How to make curls with a hair dryer brush

Curls hair dryer: how to make curls with the nozzle, as well as the nuances that you need to know how to curl hair with a brush or curl the strands with a round comb

To make curls with a curling iron or tongs, without damaging the hair, you should follow these rules:

  • Use the curler only on clean, dry strands.
  • Before you start curling curls on a curling iron, you need to use thermal protection. By the way, some products not only protect strands from damage, but also restore the style. For example, the “Thermal Protection” hair foam from the brand Pure Trimmer Line with calendula extract protects hair at temperatures up to 200 ° C.
  • During styling, try not to keep the strand on the hot curling iron for more than 10 seconds.
  • Girls with thin and brittle strands can not lay hair at temperatures above 150 ° C. For normal hair, the optimal mode is considered from 150 to 180 ° C. For stiff and unruly people. about 180 ° C.
  • Look for styling products with a quality surface. Preference should be given to curling irons with ceramic coated plates. They practically do not damage the strands if you follow the above rules.

How to choose the right curling iron

Choosing a curling iron, guided by hair type and desired shape curls. For example, the size of the curl depends directly on the diameter of the curler. the larger the diameter, the larger the curl and vice versa.

The advantage will also be the presence of the option “ionization” in the device for hair styling. It will help to eliminate the electrification of hair and perform styling without serious damage to the strands. Thanks to this option, the probability of excessive drying of curls during styling is minimized.

Is it really possible to make beautiful curls with a hair dryer??

It is not only curlers and curlers that can achieve amazing volume and defined curls. Hair dryers can be used to create incredibly beautiful hairstyles that last all day. It does not require any stylist skills, even a beginner can create a simple but spectacular hairstyle.

As a rule, hair dryers come with two attachments. But these are not the only helpers in the fight for a curly head.

How to make curls with a hair dryer and an auto curling hair dryer

Hair dryers-stylers are equipped with several interchangeable nozzles. It can be:

  • A round brush (brushing) to form large curls;
  • Curling curler;
  • A rounded comb with natural bristles;
  • fine brush to create volume in the crown zone;
  • Curling iron.


The diffuser allows you to get sloppy, light curls thanks to a stream of hot air passing through small holes. This nozzle also has extra bumps that form curls and massage the scalp while in use.

  • Divide towel-dried hair into equal strands.
  • Tilt the head down.
  • Place one of the curls into the diffuser.
  • Dry the hair strand by pressing the hair dryer back against your head.
  • Twist the rest of the hair in the same way.
  • Secure the style with hairspray.

Use a round comb and hair dryer

The following method creates strong curls for long and medium hair, and gives volume to short hairstyles:

  • Combs through wet hair, pre-treated with thermal protectant.
  • Separate the lock of hair at the temple with a parting.
  • Wrap it on a round brush up to the roots.
  • Continuing to hold the comb, take a hair dryer and dry the curled lock.
  • Continue to hold the comb in this position until the strand is completely cooled down.
  • Gently pull the lock off the brush.
  • Blow-dry the rest of the hair in the same way.
  • Fix it with a styling product.

TOOLS. To make styling easier, you can divide your hair into a part on the top and the part on the bottom. While you’re curling the strands on one side, clamp the other side.

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Use the centrifuge attachment

They get their name from the fact that they work similarly to washing-machine centrifuges. The air currents inside the nozzle produce light, natural-looking curls. time is needed to create more defined curls.

  • Divide towel-dried hair into equal parts.
  • Comb thoroughly.
  • Process the strands with mousse or foam to hold them in place.
  • Do the same with the rest of the hair.
  • Use your hands to help lift the style.
  • Spray it on.

Using the round comb attachment

The round combs perform several functions at once:

The method of styling hair with such a nozzle is similar to the method with the brush, but the process is simplified by the fact that you do not need to use both hands during it. And if the nozzle also automatically rotates, styling becomes very easy.

  • Apply styling product to the inlay hair.
  • Brush.
  • Part it.
  • Roll the curl on the comb and dry it by alternating between hot and cold air.
  • Gently pull the strand out of the tool.
  • Curl all hair the same way.

TOOLS. For your convenience, you can start curling hair from the bottom of your head by temporarily removing the curls from the top with clips.

Using a round brush

You can create different hairstyles with the brushing machine, and it’s easy to use, even for a beginner. Before creating curls, decide on the desired size and choose the brush accordingly: a large diameter for large curls, a small diameter for firm curls.

  • Separate wet hair into strands, comb and apply product.
  • Curl each lock onto a hairbrush as if you were using a curling iron.
  • Allow the curled strands to dry.
  • After waiting for it to cool, remove the hair from the comb and move on to the next strand.
  • Fix the resulting hairstyle with hairspray.

Using a round comb attachment

The shape is similar to an ordinary curling iron. But in contrast to it not only curls, but also dries the hair. How to use:

  • Apply thermal protectant to wet, clean hair.
  • Comb and divide the hair into equal strands.
  • Wrap each lock onto the base of the curling iron.
  • Release once the strands are completely dry and have cooled.
  • Fix the style with hairspray.

Correct preparation for straightening

To perform hair straightening with a hair dryer, you need to prepare two tools. a flat and a large round brush. A flat comb helps you even out curls at the tips, and a round comb is needed for winding curls and drying them with a hair dryer. You will also need brushes to hold the locks at the bottom, so you can create more volume in your style.

Another necessary tool is a diffuser. Not only does it help to get the curls straight, but it also makes a really fluffy curl with good volume. To learn how to use the diffuser for the hair dryer, see this link.

With curly curls does not hurt a special mousse for hair, which will make hair more docile and easier to smooth them. To protect your hair from the negative effects of a hair dryer, prepare additional thermal protection. a mousse or gel that protects the curls from damage by hot air. You’ll also need clips to help separate the hair into individual strands.

How to choose a hair dryer with a rotating nozzle

For neat styling and not to damage strands, you need to know not only how to use a hair dryer with a rotary nozzle, it is also important to choose the model that suits you. This tool has a lot of features. To take advantage of all the benefits, it is important to understand the principle of its operation.

How it works

The hair dryer comb is a handle that houses the motor and heating elements. It can be powered in two ways. with cord (the longer the cord, the better the operation) and with rechargeable battery or batteries. On the control panel there are buttons to select the mode, the air temperature.

Comes with nozzles, each of which performs its function: straightens, curls curls. The bristles can be natural (boar) or synthetic, nylon or other polymers. In the nozzles made holes through which go out the warm air, evenly blowing strands. so at the same time performed drying and styling.

Features and specifications

It is important that the hair dryer supported several modes: with warm, hot and, preferably, cold air, different flow rates. This is how you can find the right options for your hair and the hairstyle you want. It is desirable that the kit, in addition to the basic round nozzle were comb for smoothing, curling tongs, tools for spiral styling and other useful additions.

BaByliss PRO BAB2676TTE titanium-tourmaline hair dryer with two speed and temperature settings

ceramic heating element. it generates “soft” heat, not overheating the hair, but the power of such a device is high;

pouch for storing the set and a cap for brushes. it is desirable that it was included, with it the bristles will not be crumpled when storing the hair dryer;

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The cord is better if it is spiral and rotates around its axis (so it doesn’t get tangled or twisted);

steam humidifier, which maintains the humidity level of hair during curling;

removable air intake. with it the device is easier to clean, it will not get clogged and will not break;

Temperature overheat shutoff. this automatic feature enhances appliance safety.

Features modes and nozzles

Hot air dries hair faster, but warm air simulates hair the right way.

In “cold mode” the air fixes the style and fixes the result of your work. Hair will look flying, vibrant, bright.

Ionization is a useful feature. This mode protects the hair structure from drying out, removes static electricity, and gives your hair extra care. Negatively charged ions close the hair scales. the strands shine beautifully, they become obedient.

make, curls, hair, dryer, brush

Pay attention to bristle material when choosing a brush head:

Features of modes and nozzles

Natural smoothes hair, less damaging it due to less friction.

Synthetic lasts longer, untangles unruly, curly strands.

make, curls, hair, dryer, brush

Combination bristles are not a bad option, they are soft and durable enough.

Preferably, the set should contain nozzles of different sizes. for example, 30 and 50 mm. The more of them, the wider the choice of styles.

BaByliss PRO blowdryer, two attachments (40 and 50mm) with mixed bristles (natural and nylon bristles with rounded tips), 2-speed brushing, 2 temperature settings “instant cooling” button, reversible rotation (two-way)

To make the appliance suitable for you personally, you need to consider the peculiarities of your haircut and choose the characteristics individually. For example, for long hair need a model of high power and diameter, so they do not get tangled.

Disadvantages and advantages of the nozzle

The main purpose of the diffuser for the hair dryer in the gentle care of the hair, especially if the issue concerns the period after a perm. Today this device enjoys considerable popularity among the female sex.

Consider the main positive characteristics of the device:


  • Fast possibility of not only drying, but also styling;
  • In the process of operation, the flow of hot air does not get to the roots of hair, and therefore does not dry the scalp;
  • Universal diffuser nozzle allows you to create voluminous hairstyles, beautiful curly curls and smooth lush strands;
  • During the drying process, the long spikes massage the scalp, which improves circulation, which encourages hair growth.

But besides the advantages, there are also disadvantages. The most important disadvantage is that a good device has a rather high price, so not every user can afford it. Also, frequent use can make them dry and weakened.

Remember: a hair dryer is just as good as a straightener or curling iron because it operates at high temperatures. This means that before you start drying your hair, you should be sure to apply a heat protectant.

For short haircuts

There are guidelines for short haircuts:

  • The diffuser method is perfect for short hair. It adds volume to roots and makes hair look fuller.
  • Do not apply a lot of styling products or fixatives that have a heavy consistency.

Using a circular brush head

Such a device performs several functions: combing, drying and curling the hair. The principle of curling is similar to the way with the brushing, but if the brush head automatically rotates, the process is greatly simplified:

  • Work the wet hair with a styling product.
  • Comb the hair, divide it into strands.
  • Screw one of them on the brush, dry with hot air, then with cold air.
  • Remove the curl with your hands or with an automatic rotation of the comb.
  • Curl the remaining strands in the same way.
  • Create curls the way you want.

Advice. It is more convenient to start curling from the lower part of the head, temporarily removing the hair in the upper area with the help of hairpins.

How to curl beautiful curls with a hair dryer and what tools do you need to curl your hair?

Hairstyles with beautiful bouncy curls will always be in trend.

make, curls, hair, dryer, brush

Simple loose curls can bring tenderness and romance to a girl’s image.

Unfortunately not everyone has naturally curly hair, but every girl wants to look beautiful. That is why you should learn how to make beautiful curls with improvised means.

Choice and basic rules of use

In addition to the nozzles, there are many other criteria for choosing a hair dryer. One of the main. power. Devices with a high performance rating, around 2000 watts, are categorized as professional devices. They quickly cope with drying and styling, but if used improperly can cause damage to the hair. For home use is optimal hair dryer, the power of which is 1600-1800 watts. Do not use less, or the drying process will be long.

Based on this parameter, you need to take into account the length and structure of the curls. Low-power devices are suitable for girls with thin, sparse, short hair, and vice versa.

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Also when buying a hair dryer, pay attention to its. weight! A hair dryer that is too light might not last long, because of the thin motor winding. It melts quickly, so if you use it regularly, the tool will quickly fail. If the device is heavy, the manufacturer, most likely, did not spare the metal for high-quality winding, making the hair dryer more reliable, although less convenient because of the massiveness.

An overly noisy styler is another indication of poor quality. The hum should be steady, but not too loud.

In addition to conventional models designed for everyday styling, there are compact travel devices. Thanks to their small size, they are easy to take on trips. But these hair dryers are not designed for frequent use in the home. They do not have additional attachments and functions.

Another variety. wall-mounted devices, which are attached to the wall in the bathroom. Usually seen in hotels, beauty salons, swimming pools. But there are also household models. True, their price is much higher than the classic tools for drying and styling hair.

Advice. The body of the device should be made of durable plastic, resistant to high temperature.

Other criteria and additional features to help decide on the choice:

  • Important parameters. the presence of several temperature modes and air flow rates. This makes the hair dryer more comfortable for you and less traumatic for your hair.
  • Removable air filter helps keep the appliance in working condition for longer. You should clean it periodically.
  • Cold air is needed to keep your style in place and dry your locks gently.
  • Ionization function reduces the negative effects of high temperatures.
  • Moisture sensor to reduce airflow as hair dries.
  • Automatic shutoff is triggered the moment you put the hair dryer on the table when it is running. Useful when you’re drying your strands for hours on end, or styling a complicated style. Once you lift the appliance from the surface, it turns on without your assistance.
  • The friction pads will prevent the vibrating appliance from falling off the table unless the hair dryer is equipped with an automatic shutoff option.
  • Comfortable use of the power tool and long cord (from 2.5 meters). It should preferably be flexible and rotate freely.
  • The nozzles that come with the styler should be ceramic. The material heats evenly, retains heat well and is gentle to the hair.

Before you make a purchase, it is worth to read the characteristics of different hair dryers, read consumer reviews on specific models. Have a good reputation units from Parlux, BaByliss, Philips and other manufacturers.

No matter what hair dryer you choose, you need to know how to use it. Using it correctly will help your hair dryer last longer and more efficiently, but it can also prevent it from overheating:

  • Do not dry or curl wet strands. You should first remove excess moisture from them with a towel;
  • hold the device at a distance of 20 centimeters from the head;
  • Start the drying process with the top strands. They are lifted with a comb or fingers;
  • When using a hair dryer frequently it is a good idea to use a heat protectant on the hair strands;
  • If you are going to do a blow dry, dry the hair against its growth.

Rules for safe use of a hair dryer

For safety reasons, familiarize yourself with the rules of operation of the hair dryer:

  • Do not operate the appliance in the bathroom near the sink or in other areas where there is a lot of moisture;
  • avoid water, even if you have a de-energized hair dryer, wait until it is completely dry before turning it on;
  • Always unplug your hair dryer after using it, and keep it away from hot surfaces;
  • Do not let children use it;
  • keep the air intake open.

Keep nozzles clean, but do not use harsh detergents.

Finally, hairspray

Whichever way you choose to curl your curls with a hair dryer, don’t forget to secure the resulting result with nail polish. Remember, spray hair spray at a distance of about 20 cm from the strands, so that they do not stick together. Of course, for every day, it’s better to use a lightweight styler.

Editor’s tip: for example, try the varnish “Natural Shine” brand “Clean line for trimmer”. This clover extract product will help to add shine and hold on to your strands.

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