How to make the smell of rottener rotten

How to remove the smell from the refrigerator at home

The unpleasant odor of a refrigerator or freezer always upsets the owner of the technique, especially if he monitors cleanliness and removes spoiled products in a timely manner. You can cope with the stink and prevent its appearance in most cases, without resorting to the services of specialists. Below we will tell you how to remove the smell from the refrigerator if you are faced with such a nuisance, and life did not cook you for this. All the following techniques are suitable for refrigerators of any brand.

  • Unimaginated food. Some products even in fresh state are able to spread a rather unpleasant odor, so they should be tightly packaged.
  • New technique. Smells of plastic, lubrication or metal are characteristic of devices just brought from the store. You can wipe the unit with a rag moistened in soapy solution or just wait 2-3 days, while the chemicals are withdrawn.
  • Blockage. The drain of the refrigerator, in which condensate accumulates along with the particles dissolved in it, needs regular cleaning. For this purpose, you can use a small sprint or syringe without a needle. Hard pollution is conveniently removed with a piece of wire.
  • Spoiled products. Dot milk, pieces of food that fell out of a plate, or a forgotten sandwich will sooner or later remind themselves of an unpleasant odor.
  • The appearance of mold. The provoking factor can be increased humidity or spoiled food. You can get rid of mold with purchased antifungal solutions or hydrogen peroxide. On the network you can find positive reviews about copper sulfate, but you can’t use this toxic product for processing the refrigerator. You can poison.

Leaving for a long time and leaving the refrigerator turned off, you should not forget to open its doors. Otherwise, the air inside the unit will become a musty and foul.Smelling.

Making people smell a ROTTEN Pumpkin

Damage or other reasons for the defrosting

If the temperature rises in the refrigerator, the products begin to deteriorate quickly. This process is accompanied by the propagation of pathogens and an unpleasant odor. You should also check whether the thermostat is correctly configured. Too low values ​​can be the reason that the food deteriorates faster than usual, and the technique thaws.

Unplanned defrosting of the unit can occur for the following reasons:

The Council is fighting causes, not the consequences. What is an unpleasant odor from?

The very first thing to understand is where and why it smells to know how and how to eliminate the smell. If something has spoiled, there are no questions, and in other cases sometimes you have to break your head. There are several basic reasons.

Incorrect storage of products

Due to improper storage, the product may have not yet deteriorated, but has already gifted the entire refrigerator with its aroma. Most often, this applies to sausages, meat and fish lying in open packages or without it at all. Such products should be packaged very carefully, avoiding contact with oxygen to prevent the process of oxidation and damage. For example, the smell of rotten meat or herring is difficult to confuse with something.

New technique

Someone likes the smell of new things, but most often it begins to annoy, and sometimes even causes headaches. There is good news: this “aroma” will disappear in about two days, even if nothing is done. The reason for its occurrence lies in plastic dust, which remained from the factory. You can wipe the refrigerator with a regular rag with soapy water. And the smell will disappear.

Damage or other reasons for the defrosting

Due to the increase in the temperature of the refrigerator, the products began to deteriorate, the number of microbes increase-hence the unpleasant smell. An increase in temperature can happen for various reasons:

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These are the most common causes of an unpleasant odor in the refrigerator.

How to eliminate the smell from the refrigerator: General rules

Before cleaning, remove all the products from the refrigerator and turn it off the mains.

Acetic acid

Dining vinegar is mixed with water in equal proportions, wiped the chamber with a rag moistened in the solution, wiped dry. This method is dressed for a rubber seal, it will crack and will fail.

Baking soda

The method will not solve the problem with old smells. Suitable for hygienic cleaning. In warm water (4-5 liters), 1 cup of soda is dissolved and the inner chamber, shelves and seals are treated. After cleaning, you can leave a saucer saucer to maintain freshness.

Juice or citric acid

Lemon juice or powder acid cope not only with persistent aromas, but also with yellow spots. One acid bag is enough for a small 5-liter bucket of warm water. You can remove in two ways: a rag moistened in the solution, or spray with a spray gunner.

Laundry soap

Natural soap. G Igienic and simple remedy for smells. For cleaning, prepared a mixture of warm fluid and soap chips. Moisten the rag and wipe the inner camera and doors. After processing, wash off the product with clean water and wiped dry.


Ammonia wins even persistent aromas. If there are spots or pieces of food inside, they are removed with a wet rag. Then all surfaces are methodically wiped with ammonia and leave the kitchen unit with an open minimum for at least 12 hours. Otherwise, the smell of ammonia will remain in the cell, all the products will break through it.

Chlorine bleach

Chlorine must be used as a last resort if everything is very running. For 5 liters of water, one tablespoon of the bleach is enough. After disinfection, the refrigerator is washed with clean water and the doors are left open for a couple of hours. Do not forget to put on gloves, respirator and ventilate the room! Vapors of chlorine harm human health.

Hydrogen peroxide

It destroys mold itself, spores of fungus, putrefactive bacteria. For processing, take a 3%solution, moisten the sponge, wipe the inner and outer surfaces. Attention: peroxide has a whitening effect, not to use for dark models.

Bactericidal lamp

Ultraviolet device kills harmful microorganisms and fungi. They are the main sources of the unpleasant odor. Rinse the camera with clean warm water, put a lamp at a distance of 1-2 meters and processed for half an hour.


For disinfection and elimination of stench, severe “artillery” is used in the form of diluted medical alcohol or strong alcohol. Wet a cotton pad or fabric napkin, wipe all surfaces, including a rubber seal.

How to remove the stench from spoiled meat with improvised means?

You can also get rid of the smell of rotten meat in the refrigerator from improvised means. There are many folk recipes for cleaning surfaces and neutralizing the stench. They are on sale, as a rule, in every kitchen. Most often, it is recommended to use mustard, manganese, vinegar solution, ammonia and lemon juice.

make, smell, rottener, rotten

The disadvantage of these products is their low efficiency compared to industrial drugs. You may have to process the surfaces several times. After all, removing the smell of rotten meat from the refrigerator is not an easy task. The smell of rotten meat is one of the most persistent, so you need to take a few measures until it disappears.


It is best to get rid of the smell of rotten meat in the refrigerator using ordinary table vinegar. It should be diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 1, thoroughly wipe all surfaces. You can use 6 or 9% acetic acid, apple cider vinegar or grape vinegar. They have disinfectant properties, neutralizing smells.

After such a procedure, wash the refrigerator with clean water and ventilate after 15 minutes. To eliminate the smell in the refrigerator, if it is very persistent, you can put on a shelf where the meat, a rag moistened with vinegar lay. It should be left for 2-3 hours.

Lemon acid

You can also get rid of the smell of missing meat using citric acid. Dissolve a bag with a product in 500 ml of water, and then rinse the refrigerator. But the usual lemon will be more effective. It is necessary to wipe the entire refrigerator from the inside with a half of the lemon. You can also dilute lemon juice with vodka.

After the procedure, leave the solution for 15 minutes, and then rinse with clean water.


Dry mustard will also help remove the smell from the refrigerator. It should be diluted with hot water until a thick pasta is obtained. The sharper the smell of mustard, the better it will work. This solution destroys bacteria and eliminates smells. It is applied to all surfaces and left for half an hour. After that, the refrigerator is rinsed with clean water. After such processing, it will stop smelling rotten meat.

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Potassium permanganate

Manganese solution will help get rid of the smell of meat. This tool disinfects and cleanses. Dilute only a slightly pinkish solution so that the surfaces do not get dirty (especially plastic ones). Only a few crystals are enough for this. Moisten the sponge in the solution and wipe all the shelves. Pay special attention to the one where the meat has faded. Leave the liquid for 1-2 hours, then rinse with clean water.

Neutralization of smells

After washing the device, it is recommended to add a remedy for it with any tool. The most popular absorber are activated carbon and food soda. But there are folk recipes:

Such measures are recommended to change every 2-3 days. Only then will a pleasant aroma of freshness appear in the refrigerator.

If this inconvenience has happened and the meat has vanished, it will be difficult to get rid of its smell in the refrigerator. If the aroma is light, folk recipes will help. But if the stink is strong, only special production measures will cope with it.

How to get rid of the smell in the refrigerator

If you threw the damaged products, checked drainage and seal, but the smell remained, first, wash the refrigerator.

A solution of soda or vinegar is well suited for this. Dilute 1-2 tablespoons of soda or 2-3 tablespoons of vinegar in 1 liter of warm water and wipe the walls and shelves. Additionally, you can treat them with lemon juice.

Special cleaning products for refrigerators will also help. They cope with pollution and unpleasant odors and are usually produced as a spray. Use them according to the instructions on the packaging.

If after cleaning the problem does not disappear, store or home.Made smell absorbers will come in handy.

They can also be used instead of washing the refrigerator, if the smell is slight, as well as just as a prevention.

Private cases

Problems can be found after returning from vacation. Due to the disconnection of electricity, products in the refrigerator quickly become acidic. Particularly unpleasant smell from rotten meat, fish, eggs. Remove the smell source and start its cleaning.

Stinks rotten

If it smells of rottenness, conduct a general cleaning of the refrigerator according to this scheme:

  • Disconnect the fork.
  • Ease.
  • Defrost the refrigerator.
  • Soak removable parts in warm soap water.
  • Wash the inner surfaces with a sponge with soap.
  • Rinse with clean water, wipe dry.
  • Cover the camera with lemon juice.
  • Wash the shelves and containers, dry it well and put back.
  • Leave it open for a few days.

To get rid of this smell faster, put any absorbent material inside. Improte the kitchen.

Dampness and mold

A strong smell appears with increased humidity.

This can happen when the refrigerator is turned off. Mushrooms and bacteria flourish behind tightly closed doors in a dark, warm and humid environment. Before a long trip, it should be thawed and cleaned, and then leave the door open.

Mold loves to settle sealants in rubber folds. Arm yourself with a toothbrush and hydrogen peroxide to remove it:

Additionally, the walls must be cleaned. Even if the walls are not affected by mold, spores of mold can still be present.

Chlorine bleach, such as the whiten “White”, can kill mold. Pour the bleach into warm water and wipe the rubber seal. Leave the door open to release chlorine. After drying, apply petroleum jelly or vegetable oil to the material. This will prevent rubber breakdown.

Smells in the freezer

Cut off and rinse the freezer periodically. Bacteria from meat and fish products will remain in the freezer and cause an unpleasant odor.

After washing the walls with water and soap, use ammonia in the freezer:

  • Dilute two tablespoons of ammonia in 300 ml of water.
  • Drink soft tissue or foam sponge in the solution.
  • Wipe the inner surfaces.
  • Allow you to dry.

To facilitate application, drain the liquid into the spray gun and spray the walls. Let it be absorbed for several minutes, then wipe with a damp cloth.

Advice. If there is a suspicion of breakdown, turn off the device and leave it for ten hours. After repeated inclusion, the problem may disappear.

We remove the smell from the meat itself

It happens that the meat only began to deteriorate, there was a slight unpleasant odor. Such meat can be “saved”.

Pork, beef acquire an unusual aroma in the case of prolonged incorrect storage or the face of an unexplored animal. In the latter case, everyone knows how to remove the smell from such meat. To marinate it with spicy herbs. There are varieties that smell specific. For example, lamb.

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Buying freezing, you buy a cat in a bag. If after thawing the meat makes an unpleasant spirit, cut it. The presence inside of the Ottlesity, parasites make the product unfit for use.

Damage to external muscle layers and skins can be tried to fix.

  • Since the product begins to deteriorate from the upper layers in contact with the air, it is problematic to remove the smell of rotten meat from the surface. Remove the skin from the chicken, from pork and beef. Cut the top layer. Wash the piece under running water and proceed to culinary processing.
  • Apart in one of the solutions will help to do without losing weight.
  • For an hour in a liter of water with a tablespoon 70% vinegar.
  • Hold an hour in dry white wine or sour cabbin.
  • Make a salt composition of 70 g of salt per liter of water, withstand 2-3 hours.
  • Hold an hour in a weak solution of manganese, rinse with water and keep for another 15 minutes in clean water.
  • Pouring red wine and spicy herbs will help to give meat a piquant aroma.

Washing compositions

If the rotten meat lay in the cell for a long time, professional household chemicals will help to quickly eliminate its smell and kill microbes. The following funds are popular:

This tool effectively removes unpleasant odor molecules from the depth of surfaces. Thanks to which he does not return again. The composition of the neutralizer is natural, so it is absolutely safe for products that will be placed in the refrigerator after processing, there is no need to leave the room while absorbing the product.


make, smell, rottener, rotten

Smelloff. An indispensable assistant in the kitchen for every housewife. With it, you can remove the unpleasant “aroma” not only from the refrigerator, but also from the kitchen surfaces, household devices, etc.

In order to clean the refrigerator from the stench, it must be thawed and dried, and then applied the neutralizer using spraying or sponge on all surfaces. It is better to shed the product to the site where the spoiled product was located so that it reaches the maximum depth. After that, you do not need to wash off the surface with water. You just need to leave the refrigerator until it dries completely with the door ajar, and then ventilate.

  • The foaming emulsion is applied on the surface, and after 30 seconds it is wiped with a soft cloth. After processing Edelweiss there is no chemical smell left.
  • Efsto. Derivatives of chlorine in this drug kill putrid bacteria that caused an unpleasant odor.
  • DENKMIT Feuchte. Disposable wet wipes that can refresh both internal and external surfaces of household appliances.
  • Professional Odorgon, designed to eliminate the consequences of storage in household appliances of rotten products. This tool is often used in industries to get rid of the smell from spoiled cheese, milk, fish, eggs of meat.Finished products.

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There are more budget options that allow you to forget about the troubles associated with the need to decide how to remove the smell of rotteners from refrigerators: pemolux, whiteness, nithinolol. But after processing by chlorine compounds in the chamber, a rather persistent smell of chlorine will remain in the chamber. It can be removed by ventilation or soda solution.

If during a pleasant vacation in the apartment they turned off the electricity for a long time or inattentive owners forgot to lay out meat dishes. Upon returning from the trip they will expect an unpleasant surprise. The smell of rottenatins, which is not easy to cope with.

How to remove the smell of rotten meat from the refrigerator with the help of folk remedies: with the help of soda, vinegar, ammonia or lemon. However, home methods allow you to remove only a slight recent smell. Outdated stench is excreted only with the help of chemicals and general cleaning.

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