How to set the temperature on the water heater Termyx

Application of the water heater: Termex of 50 liters instructions

It will be useful to first get acquainted with the device of the Termyx boilers first to effectively eliminate problems. The following components can be distinguished in the design:

Temperature sensor. With it, the owner can at any time find out what temperature the coolant has in the tank. Often it is made in the form of a scale with an arrow or digital indicator. This device makes the operation of the boiler more convenient. Even if this sensor fails, this will not affect the work of the device itself. True, in this case, the user will no longer be able to find out to what temperature the water will heat up. Thermal insulation. Its presence allows you to maintain heated water for a long time. This element will never break. Hot water drain. It belongs to those elements that usually do not cause problems to the owner. The outer membrane of the water heater body. This part can be made of different materials. Metal, plastic or combine both options. The integrity of the outer shell of the body can be disturbed only if the device accidentally falls or the owner himself carries him damage. Inner tank. Usually it is made of stainless steel. Due to the small thickness, it can easily affect corrosion, which can also cause its failure. But if we provide regular maintenance, then for a long time he will not create problems to the owner.

Ten. This element assigned a determining role in the operation of the device, since it carries out the heating of the fluid. Over, more powerful models require less time to heat water. In view of the fact that it is constantly operated and exposed to corrosion, it is with it that the most frequent failures of water heaters are associated. Magnesium anode. For him, a place is highlighted near the heating element. Its main purpose is to protect the tank and heating from corrosion

It is very important to monitor its condition and, if necessary, change to a new. Cold water supply hose. Thermostat for the water heater Termyx. Thanks to it, the liquid in the device is heated in automatic mode. Several types of thermostats are distinguished: rod, capillary electronic

Although there are models of different versions on the market, nevertheless, they use the same principle of work. The temperature sensor constantly monitors what temperature the liquid has. Depending on this parameter, he sends the signals of the thermorelele, which begins to close or open the tena power circuit. Most often, the design of the water heater provides for two thermostats: the first controls the heating of the water, the second monitors the state of the first. A feature of expensive models is the presence of three thermostats, and the task of the third is to control the serviceability of the heater. The thermostat failed cannot be repaired, so it changes for a new. Insulating gaskets. They are necessary for compaction and protection against electricity. This element in the event of failure should also change. Electronic control and control schemes.

Several types of thermostats are distinguished: rod, capillary electronic. Although there are models of different versions on the market, nevertheless, they use the same principle of work. The temperature sensor constantly monitors what temperature the liquid has. Depending on this parameter, he sends the signals of the thermorelele, which begins to close or open the tena power circuit. Most often, the design of the water heater provides for two thermostats: the first controls the heating of the water, the second monitors the state of the first. A feature of expensive models is the presence of three thermostats, and the task of the third is to control the serviceability of the heater. The thermostat failed cannot be repaired, so it changes for a new. Insulating gaskets. They are necessary for compaction and protection against electricity. This element in the event of failure should also change. Electronic control and control schemes.

It is precisely the above elements that are all the accumulative heaters produced under the Termyk brand. It should be said that running devices have a similar design, however, they are deprived of a storage tank and have a heating element of increased power.

Thermex IE

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At the first turned on the EVN (or after the interruption with the supply of electricity)

7.3. Models with electronic control for option 2 (rice.6)

For models equipped with an electronic control panel according to option 2

With a digital touch display at the first turned on the EVN (or after

PRELSET “D E M O” (DEMO M O N S T RAIT). In this, the heating elements of the EVN will never be included.

ATTENTION! Before leaving the Demo mode, make sure EVN is filled with water.

Output and entrance (if necessary) in “Demo” mode is carried out by

Simultaneous pressing and holding within 5 seconds of keys and “on the panel

Finding the device in waiting mode is accompanied by a flashing logo

“Thermex”, the temperature indicator indicates the temperature of the water in the EVN, the clock show the current time.

temperature, water, heater, termyx

Turning on (off) EVN in the heating mode is made by pressing the key

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” O “. After turning on the heating mode, EVN begins to heat the water to a given

Temperature, when the set temperature reaches the heating indicator will burn

Constantly. In heating mode, the choice of heating power is equipped with keys

And n/” on the control panel. 2 kW power mode is accompanied

Indication of the control lamp “Double Power”, and 1.3 kW. Indication of the control

Fix Leaking T&P Valve. Hot Water Tank Temperature and Pressure Release Valve

The transition to the mode of the timer is carried out by pressing the key

“On the control panel and is accompanied by turning on (shutdown)

temperature, water, heater, termyx

Indicator “Timer”. After transferring to the Tiemer Tiemer mode, he will be in

Waiting mode until the given time. With the occurrence of a given time of eVN

Will start heating water to a given temperature.

During the operation of the EVN, the consumer can regulate the parameters of work in

Any of the modes. Pressing any key on the control panel is accompanied by a sound signal. After the first pressing of the “ ^” key (setting or choice), the value of “Single Power” or “Double Power” will begin to flash, with a mobble key

You can choose the desired power mode. The second press allows the temperature to which the heating of the water in EVN will be equipped, the key is installed with the keys to the desired value. Long.Term keys holding

Or “allows you to quickly change the parameter. The third press of the “ ^” key

Provides for the installation of the current time hours. Fourth press. Minutes of the current time. The fifth press sets the hour of turning on the timer, sixth. The Ministry of Investigation of the timer. After the seventh press or after 5 SevszSHD after the last press

Thermex IR 200 300 liters operating instructions

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7.4. Description of the functions of the control panel

7.4.One. “QN/OFP’. Turning / disabling button for the device. After pressing this

Button on the display alternately displayed the values ​​of the current / set

Temperature, current time and time of turning on/off.

7.4.2. ’’ Setting “. Temperature and time settings button. At each

Pressing it cyclically included in the control and setting modes of parameters

In the following order: temperature installation installation of hours installation of minutes

Installation of a heating clock. Installation of heating minutes

Installation of shutdown hours of heating installation Minutes of shutdown of heating

The initial state. Each time for entering one parameter and transition to

The next “setting” button is pressed.

When the symbols blinking on the screen with the help of these

Buttons set the desired level of the current parameter, then under

Stiring by pressing the “Setting” button. In this case, the system automatically proceeds to monitoring the following parameter. Pressing and holding buttons

Calls to quickly increase or decrease the parameter value.

7.4.4. The “Timing” button conveys the device into the operating mode under the program. In that

Mode, the device will go into heating mode and get out of it into the installed

The consumer is not given, in the “Timing” mode, the device will operate in accordance with the factory installations.

7.4.5. The heating speed button “Speed” allows you to set the desired mode

Power. Click the “Speed” button when EVN is in the start mode, and

The device will begin to highlight 3 modes alternately: moderate heating (4 kW)^

The mode of moderate heating is established.

7.4.6. The “Instant” button (direct heating) is used when EVN works in

“Timing” mode (work on the program) or thermal insulation (the heating elements are disconnected, the green symbol burns on the display). This function can be available in that case,

When the current water temperature is at the level below the given. Pressing the “Instant” button transfers EVN into direct heating mode, which continues before

Returns to the previously established regime.

7.4.7. When the EVN operates in heating mode with temperature setting in the range

75 ° C, heating begins when a temperature drop is 10 ° C below the given

Level, while the red symbol lights up on the display. When the set temperature is reached, the device is included in the thermal insulation mode; Red lamp of heating indication

Goes out, the green thermal insulation lamp lights up, and the heating stops. If a

Heating range is set in 30. 55 ° C, then heating begins when the temperature decreases by 5 ° C. Further, the work of the EVN is carried out similarly in cyclical

7.4.Eight. Protection against incorrect inclusion: In the case of turning on, EVN without water on

Operation and maintenance of the water heater Termyx

Models with mechanical control on the EVN control panel have the keys (I and II) selection of power with built.In indicator lamps. The included key I corresponds to a power of 1.3 kW, both of the key included corresponds to the power of 2 kW. You can choose one or another heating power based on your needs in the amount of hot water or depending on the season.

In models equipped with an electronic control panel with a digital display, turning on/off the water heater is carried out by the left button on the “ON/OFF” control panel, while the set temperature of the heating is shown on the display. 2.5 seconds after that, the current water temperature in the eVN is displayed on the display. The selection of heating power is carried out by the average “Power Selector” button on the control panel. Mode 2 kW is accompanied by indication of the control lamp L2. And 1.3 kW. Indication of the control lamp L3

During the operation of the EVN, the consumer can adjust the heating temperature:

  • For models with mechanical control using a regulator located on the control panel. When turning the regulator counterclockwise, it turns off the network, when turning clockwise, the temperature is smoothly increased up to 75 ° C. In the RZB10 model, the possibility of manual temperature regulation is not provided;
  • Electronic control models are equipped with a display. Management is carried out using three touch keys, the modes are controlled according to the information on the display and indication of three control lamps. To select the heating temperature, press the right button “Temp. Selector “on the control panel. Discreteness of temperature changes. 5 ° C. At the first turned on the EVN (or after an interruption with the supply of electricity), the default temperature is set 75 ° C.
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If the RCD worked during the operation of the EVN, to return it to working condition, you must click the button on the RCD. If at the same time, the RCD is re.Triggered, it is necessary to call a service specialist to eliminate the reasons why it works. If you do not use the EVN in the winter and there is a likelihood of freezing of waterways and the water heater itself, it is recommended to turn off the power and drain water from the EVN in order to avoid damage to the inner tank.

The main technical characteristics of thermex 30 liters

As for most devices operating on electricity, Termies of 30 liters are needed, a voltage of 220V is required (error /- 10%is allowed), with a frequency of 50 gigaigers. The capacity of the inner tank is 30 liters. The size of the thread for the entrance/output is 1/2. The device with a capacity of 30 liters heats the water no more than 50 minutes.

Tenser includes:

  • The water heater itself with an RCD itself
  • Safety valve RSD, one piece
  • Directory
  • Special fasteners, four pieces
  • Package

The first launch and verification of the correctness of the boiler work

After connecting the unit, it is necessary to prepare it for connection and check the performance. The algorithm of actions:

  • Overlap of hot water from a common riser. This is done so that the Broiler does not heat the central water supply house at home.
  • Filling a tank. First, water is poured into the boiler, then the mixer is opened and the exit for hot liquid, then the entrance for the cold. These manipulations are needed to release air from the tank.
  • Opening of the feed taps standing on the boiler.
  • Opening of the tap of hot water. After a while, when a stable and flat stream comes from it, it is closed.
  • Connection of the water heater to the mains.

From connection to the first launch of the unit, you must wait 1-2 hours.

With mechanical control

The first launch of the boiler on mechanical control is carried out according to the standard scheme. Step-by-step instruction:

  • Designate the power using buttons on the control panel. There are 2 modes in total: 1.3 kW and 2 kW. The selected value is displayed on indication lamps: if 1 of them burns, Single Power is selected when 2 is Double Power.
  • Adjust the temperature. This is done using the regulator handle. When turning clockwise, the value increases, against. Decreases. The step is 1 ° C.
  • Measure the temperature of the water in the mixer using a thermometer. Turn on the boiler, wait for about 30 minutes and produce another 1 measurement to make sure that heating has begun.

You can turn off the device with mechanical control by turning the temperature controller until it stops.

On the touch screen

The first launch of the unit with the touch control panel is easier. Step-by-step instruction:

  • Get out of the DEMO mode, in which the device is originally located. To do this, you need to simultaneously hold the upper and lower brackets for 5 minutes.
  • Select power. This is done using the upper and lower selection keys. The display will display the selected indicator: Single Power (1.3 kW) or Double Power (2 kW).
  • Set the temperature. The transition to the selection mode is carried out by 2 presses of the upper bracket. The value is displayed on the screen.
  • Install a timer. This is done by pressing the left.Wing bracket of choice.
  • Turn on the unit using a round key in the center of the screen. Remember the temperature of the water (it is displayed on the panel) and double-check it after 20-30 minutes to make sure that it increases.

You can stop the operation of the device with repeated pressing the key in the center of the display. A boiler with a diagnostic system will turn off itself in case of violations of working conditions and will issue an error message on the touch screen.

How to set up a water heater Termyx touch video

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If the installation of equipment is usually carried out by specialists, then with its launch at least once a year you have to face the owners. Let us consider in more detail how to enable Termyx water heater so as not to negatively affect its operational properties. After all, it is on the correctness of the process that the duration of operation and the frequency of service largely depends on the correctness of the process.

Boiler inclusion: stages of water heater launch and setting may vary slightly. It all depends on whether the flow device is used or the accumulative. However, despite the structural differences, the procedure for their inclusion has the same principle. The universal instructions for launching the thermox boiler look as follows:

  • Before turning on the water heater, shut.Off reinforcement of hot fluid supply from the common riser is overlapped. This is done, even if a check valve is installed on the pipe. Indeed, with a slight malfunction without a channel overlap, the device will heat the central water supply.
  • Before turning on the accumulative water heater in the network, it is filled with water. The exit from the hot liquid device and the mixer open in turn, and after them. The input of the cold stream. These manipulations are needed to supplant the air from the system.
  • After the water flowed into an even stream, you can block it, include the unit in the mains and, by setting the settings and having won an hour or two, begin to use it.
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The water heater connection diagram of Thermex when using the prototing type devices will be similar, with the exception that the result will be immediately felt.

The next stage after turning on. Checking performance. Before using the Termies water heater, you need:

  • Make sure that when included in the network, power indicators light up.
  • Measure the temperature of the liquid supplied to the mixer.
  • After 20 minutes, look at the sensors of the equipment, if the connecting the boiler with the touch panel is performed correctly. The temperature indicator will already have to increase on the device. In the absence of an electronic panel, it is necessary to measure the degree of heating of water at the exit from the mixer again.

The process of mounting the running water heater Thermex or any other model involves the presence of serviceable elements of the network: sockets, protective shutdown machines, cables of sufficient thickness. Devices have a very great power, so if they do not work, first of all, armed with a tester, you need to check the presence of electricity in the outlet, then. Then power terminals. Video Instructions for installing a thermox water heater will help to find their location, and the tester will take readings. If the voltage is zero, then the electrical appliances are interrupted.

What to do if the water heater is not turned on, or rather, the power is supplied, but it gives out an error. The most popular question. In this case, you need to open the instructions of the device and look at the explanation corresponding to the code display. If such an opportunity is absent, the causes of the problem may be as follows:

  • Ten has a spoiled or burned spiral. A sign of electricity on the housing often serves as a sign, then the RCD automatic is immediately triggered and the power supply is turned off. Fight this will come out only by replacing Ten.
  • The protection is triggered if the heating of the coolant rises above the established limit (usually more than 90 degrees), which occurs both when the regulatory thermostat is broken down and with a banal cluster of the scale on the heater, after which it overheats.
  • The tank is not filled with water. How to enable the Thermex ID 50V or another model for the first time, it was considered above, and if the requirements for erase the air from the pipes, the protective mechanism is not observed. We pay attention to what to do this, even if the system is filled, but did not use it for a long time.

Accumulative heaters require connection to the water circuit and electrical wiring. The configuration of each model of Boilers “Termyx” includes elements designed for fastening and safe operation: fasteners, a safety valve of pressure discharge, RCDs. The instruction is delivered that describes in detail the features of the model:

Safety requirements during installation and operation;

temperature, water, heater, termyx

Types of malfunctions and ways to eliminate them.

Professional installation of a boiler takes from 3 to 4 hours, for the correct installation of the device, an electrician knowledge is required, with an electrical safety to at least 2 categories.

What is included in the set with the tank

Thermex includes the following parts and nodes:

How to Adjust Temperature on Water Heater

  • Electric heating element with a protective shutdown unit.
  • A unilateral safety valve.
  • Special fasteners. There are two units in a set for each mounting bar.

Along with this, the boiler tank is enclosed in the appropriate packaging, and the installation guide and instructions for use are applied to it.

Thermex accumulative water heater should be provided with normal grounding, which complies with all safety standards for electrical heating installations. The water supply should be connected according to the instructions of the water heater through a standard shut.Off plumbing eyeliner, which has an appropriate certificate.

So, time to take stock. With the basic principles of the boiler work, we figured out. Examined its main advantages, found out how to use it. Now we should decide which boiler we need:

Before buying, it is necessary to determine the volume of capacity, it depends primarily on the consumption of water, how often and in what volumes you will use it.

The only thing you should take into account, do not buy too small models, saving on the purchase due to size, you will spend on the future on frequent repairs. This is explained by the fact that the more often the water will heat up, the more the scale will be on the heater, and as a result, the faster it will fail;

The instruction that comes with the device will help you in an independent installation.

And if you still decide to hire someone, it is better to contact the suppliers of this equipment, often they give a guarantee for installation and for the boiler itself.

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