How to make a metal furnace for a bathhouse

DIY bath oven for 7 thousand. Rubles drawing

I decided to share the project of a bath furnace cooked from a metal sheet of a standard size 250×125 cm, 3 mm thick.

The dimensions are calculated based on the minimum number of parts of cutting and welding, thus the height of the stove will be. 125 cm, length. 65 cm, width. 40 cm. The volume of the tank for water is 65 liters, the full volume of the heater is approximately 140 liters, and the useful is about half of it. Suppose an option with a change in volumes, but then the number of parts of cutting and welding will increase.Kamenka closed type with periodic heating, t.E. The stones heat up directly from the furnace and the smoke passing between them (classic version). However, you can do with constant heating, enclosing the furnace with a partition above the corners and putting the through chimney with a pipe through the stove (in this version of the efficiency of the stove will significantly decrease).

We will cut parts of the sheet according to the subject below sequentially starting from the number “1” and ending with number 7, you should not cut all parts at once, since you will have to fit them in place and the dimensions may not coincide.

We will need:. A metal sheet 250×125 cm. 1 pcs.- Metal corner 50×50. 5m. Door loops, bolts with nuts. A welding machine with electrodes Ø3 mm. 5kg. “corner grinding” with cutting and grinding circles. A drill with metal drills. Magnetic corners, a square, a level. A sledgehammer, a slaughterhouse. Roulette, chalk, marker, nail nail

The work will require a flat, flat surface, leveled to the level. First we cut out the sidewalls and back wall.

We put and grab with welding, measure in the place and cut out the middle wall in size, also grab.

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Next, we cut out and weld the bottom of the tank and scurry the internal seams before installing the front wall, put the front wall.

We boil all the seams. On the bottom we weld the corner to enhance the structure, prevent deformation and burning of the metal. Fill the tank with water and check its tightness.

We mark and cut out the door of the furnace, weld the canopies with the expectation that the door should be removable.

Just above the level of the bottom of the tank, weld the corners under the stones.

Close the top, cut the hole under the chimney, the recommended diameter is 140 mm. We arrange a pound, a gate damper or another method of “closing” a bathhouse.

Design features of a bathhouse

Iron stoves are characterized by a design, the type of which is determined by the drawing.

Select such varieties:

Closed design devices Compact, economical. To increase the heat capacity, the installations are covered with fire.Controlled red bricks both outside and from the inside. The material is fixed using metal crossbreeds. The grate for stones is located in the middle part of the structure.
Open.Design devices Have a small tank and an open stove. Installed in a paired room to quickly and efficiently warm it up. The galvanized cover, which is covered with stones, is necessary for the greater design efficiency.
Combined type designs A distinctive feature is the presence of a fuel equipped with gate valves in the amount of two pieces, a blunt, a grate, a pair of pipe of various diameters (10cm and 14cm). For such installations, sheets made of high.Quality steel are used. The thickness of the iron reaches 5mm.

An iron stove in the bathhouse may include a furnace case located horizontally or vertically with respect to the floor, two chambers with vertical loading and a heater located inside the structure. A stove for a bath of iron can be three.Chamber, with horizontal wood loading, water tank, stove.

The vertical firebox makes it possible to save more free space in the steam room, but firewood is burning for a short time and they will have to constantly throw them in order to maintain the necessary ambient temperature. The horizontal firebox has significant dimensions, occupies significant free space, but firewood burns more slowly. Devices of such a plan are installed outside the steam room (in the dressing room), so there is a real opportunity to heat both rooms at the same time.

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How to make a sauna stove

As already mentioned, the main task of this type of heating devices is to quickly “catch up” the required temperature and be able to maintain it. There is a simple solution. It will put a fan that will blow the walls of the furnace, accelerating heating.

About the same function is performed by a casing-convector. This is the casing around the furnace body. Between it and the wall of the furnace, a gap of 1.5-2 cm remains. Air is sucked into this gap from below. It passes along the walls, heats up, at the same time cooling the walls. Then rises upward, spreading heat on the steam room.

If the housing of the furnace is made of thick metal, then the casing can be made of thin. He rarely heats up to high temperatures, and burning does not threaten him. If in the stove for the stove stove is at the top, above the firebox, as in the photo, then in the case you can make holes for ventilation of the heater. Then the part of the air that rises along the walls will fall into the stove, blow the stones and heat up even more. Such a stove is called ventilated. It is good for dry.Air saunas.

Drawings and schemes

The design of furnaces for the sauna is easier. You need a fireplace of normal size, in which large logs are placed. In the upper part, over the upper part of the furnace, the sides of the stove are welded, the volume of which is usually 20-25 liters. Variations can be in width/height/depth, but there are no special tricks.

Installation of a tank for heating water in a steam room of a sauna. The idea is not the best. You cannot control humidity, and at high temperatures it is easy to get a burn. However, several options for installing tanks in the photo above.

Another type of heater. Inside the furnace. If desired, you can make a lid on it and such a stove can be used in two modes. With an open lid for dry soaring, with an open. To obtain more steam.

Installation of a metal furnace

The metal structure weighs much less than a brick furnace, so it does not require a separate foundation. It is enough to provide a strong refractory base with an area two times the area itself. It can consist of the following layers: asbestos cardboard; a sheet of stainless steel to reflect thermal radiation; layers made of chamotis brick about 6 cm thick; refractory plate made of magnesite with a thickness of at least 9 mm or concrete screed.

To protect the metal from rapid burning and increasing heat transfer of the stove, it is lining. Conduct the bottom and sides of the structure with refractory (chamotum) brick. The metal structure with an intense firebox is capable of heated, so it is located at a distance of at least 1 m. From flammable objects. Adjacent walls are plastered, lined with brick or sheathed with leaf iron.

Cutting the beams of ceiling to create a hole for a smoke pipe is undesirable, so it must be provided in the process of building a building. The presence of knees in a chimney can lead to the formation of a significant layer of soot in horizontal areas of the pipe. If, for some reason, the creation of the knee is still necessary, it is made collapsible, which greatly facilitates the process of cleaning the chimney.

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The very first fire is made. Dimensions are determined individually. Experienced masters recommend if the width reaches 50 cm, create a similar height. A homemade furnace for a bath should provide for the use of ready.Made metal parts such as lattices and doors.

I must say that it is better to use steel details, since cast.Iron products differ in their fixation.

In the standard project of a metal furnace, a firebox with two sections is laid. The first is intended for fuel burning. The second will be gathered in the second. Therefore, they are separated by a grille, individual doors are installed.

Very often, the section of the section in which the ash collects is used to increase the rod required to create normal burning.

If the project of a metal bathhouse, the installation of a stove is shown, the upper furnace should also be made from the grill.

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Important! To build a stove, it is better to take thick sheet metal. The design will be stable, it will not lead from strong heating. It will release much more heat.

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Options for bath furnaces

The shape of the bath for the bath is of great importance. Performance and heat transfer depend on this. The most convenient experts consider rectangular furnaces. Coal do not heat up to the intensity. This form provides more uniform heat transfer in the steam room. As a heating device, you can build a gas boiler for a bath with your own hands.

Bath steam

It’s more convenient to make a steam locomotive furnace from a pipe with a diameter of 30-50 cm-this is already a finished case that is complemented by some elements. Walls without seams will last much longer than welded structures. For the furnace, it is recommended to use steel brand st3. Closed.Type stoves will allow the use of the bathhouse continuously.

Beef Burn

The Bulerian unit is equipped with many tubes around the case, due to which the premises are achieved. The principle of operation of the furnace for gas on gas with your own hands is the constant movement of heat. The tubes welded into the furnace are heated, and under the influence of traction there is a movement of warm air. The furnace body has a low temperature, so it is safe.

Air movement is regulated by a valve, which is placed on the door of the firebox or on the pipe.

make, metal, furnace, bathhouse
  • Pipe with a diameter of 70 cm 5-8 mm thick;
  • Sheet metal 5-8 mm and 2 mm thick;
  • Pipes with a diameter of 7 cm;
  • Electrodes;
  • Welding machine.

Cut the pipe in the size of the future furnace and put it on the legs. Two plates in the form of a cone are welded at the top of the cylinder. Proceedings bend at an angle of 45 O and welded to the upper part of the case. Picks of metal are fixed in a checkerboard pattern. The structure is placed in the case and brewed. Cut holes for the chimney and furnace doors. Mount loops, plugs and doors.

The efficiency of the resulting unit is 75-80%, but there are disadvantages:

Bourgeoisie for the bath

Small.Sized furnace for a bathhouse hot.Type.

The pipe is cut off in size. Make holes for the doors of the ash and fireboxes. Brew the middle wall with a hole for the grates, the top with the opening for the pipe and the bottom of the furnace. Weld chimneys, loops, jokhksolds and doors. Install gols.

Stages of erecting a bourgeois from a pipe for a bathhouse

Attention! The minimum height of the chimney pipe installed above the fuel, 4 m. This will provide the necessary traction.

Bath missile

For the manufacture of a furnace for the bath, materials will be required:

Pipes are cut in size to the drawing. In a smaller container at a distance of 4 cm below, the corners for grate are welded to the side walls. A hole is made on the upper wall for combining at an angle of 45 ° C with a larger pipe.

The bottom of the larger container is cut off at an angle of 45 about. Two structures are welded to each other. Brew the bottom, hinges, doors and legs of the unit.

Drutta stove from a square section

The people are called the simplest design of the furnace “.

make, metal, furnace, bathhouse

Bath.Banger Ben

Empty gas cylinders are ideal for making a small furnace for a bath with a volume of up to 10 m 3. The container is thoroughly freed from gas residues and cut off the crane.

A hole for the firebox door is made in the upper part of the cylinder. The container is rotated on the side and on one side make 5 rows of holes with a step of 2 cm, with a diameter of 1 cm.

The holes of the ashness are obtained at the bottom of the furnace

A piece of channel is welded above the hole. This is a box for a retractable ash.

Doors and jaws are welded to the firebox and as a ash. A chimney pipe was welded to the back wall.

The heating device for a bathhouse from a gas cylinder:

Schemes and drawings of homemade furnaces

The correctly compiled drawing is a reduction in installation time, minimization of errors. On paper, it is important to depict not only a detailed design of the stove from different angles, but also the method of attaching parts, the size of each element.

The photo above is a visual example of a horizontal stove. The furnace diagram with a remote water tank is depicted separately. For the finished product, the foundation is provided. You need to make an indent from the wall 20 cm.

The work of the horizontal furnace, the course of fire and smoke gases is schematically shown here. The water tank is connected and fixed to the top of the wall.

Here is a drawing of a pipe stove from different angles with a chimney derived pipe. In the part of the ceiling, the walls where the chimney will go out into the street, you need to conduct a thickening of 12 cm. Pipe protrusion over the roof. At least 50 cm.

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Here is a stove with horizontal fuel loading. Total height. 800 mm, length. 900 mm, width. 600 mm. Metal legs are welded for a stable position from below. Stones are laid on top on the grille. It is permissible to connect the heat exchanger to this design.

Here is a schematic principle of operation of a vertical stove from a metal pipe with an attached oil tank (working out). A rather complicated option for manufacturing at home. Without experience, you should not take on its assembly.

Ban boiler option with horizontal wood loading. Arrows shown the direction of the movement of hot gases. To increase heat transfer, the master recommends to cover the unit with a brick. In this case, the heating of the premises will be more uniform.

Pipe stove made of thick steel. The scheme marks the total dimensions of the device, key elements and the principle of their connection were separately issued.

Models of metal stoves: photos and drawings

To begin with, consider a project for a regular metal heel along with a water tank. For its construction, you will need leaf iron with a thickness of about five millimeters. In the drawings, mark the dimensions of the furnace. 500 by 600 by 800 mm and a height of about 400 mm, respectively.

You can load up to 150 kg of fuel into such an oven. Thanks to which a steam room will be steamed with an area of ​​about 12 square meters at a temperature of 100 degrees.

In it, the walls can be single or double, equipped with an air gap. The fluid tank can be put in the way where you consider it necessary.

Tip: Put the stove stove with bricks to reduce heat, which is transmitted in the form of infrared radiation from the stove to the premises of the steam room.

Bath furnace combined with kitchen

Another good option for performing a home.Made furnace for a metal bath is a combined design with a kitchen furnace. It is suitable for such types of premises where a vacation room is provided after a bathhouse. Where it will be possible to cook and eat something, or for a bathhouse that is attached to the summer kitchen or to the living house next to the kitchen.

The fuel of the furnace located in the kitchen should be connected to the ash to the heater. It should have a door, thanks to which it can be drowned when the kitchen oven is not used as intended.

The steam room and the kitchen are divided with each other with a brick partition, also in order to prevent burns from the bathhouse, she should be closed with a sheet of metal and a wooden partition. Then a frying pipe is passed through the furnace.

The drawing of this design should include the following elements:

  • Stove in the kitchen;
  • Kamenka;
  • Door of the furnace furnace and pipe with filling;
  • The door of the fuel on the stove;
  • Paired room;
  • Smoke pipe;
  • Kitchen room;
  • Sheet steel and wooden fence for partitions.

Installation of a furnace in the bath

Since the correct steam room is always built of wood, the main requirement when installing a wood heater is fire safety. To withstand it, follow simple rules:

  • The stove cannot be placed directly on the wooden floor, but only on a sheet of iron, protruding ahead of the firebox by 70 cm;
  • The sheathing of walls made of combustible materials must also be protected from fire with sheets of roofing iron or minerite;
  • When installing the heater with the extension of the fuel, the opening in a wooden partition is also sheathed with non.Combustible materials, as is done in the photo;
  • The distance from the isolated chimney to building structures made of wood. 38 cm.
make, metal, furnace, bathhouse

The channel for the removal of combustion products to the street is recommended to be made from a double.Walled sandwich with a filler made of basalt wool. Often, the same square.Shaped water tank is used to insulate the chimney, built directly into the floor. How to correctly install a stove in the bathhouse, shown in the diagram:

Important. Do not use a sheet or cord asbest for thermal insulation inside the premises of the bathhouse, it emits dust harmful to health.

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