How to make a door for a fireplace

How to make a glass door for a fireplace

Making a door for a home hearth with their own hands. a job that does not require special knowledge and abilities. Make the product before starting the construction of the fireplace. In this case, the finished door is simply inserted into the masonry, there are no problems during installation.

To produce a fireplace door, you need to perform a series of alternating operations:

  • From the angle make blanks to the dimensions of your drawings. Assemble the blanks in a suitable form.
  • Check all the connections of your product with an angle.
  • On the iron sheet mark the inner contour of the frame from the angle. The outer contour should be made a little bigger than the size of the frame. This will ensure the tightness of your product during installation
  • Use an angle grinder with an abrasive wheel to cut the sheet metal blank.
  • Assemble the structure and fasten the overhangs. Check the correct positioning of the overhangs. If everything is done correctly, fray them.
  • All welding seams should be deburred. Then install the deadbolt and handle.

If it was properly marked and made, you can simply open and close the door.

Door specifics

If you intend to make a door with glass inserts, first of all decide on its style. It is important to match the general decoration of the room and the specifics of your case. So, for example, in small rooms, it makes sense to make a double-leaf insert or rising upwards to save space. Both of these are ideal for a corner fireplace.

The main point that must not be forgotten is the selection of glass. It must be heat-resistant to at least 800 degrees, which is how the flame usually burns.

The prepared glass is inserted into the metal frame of the door itself, and the latter, in turn, is attached by hinges to the outer frame, fixed in the opening of the firebox. At the same time:

  • on the inside, a seal is mounted to prevent smoke from entering the room;
  • At the bottom of the outer frame make holes with adjustable plugs for air access to the furnace;
  • Keep in mind that metal tends to expand strongly when heated, so the gap between the transparent insertion and framing do not do too much;
  • When proceeding to the manufacture, remember. the glass can not be fixed firmly, because when installing it will need to be removed from the door;
  • For sealing, fiberglass strips are inserted into the frame.

Types of doors for the fireplace

Product classification depends on the material from which the doors are made. There are several types with their own positive and negative qualities, peculiarities of operation and installation.

Glass doors for a fireplace

Door for a fireplace with glass. this is an excellent solution that is suitable for different interior styles. Fireplace heat-resistant glass is resistant to high temperature and is extremely durable. Temperature-related expansion of the material is negligible. the coefficient is 30 times lower, if compared with conventional glass. Due to the high heat transfer they can withstand heat up to 1000 degrees Celsius without cracking.

After 30 minutes of fireplace operation, the heating of the glass will be in the range of 50-250 degrees Celsius. Temperatures of up to 500 degrees Celsius for tempered products.

High-temperature glasses are made of special raw materials on special equipment with practically no extraneous additives. The material is resistant to fire thanks to a special hardening technology, in addition, it is chemically treated and thermally polished.

Owing to the aforementioned nuances, manufactured products are not inferior to their metal counterparts. These glass fireplace doors are difficult to break or scratch.

Note! Due to its high durability, this material is often used to furnish a floor screen near the hearth.

Heat-resistant glass doors for the fireplace are differentiated by:

Modern technology allows you to decorate such products with colorful drawings and patterns. The original and spectacular solution. doors that open like a guillotine, they fit perfectly into any interior. This makes it possible to use the heating unit both open and closed.

Tip! Due to the high weight of the construction, it is recommended to equip glass doors for the fireplace with an automatic opening mechanism. This is done for additional protection against burns.

Steel doors for a fireplace

This category of doors are made entirely of metal. Installation of these designs is simple, they are able to retain heat energy while offering increased fire safety. Many stove and fireplace owners choose iron doors because they are not only reliable but also functional. If you want, metal doors are made with your own hands, and the cost of work is minimal. However, and factory samples of doors are offered at an affordable price.

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Metal doors for the fireplace have their own advantages:

make, door, fireplace
  • Availability. Compared to fireplace doors made of heat-resistant glass, metal counterparts are cheaper, which is why they are widespread. Most often such a design can be found in bathhouses and cottages, where the priority is put on practicality rather than aesthetics.
  • Durability and strength with proper care. From time to time metal doors for the fireplace should be treated with heat-resistant paints that will protect them from corrosion. Do not forget about cleaning the surface from soot and dust. Metal doors can last for decades.

Important! Recently, we can observe a decline in popularity of metal doors, because they do not allow you to watch the flame playing.

Forged doors for a fireplace

This variety is made of steel. As a rule, we are talking about the usual openwork lattice, which originally decorates the fireplace. The key advantage. the decorative characteristics. If you need to provide reliable protection from fire, then a forged door will not be the best helper. To extend the life of wrought iron doors manufacturers cover products with fireproof enamel.

Most wrought iron doors are made in the form of grids, decorated with various patterns and ornaments. There is little demand for them, because they are not able to fully perform their function: smoke escapes through the holes, or a spark can fall out.

Most often they are installed in rooms decorated in classical or baroque style. It all depends on how they are decorated. there are many beautiful photos of wrought iron doors for the fireplace online.

Cast iron doors for the fireplace

Products made of cast iron are less popular than modern fireplace doors with fireproof glass. As stated by most manufacturers. this option is intermediate between glass and metal structures.

However, the cast-iron door is much better able to withstand the effects of temperature than a glass door. The negative trait. less attractive appearance. The weight of such a door can reach several tens of kilograms.

Important! Cast iron is characterized by physical wear, so due to the low durability of the material, it is practically not used for the production of doors for the fireplace.

Nevertheless, many customers choose cast iron doors for their fireplaces.

Decor and other functions of the fireplace door

Against the disadvantages of an open fireplace fireplace door is just a wonderful salvation from all these disadvantages. Even though the flames are hidden behind the glass firebox door, you can still admire them through the clear glass. Everyone knows about the decorative functions of closed fireboxes, so let’s go straight to the technical issues.

Closed furnace allows you to install a water loop in the fireplace, and this is a prerequisite for the full application of the fireplace as a heat producing device, and the main.

Slow burning technology is possible thanks to the special design of the door. By adjusting the air supply, you achieve better combustion, thus increasing the efficiency. By installing protection, you can be sure of safety, even if there are children playing in the room.

What you need to prepare

You can determine the exact dimensions yourself and adapt the above drawing to your needs.

make, door, fireplace

In principle, no difficulties with the implementation of the idea (with sufficient experience and accuracy) should not arise. It should only be noted that it is much better to do the door before starting the construction of the fireplace, because the mounts need to be embedded in the masonry.

If we are talking about an existing heater, the frame with glass fit as accurately as possible to ensure that the gaps around the perimeter were minimal. It is fixed with full-metal anchor bolts.

If you could not obtain fire-resistant glass, it is advisable to use sheet steel instead. To make such a product more decorative, you can use in addition ready-made forged elements, sold in construction supermarkets. they are placed on top of the sheet and fixed point by point.

Doors made of metal

The metal door will provide security when using the fireplace, but will prevent the contemplation of the fire. Its advantages include a long service life and low cost.

When making a door for the hearth, you need to follow some rules. Consider how to make a door for the fireplace with your own hands. Given that the width should not exceed 500. 700 mm, the construction of a larger size will have a significant weight and create additional load on the walls of the masonry.

How to choose a glass door for a fireplace

You can find ready-made cast iron fireboxes for fireplaces with glass and separate doors for mounting in masonry hearths. The door should be purchased even before the start of masonry, otherwise it will be more difficult to find a product of suitable size

Types of transparent doors for fireplaces

Furnace doors with glass are sturdily framed in cast iron or steel and supplemented with a handle. Ideally, the handle should be made of a material that does not get hot. Fireplace doors are differentiated by size, opening principle, framing material and design. With the help of modern technology, the glass surface is covered with embossed patterns and colorful ornaments. Stained and tinted glass looks very impressive.

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The most interesting in terms of design are doors that open according to the guillotine principle. They allow you to use the fireplace not only in closed, but also in the classic open. Given the large weight of the fireproof design, it is worth looking at automatic mechanisms for opening, providing additional protection against burns.

Technical characteristics of heat-resistant glass

  • Heat resistance is the most important indicator of heat-resistant glass for the fireplace. The data sheet of each product specified the recommended operating temperature, as a rule, it is 500-550 degrees. The maximum values (up to 1000 degrees) can be found in multi-layered glass. Focus here should be on the preferred fuel, for example, for burning wood requires a higher heat resistance.
  • The service life of the thermal glass is indicated in hours. The higher will be the operating temperature, the less will be the service life of the glass door. Manufacturers recommend keeping the combustion temperature no higher than 550 degrees, while ensuring normal draft.
  • The thickness of the glass screen for a fireplace determines its durability, in this case it is better not to be stingy and buy the product with a thickness of 3,5-4 mm.
  • Multilayered glass is superior to single-layered glass in all respects, but experts believe that one layer is quite enough for a home fireplace.
  • Self-cleaning refractory glass for the fireplace is coated on the inside with a thin layer of metal oxide. Invisible coating increases the temperature of the surface, due to which the soot burns off without a trace.
  • Noise isolation protects the occupants from the pleasant but quickly annoying sound of crackling of burning fuel.

The door for the stove with their own hands: step by step instructions with photos

Choosing the stove door is a complex task. After all, you need to give preference not only to a beautiful, but also to a quality detail. You can find a suitable version in the store, but its cost is very overpriced. Door for the furnace with their own hands is not difficult to produce. And most importantly, it does not require any special costs.

The first step in manufacturing the door is to determine its dimensions. This procedure is very important, since the product, which is larger or smaller than necessary, will prevent the normal operation of the appliance. And installing a door that is not the right size will be problematic. In the end you have to do the work all over again.

  • To determine the height and width of the door, you will need a small tape measure and a marker (or other device) for marking, as well as a piece of paper and a pen for writing down. You need to visually make about three marks on the length and width of the fuel chamber and measure the distances. If the results of the length from the lower left corner to the upper left corner differ from the same measurements in the right corner, you need to write down the smallest dimensions with an error of not more than one millimeter.
  • If you want a door for the oven with your own hands of the arch type, you need to measure the width and two heights: the maximum and minimum. After that, determine the nature of the curvature of your arch. For both rectangular and arched door types, you should first make a sketch on a piece of paper, preferably in exact size. This makes it easier for you to transfer your desired shape and measurements to the material from which the door will be made.

Methods of manufacture

Make the firebox door for the stove with your own hands can be made in several ways, all of which will differ depending on the material. Read more about this.


Glass door for the oven with their own hands is an excellent option not only because of its functionality, but also beauty. After all, you can watch the flames, which will be a good interior solution.

For the stove, which serves to heat the room, you should give preference to fire-resistant glass. It is distinguished by its strength and durability.

make, door, fireplace

The main characteristics on the choice of glass for the door:

  • Resistance to high temperatures. If the glass is not heat-resistant enough, the door can be damaged, cracked or even crumbled to pieces.
  • Durability. It is necessary to choose a material that has a thickness of at least four millimeters. Glass of lesser thickness may not be able to withstand shocks or temperature.
  • Longevity. Maximum temperature fluctuations must be taken into account. Material with a long service life will last you much longer.

Besides glass, you will need an angle grinder, welding, screws, overhangs, and metal angle bars to make the frame.

Making this product does not require much time and effort:

  • First you need to make the sides of the frame from the corners according to the required measurements. After checking all the dimensions, you can weld the parts.
  • Screws are used to fasten the glass to the frame. They screw in around the perimeter is not very strong (glass expands when heated).
  • You need to make an identical frame, which is used as a doorframe.
  • The first frame and glass are connected to the second frame by means of hangers.
  • The outside of the frame is treated with heat-resistant adhesive, but to do this, you must first remove the glass, and after it has dried completely, put it back in place.
  • After that you can make a handle and latch for the door.
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The door with glass for the stove with his hands will last you longer if you provide proper care and careful handling with it.

Another type is a blank door made of metal. It got this name because of the completely closed surface. This model will be the most versatile option: it does not require special skills in the manufacture and installation.

The metal door for your own hands must be made of heat-resistant material. The most common is steel. The steel door is strong and durable, requiring little effort to manufacture and install. To make it a simple set of locksmith tools, welding and angle grinder is enough. Material is 4 angles, steel sheet, bolts, nuts.

Making a metal door takes place in several stages:

  • Paint all metal parts of the right size with heat-resistant paint.
  • Weld a frame from a corner.
  • From a sheet of metal make a rectangle smaller than the frame
  • Put hinges between the frame structure and the sheet iron (so it can be opened).
  • Weld the handle and latch to the door.
  • Attach the structure with metal anchors or any other convenient way.

Cast iron

The cast iron door in its characteristics is between glass and iron. Its service life is longer than that of glass, but shorter than that of steel. It is inferior in appearance to the previously considered options.

Making a cast iron door at home is not easy. It requires some skills in working with this material, as well as electric welding and overalls.

The steps of making a cast iron door:

  • Cast iron material requires preparation. Defects must be repaired mechanically or by hand.
  • The part must be slightly heated. Remember that cast iron is a rather fragile material. Work with it to be careful.
  • The algorithm for making a cast-iron door is the same as that of a steel door. After marking, you should cut the material with an angle grinder and weld with an electric welder.
  • If necessary, steel studs are used for welding. After welding, the parts are covered with dry compositions (sand), which do not allow for rapid cooling.

The door is an obligatory element of the furnace device. It is not difficult to make it yourself. The material will be strong glass, heat-resistant steel or cast iron. Metal doors are the most versatile to make and install. Glass will favorably emphasize the interior of your home, and cast-iron will last more than a year.

Borosilicate glass

This glass is made from a large amount of silica with the obligatory addition of boron oxide. This chemical element is famous for the fact that it can provide a low melting point, which means that the glass will have plasticity. The finished product can already have a high degree of heat resistance (about 800 degrees). In addition, it will be endowed with a special mechanical strength, 5 times greater than that of ordinary glass. That’s why fireplace doors are so often made of it.

It is believed that the door with glass is a necessity for a modern fireplace. Everyone sees something different in it. The advantages of a fireplace door aren’t really in dispute. So what’s the point??

With a fireplace door, you don’t have to worry about stepping away from the fireplace. Because at any minute a coal can jump out and burn the flooring. It can burn children. Can go smoke, after all There is an opinion that in general, “there is no fireplaces that do not stink and so on.

The fireplace door prevents the biggest disadvantage of open fireplaces. They keep you warm. as long as they’re burning. But as soon as the active burning ends. All the heat is “blown” rather quickly into the chimney. A very large volume of air is “pumped” through the open fireplace, which does not allow it to be used as a full-fledged heating device.

With the door installed, that problem goes away. At any time, you can cover/close the ash-pan and the embers will burn out without sacrificing all the heat that the burning wood gave.

It is believed that the fireplace door with glass prevents possible smoky fireplace. The fireplace is less likely to “spit” in case of pressure fluctuations and problems with air supply for combustion. No dark soot marks appear on the arch/overlap of the fireplace.

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