone only at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Skin care after depilation

The epidermis after chemical depilation needs hydration. Therefore, it is recommended to immediately apply any nutrient cream or lotion (not on an alcohol basis) to the processed skin. Such manipulation should be carried out daily. For the best effect, the products of the same company should be used as the deputy. Once a week, it is recommended to do skin peeling.

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