How to set temperature on the boiler Termyx

How to set up the temperature of the water in the water heater Termyx?

To configure the required temperature, you need to press the “Temp key. Selector “on the front side of the device. In all power supply heaters, the Termies from the plant by default is set a temperature of 75 degrees, which is also restored with an unexpected shutdown of power supply.

The plum algorithm through the hoses of the fence and the water supply:

  • It is necessary to stop the supply of water and electricity to the boiler.
  • Release water from the pipe due to the opening of the hot water valve and the crane-mixer
  • Put on a plum hose and open the tap so that the water descends.
  • Block the valve after the correct drain.

Description and principle of operation of the EVN.

4.One. The external EVN case is made of impact.Resistant plastic, and the inner tank is made of

High.Quality stainless steel from M of titanium, which provides

High corrosion resistance and, as a result, a long service life.

The space between the external case and the inner tank is filled with foam

Uretan. Modern, environmentally friendly thermal insulation, which has the best

temperature, boiler, termyx

Characteristics of heat saving. Models 1K200U and 1K300U have two threaded

Combi boiler hot water

A pipe for the input of the cold and the release of hot water (see. Rice. 3). In addition, EVN

Equipped with a drain nozzle and a nozzle for connecting safety

4.2. EVN is equipped with a digital display with a color screen on which

Operational information is displayed. Management of work modes, their program

MSP and change are also made from the display using control buttons

4.3. Water heating in the tank is carried out using tubular electric heaters

(Tenov) mounted on three removable flanks. Tenas serve to heat water and

They are controlled by the thermostat. Setting the level of temperature control (from 30C ° to

70 ° C) is input data from the display. The thermostat automatically supports

The water temperature at the level set by the user, periodically translating the EVN

From the heating mode (turning on the heating elements) in the thermal insulation mode (shutdown of the hets) and

Back. To indicate the current operating mode on the display case, are provided

4.4. The device provides for 3 possible heating modes: fast, moderate and

Economical. Direct heating mode by pressing one button allows you to heat water in

The shortest time and return to the operating mode of the program without additional

4.5. The value on the display displays the temperature of the water at the point of its measurement and can

Slightly different from the temperature of the outgoing hot water, which can be easy

Change to the desired value using the mixer handle.

EVN has a protection device for overheating, which turns off the heating elements from the network at

The tank above the permissible by resetting excess pressure through the drainage hole

The check valve prevents spontaneous drainage of water from EVN at

The drain pipe is used to drain water in drainage during

Maintenance and other works.

How to use/set a central heating timer. Combi boiler mechanical timer (Baxi Duo Tec)

Water heats up instantly, passing along the copper contour, in which.

Water heats up instantly, passing along the copper contour in which

The heating elements are located the required temperature is achieved by adjusting the water flow. The diagram shows the dependence of the temperature difference at the input and exit from the water flow value.

The temperature of the water water can vary significantly during the year: from 5 ° C to 20 ° C. This means that at the same temperature of the water at the output, the flow of water in the winter will be less than in the summer. To obtain an effective water jet when using a shower, use the attached mental nozzle.

After the supply of water in the EVN and the establishment of the minimum permissible

duct (1.8 l), the relay will automatically turn on thermoelectric heaters (hets). With a decrease in the water duct at the inlet below, the heating heating is automatically disconnected, respectively, the heating will stop.

temperature, boiler, termyx

Installed on the copper circuit of the heater. It turns off the EVN from the electric network in case of water overheating (which is not a malfunction).

After cooling, EVN will turn on automatically. If the water is heated to a temperature above 90 ° C, then the second stage of the sensor will work, in this case, the resumption of the operation of the EVN is possible only after the mechanical turned on the latter (remove the lid, press the button on the temperature sensor, close the lid).

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Instructions for installing and connecting a water heater

The installation of the boiler consists of 3 main stages:

The installation of the boiler should be engaged in qualified employees with appropriate skills. Incorrect installation of the device can lead not only to improper operation of the unit, but also to causing harm to the property or health of people. You can buy Thermex water heater and order the installation service in g. Tyumen.

Water heater connection scheme.

Placement and installation of the device

The installation site of the water heater must comply with safety standards. Access to the sewage system, remoteness from electrical devices (and other equipment for which contact with water is undesirable), the possibility of emergency drain and autonomous connection to the shield is undesirable. The installation process takes place in several stages:

  • Measurements, tolling points of fastening of anchors.
  • Drilling holes, screwing anchors.
  • Boiler mount to the wall.
  • Connection of cranes to water supply circuits.
  • Installation of filters and pressure gearbox on a cold circuit.
  • Installation of the safety valve, tee, drain hose and other auxiliary and protective elements.

For sealing the joints between the elements when installing the water heater, flax is used. It protects from the effects of hot water.

Connection to the electric network

The last stage of installation of the boiler is its connection to the mains. The procedure consists of the following stages:

  • Laying wires in strokes or in a patch box.
  • Connection of the RCD to the shield.
  • Conducting the cable from the electrical panel to the fuse.
  • Connecting the boiler to the machine with a separate cable.
  • Connection of wires “phase”, “zero” and “grounding” to the lower part of the water heater.
temperature, boiler, termyx

The wiring connection to the boiler is carried out exclusively by professionals.

Devices are not equipped with cords and a standard “fork-rosette” system. Instead, they are connected to the network using a 3-filled cable D 2.5-3 mm with a mandatory installation of a 16-ampert fuse.

The sequence of launch of the water heater

The algorithm of actions when starting the water heater:

  • Open a valve that supplies water to the heat exchanger (the tap head has a blue or blue marking).
  • Wait a few minutes necessary to fill the tank (the gas station rate depends on the capacity of the tank and the pressure in the water supply line).
  • Unscrew the supply valve of heated water, and then turn the lever of the hot water crane on the mixer. Wait for the air output until the supply of cold water starts without interruptions and bubbles.
  • Close the faucet tap and turn on the power (using a package switch in a camshaft or inserting a fork into a socket).
  • Check the position of the safety valve of the heating system (if any). If the element is in a work position (for example, when supplying equipment from the plant), then you must click on the key or move the toggle switch.
  • Turn on the installation by pressing the button or turning the temperature controller handle (depends on the manufacturer).
  • Select the required operating mode and warm up water. If a spontaneous shutdown of the equipment occurs during operation or the machine is triggered in the shield, then you should find out the cause.
  • Check the fluid supply through the taps of the mixer and the timeliness of the heater triggering as the supply of hot fluid from the tank spends.
  • Disconnect power and inspect the pipes of water supply and compounds, when heated, the materials expand and can pass water. If water drops are detected, tighten the nut or install new gaskets.

If the boiler is installed in an apartment with hot water supply, then for commissioning it is necessary:

  • Block the supply of hot water into the apartment with a cutting tap, and then drain the heated liquid from the pipes through the mixer.
  • Submit cold water to the storage tank, clean the pipes from air (by analogy with the procedure described above).
  • Turn on food and set the required operating mode. The device connected according to a similar scheme is used in case of stopping centralized hot water supply (for example, due to seasonal or emergency work on the water conduits). After the equipment is disconnected, it is necessary to drain the remaining water from the tank, otherwise, with a prolonged simple, a layer of salt that worsens heat transfer and reducing the life of the boiler is formed on the walls of the walls.

Instructions for maintenance and operation, tank capacity 15, 30, 50 and 80 liters

The device is controlled by means of the control panel, which is located on the front side. Such management can be both mechanical and sensory, depending on the selected model.

In Termyx models, a tank of 15, 30, 50, 50, and 80 liters and mechanical control, control is carried out using buttons (1 or 2), which indicate the power of a water heater, where “1” means a power of 1.3 kW of energy, and the total power is 2 kW. The power level is selected based on the situation and need, as well as depending on the time of the year. A water heater with sensory control and digital screen is considered more functional and modern. The appliance is turned on and disabled by the ON/OFF keys on the equipment screen. Information on the level of current temperature is also displayed on the screen. Power can be adjusted using a button that is located in the middle. Power Selector.

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In the process of using the Termyx water heater, temperature settings are carried out:

In devices with a mechanical control system using a regulator on the front side of the device. In this device, the temperature reduction is carried out by turning the regulator from right to left, and accordingly, turning the controller from left to right, an increase in temperature occurs, the maximum level of which can reach a value of 75 degrees. Turn off such an electric heater, you can turn the regulator from right to left until it stops. It is worth noting that the Termies of the RZB10 water heater does not provide for manual control of the temperature regime. In devices with electronic (sensory) control, there is a LCD display. Control is carried out using three touch buttons. You can also choose the appropriate operating mode of the water heater on the screen. To configure the required temperature, you need to press the “Temp key. Selector “on the front side of the device. In all power supply heaters, the Termies from the plant by default is set a temperature of 75 degrees, which is also restored with an unexpected shutdown of power supply.

If the automatic shutdown system works during the operation of the water heater, then after the time it is expired, turn on the device with the corresponding key. If the device is disconnected again after turning on, then you can not do without involving a specialist in this matter. In no case do not try to open or repair the device yourself, since it can only be repaired with special tools and professional skills.

If in the cold season the water heater is not used for a long time, it is recommended to turn it off and drain the water from the inner tank of the device in order to avoid freezing and damage to the water heating device.

How to set up a water heater Termyx touch video

Noah 15 without a section of 100 Views Комментарии и мнения владельцев on the record how to set up a water heater Termyx touch video no

If the installation of equipment is usually carried out by specialists, then with its launch at least once a year you have to face the owners. Let us consider in more detail how to enable Termyx water heater so as not to negatively affect its operational properties. After all, it is on the correctness of the process that the duration of operation and the frequency of service largely depends on the correctness of the process.

Boiler inclusion: stages of water heater launch and setting may vary slightly. It all depends on whether the flow device is used or the accumulative. However, despite the structural differences, the procedure for their inclusion has the same principle. The universal instructions for launching the thermox boiler look as follows:

  • Before turning on the water heater, shut.Off reinforcement of hot fluid supply from the common riser is overlapped. This is done, even if a check valve is installed on the pipe. Indeed, with a slight malfunction without a channel overlap, the device will heat the central water supply.
  • Before turning on the accumulative water heater in the network, it is filled with water. The exit from the hot liquid device and the mixer open in turn, and after them. The input of the cold stream. These manipulations are needed to supplant the air from the system.
  • After the water flowed into an even stream, you can block it, include the unit in the mains and, by setting the settings and having won an hour or two, begin to use it.

The water heater connection diagram of Thermex when using the prototing type devices will be similar, with the exception that the result will be immediately felt.

The next stage after turning on. Checking performance. Before using the Termies water heater, you need:

  • Make sure that when included in the network, power indicators light up.
  • Measure the temperature of the liquid supplied to the mixer.
  • After 20 minutes, look at the sensors of the equipment, if the connecting the boiler with the touch panel is performed correctly. The temperature indicator will already have to increase on the device. In the absence of an electronic panel, it is necessary to measure the degree of heating of water at the exit from the mixer again.

The process of mounting the running water heater Thermex or any other model involves the presence of serviceable elements of the network: sockets, protective shutdown machines, cables of sufficient thickness. Devices have a very great power, so if they do not work, first of all, armed with a tester, you need to check the presence of electricity in the outlet, then. Then power terminals. Video Instructions for installing a thermox water heater will help to find their location, and the tester will take readings. If the voltage is zero, then the electrical appliances are interrupted.

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What to do if the water heater is not turned on, or rather, the power is supplied, but it gives out an error. The most popular question. In this case, you need to open the instructions of the device and look at the explanation corresponding to the code display. If such an opportunity is absent, the causes of the problem may be as follows:

  • Ten has a spoiled or burned spiral. A sign of electricity on the housing often serves as a sign, then the RCD automatic is immediately triggered and the power supply is turned off. Fight this will come out only by replacing Ten.
  • The protection is triggered if the heating of the coolant rises above the established limit (usually more than 90 degrees), which occurs both when the regulatory thermostat is broken down and with a banal cluster of the scale on the heater, after which it overheats.
  • The tank is not filled with water. How to enable the Thermex ID 50V or another model for the first time, it was considered above, and if the requirements for erase the air from the pipes, the protective mechanism is not observed. We pay attention to what to do this, even if the system is filled, but did not use it for a long time.

Accumulative heaters require connection to the water circuit and electrical wiring. The configuration of each model of Boilers “Termyx” includes elements designed for fastening and safe operation: fasteners, a safety valve of pressure discharge, RCDs. The instruction is delivered that describes in detail the features of the model:

Safety requirements during installation and operation;

Types of malfunctions and ways to eliminate them.

Professional installation of a boiler takes from 3 to 4 hours, for the correct installation of the device, an electrician knowledge is required, with an electrical safety to at least 2 categories.

What is included in the set with the tank

Thermex includes the following parts and nodes:

  • Electric heating element with a protective shutdown unit.
  • A unilateral safety valve.
  • Special fasteners. There are two units in a set for each mounting bar.

Along with this, the boiler tank is enclosed in the appropriate packaging, and the installation guide and instructions for use are applied to it.

Thermex accumulative water heater should be provided with normal grounding, which complies with all safety standards for electrical heating installations. The water supply should be connected according to the instructions of the water heater through a standard shut.Off plumbing eyeliner, which has an appropriate certificate.

temperature, boiler, termyx


Maintenance involves the identification and subsequent removal of the scale, which is formed on the heating. Also, in the lower part of the internal tank of the device, a precipitate may form, which should also be removed. Removing scale is carried out using special cleaning tools. The intensity of maintenance is determined by special employees after the analyzes of the formed scale. The first maintenance of the device is recommended after a year of use. Non.Cleaning work will lead to a decrease in the efficiency of work and a decrease in the level of efficiency.

In most cases, the reason for the failure of water heaters becomes the formed scale on the heater. If the heating device or heating device fails, and the reason for this will be the formation of scale, in which case the warranty is not provided for. Periodic maintenance should be carried out by the user himself.

To carry out the correct maintenance of the device, it is necessary: ​​1. Turn off the device 2. Wait until hot water cools down, or drain it through the crane 3. Close cold water 4. Unscrew the drain valve 5. You need to put on a regular hose on the valve and send it to the sewer 6. It is also necessary to drain hot water through the mixer 7. Now you can remove the body of the device, disconnect the wires, unscrew and pull the support flange from the water heater 8. Check the presence of scale on the heater and at the bottom of the tank, if any. Carry out appropriate cleaning. Nine. Assemble the device in the reverse order.

This article examined the technical characteristics and instructions for the use of Termyx electric heater, a capacity of 30 liters. Note that the manufacturer sets the minimum service life of the Termye water heater seven years. But this is only provided that the water in the system meets the necessary standards and does not contain a large number of impurities and heavy elements, as well as during the use of the device, the rules for the installation, operation and timely maintenance of maintenance were observed.

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