How to put a silicone shape in an oven

How to bake in silicone form?

Almost every family has at least one sweet tooth adoring pastries. And far from always such gourmets agree to be content with purchased treats. That is why the preparation of biscuits, cupcakes, muffins, casseroles and various portioned desserts are forced to engage in many housewives.

Silicone forms are capable of significantly alleviate their work. These products have a number of positive properties. However, in order to appreciate them, you need to know exactly the rules for using such “rubber dishes”. For example, it is recommended to understand in advance how to bake in silicone form or how to freeze products in it.

How to choose a silicone form?

Such forms are made from chemically inert silicone, which does not distinguish harmful substances when heated. That is why many housewives have long been enjoying them with pleasure. But we always advise you to choose only high.Quality products, for example, Italian forms of Silikomart, since in pursuit of cheapness you can often come across toxic materials. Better purchase dishes from food or medical silicone.

When you come to the store, just sniff the product. High.Quality shape will not exude the pungent odors of rubber. Otherwise, we advise you to look for another manufacturer.

Advantages of silicone shape

  • This is a very universal thing! See for yourself: it is suitable for any oven, microwaves, it can even be placed in the freezer (withstands the temperature regime from –40 to 240), so it is great for baking and freezing (for example, mousse cakes).
  • Manufacturers recommend lubricating this form only once. Before the very first use. Many housewives note that they generally miss this step. And pastries are always perfectly taken out, because silicone has wonderful anti.Stick properties. In any case, if you are so calmer, you can lubricate the form at least every time. It definitely won’t get worse from this. By the way, many cooks use vegetable, not butter for this. And how to prepare a confectionery ring for biscuit here here.
  • Not only pies and cupcakes are perfectly prepared in the silicone. You can safely use round, square and rectangular shapes for cooking meat, vegetables and fish.
  • And you can store them as you like. Bend, turn into a tube, put in the narrowest places of storage. These forms are not deformed and take the original appearance instantly.

Important rules for the operation of silicone forms

  • Before the first use, be sure to thoroughly wash the shape.
  • And after each use rinse with water.
  • Do not wash it with hard brushes, it will damage the shape.
  • It is categorically impossible to put a product from silicone on fire. It will simply burn.
  • Not to store near sharp and metal objects.
  • Baking is removed quite easily, you just need to turn the shape. Big pies can be obtained using silicone or wooden blades.

Is it possible to use a silicone form in the oven

Such a container can and should be used in the oven. Let us consider in detail how to use silicone forms for baking in the oven.

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Some housewives lubricate the container with vegetable oil, others prepare in dry. The dough is poured into the shape and put on a baking sheet or grille. Placed in an oven and cutting time. After the form is taken out and covered for 5 minutes with a clean towel. Then tilt it to one side, and the product is on a plate. If the baking stuck, the mold is twisted out and the cupcake is torn with a wooden spatula.

Important! Use products in gas and electric plates, as well as in a microwave oven.

How to choose a silicone form for microwave ovens

When choosing dishes for the microwave, select an oval or cylindrical shape. Wide and shallow molds are best suited. Thanks to this form of dishes, heat will be distributed evenly.

For baking it is better to use a high side form, since, unlike the oven, the dough in a microwave rises above. Dishes with a lot of decor will only complicate the process of work. Even forms without bending. The best option.

If you want to cook pasta or cereals, choose more dishes. It is desirable that it be expanded upward.

Important points that should be considered before buying silicone form:

  • Choose neutral forms. Too bright products contain harmful chemical elements. Their evaporation when heated can harm your health. Note that the color lay evenly. Various defects indicate that the product is made of low.Quality raw materials.
  • Do not take shape with a strong smell of chemistry or rubber.
  • Try to bend the product. If a white mark remains on the bend, then refuse to buy.
  • It is better to choose cupcake dishes for cupcakes. The dough rises well in them, and the baking will prepare faster.
  • Do not purchase a product that has very thin walls and bottom. In a denser mold, the quality of the dish will be higher.
  • The country of manufacture does not matter much, but you should not purchase dishes of an unknown company. It is not necessary to buy an expensive product. Low price is not yet an indicator of poor quality of goods.
  • If you notice GOST marking on the product, this means that the product meets state requirements.

Advantages of silicone forms for microwaves

Such dishes are used mainly for the preparation of baking.

Consider the advantages of these products:

  • Silicone shape is easy to wash with a regular sponge for dishes. It is not necessary to use the cleaning tool.
  • Such dishes do not need to be lubricated with fat. A dish of without it evenly bakes and does not stick.
  • Baking is easily removed from the silicone product. The shape is turned to the other side or simply turned over.
  • The contents of the molds do not shock.
  • Take up little space in storage. They are easy to turn or put into each other.
  • They withstand any temperature: from.60 ° C to 250 ° C.

Simple rules of use

Watch this video if the detachable form proceeds, and also, it is told how to cover with parchment or foil.

Now let’s move on to a delicious part. Below are a few recipes of simple sweet and salty pies that everyone can cook.

Rating of silicone molds

To choose a high-quality and safe silicone for health, they recommend studying the TOP-5 of the best manufacturers:

silicone, shape, oven
  • Lekue. Spanish company offers platinum silicone products. Precious metal contained in the composition of the material improves the quality of the dishes. Platinum silicone interacts with products without violating their properties. Have anti.Stick properties, repel water and bacteria, are protected from the formation of mold and smell. In the Internet Catalog, you can purchase a pie for a pie for 2,500, for muffins for 2,000.
  • Mayer Boch. Affordable attract many housewives. For example, in the Internet Catalog, the muffin baking form costs 237, for cake-280. They are made of food silicone, they are easy to leave and have an anti.Stick effect.
  • Bradex. The famous company is famous for its devices for baking Viennese waffles. You can cook the dish both in the oven and in the microwave oven. Waffles are beautiful, with a clear pattern.
  • Regent Inox. On the official website of the store there are forms of a variety of colors and sizes: for cupcakes, for loaf, cakes and ice For muffins 220. The manufacturer guarantees the reliability and quality of products, provides quality certificates.
  • Marmiton offers forms for confectionery, including Easter cakes. In the assortment of a brand of container in the form of lemon, honey honey, cubs, daisies. Average
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Baking in silicone forms

Such dishes are rarely sold in hermetic and sterile packaging. Therefore, before the first use, the baking dish needs to be thoroughly washed from dirt and dust, especially paying attention to corrugated surfaces, where the most dirt accumulates. After washing, the product is dried.

Cooking dishes in such a bowl is a convenient process. But it is important to consider some features:

  • Suitable for use in both gas and electric ovens. It is necessary to provide the product support. You can use both the grille and the standard baking sheet. However, the housewives often choose a grate: it allows you to more evenly distribute heat. Can be put on a ceramic or glass stand.
  • For cooking, it is not recommended to choose shapes with a corrugated surface: it will look beautiful, but the process of baking will be more complicated.
  • After 450-500, it is recommended to replace the product with a new.

How to use a silicone cake pan

Each mistress decides whether it is necessary to use the oil. However, in most cases there is no need for this: the dough will not stick.

When installing the cooking time, you need to remember that in silicone dishes, foods are baked faster than in glass or metal. The temperature is suitable. 180 230 ° C. After cooking, you need to open the oven door and leave the pastries for 5-10 minutes to cool.

There are several prohibitions that must be observed:

Beginning housewives are interested in whether it is possible to bake chicken in such forms. Yes, such dishes are suitable for sweet pastries, and for second dishes. In this case, it is desirable to use larger dishes. For example, a round shape with a diameter of about 30 cm.

How to use silicone form for baking

Can be baked in silicone form in a gas oven or electric furnace. They are prohibited from putting them on a burner. Before use, it is enough to apply butter to the form once.

Oven unboxing install in cabinet

  • Wash after each application. Otherwise the remaining food will stick to its walls and dry out.
  • Can only be cleaned with soft lips. Hard. Damage an integral surface.
  • Small cupcakes can be removed from the shape simply, turning it down and slightly pressing it on the bottom.
  • It is easy to get pies using wooden shoulder blades.
  • Do not pick up baking with sharp metal objects, they will damage the device for baking.

Wash the new dishes thoroughly using detergent. Keep the dishes in the cabinet in the kitchen.

Do I need to lubricate before baking

It is important to make sure that there is not a single drop of water left at the bottom and grease with vegetable or butter. The prerequisite is that it is necessary to do this only once before the first use of the mold, then there is no need for this.

It is not necessary to lubricate a silicone mold. Its inner surface is protected by an anti.Stick layer. But if the material from which the dishes are made is of low quality, then it needs to be lubricated if the dough is buried. But, you can only lubricate the mold with vegetable oil or butter without smell. Lubricate it every time you will need to be after washing in a dishwasher with the addition of detergents.

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What to put in the oven

In order to properly and without suction, to use the mold in the oven must be put on a baking sheet or any other firmly, refractory substrate, since this dishes are soft, and the dough may work out if it stands on the grill. As a substrate is suitable: ceramic, glass, iron tray.

Many housewife when baking cupcakes or pie in silicone form in the oven make a mistake. They put it directly on the grill. This cannot be done, since the material after the first application will be very deformed and will continue to be unsuitable for creating culinary delights.

  • Silicone dishes should be placed on a tray of glass or ceramics or a baking sheet.
  • Forms with large sides can be placed in a pan or deep pan, but so that its edges do not be adjacent to it.
  • It is better to fill the forms with the test after installing them on the stand.

How to lubricate the bottom and walls of the baking dish, if there is no oil

Glorify any baking dish can be standardly with butter or vegetable oil. But if it is not at home, then you can sprinkle

Fanding products should be carefully distributed with a thin layer throughout the bottom. Baking will not only not burn, but will also acquire a beautiful view. A small piece of margarine or soup should be slightly lubricated the bottom and edges of the shape. At home, you can prepare a special mixture for lubrication of dishes designed for baking, mixing oil, flour and smell in equal quantities. According to experienced cooks, it is perfect, contributes to the easy separation of pastries from the form.

Forms for cupcakes are silicone, how to use. How to use silicone forms for cupcakes and muffins

One of the most delicious types of sweet pastries are muffins, their recipes are known today in huge quantities and diversity. It is best to use silicone molds for them, which can be found in almost any household store. They are sold by sets of 2, 4, 6, 12 or more pieces. They also differ among themselves in color. You should choose dim options, they have much fewer dyes.

silicone, shape, oven

It is very important to start using purchased silicone forms for baking. In the first of all, they are neatly unpacked and exhibited one at a time, for example, on the windowsill under the open window. This is necessary in order for the unpleasant smell of silicone, which is always present in new forms, it disappears.

Next, you need to thoroughly wash the silicone molds for cupcakes and muffins with soap with a soft sponge. If already at this stage the products have begun to paint, then such products are definitely not suitable for cooking. It is better to use them for something else or completely dispose of.

silicone, shape, oven

After the forms are dry, you can proceed to baking dessert. In general, silicone products do not require grease with fat, but the first 2-3 use is best treated with vegetable oil or a special anti-stick spray.

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