How to set up a traction control for a solid fuel boiler

How to install a traction control for solid fuel boilers

Before installing the regulator on the boiler, using a pipeline reinforcement, cut it off from the pipeline and drain the coolant from the boiler. If the boiler is not cut off (the reinforcement is not installed during installation), the entire coolant from the system is drained.

By turning the plug from the coupling (sleeve), manually tighten the regulator in order to check the size of the thread. If everything is normal and it is clear which layer of the FUM tape is wrapped on the thread of the device, apply the seal on the thread and tight, but without fanaticism, screw it into the sleeve with the key. If the sleeve is on the side of the boiler, then the arrow on the regulator handle when twisting until it stops upwards. When mounting on top, the slot of the scale of the device should be tightened to the front of the boiler.

The lever is inserted into the regulator saddle so that the chain inserted into its hole hung vertically above the ash.Free door and has no interference for work in a stretched state. After the broach, all the mating is fixed with a heat.Resistant composition. After installation, the level of the coolant in the heating system is restored and the pipeline fittings are opened, and the firebox is loaded with fuel.

The installed regulator must be configured, for this the following sequence of actions is carried out:

  • The ash door rises completely and fuel is set on fire.
  • The lock on the device handle is unscrewed.
  • The temperature of the coolant of the lower level of the range is 60 ° C is set.
  • The chain on the lever is fixed.
  • After reaching the given temperature, the door is lowered, leaving the gap of about 2 mm.
  • The second end of the chain on the handle of the ash is fixed so that the weakness is no more than 1 mm.
  • The screw on the handle of the thermostat is twisted.

Everyday advice. Before the active operation of the boiler with a mechanical thermostat, it is necessary to patiently practice the heating system at different temperatures in the regulation range, and, if necessary, adjust the length of the chain to reduce the error to 5%.

Burning of solid fuel and heating the coolant to a given temperature. The process is inert, not fast. Therefore, the reaction to the change in the task on the handle of the thermostat will be with a delay and will correctly rush events.

It is advisable to make a device more often, especially at the beginning of the operation of the heating system. The change in the type of solid fuel and the supplier should also cause a regular check of compliance with the given temperature on the regulator handle and the actual boiler thermometer. If necessary, configure the device with the correction of the size of the chain.

Conclusion. This method of obtaining a stable operation of a solid fuel boiler is not as accurate as those associated with fans, smoke exhausters and a computer, but for such money to get reliable, autonomous and for a long time in many cases the good.

The principle of operation and the functions of traction regulators for solid fuel boilers

The control of the boiler damper or the door blew the stove by the operator (stoker) changed the amount of oxygen in the furnace and changed the temperature of the coolant in one direction or another (due to more or less intense combustion). The principle of operation of a mechanical device capable of performing this work is also quite simple.

Such a thermostat consists of the following details:

traction, control, solid, fuel
  • A sleeve with a thermal.Sensitive element;
  • Mechanical temperature change amplifier;
  • Calibrated handle setting temperature;
  • A spring, the compression of which will determine the level of task;
  • A lever with a chain controls the ash door (blown).

Installation of the temperature of the coolant is set by the handle of the regulator, which compresses the spring with the right force. The difference between it and the power of the cold thermal.Sensitive element is large, so the lever mechanism opens the shutter to a certain large angle. A lot of air enters the furnace, intensive burning occurs. As heated, the linear dimensions of the sensitive element increase, the difference in a given and operating temperature becomes equal to zero. The ash door, smoothly dropping, occupies a position corresponding to a given one and further responds to the deviation of the temperature.

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The function of the traction regulator includes the following tasks:

  • Stable maintenance of a given temperature of the coolant in the regulation range, avoiding its boiling;
  • The control of the power and efficiency of the boiler by supplying oxygen, achieving complete fuel burning, which reduces its consumption.

Important. Not all solid fuel units are equipped with a mechanical traction regulator initially, so the user has a temptation to use a safety valve as a traction regulator that drops excess pressure when boiling the coolant. Such savings will result in the fact that if a real emergency arises, it will work late or will not work at all, which will entail serious repair at least.

Regulator functions

Thermoregulator for a solid fuel boiler does not allow the contents of a water shirt to boil and provoke an explosion due to a sharp increase in pressure in the heating system. Thus, the absence of a device for automatic adjustment of the heating of the coolant makes the operation of the boiler unit unsafe. From the person responsible for the operation of the boiler, a constant increased attention is required to the mode of operation of the equipment.

Important! The installation of a heat accumulator helps to reduce the risk of a solid.Fuel boiler explosion, which takes away excess heat. But the volume of the tank must correspond to the power of the unit, otherwise the water in it can also boil.

The tractogram has other functions, in addition to protecting the coolant from boiling

  • The device helps to maintain a certain temperature of water heating in the heating system, depending on the needs of the rooms in the heat (in frosts it is necessary to heating to maximum temperatures, the degree of heating of the coolant is reduced in the off.Season and during periods of thaws);
  • By changing the intensity of air supply, it is possible to increase the combustion time of one fuel laying (but at the same time the combustion conditions are far from optimal and the boiler efficiency decreases).

To avoid boiling of the coolant, instead of the regulator on a solid fuel unit, you can install a safety valve. It will allow to automatically discard the pressure if it exceeds the set value. However, the valve is designed for one.Time emergency operation. It will fail if the heat generator will regularly heat up to critical temperatures. In addition, without a traction regulator, the heating of the coolant will have to be corrected manually.

What is a chimney traction stabilizer and the principles of its work

The device is a mechanism that provides for a dosed air supply for optimal traction in automatic mode. The interrupter. The chimney stabilizer. Is equipped with a safety barrier, with which the risk of excessive pressure is eliminated. The principle of operation of the regulatory mechanism is as follows:

  • With excessive intensity of the gas flow, the damper is triggered in the traction compensator, which determines the partial cut.Off of the jet;
  • The valve position is preserved until the temperature in the furnace decreases to optimal values;
  • After the temperature regime is settled, the damper returns to its original position.

The formation of high traction in the chimney is due to climatic and daily changes, atmospheric pressure, significant temperature changes and other factors. The increased flows intensity in the smoke channel negatively affects the operation of the system. The efficiency of the heat generator decreases, fuel expenses are increasing. To eliminate problems with pressure in the chimney pipe and you need traction stabilizer.

Automatic pressure compensators in the smoke removal channel are a universal device for all categories of heat generators. The design is made of stainless steel, provides for compact dimensions. The device is released by a relatively simple mechanism, ease of installation and maintenance. Often for arranging autonomous heating systems, traction stabilizer is made with your own hands.

The chimney traction stabilizers

Traction regulator. Its value for solid fuel boiler equipment

The operation of a heating device with an open and closed combustion chamber, 90% depends on the condition of the thrust in the heating system. The more stable the parameters of the thrust, the better the heating unit works. Under the influence of traction in the furnace chamber, solid fuel burns better, combustion products are easily disappeared through the chimney. With normal thrust, the fuel burns more intensively, heat exchange processes improves, accordingly, the efficiency of boiler equipment increases.

Despite the fact that today most of the models of solid fuel heating devices are equipped with automation, mechanical control and adjustment devices remain the most effective and effective. Energy dependence The most important drawback of the automation of a solid fuel boiler. There is no electricity in the house, a battery has sat down, which feeds the UPS, the boiler becomes uncontrolled. A device with a mechanical drive installed on the boiler and configured in accordance with the specified temperature parameters, the boiler, can fully control the combustion intensity.

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The main advantages that the mechanical thermoregulator of traction has the following:

  • The simplest design and reliable work, in contrast to automatic devices equipped with electronics;
  • Energy.Dependent (automatic traction regulator requires uninterrupted power supply);
  • Convenient and understandable installation of the device;
  • Low cost.

A simple design and the principle of action allow such a device to make it yourself, install and configure. The mechanism has a scientific and technical name-the boiler thermostat for the boiler. To get the maximum possible effect of the current heating unit, it is enough to correctly install the thermostat. Subsequent calibration of the device is carried out in accordance with the main functions of exhaust ventilation and specified temperature parameters.

Important! The installation of the traction regulator allows you to adjust the operation of the entire heating system, depending on the technological and design features of the boiler equipment, compensate for the insufficiently efficient operation of the chimney and the quality of the fuel.

traction, control, solid, fuel

Setting up of the boiler and pressure automation

Reconfigure is performed if the automation works too often. This malfunction is called tact, and it occurs due to excessive growth in the temperature of the coolant. Reduce gas supply to the main burner, so you protect the boiler from wear.

The method also has a spare option. Just twist the crane in front of the boiler. Remember that incomplete combustion of fuel leads to an increase in the volume of smoke gases and burners.

Boiler Fuel Oil Systems

The place of installation of the boiler in the kitchen: gas can be reduced by the tap after the eyeliner, as well as on the omission, if this does not interfere with the operation of the slabs and other gas devices

To get rid of clockwork, transfer a room thermostat (if any) to a colder place or reduce the air temperature at the installation site. Increase the amount of coolant in the heating system. Replace the main burner if the clock appears due to its increased power.

Automation problems and frequent shutdown are observed under the following circumstances:

  • The voltage fell or jumped;
  • A strong wind extinguished the burner;
  • Reduced the cross.Country crossing;
  • The gas pressure has decreased.

To improve the operation of automation, plunge the handle of the auto block (gas valve) to the position “Iskra”. The smells (pilot burner, smell burner) will light up). Leave the handle for 30 seconds in this position, then return to the position “off”. A white circle.

Boilers are produced with thermostats (thermostats), daily and weekly programmers. The thermostat turns off the boiler when the set temperature reaches, then the device is automatically turned on. While the hosts are away, they can rely on a regulator with a 7-day period of work. The daily device removes the need for constant control of the boiler.

A weekly programmer for gas boilers Computherm Q7, on which you can choose the sensitivity threshold, set the transition parameters between heating and cooling and block the buttons

Pressure is established on the auto block. For example, take Eurosit 630. The unit supports the temperature of the water in the heating circuit and stops the gas supply in a dangerous situation. On Eurosit 630 there is a pen that is spinning and has 7 flame modes. Bring it to position “1”, remove the lid and screw the screw on the left under the handle. Twist the clock. Gas supply will be smaller and smoother, automation will work better.

Also configure the maximum mode. Pull the handle on “7” and fasten the screw at the bottom of the unit, now counterclockwise. From reducing the flame level, the gas pressure and the effectiveness of the boiler burner at the same power setting will decrease.

Determine first the necessary sides on the auto block. The surface with the handle count side. The unit is installed in different ways: sometimes this side is from the side, sometimes from above. Do not mix the necessary screws (gilded) with fasteners.

traction, control, solid, fuel

Pressure must be reduced in such cases:

  • The flame goes out shortly after sunbathing; 2
  • When ignition there is cotton;
  • The flame goes beyond the limits allotted to him;
  • Red or red-orange color of fire.

Pressure usually rises in winter: gas distribution companies raise a value from 200 to 280 mm of a water column. Set the pressure regulator or reduce the feed through the leave.

Hard fuel boilers

At the same time, it should be noted that the influence of the listed parameters on the work of the boilers differs. First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the conditions of their functioning in each individual case.

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For the equipment to work stably, the above parameters should be maintained at optimal values. Even a slight deviation affects the combustion process and the production of thermal energy.

Typically, malfunctions are observed in solid fuel devices. Directly on the strength of traction is also affected by the type of boiler. In the process of the functioning of gas units, its fluctuation is slight. In addition, the flue gas has a stable temperature. Short.Term change in traction force occurs only in the process of warming up the chimney.

Strata Ireland Solid Fuel Boilers

As for the work of a solid fuel boiler, in this case, various indicators are noted. This is due to the use of different types of fuel. Coal, sawdust, TOA, firewood, etc.D. The difference in indicators is also explained by the type of solid fuel device.

In the process of its functioning, both the reduction of traction and the appearance of hypertes can occur, a sign of which is an increased consumption of solid fuel, smoke of the room, and heavy nois. This problem can be solved using a traction regulator for solid fuel boilers. This device allows you to compensate for the features of the heating unit, fuel and chimney.

Operating principle

Automatically changes the temperature of the boiler due to, first of all, the thermostat placed in the cylindrical case. Using the handle and chain, the case, in turn, is mechanically attached to the ash.Free door. The thermostatic element itself looks like a flask filled with a liquid that expands significantly when heated. The thermostat is located below the cylindrical case, directly in the part that joins the water contour of the boiler, so the element is in contact with the coolant.

This is what the most common model of traction sensor for solid fuel boilers looks like

Technologically, the operation of the regulator looks as follows:

  • With an increase in temperature, the sensor (thermostat) reacts to it and weakens the spring located inside the cylindrical case, which, in turn, is connected to the lever and chain;
  • The lever drops and accordingly closes the damper, and the thrust decreases;
  • Due to the fact that there is less air, burning slows down;
  • The process is repeated.

The temperature adjustment handle is installed on the cylindrical case. If you set a certain restriction, then the lever will not fall below this norm, so the temperature will not decrease.

In addition to mechanical variations of temperature controllers, there are also automatic. They have an additional fan for pumping air. But, unlike mechanical ones, they require a network connection.

How to install a roller.Fuel boiler traction controller

Connecting automation for a fan of blowing and a chain electric drive, it is better to entrust professionals.

The mechanical thermostat has a simpler device. Therefore, the node can be installed and adjusted by yourself. This is done in the following way:

    In all modern boilers, a special mounting hole is provided for the thermostat.

How to check the traction in TT boiler

The characteristics of the traction are affected by several factors: the temperature of the chimney, the chimney section and weather conditions. You can check the presence of traction in a simple way:

    Open the gate damper and the door of the furnace chamber.

As a rule, during the operation of the boiler, if there is a good craving, smoke does not fall into the room. Insufficient traction characteristics are manifested in how the fuel flares up, as well as the intensity of combustion.

Increasing the thrust and combustion of the boiler can be performed by fan. Most manufacturers manage automation with a smoke exhaust and a superior fan.

How to set up a thermostat on a TT boiler

The adjustment of the traction sensor can be easily performed independently:

    A temperature of 60 ° C is set on a thermostat. Coolant in the boiler, bring to the same heating temperature.

To check the settings and make adjustments on the regulator, a temperature of 80 ° C is set. When this heating indicator is reached in the coolant, the damper should be closed. If this does not happen, the length of the chain is shortened.

The error in setting up a mechanical thermostat is 5 ° C. Electronic automation works more accurately, inaccuracy is 1 ° C.

The improvement of the old design regulator made it possible to automate the operation of a solid fuel boiler and prevent boiling of the coolant.

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