How to replace fabric strips for depilation

How to replace strips for wax depilation

It should be dense enough not to break, and also should not stretch much, otherwise the procedure risks turning into torture. Such paper for depilation is needed if you use hot wax, which is removed using clean strips, or to remove sugar pasta from the skin (when shugaring). This procedure is very easily carried out at home, takes little time and does not require any skills. Try to replace paper strips with a dense napkin or thin printer paper.

One strip for depilation can be used until it stops capturing hairs. Too dense paper will not fit well to the body, and the thin can tear. Therefore, manufacturers of such products came up with a more convenient and fast option. Wax strips for depilation, which is very simple to use.

For normal skin. Strips and paper for depilation in any cosmetic store are sold at affordable prices, so every woman can afford this type of hair removal. Also, try not to strip on the same part of the face more than two times, otherwise irritation may occur.

Veet Suprem’essence. Veet Veet wax strips is one of the most popular products for production for hair removal. Fabric work on the same principle, but they are more uncomfortable than paper ones, and they cost more. To make the procedure comfortable, purchase an analgesic cream or spray in a pharmacy, which needs to be treated with the skin one and a half hours before depilation. For example, facial strips will be much smaller in size than for the legs. You can replace the strips with home.Made paper, but here you have to experiment.

To avoid hair growth, use moisturizing creams every day. This composition captures hairs, and breaks together with a strip against hair growth. Skin care after depilation with wax stripes after using wax strips of skin, you need to relax.

We hope this article helped you understand how to use strips for depilation correctly at home. These strips contain essential oils, moisturizing the skin and making it delicate and smooth. VEET Naturals. Do not try to wash off the wax with water or lotion. It will only smears more on the skin.

^ Hair removal with wax stripes in the bikini area is a bikini area is a very delicate zone, so you need to handle it carefully. Also a couple of times a week do the scrubbing of the pro.Epiled areas of the body, wash yourself with a tough washcloth. This requires a little less than usual strips. Hair removal with wax strips at home (instruction) how to do depilation with wax strips at home?

The instructions are very simple: clean the skin in the right place (it is better to take a shower), wipe it dry, and apply a talc or children’s update to exclude sweat; Take the strip and warm it thoroughly in your palms, separate one half and glue it to the skin, smoothing with force in hair growth; Wait for 15-20 seconds and sink the strip with a quick, sharp movement against growth, while hold the skin with the other hand to avoid injuries (the appearance of bruises); Repeat the procedure throughout the skin, then take an oiled napkin, usually included in the set for depilation, and wipe the skin, removing the remnants of the wax from it. Contain almond oil and vitamin E, which protects the skin from irritation and makes it delicate and smooth. You can choose paper strips for depilation for dry, sensitive, oily or normal skin, as well as for various parts of the body. In this article, we will talk about what types of strips are like correctly and for which parts of the body they need to be used, which is better to replace if necessary, and what nuances you need to know before the procedure at home. You can replace the store strips with pieces of fabric, for example, sittsev. Feedback on strips for vet hair removal all these products cannot be used to depie the face, chest and areas of deep bikini.

Instead of an oiled napkin, you can use a cotton pad saturated with any oil. Do not forget that after the procedure on the face for several hours, redness may be preserved. For dry skin. It is not recommended to do a deep bikini with wax strips. You are unlikely to do everything perfectly, t.To. You will not see the direction of hair growth.

Since the hair in the bikini zone is usually much thicker and stronger than, for example, on the legs, depilation can be very painful. Contain aloe vera extract, which will not allow the wax to dry the skin. In addition to VEET, good products are produced by Oriflame, Faberlic, Avon, Byly, Shary, etc.D. For several hours, do not apply any cosmetic and other means on it. Among the wax strips, you can choose the following: VEET for sensitive skin.

When depilation of the face, remember that this, like the bikini zone, is a very sensitive area, so before applying the stripes, make an allergy test. It is better to entrust a deep bikini to professionals, and at home you can remove unwanted hairs along the line of panties. Wax strips will cope well with this task. With these stripes you will forget about itching and unpleasant dryness after the procedure. Before the procedure itself, remove the film, remove the remnants of the product, wipe the skin, and you can proceed! Wax strips. Armagedon for unwanted hair What wax strips for depilation is better to choose?

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It all depends on individual preferences. When allergies to wax, stop using strips and replace them with another tool, for example, shugaring or razor. This series of products with shi oil is suitable for removing hair on the legs. For the last zones, there are special small stripes designed for very sensitive and delicate areas.

The nuances of the use of wax strips if you have ended paper for depilation when using hot wax, and there is no time to run to the store, you can come up with an alternative at home. Of course, it is better to purchase products of trusted manufacturers with whom you have already dealt. Try different firms, paper or fabric strips, look at what hair does not grow longer, after which there is an allergy, and after which there is no. In addition, on sale you can find clean strips (without wax). These strips with shea butter are suitable for most women with a normal skin type.

Materials and tools

The hair removal procedure is carried out using the following tools:

Strips of fabric, paper or polymer material are suitable as bandages.

It is better to cook paste yourself. Its recipe is simple: 2 teaspoons of sugar are taken for 6 teaspoons of sugar. Thick syrup is cooked from sugar with water, add acid to boiling liquid and boiled another 10 minutes.

Sugar paste for shugaring should be soft

replace, fabric, strips, depilation

Fabric strips

Cotton bands are strong enough and adhere well with the paste. Another advantage is the ability to re.Use stripes after washing.

A small disadvantage of the fabric strips can be considered that they absorb the paste, therefore, its consumption will be a little more than usual.

On a note. Strips made of fabric are sold in the form of rolls, from which it is convenient to cut off exactly as much as it will be needed for the procedure.

Paper strips

Although the bandage shugaring strips made of paper are quite thin, they have good strength. Buying them is easier with a margin, thanks to an affordable price.

Paper strips can be used up to 3 times, after which they become unusable. Bandages made of poor.Quality material are often torn earlier.

Strips of polymers

Polymeric material bandages are in special demand, thanks to several important advantages:

  • Acceptable cost (300-350 for 30 pcs.);
  • High strength, lack of deformation during torn off;
  • A small consumption of caramel in the absence of absorption;
  • The ability to observe whether the strip has been glued tight, thanks to its transparency;
  • Ease of washing;
  • The possibility of multiple use of the bandage.

If there were no factory strips at hand, they can be done with your own hands. In every house, probably, there will be something to replace the bandage for shugaring. It can be made of cotton matter or dense office paper.

Wax for depilation

Depileve brand paper (Spain) has excellent adhesion to wax, does not leave the remains of wax on the skin, does not break and does not relax. Presented in a roll of 7.5 x 100 m, as well as in boxes with 400 and 100 stripes.

Rica (Italy) represents high.Quality paper for depilation in a roll of 100 meters, as well as in the form of finished stripes. 100 pieces in the box.

Cristaline (USA) also produces paper of the highest quality. It does not deform and does not break during the procedure, minimizing the painful sensations of the client. Produced in a roll 100 yards long and strips of 100 pieces in packaging.

replace, fabric, strips, depilation

It is worth noting that the quality of European and Chinese manufacturers is strikingly different from each other. The difference is both in the consumption of wax and pain during the procedure. And Smart Bai, following its traditions, offers products only leading world manufacturers.

How to make strips for depilation at home

Making wax strips for depilation or shugaring at home yourself is quite simple. This is necessary:

You can buy clean (without wax) stripes in every cosmetic department, they are inexpensive. Convenient to use strips of cellulose, spandbond or having a non.Woven base. But if desired, they can be done independently.

To do this, natural fabric or strong paper is cut with rectangles. The size of the segments depends on the alleged epilation zone. For the face, prepare small stripes, which will be convenient to use. For the legs they can be made larger to capture a larger area of ​​the skin.

It should be borne in mind that too long stripes are hard to use: they will twist and click.

As a pasta that removes hair, except wax, you can use sugar caramel, honey.

For home.Made wax, you need:

All components are mixed and heated in a water bath or in wax.Plate. A special device designed to heat wax mixtures.

Mixing thoroughly, the wax is removed, allowed to cool to a temperature of 38-40 s °.

The finished wax mass is applied to pre-prepared strips, retreating from the edge of 1-1.5 cm. After that, the strips are ready to use. They are recommended to be used to get rid of the hairline on the arms and legs.

Removing excess hairs in areas with sensitive skin is best carried out using strips, on which another composition is applied. He needs:

Two types of wax are melted to a liquid state, after which glycerin and oil are added to them. All components are mixed. You can apply a wax mixture by cooling to a temperature of 35-40 ° C.

To make a honey epilizing mixture at home, you will need:

Honey, sugar and lemon juice are mixed and heat on fire until completely melted. The mass is brought to a state of dense syrup and removed from the fire. Cooling up to 35-37 ° C, it can be used.

To cook sugar for shugaring, you will need:

The components are mixed in a small saucepan, brought to a boil on fire. After the acquisition of amber color, the mixture with frequent stirring is cooked for another 5-7 minutes. Then it is removed from the heat and cools.

If it is necessary to obtain a caramel of a liquid consistency, it is necessary to add a larger amount of citric acid.

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Sugar paste is used to remove hairs in any parts of the body.

DIY shugaring paste / Shugaring (sugar hair removal) at home. Review

Earlier (more than five years ago) I used various ways of hair removal and depilation. “Jumping” from one, to another. There was always wax from VEET in favorites, and the epalator. Well, and the standard razor machine came to the rescue when it was urgent to put himself in order. But, then I realized that all these options are not at all suitable for a number of reasons, and I went over to the side of sugar hair removal. He is Shugaring.

Now you will not surprise anyone either with shugarring or the recipe for the preparation of sugar paste, but I still want to share my experience and observations.

So, for the convenience of navigation by review, I will divide it into several parts:

  • Recipe for making sugar paste, which always turns out.
  • Shugaring techniques. What I tried, and which ones loved the most.
  • What to do if there are no certain materials? How to replace?
  • Deep bikini hair removal. All the nuances, and all about delicate hair removal.
  • Shugaring armpits. The same thing as in p.4.
  • Shugaring legs/arms/neck
  • Conclusion and advice

I used to cook the paste in the microwave, naively believing that it would be faster and easier and more convenient. But, the result did not always please me. It was not rare at the end that sugar caramel was obtained, not Shuga. As a result, I switched to cooking pasta on gas, and now the pasta is always ideal! I will share with you the recipe that always turns out!

The proportions are the same, but the number of pasta, of course, is different. So, if I need to be epilized with legs, armpits and hands. I take the amount of 8/2/1, if a deep bikini is also plused to these zones. That amount is multiplied by two. T.E. 16/4/2.

Where 8 (16). Tablespoons (with a tip) sugar, 2 (4). Tablespoons of water, 1 (2). Teaspoons (without a hill) of citric acid.

Initially, I mix sugar and water in a small enameled bowl, and mix for better dissolution.

Then I put a bowl on a small fire, and constantly interfere with the future shu. By the way, I do not advise changing fire. Shuga does not like sharp temperature differences.

As soon as the pasta begins to boil. I wait for the first bubbles, and carefully follow the moments when these bubbles fill the entire area of ​​the mixture.

After that, add citric acid. Nothing depends on the grade of acid, you can take any. And yes, it was with the lemon that I liked more than the shuga on lemon juice.


After adding citric acid, the paste will become a pleasant, yellow shade.

Waiting a little more time, literally a moment, the paste will become light amber. Here when changing the shade. I immediately remove the paste from the fire, and pour it into another container. The capacity can be either plastic or enameled. If I’m sure I’m using a shug at once. Then I choose any option. But, if I need to storage it. I take a plastic container.

When the pasta is cooling, it almost does not darken, and acquires an ideal consistency for any shugaring technique. This pasta is really universal, and you can watch the consistency on the video before the recipe.

At the very beginning of experience with this epilation. I preferred manual technique. But. Later returned to the bandage, and to spatling. Using a bandage technique, I perform hair removal, arms, armpits, and a gun on the neck. Sometimes I use it on an ordinary bikini. It is more convenient for me to do a deep bikini with spatulating equipment.

There are no specific and specific materials for home shugaring. Precisely, they are, but they can always be replaced.

I usually buy packaging spatulas and strips for bandit equipment on Wildberries. 100 spatulas and 100 strips can be bought there for 200. And enough this good for a long time.

If there is nothing of this. Then the stripes can be replaced with an ordinary cotton cloth, for the sake of clarity I decided to finish the process just with it. It’s better not to replace anything, since their shape allows us to simplify the process of hair removal.

So, adding or talc. Can be replaced with any starch.

Before telling about the types of hair removal, I want to note that the shuga is always applied to the skin against hair growth, and breaks down. In the direction of their growth. With any technique, the paste needs to be torn off as parallel to the skin.

Deep bikini epilation sugar. It does not hurt. In fact, the shugaring of such a delicate zone turned out to be much more painless than wax. Deep bikini. This is the only zone in the epilation of which I use talc. Since the physiological features are always wet there.

I categorically cannot use lidocaine, and special anesthetic ointments, since I have an allergy to this drug. But, if you do not have one. I recommend buying lidocaine in a spray.

For a comfortable hair removal, it is worth always monitoring skin tension. And this is especially important when removing hairs in the labia. Yes, this zone can be desirable either spatling or manual technique. Not only because areas with small hairs, but also because the hairs have different sides of growth there.


How to choose strips for depilation?

The question of which stripes to give their preference. Wax or simple. Is decided depending on the fact that the way of applying wax will be used. Cold or warm. For the first, wax strips are needed, for the second. Clean.

However, the case is not limited to applying. The types of each type make you think about which strips for depilation are better?

So, when depilation in the cold method of the zone of arms and legs, exceptionally long strips are suitable. Whereas to use the same method on the bikini section, both types of wax strips can be used. Only short options are suitable for the face. Recommendations regarding which of the best wax strips for depilation can only be given by a cosmetologist who observes the lady, who will select the most suitable option based on the characteristics of the skin and hair of the lady.

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The warm depilation method involves the use of clean strips. At the same time, the storage form and the type of material, most convenient for ladies or depilation masters, are elected empirically. At home, while at the first experiments, it is recommended to use fabric, cut according to the standard strip model.

What are the bandages

Modern cosmetology offers several options for these products, each of which has both advantages and disadvantages:

  • Paper. The easiest and most common type of bandage. Its main advantage is a low cost. Such strips for shugaring depilation can be used in combination with factory paste or home composition prepared independently. The disadvantage of this variety is that such strips of fragile material are made, so they are suitable for only one procedure.
  • Shugaring tissue strips. The strips are made of cotton material. Such bandages are highly durable, which allows you to withstand water exposure. Thanks to this, the strips can be used many times. In addition, the properties of the material provide better fixation with a sticky mass on the bandage, it practically does not remain on the skin.
  • Bandage for shugaring Polymer. This type of stripes appeared relatively recently. Designed for multiple use. Unlike previous types, it is not able to absorb paste, so that the same sugar layer can be used more than once. Here are a few more advantages of this variety of bandages:
  • Does not change the form with multiple use.
  • Has a transparent texture, which allows you to see in which areas of the paste do not fit on the skin.
  • A thin elastic polymer is able to take the shape of the body, which provides the perfect fit of the strips to the processed area.

The lack of a polymer bandage lies in its high cost.

In addition to the listed varieties, professional and semi.Professional bandages are also distinguished. The criterion for dividing into types in this case is not the composition of the material, but the shape of the stripes:

  • Professional. Sold in rolls. For the shugaring procedure, part of the bandage of the required size is cut off.
  • Semi.Professional. Represented by strips of fixed length and width (the most common sizes. 17 by 7 cm or 7 by 4 cm).

Varieties of bandage strips

– From non.Woven material in rolls

Such consumables have the perfect combination of “price-quality-practicality”, therefore, are considered the best option. The material has the characteristics that are perfect for depilation. It does not break and does not stretch, convenient to use, perfectly adheses with sugar paste. Such rolls are inexpensive. In this case, the master can cut off the desired length, focusing on the size of the processed zone.

– Non.Woven strips of fixed size

This option is also good. However, due to the fact that the material has already been cut, such products are more expensive. Therefore, the master must decide what is more important for him. To buy materials cheaper and independently cut them or take ready.Made strips, but at a higher price. In large salons, materials in rolls are most often used. The master or administrator in the morning cuts the right number of strips for the entire working day.

– Paper

Such products are also sold in the form of finished strips and rolls. They are very cheap, but they cannot be called practical. Paper is often torn, which complicates the depilation process, delivers discomfort to customers and nervous masters. Therefore, Elseda experts do not advise thinking about how to replace a non.Woven bandage for shugaring and give preference to paper. The first option is undoubtedly better.

– Reusable

Some masters, deciding how to replace a one.Time bandage for shugaring, make a choice in favor of polymer products. They are attracted by the idea of ​​repeatedly used stripes, but in fact, such a decision is often unsuccessful. Firstly, despite the elasticity of the material, on the bends of the body, its fit is not likely. Still, in elasticity, reusable stripes do not go into any comparison with stripes of non.Woven material. Secondly, it is not enough just to wash the strips under a stream of water to ensure hygiene. After that, they must be disinfected in a special solution and dried. Therefore, there is no need to talk about savings, given the great time to clean them.

It is obvious that it is more logical not to ask the question than to replace a disposable bandage for shugaring, but to buy a roll of non.Woven material. Saving time (lack of need for stripes disinfection after each procedure) will accept more customers, which will ultimately bring tangible benefits. In addition, disposable strips fully comply with the requirements of SanPiN and guarantee customers safety.

How can you replace the strips for wax

The use of ready.Made strips covered with wax is a simple, convenient way to hair removal. Like other methods, it has some contraindications associated with the individual characteristics of the human body. If it is impossible to use finished strips, you can find an alternative.

The removal of excess hairs in areas with sensitive skin is best carried out using strips on which the composition is applied. He needs bee wax. 130 grams; Carnout wax (palm). 350 grams; glycerin. 5 ml; Essential oil. 5 ml. Two types of wax are melted to a liquid state, after which glycerin and oil are added to them. All components are mixed. You can apply a wax mixture by cooling to a temperature of 35-40 ° C.

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